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The Fame of Name and Person – Sai Baba part 5

Posted by robertpriddy on June 20, 2009

The Name, Fame and the Shame: The phrase ‘name and fame’ recurs in many Sai Baba discourses in deploring those who lay any store whatever by such things. He says he does not but his actions shout loudly that he does.  In his earliest discourses in the 1960s (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 1, p. 207f) he prophesied that the fame of Puttaparthi would spread across the world… which could only refer to himself becoming famous. since Puttaparthi is still a little known village and is far less known than his name in some parts of the world. He has also said that fame and ill-fame go together (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 4. p,203.), which is far from the case for many famous people… but since he said this the world has seen that it is true in his own case!His supposed fame is far less than that of very many respected and adored figures on the current world stage, and to list their names is superfluous because they are so much more famous than him.

His diatribes against name and fame are tirelessly reiterated. He repeatedly claims that fame is like a passing cloud – and that may well apply to his relative ‘fame’, but it is certainly not true of thousands of historically famous persons. In countless discourses, Sai Baba insists on the infinite divine and holy potential of his own name (always written ‘His Name’ in all his publications). Anything to which his name is attached he claims is guaranteed success purely by virtue of “His Name”.  He insists that all Sathya Sai Organization projects must bear his name as a guarantee of their success. However, the Sathya Sai Organization has met with numerous failures, including the closure of projected schools and projects due to the sexual abuse allegations.

Sathya Sai Baba has said in a discourse, “I will do anything, even sacrifice my name and fame, if it will lead one devotee towards liberation.” This is an extremely rash statement, not only underlining that he regards himself as having fame, but also being such and unreasonable promise that no one in their right mind would credit it. His complicity in the cover-up  of the 1993 murders – and his self-proclaimed foreknowledge of the events (!) were done in an attempt to preserve his own fame and the reputation of his ashrams and other institutions.  Despite this, his relative fame has been turning more and more into global infamy,with a large number of most respected media denouncing him (see list here).

How transparently self-obsessed can a person get? But most people in the Sai movement take it for granted! I have heard Sai Baba’s claim to do anything for the sake of just one devotee repeated by the hagiographer and close devotee Rita Bruce, particularly when Sai Baba was caught out in some obvious deviousness. Sai Baba flattered Rita Bruce repeatedly with apparent full success.

Sathya Sai Baba has condemned himself with his own words time and again, such as when he said that name & fame are “as disgusting as spittle” (p. 147, Sanathana Sarathi May 1987), that world-fame for Sai by publicity is without value (p. 193, My Baba & I, Dr. John Hislop) and has often ridiculed gurus who seek name and fame (for example p 75, Prema Vahini). If Sai Baba has no need to seek fame (see p. 64, Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 11 new ed.), why then does he allow his discourses to be broadcast on digital radio world-wide… or build massively-costly huge buildings in his name, some devoted entirely to spreading his name and fame?

If name and fame are “as spittle”, what is so huge about this huge sacrifice of his name and fame Sai Baba would make? (Perhaps he means to sacrifice his fame and replace it with the infamy that now surrounds him!) The degree of audacious mendacity to which Sai Baba goes is almost astonishing, but yet more so is the literal acceptance of all he says on this and dozens of other matters by so many followers. How can any of the much-exaggerated good he does cancel or ameliorate the great infamy? He has besmirched his own name, which is thus becoming a millstone around the neck of projects attached to it.

Sai Baba is very censorious to anyone who criticises him in any way and has spoken threateningly against anyone who openly confronts him or hinders his propaganda and works in any way. Despite all the evidence there is to show that Sai Baba has long been involved in sexual abuse and other aberrations, including complicity in cold-blooded executions, many of his followers remain in denial, most of them following Sai Baba’s virtual command to avoid reading any of the critics’s writings or listening to or repeating such ‘evil’!

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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