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Sathya Sai Baba and the truth

Posted by robertpriddy on June 27, 2009

Nowadays  current photographs of Sathya Sai Baba are not published on his official websites and very few photos are made available anywhere which show him in his increasingly decrepit looking present form. This is no doubt because of his many boasting pronouncements in the past to the effect that his health can never deteriorate since he is a totally pure divine being!

In his monthly journal, Sanathana Sarathi (October 2003 issue),  Sai Baba’s serves up the same faulty advice that followers know so well, we read: “Speak truth, speak pleasantly and do not speak unpalatable truth” (p. 296). Unpalatable to whom? Almost every truth will be unpalatable to someone or other… so following his advice would mean that no one could be questioned about anything, or be charged with unpalatable truths and brought to justice. In short, totally impracticable advice and immoral to boot. However, one can understand that Sai Baba finds the truth about himself unpalatable and unpleasant to no small degree. He also says: “…you may be tempted to utter falsehood. But never tell a lie even if you have to sacrifice your life.” (p.303). That is truly rich coming from him, who has practiced so many deceits, including the following…

He said in a discourse see “Many of you are anxious, thinking that Swami is not keeping good health over the last few days. In fact, My health is very good. Real health is not related to the body…. If you think that Swami is strong and healthy, yes so He is. There is no weakness in Me. My angas (limbs) may appear to be weak…. If you identify Me with the body, I cannot walk even two steps.” (5/10/2003) This is the same Almighty God who bragged that his hip was completely healed exclusively by the prayers of his devotees!

It was reported earlier on the web that, “Swami then told Mr. Sundareshan, the orthopedic Surgeon who had performed the operation to Bhagawan to speak to us on the incident. Mr. sundereshan said  Swami had started walking after 5 days of the operation which is also impossible for any human being.”
But Sai Baba himself said later “After the surgery, I was able to walk within three days.” (Sanathana Sarathi July, 2003, p. 218). Not only that, but he boasted in Sanathana Sarathi July, 2003, that his recovery was far quicker than any human being could achieve, according to his inordinate boasting (while countless hip-replacement patients stand on the day of operation and walk fully within weeks, as any proper web search of medical institutions will reveal)!

“For anybody else, it would have taken at least two to three years to walk normally. The ball in the hip joint got separated.” p.230 “The doctors said that one year’s rest was required for the hip injury to heal completely. I told them it would not take one year.” p.259.

buggySo why then still the variety of wheelchairs and invalid golf wagons, why not normal full-length darshans and interviews? Many devotees find self-deceiving rationalisations for that. Here in Norway, one the the tiny handful of remaining followers holds that Sai Baba is performing a miracle by being incapacitated, so as to give the world a lesson in self-sacrifice! This is the lunatic fringe, if ever there was one. (More on the hip injury here)

That Sathya Sai Baba spreads rumour and deceives just as it suits him is nothing new, for one of many examples of a massive exaggeration of his own popularity by Sai Baba was published in his monthly journal Sanathana Sarathi:

“Such an attraction as this is possible only in the case of Divinity. The fragrance of divinity is spreading all through the world. Argentina is a far off country. Today Bhajans are going on in every house in Argentina. In Miami, the military officers are participating in Bhajans. You might have read in the newspapers that six months ago those officers took a vow to replace the present government with the Sathya Sai government. The authorities thought that officers had gone mad and sent them to a mental asylum. The officers converted the doctors and the nurses and even the patients into
(Discourse, 20 October, 1990).

This is based on flimsy newspaper reports from abroad that someone had mentioned to Sai Baba (a report which can no longer be traced) and even so Sai Baba’s reported words were made even less confused than his actual tape-recorded words by V.K. Narasimhan, who explained to me in detail how he translated and edited this. Sai Baba had confused two different incidents from entirely different countries in the region (Latin America) and made it all into one unlikely story. Though I was somewhat
confounded to hear this from someone so very close to Sai Baba for so long, I was then far gone as a self-indoctrinating believer and thought this falsification of his words probably for the best, all in all! I have had countless opportunities to observe how most devotees think thus most of the time when they cannot entirely avoid obvious or other unpalatable facts about Sai Baba.

Sathya Sai Baba evidently thinks it is wise to tell anything he likes, whether true or not, accurate or not, and expects to get away with it… but only among his confirmed and fully paid-up followers!

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