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Dream visitations by Sathya Sai Baba?

Posted by robertpriddy on July 30, 2009


Specific issues # 2 Treated Arguments: Dreams, etc.

STATEMENT: he is endowed with bilocation and telepathic powers, enters the dreams of anybody at his own will, that is to say: if you dream of him, it’s because he wants so (it’s his statement), and not because of your unconscious

This aspect is confirmed by Sai Baba’s same words, let’s read:

Q: Is it true that Swamiji comes into the mind of a person during the dream state, only if Swamiji desires it?

Sai Baba: O yes, No person can dream of Swami unless Swami Himself desires it to be so.
(from a dialogue between Sai Baba and Eruch Fanibunda, 1976)

And more: [Sai Baba answers a question raised by the audience]
“Why does Swami appear in the dreams of only few and why not in

[…] Dreams are the reflection, reaction and resound of that which is within you. The same does not apply to the dreams in which Swami appears. Swami appears in dreams only when HE wills it and not when you want to[…]”
(quoted from the discourse of 24 November 1998)

Although just a moment before, in the same discourse, he has said the exact contrary (we’ll see ahead), this is what Sai Baba says. This “dream question” seems to be made on purpose, to keep calm the devotees: since are very few those who obtain an interview when they go to him, and since certain and unequivocal “signs” by SB usually hardly come, here’s that the guru could come through dreams, but only if he wants so. The devotee, sincerely infatuated and enthusiastic, very easily will dream of him: and please let me say that by now, about dreams, is much more certain what has to say psychoanalysis and psychology, than what does say Sai Baba… well I was saying, the devotee will dream of Sai Baba, and he will consider the dream as a direct message from the Avatar, who gave him the darshan in the dream.

Should not be more probable that someone who wishes to have a contact with Sai Baba dreams of him, and in the dream realizes his desire? And if the dream contains a reproach, couldn’t it derive from the deep unconscious of the dreamer? Freud and colleagues really lived in vain?

>At this point the objection is raised: “OK, it could be, but then how do you explain that often someone who strongly desires it, doesn’t dreams of Baba?
This is the proof that it’s him who decides it”
. The objection is baseless: we don’t know what our unconscious does hold and what it does not, and what censorship processes (oneiric, vigilant and of other kinds) could act within ourselves. Certainly, they exist; decades of psychological sciences demonstrate it. In effects, for long time I myself have desired and asked Baba to come into my dreams to “enlighten” me, but it didn’t happen; on the other hand, in the same lapse of time I’ve never dreamed of, let’s say… Frank Sinatra (rest in peace): can I perhaps deduce from this that Frank Sinatra had the power to enter or not in my dreams at his will?

Regarding the other powers (bilocation, telepathy, etc.), are valid the same considerations as above about the kind of testimonies and its reliability: the stories are countless, but the many personal psychological factors of those who lived or told these accounts, the expectations, the distortions, the time passed by, the atmosphere in which many stories take place, do invalidate its reliability as “proofs” of anything. One must always consider that for the most part of Sai Baba’s followers and devotees (the ones who then write the books to tell the “miracles”), he is the one to whom they have surrendered themselves, he is the one who will take care of all their needs; thus they will tend to ascribe to him anything could happen or not, both good and bad things; and in this last case, they will search for “signs” from the master. From here to the various stories of bilocation, telepathic rescues, etc. there’s really a short way.
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