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Gerald Moreno’s empty words and threats

Posted by robertpriddy on September 7, 2009

joerailsHere one sees the obsessively self-justificatory and irrational Gerald Moreno in full aggressive bloom trying to make a mountain out of a molehill again. He has attacked me – along with countless other ex-followers of Sathya Sai Baba – dissidents in every way he can devise and contrive throughout the Internet. He is a trickster and obfuscator of the first water.

My son and I are far from “gnashing teeth”, “foaming at the mouth” or “raising huge wails”. Mr. Moreno’s products shows that it is him who qualifies himself for these epithets and is clearly projecting his own feelings onto us! My son simply asked him to remove the image which he had no right whatever to use, even though it had once been on  a public website! Despite Morenos’ shouting in bold text that we can’t prove our copyright, we are wholly capable of substantiating the fact if we wish – not least since we have a much higher resolution version from the camera we own. We also have the testimony of the person who took the photo for us. But we know that the image cannot be removed from websites and blogs other than wordpress (where it has never appeared until now 0 Moreno knows he dare not post it there!) because Google and dedicated websites do not comply with the law without a court order (VERY expensive). So Moreno has been unable to prevent his image from appearing on an increasing number of websites and blogs, despite his many exclamatory declamations.

Here are the facts:  The blogs in which I used his image were not Anti-Baba blogs, but blogs defending me against some of his worst lies and distortions of facts and statements. It was not deleted from WordPress results. I put up his image because he has done this to me, my son, and many critics of Sai Baba without permission, and has distorted these images sometimes most disgustingly. I felt it only fair people should see him. I knew it was his copyright and wordpress along of all web logs would ask me to remove it if he went through the process with DMCA.  I removed the image because I was asked to, Moreno having gone through the lengthy process to prove that it was his image! Little good did it do him… for even on my wordpress blogs about him, one can click on ‘absent image’ boxes which immediately bring up Moreno’s photo of his own bust. If flash is installed,  it appears large on the blog as soon as one rolls over the text about it. Unlike him, I would never use graphic distortion of living person’s faces… but Moreno often has, the above being one example. Descending to such levels highlights his desperation at lacking any real, true evidence against me and the poverty of his whole position.

more from Moreno's heated emotional maunderings

more from Moreno's heated emotional maunderings

For more than good measure, Moreno adds his “warning to other ex-devotees and critics” who think they are free to publish his picture without being “subject to” legal prosecution with hefty fines… this is empty blather if ever there was any. He will meet the same reality that countless victims of his theft of copyright materials and photos have… that it cannot be done! He has stolen my copyright and posted my writing on all his outlets, but only on wordpress was he forced through DMCA’s proof of my copyright to remove materials of mine had posted without  permission. Moreno cannot refrain from a direct lie  “at any time been contacted by … anyone” – for he has been asked by Kai Priddy to removed the screen capped image, and he has documented this on his own website and blogs. He has not been asked by wordpress to remove that image because he has never dared to post it on his blog “Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love and Spirituality” (a misnomer if ever there was one).

See the fuller Moreno dossier exposing his contrivances, harassments, disrty tricks, lies and much more

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