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Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘divine magnetism’

Posted by robertpriddy on July 25, 2009

Sathya Sai Baba’s delusions of grandeur on the public record reveals him still to  have much of his semi-literate villager’s ideas, holding discourses which reveal that the Divine Omniscience he claims does not stretch to magnetism, atomic physics, geophysics or a list of other subjects. His world-view is illustrated well enough in his discourse on Sivarathri, March 13, 2002, which was about magnetism with a capital M.

Sathya Sai Baba shows the "3-ton golden linga" in 2002

Sathya Sai Baba shows the “3-ton golden linga” in 2002

He spoke of magnetism as material magnetism, saying it is really divine magnetism which pervades absolutely everything. He interprets magnetism as that which only attracts. (He magnanimously overlooks the facts that physical magnetism also repulses!) He imputes this quality to physical magnetism, adding that it is also found in gold (i.e. in the golden lingam which he pretended to have materialised from within his stomach). However, gold if famously non-magnetic. (though it attracts people).  He compounds this by claiming that  this is also a kind of ‘animal magnetism’. He speaks of magnetic flowers and says the body is a magnetic temple, while physical temples store up the magnetism of devotion and thus attract people! He holds that this same magnetism is ‘embodied’ in the legless, faceless linga and so on…  (see here)

All this shows that Sathya Sai Baba suffers from an uninformed confusion of absurd proportions.

Sathya Sai Baba - from Sanathana Sarathi, April 2002, p. 123

Sathya Sai Baba – from Sanathana Sarathi, April 2002, p. 123

This idea arose, it appears, when Sathya Sai Baba began to stagger during his walkabout ‘darshans‘. The cause was not known to anyone, but later it became clear that it was due to a degenerating hip joint, which finally gave way and caused him to become an invalid. However, to explain that staggering gait, Sai Baba resorted to the ruse that it was the magnetism of the earth, which was so attracted to himself, the Divine Lord embodied, that he had difficulty walking! Amazingly, devotees today still believe such deceitful rubbish! Sai Baba pulled out all the stops, as the quote shows:

Sai Baba later claimed the cause was that the small golden lingam weighed three tons, as heard on the BBC film!

The BBC filmed the lingam production in 2004 – but it failed completely. Sai Baba had also permitted an unprecedented live broadcast in the Indian subcontinent on holy Shivaratri day of his so-called ‘lingodbhava’ (bringing the egg-like ellipsoidal object out of his mouth after what looks like a painful process of ‘regurgitation’). From the very clear BBC filming of the event, however, one can see that NO lingam actually emerged. Instead there was a small spurt of apparently yellowish vomit, which some believers actually claimed was the lingam in liquid golden form! The yellow colour, however, arose entirely from poor video quality (or manipulation of colour) by the devotees who caught this on videocam. By contrast, the BBC film of the very same incident (in the documentary, ‘The Secret Swami’). The BBC team filmed close up and one can see clearly that there was no golden liquid or any lingam coming from his mouth, but only transparent water is seen. Before collapsing, Sai Baba held a towel to his mouth and a golden lingam appeared “somehow” in the towel. The director Eamon Hardy was observing and confirmed that no lingam came from his mouth. It is clear that most devotees will believe just anything they are told by him or his cadre. Sathya Sai Baba’s claim afterwards – stated by his translator Professor Anil Kumar and captured on film – that the lingam weighed three tons should convince any sane person that this was all nothing but transparent fraudulence.

But the BBC filmed it most clearly and tellingly – see fuller captures here

A film clip of the ‘actual emergence’ has been posted on the internet by devotees. One can pause the video and examine each frame separately to analyze the movements. (”>View the Indian poor quality film-clip- NOTE Site since removed by owners but archived). Some claimed that, because the lingam did not appear from his mouth, it was formed in the towel from vomited ‘liquid gold’ (though the liquid only appeared to have a yellow colour on the badly made cheap video, while it was clear as water on the BBC professional film). From before the alleged ’emergence’, Sathya Sai Baba is clearly seen to be holding something just about the size of the lingam inside the towel between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand! Now what on earth could that be, one wonders? After the vomit, he lets go of what he was holding in secret and fumbles to extract it with his right hand, taking the lingam from under the towel just where it was being held earlier, and we see a rather confused look of resignation cross his features.

It seems that Sathya Sai Baba must have lost his nerve on this occasion, for he did not even try producing the lingam from his mouth this time. We know from a private source who observed the event that Sathya Sai Baba collapsed directly after that and was in a terrible state when he was carried off. Very likely partly a reaction to the stress of being on live TV and of realizing he had not managed to pull it off convincingly to conceal his fraud from the cameras. But his favourite, Anil Kumar, reported that Sathya Sai Baba had to go away to ‘produce’ two more ‘atma lingams’ in private out of sight of anyone! (believe it if you can!). Was Sathya Sai Baba feeling too ill, or too camera shy? Those with perspicacious and open minds can decide the nature of this ‘divine mystery’? He answered this when, having been off-stage for some time, he returned and told the audience (in front of the BBC camera!)”

TRANSCRIPT (view actual brief video clip – filesize 1Mb) :-
Tanya Datta:- There’s always an explanation for everything.
(Anil Kumar’s translation of Sai Baba’s words in Telugu): “Out of the stomach emanated Shiva Lingas of the weight
of three tonnes. That’s the reason why some strain on the face and the body

It was Sathya Sai Baba’s translator ‘Professor’ Anil Kumar, who translated Sai Baba’s words saying that his debilitating collapse at the Shivarthri festival in 2004 was due to the three tonnes of weight of the golden lingam. He claimed it emerged from his body (see here – also view how the BBC camera showed that no lingam actually emerged). Probably the fatuous blind believer Anil Kumar mistranslated Sai Baba’s words… for the Sanathana Sarathi printed version of Sai Baba discourses in which he claims that the weight of the gold in the human body – and in the gold lingams he produces – was ‘three tolas’. This is equivalent to the weight of three original silver Indian rupees of 11.4 grams each. So Sai Baba’s lingam of three tolas would weigh just over 34 grams. In an earlier discourse he made the quite different claim that every human body contains ‘five tolas’ (ca. 60 grams)

In his discourse after the Shivarathri lingodbhava two years previously (13/3/2002), Sai Baba stated: “(Showing the golden Linga to the devotees, Swami said). “As you can all see, this Linga is rather bigger in size. There is a meaning behind this. This is five Tolas in weight. [one Tola is 11.66 grams. 5 Tolas = about 60.0 grams] Every human being possesses five Tolas of gold essence known as Hiranyagarbha… Gold represents energy in man and is the cause of his radiance. The gold content within each body is this size only. It is gold essence in the body that makes the eyes see, ears hear etc.” (Sanathana Sarathi – April 2002, p. 127)
However, the human body cannot possibly contain so much gold! In Wikipedia we find that the amount of gold in the human body is vanishingly tiny:-

ElementPercent of Atoms Atoms
Gold0.00000030 2 x 1019

Further: “only salts and radioisotopes of gold are of pharmacological value, as elemental (metallic) gold is inert to all chemicals it encounters inside the body” (see here)

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