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Wikipedia harassment by pro-Sai Baba activists

Posted by robertpriddy on September 12, 2009

For the sake of setting the record straight concerning harassment on Wikipedia, I repost the following points from the Requests for Arbitration discussion. Note that user SSS108 is Gerald Joe Moreno, who still energetically radiates his attacks on all dissidents and critics of Sathya Sai Baba:-

Statement by M Alan Kazlev

I was a devotee of Sai Baba for more than two decades, and therefore was originally sympathetic to the arguments of SSS108, who contacted me when I had inadvertently been caught in the crossfire of the flamewar between certain followers and certain critics of SSB. Having assessed and corresponded at length with representatives of both sides (SS108 on the SSB side, and several ex-devotees regarding the side that is concerned about the allegations), as well as looking at what both sides had written, I came to the conclusion that the allegations made concerning Sai Baba are factual, but that Sai Baba is not simply a fake or con-artist. Rather he belongs to an ambiguous category in which both truth and falsehood are inextricably mixed (as explained on my website etc). I have observed that SSS108 uses tactics of slander, libel, and smear against ex-devotees in order to discredit their reports of sexual abuse by SSB. Again, this is explained on my website, with especial reference to Robert Priddy.

Once I was considered to be no longer a naive devotee of SSB, SS108 decided to try to attack me, and has a rather amusing blog dedicated to me. My only interest re the SSB page is that both sides of the argument should be presented, without bias, and there should not be censorship or bullying of any kind. This would allow the reader who is unfamiliar with this subject to come to their own conclusions. M Alan Kazlev 04:36, 22 December 2006 (UTC)———

SSS108 continues to be aggressive, abusive[44], and confrontational. —Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 10:31, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

I’ve now had to block him for harassment and incivility; his response was to make obscure and unfounded accusations against my being involved in a conflict of interest on an article that I’ve hardly touched. —Mel Etitis (Talk) 09:16, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

Statement on Wikipedia by ProEdits  (Robert Priddy)

SSS108 has consistently used Wikipedia pages to attempt to defame me and attack me, my statements and biography in apparently any way he can devise (such as on the Robert Priddy talk page), constantly calling me ‘a liar’ see User_talk: and a blatant one also without any reliable independent evidence on Wikipedia or elsewhere. This is obvious to me, of course, because I have never lied in any of my writings, which means consciously to tell something one knows or firmly believes to be untrue. Neither SSS108 nor FreeLanceResearch (Lisa de Witt) can show that I have ‘lied’ or that I am ‘a liar’.  I have recently reaffirmed the opinion that Sai Baba is SSS108s guru, which he repeatedly writes is ‘a lie’. It is not a lie but a matter of definition, and the facts speak loud to favour my interpretation, that SSS108s apparent full-time defence throughout Wikipedia and the Internet of Sathya Sai, his organisation and almost anyone who is a devotee (for several years even while he admitted on his own website he believed him to be a sexual abuser!)

One example; on my talk page SSS108 has concocted a proposition that there was a “million dollar legal suit against Robert Priddy” [45] . No lawsuit has ever been filed against me, nor even have I received any such claim from anyone, neither from Rebello, let alone any lawyer. May I say in this connection that the same Rebello, who wears the title ‘Dr.’ has been reported by FreeLanceResearch as saying some years ago that I am dying of AIDS [46], though I have never had AIDS and nor has Rebello ever even seen me (COMMENT inserted today: some ‘doctor’ – merely a doctor of homeopathy! No doubt a fraudulent claimant to any medical degree). His claim of a million dollar lawsuit falls into the same category of statement! This is the kind of tactic SSS108 uses against me on a major scale (ADDITION today: claiming that I was threatened with a lawsuit, which I never was. It was the free web server he threatened, who decided it was not worth the battle, not surprisingly).

Further, SSS108 refers to matters external to Wikipedia in that he asserts on my talk page and elsewhere that I have had 6 websites deleted for defamation, but the webmasters or ISPs involved in my discontinued free website space have never informed that there was any defamation by me, or I would certainly have reacted. Moreover, there is no material I have posted against Sai Baba which is not still found on other of my websites, where I have gradually collected all other ‘stray materials’ from former web pages. SSS108 falsely claims (i.e without any public evidence) that a website ‘ ‘was mine, but it must have been made by someone else as I never made it (see Google). I can only think it was an attempt at further defamation of me by one of my most active critics, as also was the porn site entry of one of my URLs (as if I would pay to enter my own URL there! (See on Google), which SSS108 has publicised widely on the web with screen captures as part of his dirty tricks campaign.Because I truthfully and most successfully criticise Sathya Sai Baba on grounds that no one has been able to prove untrue in any detail and not therefore either defamatory or libellous.

SSS108 is wiki-stalking [47] various critics of Sathya Sai Baba. For example, SSS108 followed me to the ‘Arne Næss’ Wiki page [48], where – having taught some of Næss’ philosophy for many years – I made an entry which was admittedly original research. I was not then aware of the policy of Wikipedia on original research. SSS108 Wiki-stalked me to that page and deleted my contribution (but it was reinstated by another editor). SSS108 also stalked me by adding links to his [highly slanderous] web pages about me onto my personal Wiki page 1 (which he was virtually forced to remove when he learned from the active Wiki editor Alan Kazlev of Wiki policy on biographies of living persons). He continues to cause maximum disruption by arbitration requests etc.

SSS108 and FreeLanceResearch also therefore Wiki-stalked the prominent Wikipedia editor M. Alan Kazlev by adding their votes to help close down his personal Wiki page, which incidentally had nothing to do with Sathya Sai Baba, and SSS108 also posted a vituperative blog against him after he realised that SSS108 is a slanderer – see Statement by [49].

As further evidence [external but relevant as background, I assume, since Wiki arbitrators here also refer to external events on occasion] that SSS108s Wiki writings are an extension of his stalking agenda, SSS108 repeatedly attacked and stalked the Sai critic Barry Pittard, reporting contacts with Pittard’s former partner to dig for information against Pittard, and the results he posted as outright slander on his website and on Yahoo sathyasaibaba2 group [see

Extra note: The sathyasaibaba2 group was terminated by the moderator due to excessive abuse by de SWitt and Moreno etc. Lisa de Witt has copied and even exceeded her advisor, Joe108/SSS108 aka Moreno,  in calling me such, whether blatant, flagrant, shameless or the like (see some of her countless accusations here) and look at the language and real vileness of some few of Moreno’s disgusting allegations here. This Mr. Moreno is the webmaster of a blog pretending to stand for ‘Love, Life and Sopirituality’ where he posts under the name of ‘sathysaibaba’ no less…  A real Jekyll and Hyde at work!

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