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Sai Baba believers’ programmatic misinterpretations

Posted by robertpriddy on June 22, 2009

In the Sai movement there are set ‘explanations’ of everything about Sathya Sai Baba. The many ways in which one can derive some meaning from his various acts and oft-repeated phrases in English – and what it may be and to whom – have become an art for the initiated, who are willing pass on this ‘wisdom’ to anyone they can… When these are too evidently inapplicable or wholly beside the point, one must realise that “We cannot understand his inscrutable, divine will”, or other words to similar effect. One cannot understand, of course, if one has given up beforehand, and this ‘giving up’ is precisely ‘to surrender to his Divine will’. It is a serious but powerful form of giving up ones autonomy… and a suppression of ones common sense and natural reasoning in never questioning anything he says or does. He must be regarded as perfect and infallible in all things.

Being distant and unavailable for normal communication and interaction, devotees have to try to squeeze some kind of significance for themselves out of any and every word they hear Sai Baba say, or any motions he makes or possible sign he gives. He has explained that that every single thing he does has deep meaning. He is clearly aware how those who aspire to get his recognition build fantasies around him and no doubt he plays on this most cleverly. In my years as a committed believer I tried out many of the ways one is advised to interpret his behaviour, because ~I had a basic belief in his honesty, knowingness and purity. I naturally tried to get responses to my questions in this way and tested the reliability of this, with varying results. I grew convinced that, in the end, most of what one experiences is more or less self-created ‘delusion’… Some examples of the commonly-shared mental paraphernalia that gradually accumulates as a consequence of adopting the basic belief-system concerning Sathya Sai Baba are:

1) The position that falls to a person at darshan is a sign of Baba’s grace or displeasure, according to how near or far from the front line it is.

2) His touching any object held out to him which represents or expresses ones projects or plans implies that they are blessed and is good. Many believe that he wills that it will necessarily succeed in some way.
3) His taking a letter written to him means that a question or problem referred to will somehow be ‘answered’ or solved. Or it is a go-ahead for anything you asked his permission for in it.

4) His glance itself confers a blessing, though what it may be only time may tell.

5) When he looks in your direction, he sees through you, knowing all you think and have done, as well as what is to become of you.

6) His nod (or any other of his characteristic movements like touching his forehead or ear, doffing his hair etc.) is the answer to some question on ones mind, according to each ones particular interpretation or ‘intuition’.

7) His moving finger waved in the air like ‘writing’ in his characteristic way ‘rewrites’ the future or fate of each person at whom it points, yet we are so limited that we cannot hope to know why or how this works or what it will effect.

8) When he takes a handful of sweets proffered to him and throws so that one hits you, or lands before you, you have his blessings.

9) Any words one hears him say are heard ONLY by those who need to hear them.

10) If he ignores you or does not come near you, it is frequently because you need to learn something. Eg. to have more patience, to examine oneself for faults (and he has decried a great number of fairly normal human actions as serious faults), to transform oneself through complete and total surrender to his will etc.

The above points are but a selection of similar attitudes and beliefs that surround Sathya Sai Baba and help to maintain the aura of Godlike impenetrability and unaccountability.

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