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Sai Baba says he is only what anyone imagines him to be!

Posted by robertpriddy on September 27, 2009

This claim is both absurd and cunning - it means no one can ever see Sai Baba, only themselves, so he would protects himself against all changes of criminality

This claim is both absurd and cunning - it claims that no one can ever see Sai Baba, only themselves, and thus he would try to protect himself against all charges of deception, impurity, criminality...

The Sexual Molestation and other abuse allegations: Former follower John Bright, in his highly credible but very shocking account on the Internet of how Sai Baba molested him sexually, refers to the English self-styled ‘psychic medium’ Craig Parker-Hamilton, whose website allowed him to discuss this (but no longer, alas), saying:-
“Before I go I want to thank you Craig for being open enough to allow this open debate despite your beliefs in Sai Baba’s authenticity. However, there are two things that you mentioned that I want to address. You said that if a person sees Sai Baba as a molester then Sai Baba will become a molester and if we see him as God he will become God. I think I see where you are going with that. There is a philosophy that mind is the builder and that perception and belief create reality; while I believe there is truth in this I also believe that it gets twisted. For example: I may choose not to believe that the sun will rise tomorrow and this belief may prevent me from accepting that the sun will rise tomorrow but my belief will not prevent the objective fact that the sun will rise tomorrow. In a similar way my personal belief that Sai Baba is or is not a molester will in no way change the objective reality. Sai Baba either is or is not a child molester; my personal belief doesn’t change the objective truth about Sai Baba only my acceptance or rejection of it.”

Craig Hamilton-Parker’s deluded view can also be said to take away all responsibility from Sai Baba for what and who he is, and placing it on each person who relates to him – depending on how they happen to experience him at any time. This is a confused idea of Baba, common among various less intelligent would-be ‘spiritual teachers’. Sai Baba has said that he merely ‘reflects, resounds, responds’ to the attitudes and expectations of devotees, if we think of him as God he will become that in our minds and if we think of him as a molester, he becomes that in our minds. But he does not himself independently become any of the many or even opposite things various devotees have in their minds. He exists independently of their minds (indeed, of all mind, he claims) and moreover, has a human form and body. He acts in the world like anyone else, falls on his soap and gets a hairline fracture of the hip, fell flat at darshan when a devotee held around his feet and so on.

Many extremely serious and most credibly described allegations have been made by persons known to have long been very close to him (see overview of many of them here). The evidence has becoming so crushing that anyone who goes into it fully even with a half-open mind and heart will be convinced. This means that one must free oneself from the mistaken and untestable belief that Sai Baba is God Almighty in Person, a belief that tends to bolster the ego of the believer who feels ‘chosen’ and therefore much better a person the he or she most likely actually is.

Very close devotees have broken with Sai Baba, including David Bailey and two who were consistently sexually abused, Conny Larsson of Sweden and the Indian Dr. Naresh Bhatia. Bhatia was well known to hundreds of devotees through his lectures at the ashram. He openly informed the Daily Telegraph journalist, Mick Brown, of his long-standing homosexual relations with Sai Baba, and of how the Baba has misused very many pupils, including a boy in the 7th grade. Dr. Bhatia was banned from the ashram on trumped-up charges and was threatened by thugs in his residence there, so he had to flee to Delhi. His subsequent silence is eloquent of the methods employed by the ashram against persons over whom they can exert power.

I knew two young men from different Scandinavian countries (and who did not know each other) who were, on quite separate occasions, shocked when Sai Baba kissed them voluptuously on the mouth when alone with him inside the private interview room. One of these young men, who eventually spoke out, had become extremely disturbed as the intimacies became more and more intrusive interview after interview. I knew several young Scandinavian men who were given more long private interviews (behind firmly closed doors) than anyone else and were provided with rings, bracelets and so forth from Sai Baba. These all left Sai Baba within months or years of these attentions. In view of the awe and admiration with which this would-be God Almighty is held (admiration which is also extended by many to his favourites) it becomes very hard indeed to believe that they could be making it up.

Another good friend, Tor Fotland visited Sai Baba several times with his wife Felicia. Upon hearing about the allegations, he told my wife and I that he had known an Italian devotee who had told him that Sai Baba had handled his genitals. I also met a lady who had been a Sai follower for decades, whose friends had brought their son to Sai Baba at least before the early 1980s and who had left for good in shock and disgust when Baba had taken down the boys’ trousers in private and massaged his genitals with oil. I had discounted this at the time as being some kind of spiritual treatment. Only in view of subsequent accounts, of which there are too many for comfort, do these other incidents appear in a different light. Besides this, another friend who I met through the Sai Baba centre in Oslo, who visited the ashram twice and undoubtedly experienced many extraordinary leelas from Sai Baba through several years, became aware of the homosexual allegations through the Internet. After considerable soul-searching, he denounced Sai Baba and told that he had been troubled by Baba who appeared in his dreams and made sexual advances to him… something for which he had never had any inclination or slightest wish. Subsequently, I am in contact with another young man from USA who my wife and I knew well and had a very honest and open-minded relationship with during one of our long stays in India. He had travelled with Dr. and Mrs. Hislop and the Cowans and was present when Mr. Cowan was supposedly revived from death by Sai Baba (which he said he knew was NOT true). This person, Mark Roche, told the world on a BBC interview how he had virtually been forced into oral sex with Sai Baba back in the 1970s, when he had a long series of eleven interviews.

I should add that I have never received any kind of homosexual suggestion in my meetings with Sai Baba, nor in any of the several hundred dreams I have recorded in which he has figured prominently. Once he put his lips to my mouth, at which I felt disgust, but he instead seemed to such out of my spine something which was causing the spinal problems I suffered from since the age of 40-odd. It was made clear in the dream that it was not a kiss even, but some kind of therapy. Strangely, some years later I was with Sai leaders after a conference in Denmark when I told of this and the wife of the leader in Austria said she had experienced EXACTLY the same. She too had spinal problems after falling down a flight of stairs. I can’t explain this other than by the machinations of unconscious wish fulfillment of hoping to be cured, but I can say that there was no improvement in either of our conditions afterwards. (I was born with spina bifida okulta).

from Google

from Google

Note: The cyber terrorist Gerald Moreno, who is enraged because several of us have pointed out that he was actually subject to an illegal molestation of a preliminary sexual nature, has ridiculously written an entire blog about this dream (as reported in my book ‘Source of the Dream’). In this puerile tit-for-tat attack he tries in vain to get back at me with insidious suggestions. The flimsiness of his entire project is exemplified well by this mud-throwing, the tactics of an under-achiever who is driven by irrational forces.

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