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Testimony: Sai Baba’s sex molestation and fraudulence

Posted by robertpriddy on October 29, 2009

BY Greg Gerson, USA. (MA in East /West Psychology)
Received by one of the JuST group working committee:-

“I live in Houston, Texas. I was a devotee of Sai Baba from 1993 till around 2000.

I was introduced to Sai Baba by my professor in graduate school. My professor is a Sai devotee and a well respected Fullbright scholarship winner in the subject of Hindu studies. I went with her to visit Sai Baba as part of a full credit study tour of Hinduism in South India.

To make a long story shorter, on my first visit we only stayed three days at Whitefield, I returned three more times on my own to visit Sai Baba. My longest continual stay was ten months in 1995-96. I wrote my master’s thesis on the teachings of Sai Baba. My last visit was for three months at the end of 1997. I will never go back.

During my visits I had five interviews. The first four of which I received private interviews alone with Sai Baba. Sai Baba also gave me two rings: one is silver with his face in gold and the other is a “green diamond”. I no longer wear either.

During one interview, which occured just before I was scheduled to fly home to America, while we were alone, Sai Baba had me pull down my pants. He then “materialized” oil and pulled down my underwear and appied the oil on my lower abdomen below my navel and above my penis. He did not touch me sexually or ask me to do anything to him. He did embrace me for what seemed like a long time (perhaps 30 seconds or more) but nothing else. During that visit I was 26 or 27 years old. At another point in this interview when I was with three or four others in the smaller interview room, Sai Baba slapped me across the face quite hard when I was not looking.

I injured my green gem ring in about 1996 and discovered the silver foil inside. I took the ring to a qualified jeweler in Houston and he confirmed that the “gem” was worthless junk.

I have been reading the web site for some time. I just thought you might be interested in hearing from me regarding these two important topics and my personal experience with them. A) Sai Baba and sexual misconduct B) Sai Baba and fake jewels.

I have no ill will towards Sai Baba. I am trying to move on. I simply want to know the truth and get real proof about these important issues regarding Sai Baba such as: faking materializations, murders, sex offenses, money issues, his true birthdate and personal history, bribes to the police and public officials, and more.

I am no longer a devotee of Sai Baba. I would not recommend Sai Baba as a guru to anyone.

I spent almost a year and a half of my life living in Sai Baba’s ashrams. I heard stories from other young men to whom Sai Baba applied oil. So perhaps it is not especially noteworthy. I also heard of a young man who Sai Baba kissed on the mouth and another young man Sai Baba touched inappropriately (on his genitals). But, as I am sure you are very very aware, these types of second and third hand stories are useless. What is desparately needed is the Indian students of Sai Baba’s schools who supposedly underwent true molestation to come forward with their stories (apparently there are a lot?). Only then will progress be made in exposing Sai Baba appropriately.”


Even though I have cut ties with Sathya Sai Baba, I am still interested in following the progress of the exposure of the negative side of the Sai Baba movement. As a result of this interest I have been reading the website for some time. Recently I discovered that my former professor who introduced me to Sathya Sai Baba has signed the public petition. (Arlene Mazak Ph.D. No 474 on the petition). In the summer of 1993, she led a study tour of South India that I attended with nine other students. During this tour we visited her guru, Sathya Sai Baba at his ashram near Bangalore. It was then that she and her devotee male companion (I don’t know if he is still a devotee) gave me a laminated photo mounted on wood of Sai Baba and extolled his miraculous powers, thus the brain washing of me began.

I remember once during this study tour, Arlene Mazak, her companion, Bill Watson and I were in their hotel room in India. Arlene had a candle burning on a wooden dresser in front of Sathya Sai Baba’s picture. Arlene was in the bathroom and Bill went downstairs. The candle was very low, almost to the point of burning the dresser, so I put out the flame. A short time later Arlene came into the room and noticed the candle was extinguished. She immediately said, “thank you Baba,” inferring that it was some sort of miracle performed by Sai Baba which prevented a fire. I informed her that I had put out the candle and she disappointedly said “oh…..”

I relay this simple story because, looking back, it was the first time I observed the phenomenon of intelligent accomplished people, once they have given themselves over to the Sai Baba movement and all of its brain-washing, begin to see everything in their world as miraculously influenced by Sathya Sai Baba.

This “Sai Baba influenced” world view creates a false sense of special ness, that is very pervasive among devotees and is one of the most difficult barriers to seeing through the brain washing created by the Sai Baba organization. Actually, this false special ness is a main form the brainwashing takes. By “special ness” I mean the notion devotees have that they are the special few who have the karmic good fortune of becoming followers of Sathya Sai Baba, who they believe is God on Earth, possessing omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, that he knows everything about them, has been watching them all their lives (and past lives) protects them from harm, and has a special purpose for them.

I think this is one of the main reasons why, over the years, so many books have written about Sathya Sai Baba. The authors believe that it is their special duty to tell others about Sai Baba. I also think that to a certain extent, writing a book about one’s personal experiences with “Baba” or “Swami”, as he is often called by his devotees, is a form of ego aggrandizement and bragging on the part of these authors. So many people visit Sai baba (the numbers are lessening because of the accusations of sex abuse) that only a small percent have close contact with Sai Baba. As a result of this, those devotees who have had close contact with him, even if it was 20 or30 years ago, are held in high esteem by many followers who have not had the opportunity. Many devotees are very eager to read books and hear stories about Sai Baba and his supposed miraculous powers. I believe this is a major source of both intentional and unintentional brainwashing in the Sathya Sai Baba organization.

Brainwashing is defined here as indoctrination into new attitudes, beliefs, and values in such a way that the person is unwilling or unable to look critically at his or her new mindset. In my view there are two basic types of brain washing occurring in the Sathya Sai Baba movement: unintentional and intentional.

Unintentional brainwashing, which is milder than intentional, is of the kind carried out by my former professor when she introduced me to Sathya Sai Baba. At the time, she was unaware of any negative aspects of Sai Baba such as accusations of molestation of young men and fake materializations. She simply told me stories about Sai Baba and that he had the miraculous ability to know my thoughts visit me in dreams, protect me from harm and more. This is brainwashing because it altered my view of reality as well as my beliefs and values. Because it was my professor, who was an authority figure, I was more likely to take in these claims about Sai Baba and give them merit. This type of brainwashing is unintentional because my professor believed the things she was telling me and had no ulterior motives such as power, money, and fame. This is also the type of brainwashing that occurs in the books written by devotees as well as in Sai Baba’s ashram and in the Sai Baba centers around the world when devotees tell new people about Sai Baba.

Intentional brainwashing is much more dangerous and malicious. This is the type waged by Sathya Sai Baba and his close leaders as well as anyone else who knows the truth about the negative side of Sai Baba and is using the brainwashing for personal gain (more on this later).
A personal example of my own false sense of specialness due to brainwashing relates to the two rings Sai Baba “materialized” for me. In August of 1994 on my second visit to Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram I had an interview during which he “materialized” (see for how he fakes materializations) a silver ring with his bust in gold on the top. I received the ring in 1994 and yet I wanted to break ties with Sai Baba and remove it as early as 1995 (more on why later). I stopped wearing the green gem ring Sai Baba “materialized” for me in November of 1996 on my third visit after discovering its being fake. But to be honest, my brainwashing was so strong; I still sometimes wore it on a chain around my neck as recently as 2000.

A main reason I was so reluctant to remove the rings Sai Baba gave me, especially the silver ring with his face was that I had read and was told many times by devotees that rings (and other “materialized” objects) given by Sai Baba were talismans which would protect the wearer from harm. I very much wanted this to be true, that Sai Baba was watching over me and protecting me from harm. In addition, Sai Baba told me that the green gem ring would give me “peace of mind”.

This type of “special ness” is hard to give up. If I broke ties with Sai Baba and took off the rings I would have to face the anxiety of becoming “normal” again, a regular person, vulnerable to the dangers of this world. I remember that whenever I contemplated breaking ties with Sai Baba (long before any of the negative internet sites) I would feel guilty and nervous and instinctively touch my ring with my thumb. I also used to look at it all the time. It was a constant reminder of my connection to Sai Baba. It was only when I began reading an anti Sai Baba website which I stumbled upon looking for a pro Sai web site that I permanently removed my Sai Baba rings and packed away my Sai Baba books and pictures.

It was like a spell was broken. Questions I had about the Sai Baba organization and Sai Baba himself that had bothered me for several years became clearer. For example, I never understood why he had armed guards with bayonets on their rifles in front of his home in the evenings. And why he had two men with semi-automatic pistols clearly visible under their white shirts accompanying him during darshan. One of the most essential teachings of Hinduism is nonviolence, yet here was supposedly the greatest spiritual teacher of recent times with dangerous guns right under his nose in his ashram. I also found it bothersome that Sai Baba had so many ultra luxury European automobiles that he was chauffeured around in. I could perhaps understand having one Mercedes Benz, BMW or Jaguar, but why five or more? I also did not understand why while we were alone during one interview in the summer of 1994, Sai Baba told me to pull down my pants. He then “materialized” a small amount of oil, pulled down my underwear and applied it to my lower abdomen. If he were God on Earth why would he have to use such crude and inappropriate means to give me some mysterious blessing, which he did not even bother to explain to me?

Many other things concern me about the Sai Baba movement, but returning to my rings for a moment, why did Sai Baba give me a fake gem? At one point, I accidentally injured it so I took it to a jeweler in Houston who confirmed that it was of no value. It was only after examining the web site and learning about the negative side of the Sai Baba movement such as how Sai Baba fakes his materializations, and seeing it captured on film that some of my questions and concerns were answered. The primary answer was both troubling and a big relief, one that I had expected for years.

This answer is a difficult one for many, many brainwashed devotees to face. It is this: Sathya Sai Baba is not God on Earth. He is most likely not even a genuine holy man and his organization is corrupt. He is a cult figure who sometimes uses his power over devotees to take advantage of them. When I realized this I no longer felt anxious over removing my supposedly special rings. I knew they had no mystical power and, that I am not some sort of special devotee.

Please see signers of the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization


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‘The Guru Papers’: censorship and manipulative control of followers’ minds

Posted by robertpriddy on October 28, 2009

Yet more quotations on gurus which apply with full force to Sathya Sai Baba, who inists he is perfect and pure, despite countless testimonies to the contrary! The title “The Guru Papers – Masks of Authopritarian Power” encapsulates the matter most succinctly.

By holding gurus as perfect and thus beyond ordinary explanations, their presumed specialness can be used to justify anything. Some deeper, occult reason can always be ascribed to anything a guru does: The guru is said to take on the karma of others, and that is why his body has whatever problems it has. The guru is obese or unhealthy because he is too kind to turn down offerings: besides, he gives so much that a little excess is understandable. He punishes those who disobey him not out of anger but out of necessity, as a good father would. He uses sex to teach about energy and detachment. He lives an opulent life to break people’s simplistic preconceptions of what ego-loss should look like; it also shows how detached and unconcerned he is about what others think. For after all, ‘Once enlightened, one can do anything.’ Believing this dictum makes any action justifiable.

“It is not at all unusual to be in an authoritarian relationship and not know it. In fact, knowing it can interfere with surrender. Any of the following are strong indications of belonging to an authoritarian group:

1. No deviation from the party line is allowed. Anyone who has thoughts or feelings contrary to the accepted perspective is made to feel wrong or bad for having them.

2. Whatever the authority does is regarded as perfect or right. Thus behaviors that would be questioned in others are made to seem different and proper.

3. One trusts that the leader or others in the group know what’s best.

4. It is difficult to communicate with anyone not in the group.

5. One finds oneself defending actions of the leader (or other members) without having firsthand knowledge of what occurred.

6. At times one is confused and fearful without knowing why. This is a sign that doubts are being repressed.” (p.57)

“Traditional gurus teach what they were taught. Most gurus’ training in dealing with disciples is through example – watching their own guru. They learn to recognize, reinforce, and reward surrender, and to negate non-surrender. Aside from the more tangible rewards, they reinforce devotion with attention and approval, and punish its lack by withdrawing them. Though some gurus say that doubts are healthy, they subtly punish them. Doubt is not the way to get into the inner circle. Believing surrender is essential for transmitting their teachings, some gurus could be aware they are manipulating people to surrender, but think they are doing so ‘for their own good.’ (If this were in fact true, it would mean that deep truths are only accessible via an authoritarian mode.) This can not only justify manipulation, but also justify dissembling in order to eliminate people’s doubts – all this being done in the name of fostering spiritual growth.” (p.62)

“The power of conversion experiences lies in the psychological shift from confusion to certainty.” (p.65)

“People whose power is based on the surrender of others develop a repertoire of techniques for deflecting and undermining anything that questions or challenges their status, behavior, or beliefs. They ridicule or try to confuse people who ask challenging questions.” (p.66)

“Is experiencing intense energy a sign of spirituality, or is the experience in the same vein as young ladies who swoon in the presence of rock stars?” (p.68)

“To be thought enlightened, one must appear not only certain that one is, but certain about most everything else, too.” (p.70)

“Gurus undercut reason as a path to understanding. When they do allow discursive inquiry, they often place the highest value on paradox. Paradox easily lends itself to mental manipulation. No matter what position you take, you are always shown to be missing  the point; the point being that the guru knows something you do not.” (p.74)

“Their stance toward outsiders is of benign superiority.” (p77)

“As long as the guru still sees the possibility of realizing his ambitions, the way he exercises power is through rewarding the enthusiasms of his followers with praise and positions in his hierarchy. He also whets and manipulates desire by offering ‘carrots,’ and promising that through him the disciples’ desires will be realized, possibly even in this lifetime. The group itself becomes an echo of the guru, with the members filling each other’s needs. Within the community there is a sense of both intimacy and potency, and a celebratory, party-like atmosphere often reigns. Everything seems perfect; everyone is moving along the appropriate spiritual path. The guru is relatively accessible, charming, even fun. All dreams are realizable-even wonderful possibilities beyond one’s ken.” (p.78)

“Many gurus and spiritual authorities negate, make light of, or even ridicule the use and value of Western psychotherapy because its concepts of the unconscious undermine their authority and power. To acknowledge that unconscious factors may be operative in oneself means that one cannot be totally sure one is selfless.” (p.102)

“A primary goal in therapy is to free clients from their need to transfer unresolved issues onto others. This need makes people particularly susceptible to authoritarian control. Good therapists aim at being very conscious of how they deal with transference.”

See overview of the many aspects of cultist indoctrination, especially in reference to the Sathya Sai baba movement and organization here


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    More from the Guru Papers – on sexual abuse

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 27, 2009

    ‘The Guru Papers’ by Joel Kramer and Diane Alstead is a major work exposing the exploitation of authoritarian power by gurus.


    A penetrating analysis is made in ‘The Guru Papers’ of ‘the seductions of surrender’. Common features of power abuses by ‘saints’ or gurus are described, and they are virtual descriptions of such abuses practiced by a long list of Evangelist preachers, Indian gurus, without any being named. Pretending celibacy or ‘purity’ while engaging in sexual activity in secret is a common result of guru power. Power abusers also exploit people so as to consolidate power and this can mean abuse of faith through lies and double standards, and not least sexual abuse of followers. To do this on any scale the guru needs the complicity of people around him, who may well be or be inducted into being sexual abusers themselves.

    Those who try to expose these matters are often subject to slander, defamation and death threats… and not least curses of eternal damnation or the like by the guru, whether private or even in public. Likewise with actual murders, which require fortheir success a very tightly knit circle of complicit persons. All this has been shown in clinical detail to be the case with Sathya Sai Baba by hundreds of testimonies, papers and web documents by many persons from all over the world. A much greater weight of testimony that has not been committed to the Web, partly because many are afraid to have their painful accounts made public and partly because some wish their testimony to come out via responsible media, the law courts or both.

    One measure of the power of dependency on the guru is that so many devotees refuse not only to believe, but even to listen to, anything of this nature – however well-documented or proven… even after decisive proof in court and imprisonment of the guru! The guru will explain it all in vague othenNorldly terms and lay what amounts to a curse on anyone who listens to criticism of him, let alone accepts it. This is a very common pattern among many who have been exposed in recent decades.


    “The potential for violence and abuse in an authoritarian cult is always there, not only because whatever the leader says goes, but also because outsiders are made into “the Other,” which has always been used tojustify violence.” (p.83)

    In the realm of sexuality, the two prevalent ways control is exerted are through promulgating either celibacy or promiscuity…both serve the same function: they minimize the possibilities of people bonding deeply with each other, thus reducing factors that compete with the guru for attention.” (p.92)

    Celibacy does allow one to maintain a certain kind of control of one’s energy and emotions. It also conforms with images of purity. Therefore, it is far easier for a guru to gain and maintain power if he is celibate – or pretends to be.”(p.92)

    Gurus who preach celibacy while secretly engaging in sexuality present sex as an esoteric initiation ritual or advanced spiritual exercise that must be kept hidden… But it is the lie, not the sex, that’s the real issue. The lie indicates the guru’s entire persona is a lie, that his image as selfless and beyond ego is a core deception.” (p.95)

    The standards of purity necessary forthe role of guru must bring unconscious repression and filtering mechanisms that ensure deceit and hypocrisy around self-interest,” (p.106)

    The myriad scandals around sex, money, and powerthat have tainted so many gurus are not surprising, given the structural corruptibility of the role.” (p.113)

    Gurus become totally attached to the power and privileges of their elevated position.” (p. 113)

    The…”guru role makes it extremely difficult to escape the traps of power – the ultimate trap being in the end, gurus lose their humanity.” (p.114)

    All this is particularly relevant to the study of Sathya Sai Baba, who fits the bill for such a guru:

    “When abuses are publicly exposed, the leader either denies or justifies the behaviors by saying that ‘enemies of the truth’ or ‘the forces of evil’ are trying to subvert his true message. Core members of the group have a huge vested interest in believing him, as their identity is wrapped up in believing in his righteousness. Those who begin to doubt him at first become confused and depressed, and later feel betrayed and angry. The ways people deny and justify are similar: Since supposedly no one who is not enlightened can truly understand the motives of one who is, any criticism can be discounted as a limited perspective. Also, any behavior on the part of the guru, no matter how base, can be imputed to be some secret teaching or message that needs deciphering.”

    “A particular form of seduction that the group participates in with those flirting with joining is similar to sexual conquest. The group pours an enormous amount of focused energy and attention into potential recruits until they surrender to the group’s authority, which of course has the guru and his belief system at its center. When someone does surrender, everyone celebrates the new bonding. This is a bit like a new marriage, and for the recruit, it is the honeymoon phase. This lasts as long as it does, and then the focus of the group shifts elsewhere. (This also happens in romantic love, for after the conquest the wooer’s interest and focus often move somewhere else.) When the honeymoon is over, the new converts must shift roles – from being the wooed to being the wooer.” (p.79)

    “But a cult in decline has more trouble selling itself. . . Members and the guru become withdrawn and the focus gets more internal, insular, and isolating. . . The fun is over. The rewards are now put into the distant future (including future lives) and are achievable only through hard work. This not only keeps disciples busy and distracted, but it is necessary because the flow of resources that came with expansion has greatly diminished. This glorification of work always involves improving the leader’s property (the commune or ashram), increasing his wealth, or some other
    grandiose project.” (p82)

    “People are especially vulnerable to charismatic leaders during times of crisis or major life change.” (p.87)

    “People don’t want a second-rate guru; they want the one who seems the best. Since purity is the standard measurement
    – the gold or Greenwich meridian time of the guru world
    – each guru has to claim the most superlative traits.
    This is naturally a breeding ground for hypocrisy, lies, and the cultivation of false images of purity. Gurus are thus forced to assume the role of the highest, best, the most enlightened, the most loving, the most selfless, the purest representative of the most profound truths; for if they did not, people would go to one who does. Consequently, it is largely impossible for a guru to permit himself real intimacy, which in adults requires a context of equality. All his relationships must be hierarchical, since that is the foundation of his attraction and power.” (p.88)

    “Since adulation from any one person eventually becomes boring, gurus do not need any specific disciple – they need lots of them. Gurus do give special attention to those with wealth and power.” (p.89)

    “Gurus likewise do many things to ensure that their disciples’ prime emotional allegiance is toward them. In the realm of sexuality, the two prevalent ways control is exerted are through promulgating either celibacy or promiscuity. Although seemingly opposite, both serve the same function: they minimize the possibilities of people bonding deeply with each other, thus reducing factors that compete with the guru for attention.” (p.92)

    “. . . sex scandals go with the occupation of the guru because of its [the position’s] emotional isolation and eventual boredom. Disciples are just there to serve and amuse the guru who, after all, gives them so much. The guru’s temptation is exacerbated by the deep conditioning in many women to be attracted to men in power.” (p.93)

    “Gurus, like fathers, are in a context that gives them enormous power because of their disciples’ needs, trust, and dependency. One reason incest is a betrayal of trust is what a daughter needs from her father is a sense of self-worth not specifically linked to her sexuality. Sex with the guru is similarly incestuous because a guru ostensibly functions as a spiritual father to whom one’s growth is entrusted. Having sex with a parental figure reinforces using sex for power. This is not what young women (or men) need for their development. When the guru drops them, which eventually he does, feelings of shame and betrayal usually result that leave deep scars.” (p.94)

    “Fostering promiscuity, impersonal sex, and interchangeable sexual partners accomplishes the same agenda as celibacy. It trivializes sexual attraction and undermines coupling. Casual, disconnected, modular sex eventually leaves people satiated, jaded, and often hurt. They become fearful of forming deep relationships, which fits neatly into the guru’s need to have disciples detached from everything but him.” (p.99)

    Here is an index of links on the SAI BABA ALLEGED SEXUAL ABUSES – a documented overview of the history and extent of the alleged sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba and examination of questions they raise.

    See further extensive quotes from the Guru Papers

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    The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 26, 2009

    by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad. Published: Frog, Ltd., Berkeley, California; 1993

    Some quotes from Part One of the Guru Papers have been supported as having striking accuracy in describing
    cult gurus and the dynamics involved. This is not least true of Sathya Sai Baba, who fits the bill entirely as such a guru exploiting his following in all the ways described. Here are some quotes mainly concerning the guru-disciple love and mutual dependency relationship:-

    “If an authority not only expects to be obeyed without question, but either punishes or refuses to deal with those who do not, that authority is authoritarian.” (p.15)

    “Gurus can arouse intense emotions as there is extraordinary passion in surrendering to what one perceives as a living God.” (p.33)

    “In ‘spiritual’ realms fear and desire can become as extreme as they get. When a living person becomes the focus of such emotions, the possibility of manipulation is correspondingly extreme.” (p.41)

    “In the East a guru is more than a teacher. He is a doorway that supposedly allows one to enter into a more profound relationship with the spiritual. A necessary step becomes acknowledging the guru’s specialness and mastery over that which one wishes to attain. The message is that to be a really serious student, spiritual realization must be the primary concern. Therefore, one’s relationship with the guru must, in time, become one’s prime emotional bond, with all others viewed as secondary. In fact, typically other relationships are pejoratively referred to as ‘attachments.’” (p.49)

    “So although most gurus preach detachment, disciples become attached to having the guru as their center, whereas the guru becomes attached to having the power of being others’ center.” (p.50)

    People justify and rationalize in gurus what in others would be considered unacceptable because they have a huge emotional investment in believing their guru is both pure and right.” (p.52)

    “That interest in one’s own salvation is totally self-centered is a conundrum rarely explored.” (p.54)

    “So disciples believe they are loved unconditionally, even though this love is conditional on continued surrender. Disciples in the throes of surrender feel they have given up their past, and do not, consciously at least, fear the future. . . Feeling totally cared for and accepted, at the universe’s center, powerful, and seemingly unafraid of the future are all achieved at the price of giving one’s power to another, thus remaining essentially a child.” (p56)


    Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization


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    The Guru Papers – and Sathya Sai Baba

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 25, 2009

    Sathya Sai Baba is a typical Indian guru both in his claims, his methods and the way he relates to those who become his followers. How well he fits the pattern of self-professing avatars, ‘spiritual teachers’ and how typical are his methods of manipulating his followers can be see in great detail by studying the impressive seminal work ‘The Guru Papers, Masks of Authoritarian Power’ by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad – publ. Frog, Ltd., Berkeley, California; 1993. Here are some links to explanation on how Sai Baba fits the mold described so well by Kramer and Alstead. See KRAMER – ALSTEAD: ‘THE GURU PAPERS – AND AUTHORITARIAN POWER’

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    Sai Baba’s astrological superstitions: gulikakala and rahukala

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 24, 2009

    RahukalaA hefty 700-page book titled A Compendium of the Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba (by Charlene Leslie-Chaden, contains quotations on 1,100 topics. Unfortunately the author has taken her material NOT ONLY from Sai Baba’s Discourses (see Chapter 3 above) and other printed compilations of his words but also from over THIRTY other books where writers have quoted Baba’s alleged pronouncements (often without references). In Leslie-Chaden’s Compendium, all quotations, which are given equal ‘value’ as if they are Sai Baba’s own ‘teachings’, are followed by initials denoting the written sources (inadequately explained in the Bibliography – the most inadequate and confusing I have ever seen: for example most authors’ names are not even mentioned!).

    It is of interest that Leslie-Chaden includes a reference to one of Sathya Sai Baba’s pseudo-astrological superstitions, the belief in times of bad and good influences, which ashramites well know he strictly observes. ‘Gulikakala’ refers to auspicious periods of time when it is good to start projects, begin journeys, inaugurating sites, arranging marriages, making life changes etc.
    ‘Rahukala’ is the opposite. For example, he never travels by car during Rahukala.

    kala-timesFollowing the fallacious astrological claims made by Hindu practitioners, the times have been explained to devotees by Sai Baba as occurring when dark spots move across the sun, having a negative effect on our minds – lasting 1 1/2 minutes each day. The complexity of calculation of the exact minutes has been allowed for by a safety margin of 1 1/2 hours each day. However, sunspots do not occur in any such regular way, as anyone with the least knowledge of the solar system well knows. So these must be spots of the immaterial ‘cloud-cuckoo’ kind, one supposes? The supposed times are as shown here.

    Brian Steel has cogently remarked: Given the current lack of evidence of serious research on Sai Baba, it is unlikely that most devotees notice that anything is amiss in all this as they pick out interesting extracts to discuss at Study Circle Meetings. Even if they do see how this compendium is composed, they are unlikely to have the necessary time or stamina to sort out the wheat from the chaff, that is, to distinguish between the “direct quotations”

    See Devotees contributions to a myth

    see the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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    Sathya Sai Baba’s promises part four

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 23, 2009

    In many public discourses promises Sathya Sai Baba talks about his extremely caring support for his devotees. People who are drawn to him – often because of personal problems of all kinds, including searching for the meaning of life and protection from its vagaries and sufferings – long to believe that these ‘divine assurances’ are always fulfilled. Alas, they seldom are! When something seems to result from a prayer, it will no doubt just as well be the result of natural processes and events. When prayers are NOT fulfilled, which is certainly so int the overwhelming majority of instances, devotees full of faith overlook this or fall back on the large set of stock ‘explanations’ why this is so!  Even the voluminous amateurish ‘literature’ praising Sai Baba and relating the most incredible stories (sic) contain occasional reference to big letdowns of this kind. Yet it is all too obvious that many instances likely to awaken suspicions or doubts are not talked about in these books, which are always strongly self-censored. When one talks freely to people at the ashrams or in Sai Baba centres and groups around the world, one meets and hears of all the failures, uncured visitors, disappointed sufferers. Sathya Sai Baba’s close attendant and editor for 20 years,  V.K. Narasimhan, startled and shocked me once by saying that he had never seen a single genuine cure by Sathya Sai Baba in all the years he had been living close to him! Narasimhan himself was told his eye was cured with vibuthi ‘made’ on the spot for him, but within two days he has lost it completely!

    Sathya Sai Baba and ‘miracle cures’: The hagiographies about Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘miraculous’ cures are many, where the quality and accuracy of the writing is under all criticism in most cases. Due to the nature of his alleged ‘methods’, no scientific control study has ever been made of any of the claims of miraculous healing by him, neither spontaneously nor in answer to prayers. This is not to say that he, like thousands of others of reported ‘healers’, cannot have been involved in a healing process through faith, if only as a catalytic agent on whom one projects prayer, faith and hope. Meanwhile there are a any number of reports by those who have sacrificed and prayed to Sathya Sai Baba constantly for themselves or for another, but all of whom have only got worse! Of course, the handy theory of past bad karma is trundled out to explain away the possibility of a cure in this or that persons’ instance. All evidence that Sathya Sai Baba does not heal, does not keep his word, or is not able to heal people of himself has to be refuted by the ‘true believer’, whose agenda is totally to block out all experience that may lead to another explanation or in any way be interpreted to reduce their hard-held belief that Sathya Sai Baba is a divine healer and God himself. Even devotees who feel the need to keep up a front despite themselves not having been healed according to Sathya Sai Baba’s promise will convince themselves that they have been helped… and even lie about this, such as Mrs. Phyllis Krystal did about the headaches she claimed Sai Baba cured her of (after being asked point blank in public at the 1990 Sai Baba conference in Hamburg). However, she was still suffering from them for years afterwards, as Lucas Ralli (with whom she stayed when in London) informed me most definitively and to my great surprise. (See here)

    I have shown from his own discourses how Sathya Sai Baba teaches many mere superstitions, falsehoods or speculatively imaginative half-truths. Further, his abysmal level of his ignorance of basic physics, astronomy, and most non-Hindu religion and history has been demonstrated to the full on exposé websites. Nonetheless, he has said intelligent things (and nowadays at least such is an exception rather than a rule). He may indeed be right in claiming that ‘healing’ comes only from within, and this is caused by the faith (that healing will occur) by the person who gets cured (Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba – by Dr. John Hislop. page 121, later edition). But he says this of absolutely all cures. However, who can deny that medicine is the decisive factor in the vastest number of known cures of diseases, illnesses, accidents and so forth. This he has to admits awkwardly somehow in that he allowed the building of two hospitals with major funds contributed by devotees. He has also said that a doctor’s kind approach has the greatest healing effect (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 26, p 47), which – if correct – shows that healing is not only  ‘from within’. Nor ‘from God’, of course. In his confused accounts, Sai Baba fails to mention the huge importance of genetic factors in illness and healing… and of the natural regenerative powers of all living creatures (who know or worship no God) and also the human psycho-physical entity. One can say that healing comes from within in a quite different sense to religious speculations about the existence of a supposed divine soul!

    Is vibuthi a medicine, can it heal? All the talk about the healing power of ‘Sai Baba vibuthi’ and other substances he hands out may cause belief in healing, and this may help… but the actual curative/medicinal properties are zero, according to analyses of this vibuthi made in laboratories here and there. The apparent cure due to this substance (actually the ash from burning such materials as cow dung, rice husks or sandalwood etc.) is often called the ‘placebo effect’ in medical research. Another term used is ‘spontaneous regeneration’, which refers to unknown aspects of the body’s self-regenerative powers. The ‘placebo effect’ is obviously a psychic phenomenon and remains largely (but not entirely) unexplained…. but it is very common.This is almost indubitably the key element in so-called ‘faith’ healings.

    One will find no record of the overwhelming number of cases where vibuti is applied but no cure whatever arises. I have documented on well-known instance (see ref. to widely-known fact among residents and VIPs: V.K. Narasimhan’s loss of an eye after application fo vibuti by Sai Baba himself!). I witnessed the dying days of a Norwegian devotee – Mrs. Fotland – to whom I had brought a handful of packets of vibuthi given me especially for her at an interview by Sai Baba. Further, as leader of the Sathya Sai Centre in Oslo, I have seen vibuti applied countless times without the desired result, also in the ashrams and elsewhere.

    Prashanti Nilayam vibuthi manufactured in Palani factory: It is known that tons of vibuti are ordered by Prashanthi Nilayam from Palani (near the foot of the Kodai mountain in Tamil Nadu) where ‘vibuty’ is manufactired in quantity. I was friends with a former Seva Dal servitor, Krishna Panjwani of Bombay –  a very sweet elderly gentleman – who annually travelled around and bought supplies for the Prashanthi Nilayam shop he supervised – in the heat of summer when Sai Baba was away on holiday in Kodai. He used to go to Palani to get vibuti, and an invoice published by Basava Premanand showed the details of one such purchase of a huge amount. See here:-

    Copy of invoice for 9 tonnes of vibuthy to Prashanthi Nilayam

    Copy of invoice for 9 tonnes of 'vibuthy' to Prashanthi Nilayam by Palani General Stores!

    Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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    Solicitation of funds by Sathya Sai Baba VIPs

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 22, 2009

    Another white elephant pseudo-'museum'

    Another white elephant pseudo-'museum'

    Former International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization, Indulal Shah wrote while soliciting for money to build the Chaitanya Jyothi Museum in Prashanthi Nilayam,

    “As regards the final cost it cannot be ascertained now fully since it will depend on the international world quality which will have to be maintained for such a monument by the Overseas Devotees. However, the estimated cost was placed at $US5 million.” [See letter to all Central Coordinators here]

    Under the leadership of the Chairman, B.G. and T.M., it was noted in the minutes of the meeting of NCs of zone 4: “Monument. Most, yet not all, of the persons present feel that it may not be the right idea to install a monument like this. Rather we think that our transformation is the monument for Swami – inside, not outside. To make better use of the time, money and energy, these participants suggest to concentrate these resources on the new hospital in Bangalore….

    The devotees in zone 4 will be informed of the proposed monument and be invited to contribute on the personal level. T. and B. are asked to forward these thoughts to the Central Office.”

    But the next circular states: “…we do indeed suggest that each NC in his/her capacity of chairperson of the legally registered Organisation or Trust evaluates the possibilities … If there are potential and positive donors, whom you believe would be pleased to donate the sum of minimum $1000.- then approach them discreetly and explain about this magnificent building that will be there for future generations to illustrate the Avatar, His teachings, His accomplishments and His Organisation.”

    The ‘Chaitanya Jyothi’ is a grand mix of Chinese, Gothic, Moorish and other architecture, with a symbolic number of 7 floors, was opened on Sai Baba’s 75th birthday in 2000 to house yet more exhibits depicting his life, mission and message and ‘glory’. I have been advised by a correspondent that,

    “To understand how the Sai Org. functions we should not underestimate its financial part – Sathya Sai Central Trust. This is the body which accumulates all funds. But the information is very scarce. I haven’t seen any document about (i) when it was established, (ii) rules and regulations of its work, (iii) its relations with the Sai Org., (iv) people who run it.”

    In this connection, I quote one piece of typical material from the same letter from I. Shah as above, to Overseas Coordinators on how to obtain donations from devotees:

    “Overseas coordinators finally approved the following methods:
    1) To organise 100 donors for accommodation in Building No. 8 and 9 and for which each coordinator gave their quota for the region which they will fulfil before March 2000. Dr. Goldstein was requested to be in charge for follow up with the Coordinators in this regard.
    2) Letters to be written to the Bond Holders by respective Chairmen of the Zone. It was also decided that Bro. Hira should be in-charge of all follow up on this matter.
    3) It was suggested that we should not solicit any donation by way of appeal or writing letters or making any announcements, but that the coordinators in their personal capacity should get in touch with known personalities/Sai Devotees and talk about this project to meet with the minimum target of US$50,000- per region which was supposed to be remitted in two instalments viz. before 4th March and 6th May 2000. The simple calculation was to select 50 persons and request for US$ 1,000 from each. To meet this requirement, 50 devotees may be selected from the whole Region. Perhaps it may not be necessary to reach out to all the 50 since the requirement from a particular region could be fulfilled by just a few devotees. However, if any region can contribute more than US$ 50,000- it is welcome, to offset any shortfall from smaller region.”

    Concerning the above letter, the President of the Moscow Centre at the time, Serguei Badaev, wrote: I would like to share a case when at the meeting of the coordinators in Germany (it was probably the year before the construction of a new museum of Spiritual Heritage in PN started) Thorbjørn Meyer read aloud a letter from I. Shah to the audience. The letter stated that funds were necessary for the construction of a new museum in PN and they should be supplied by the world zones of the Sai Org. according to special quotas. For the world zone 4 (Northern Europe) it was stated as US$50 000- T. Meyer was reading a letter as if it was a complete surprise for him. He shrugged his shoulders and expressed his doubts that the world zone 4 including such poor countries as Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe could manage to contribute such amount. He suggested to look for some rich sponsors in Western Europe countries inside the zone and not to bother Eastern block with this matter. This implies at least two points. First, T. Meyer didn’t take part in making the decision to build a new museum (unless it is a political game for public). Second, some schemes should exist to approach potential donors for fund contributions to the Sai Org. projects.
    See also
    Sathya Sai Baba: opulence, show, extravagance and waste

    Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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    Sai Baba: his life is his message

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 20, 2009

    What message do we get from the life of Sathya Sai Baba? From studying his actual person while alive – not just his many flowery words – one of the main things that some cite in favor of Sathya Sai Baba is his “teachings”.  However, independent and objective non-followers (including many devotees I knew) have found the following to apply to him:-

    He was often very self-contradictory in word and action

    He demonstrated ignorance on many facts about scientific, historical, religious and other subjects

    His teachings were eclectic, borrowing for most Hindu traditions, some Christian, Buddhist.. and much traditional Indian superstition

    He provided a ‘pick and mix’ menu of advice and commandments for aspirants, clashing with much of modern human science and human rights

    He often ignored what people asked him by irrelevant answers or other reactions 

    He mostly spoke in vague, sweepingly general, impractical and exaggerated ways about things

    He was highly condemnatory of many groups, professions (eg. scientists, doctors, parents, politicians, youth, children, and most of his devotees)

    He was controlling, imperious, and frequently belittling of devotees and rude when he so chose

    He set an autocratic, dictatorial example of leadership (towards most of his staff and office-bearers)

    He would never tolerate the slightest hint of criticism of any kind whatever from anyone

    Basooning his claimed self-sacrifice, he enjoyed a life that for Indians is sheer luxury (cars, houses, all services, no labour at all etc.)

    He constantly claimed as ‘his’ achievements all the work of others who supported him

    He very often made promises to followers which he never kept and predictions which events proved false (one big example)

    He constantly borrowed and recycled the teachings of others without mentioning them

    He praised those who promoted him vigorously and worshipped him ostentatiously in public

    He boasted repeatedly of being world famous, that the whole world would come to him and ‘Everyone loves me

    He did not follow his own teachings on many matters: by criticising others (in discourses, interviews), by not being chaste and acting on sexual desires, and by condoning executions

    See more: My Life is My Message & Sai Baba (the slogan stolen from it’s originator, Gandhi)

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    Sathya Sai Baba on the physical sciences

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 19, 2009

    In many hundreds of discourses, published and personally approved by himself, Sathya Sai Baba had made a very large number of statements which exhibit a degree of ignorance and lack of learning and understanding that one would expect from a villager with only a very elementary education. Though Sai Baba does also make a lot of valid and well-informed statements too, it is known to his editors – who I also knew – that he had picked up almost all of his more interesting ideas from other – especially persons he has met in interviews, as well from his educated attendants like Prof. N. Kasturi, Dr. Bhagavantam and so on.

    Frequently, Sai Baba has come onto the veranda and misreported to his students things he has learned in the interview room. Be this as it may, the evidence of Sathya Sai Baba’s total lack of anything remotely like ‘omniscience’ in regard to science is widely available in his own words. He and his zealous followers refer to his ‘teachings’ as ‘Saience’ in opposition to ‘Science – and ‘Sai-cology’ in opposition to ‘Psychology”! For the convenience of those wishing to investigate and research this, the following web pages have been made with documentary evidence of Sathya Sai Baba’s fallacies, faux-pas and fantastic statements.

    The following articles (click here for links) document and fully refute Sai Baba on the following matters:-

    Sai Baba’s deep ignorance of physics

    Sai Baba’s complete ignorance of atomic physics

    Sai Baba’s absurd conception of magnetism

    Startlingly misinformed discourse on science of magnetism

    Sai Baba’s physically magnetic hands and feet etc.!

    Sai Baba’s ignorance of astronomy. the cosmos

    Eye defects destroying eyes today due to “unsacred vision”

    Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and all natural disasters due to humans actions

    The centre of the earth is liquid, has no temperature, contains the divine

    Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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    Sathya Sai Baba’s major blunders about Jesus

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 18, 2009

    The following blunders by Sathya Sai Baba about Jesus listed below are documented on the links found here

    Sai Baba on Moses’ love of Jesus!

    Sai Baba confusion on the Birth date of Jesus

    Sai Baba self-contradictions about Jesus’s sufferings

    Sai Baba contradictions on the early years of Jesus

    Sai Baba self-contradicts on Jesus’ birth & 3 kings from the East

    Sai Baba flip-flops on the divine status of Jesus

    Sai Baba howler about (St.) Paul

    Sai Baba tells that Romans were originally Jews!

    Sai Baba on Jesus’ having eleven disciples

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    Sathya Sai Baba: opulence, show, extravagance and waste

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 17, 2009

    One cultural difference between many devotees from the East and the West is the attitude towards show and extravagance. It originally appealed greatly to spiritual Westerners that Sai Baba’s life was an example in living without material luxuries and in an eco-friendly, non-consumerist way. His doctrine was very markedly against waste of money, time, energy and food (his ‘Ceiling on Desires’ recommendation). His giving away of necessities to the poor and distribution of food etc. are practical aspects of this philosophy.

    It is understandable that ashram facilities for visitors have been much improved since the 1980s, considering the enormous amounts of money donors have also given for this purpose. (The price for the right to use a one-room flat with minimal furnishing for up to one month per annum (and no longer!) had reached $US 7,000.- by 2000, plus daily rental costs while in occupancy!

    Through the years I have learned that an appreciable number of Sai followers from Europe and the US feel that increasingly large-scale time-, energy- and money-consuming aspects of the showpiece festivities put on by the powers-that-be in these matters, such as for some of the birthday celebrations and major festivals, could well be considerably reduced. Why promulgate a program of ‘Ceiling on Desires’ while wasting time, energy, money and food on constant festival binges? Much material and effort goes into lengthy preparations and extensive light and flower decorations for the constant round of festivals major and minor which are popular mainly with the wider Indian public. (That these are especially welcome as holiday breaks of monotony for the very poor peasantry of the whole region, who swell the numbers greatly and also may receive free food and some even gifts of clothes etc. is certainly at least no argument against them).

    November 2008

    November 2008

    Many Indians and other Easterners – who make up the overwhelming majority of visitors to Sai Baba ashrams – evidently want their god-guru constantly to be surrounded by outward signs of his greatness and make great financial efforts to affect this. He condones many such efforts, according to his own explanations, solely because of the devotion and goodness of those who make them. Yet this going along with such extravagance has only encouraged more and bigger showpieces, which he also invariably accepts and certainly also seems to revel in himself. For example, silver motorised chariots, golden thrones, huge light displays, pomp-filled birthday and many other celebrations. In discourses, Sai Baba has also criticised expensive aspects of ceremonies as the ostentatious Golden Chariot at the Paduka celebrations and asked for it to be sold and the money used for service instead, but he continued to mount it yearly even after this disavowal – see: Sai Baba golden chariot ride Sathya Sai Baba birthday magnificence.

    That teacher preaching ‘Serve All, Love All’ should use such huge funds for such publicity in Andhra Pradesh, where many live on the poverty line and clean drinking water still is extremely scarce in huge areas, is beyond serious explanation. The tasks of correction and maintenance of the incomplete and often malfunctioning super-costly ‘Water Project’ that SB caused to be installed with improper planning and undue haste (to be complete for inauguration on his own 70th birthday!), were soon shed onto the AP State authorities. Facts about the malfunctioning are known to Indian experts in water management and not least to the Central Trust, but t admitted and all such problems are suppressed on their publicity website.

    All in all, some of the paperwork directives from the Overseas Chairman and others calling for financial support for such projects have confronted many of us with the fact that the Sathya Sai Organization has slid gradually further and further away from SB’s teachings, especially from his insistence on the importance of quality of spiritual work and an organisation based on inner motivation, rather than one supposedly ‘run by leaders’ to achieve worldly projects.

    More details of wasteful building & other projects blessed by Sathya Sai Baba: (See photo gallery by clicking here)


    Reading Room dedicated to Prof. N. Kastuir bny Sathya Sai Baba, built late 1980s, demolished before 1996 to give room to massive, costly 5-star VIP building, virtually unused!

    Reading Room dedicated to Prof. N. Kastuir bny Sathya Sai Baba, built late 1980s, demolished before 1996 to give room to massive, costly 5-star VIP building, virtually unused!

    Far from all members are able to reconcile this with Baba’s teachings about correct use of money and the primacy of care to the poor, , the very costly “Eternal Spiritual Heritage Museum” and a huge architectural hodge-podge celebrating the Sai universal mission, “Chaitanya Jyothi” reportedly costing over US$5 million, was added in 2000. Numerous recent buildings have been pulled down, such as the Sai Ramesh hall at the Whitefield ashram – a costly pandal hall which was superceded by a much more ‘pukka’ structure after only a few years use. Then there was the Sri Kasturi Reading Room – pulled down after a few years to make room for including the huge and ostentatious luxury apartment building for statesmen VIPs that is seldom in use. All this bad (non-prescient?) planning is also seen in the demolition of the one-time Shanthi Vedika at P.N. which became a hindrance, the permanently unoccupied luxury apartment villa built beside the Western Canteen and Roundhouses for a Princess (of Thailand?) A former ashram shopping centre at Prashanthi was later replaced recently by a much larger one. A very luxurious ‘lingam-shaped’ temple at Muddenahalli, between Puttaparthi and Bangalore, managed by the Sathya Sai Central Trust, cost over Rs. 200 million when built around 1993 on the lines of the Prashanthi Nilayam mandir, with a luxury apartment complex for SB and his entourage. He visits the adjoining school complex, but has not (yet) even stayed one night in the empty apartment. At the Hillview Stadium a costly cricket field project was completed, but only one match took place, where a 20 kilo gold cup was presented to the winning team (see below)!

    Eternal Spiritual Heritage Museum, Puttaparthi

    Eternal Spiritual Heritage Museum, Puttaparthi

    1) Eternal Heritage Spiritual Museum: This extremely expensive and rather superfluous and misleading ‘museum’ is no museum in any known sense of the word, and most of its artefacts are brand new ones! Many were solicited by the Sathya Sai Organisation, which required a contribution from each country. Sathya Sai Baba’s advent and teachings are the centrepiece of the Museum (somewhat peculiar in that he is not even dead yet), and it is all presented with pomp, tinsel and expense. In short, all SSB has often deplored verbally, but which evidently impresses most Indians. Though the general intention of the heritage museum to illustrate what is universal in religion is good, the results are flawed. For example, when the museum was being installed, V.K. Narasimhan was visited by a foreign lady called Parvati (a middle-aged long-term ashram resident), who had been delegated the job of setting up the section on the Jewish faith. Not being a Jew herself and knowing very little about Judaism, she wanted N’s information and advice.The Eternal Heritage Museum exhibit subsequently represented the Bible’s Ten Commandments as eleven such, starting as follows: “No 1: I am the Lord, Thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage.” After that comes No. 2: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me…. etc.” No. 3: “Show mercy unto thousands of them that love Me and keep my commandments.” The huge costs of the building included three human lives: three US devotes were killed in an avoidable accident when the concrete dome collapsed and crashed through three floors, crushing two ladies to death and 26-year old Michael Oliver, who lived 11 hours in great pain with nine fractures and internal injuries. The matter was hushed up immediately. That the parents of a daughter killed have received no proper explanation, not even an offer of compensation, is thought by some to augur ill for the inauguration of such a ‘Spiritual’ Museum.

    2) The Kulwant Mantap: The multi-million dollar development of the lavish marbled temple area with a pukka roofing supported by dozens of elaborate tall pillars with a huge movable glass roofing section (very seldom opened) and a completely unnecessary 150-plus huge chandeliers. Successive extensions have been made to increase its size to about 10,000 capacity when packed tight.

    3) The Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital at Puttaparthi was originally thought by V.K. Narasimhan, a close servitor of Sai Baba and a veteran and prestigious Goenka prize-winning economic journalist, to be a huge waste of money, viewed as a serious contribution to the massive health problems of the peasant populace. The number of patients it can handle was and still is nowhere in the proximity of the number of deserving cases. The money could have been better employed as prophylactic medicine for huge numbers of the poor, such as in ensuring that all received necessary vitamins and simple medicines, rather than in performing a limited number of very high-tech. Operations. On the other hand, the signal effect of such a hospital environment in such a poor place, and the fact that it was possible to build it and run it, eventually won over Narasimhan from most of his original scepticism about it. There has, however, been some public controversy about its clinical cleanliness and claimed results. It is not open to independent health inspections by regulatory bodies.
    Hospital Staff Buildings: An American friend of the author, a retired engineer, was at an interview where someone asked why the hospital accommodation had stood empty for nearly 2 years. SSB had replied, ‘It was to give time for the snakes and scorpions to leave’. This may make sense when we read what he said in a discourse, “Many sit here near to me. But are they dear? There are scorpions and snakes near to me in Puttaparthi. Are they dear? No!” (Sathya Sai Speaks new ed. Vol. 25. Ch 9, p. 94). One can imagine that there were many who wished to get some kind of work in the hospital so as to claim need for accommodation, but they probably would not have waited indefinitely for this.

    A strange fact remarked on by many visitors is how few people are usually seen in the two (strictly private) super-speciality hospitals (Puttaparthi and Bangalore). One would imagine that hospitals allegedly offering free medical services would be flooded with millions of applicants in this state of Andhra Pradesh, one of the poorest of the poor. The selection procedure is not made public, nor are any registry or other details of activities available.

    4) The Sathya Sai International Airport, Puttaparthi: Nonetheless, in such a desperately poor State as Andhra Pradesh, it seems very wasteful, as did the airport beside it which stood unused for years and is still used less than ca. 5% of each week. V.K. Narasimhan was present at the interview in 1990 where airport authorities were present. He told how SSB convinced Indian Airport authorities to finance and build the large (allegedly Jumbo jet capacity) airport near Prashanthi Nilayam, telling them that they would earn 10 lakhs of rupees in the first year. No paying passengers even flew in or out during the first year, The frequency of traffic, at best about 2-3 flights of medium jets per week for several years at periods – and when SSB was in residence – ensured that earnings were minimal and well below costs. It was virtually closed often in the 1990s and it hardly justifies its existence at all nowadays. It is trutly hard to rationalise such a huge waste of funds in such an impoverished land! The reason can only be Sai Baba’s patently obvious desire for ‘name and fame’. See Sathya Sai Airport “white elephant” for sale!

    5) The Unused Cricket Stadium and Golden Cup. On 30/12/1997 world cricket stars and TV stations were invited to a ‘Cricket Unity Cup’ on an expensively-prepared field in the Hillview Stadium, Prashanthi Nilayam. (see here) SSB is reported as having said: “It will be brought by four boys in a trolley. It is very heavy. It cannot be lifted. It weighs 20 kgs. Pure gold.” A college teacher exclaimed; “1 Crore, Swami!” (i.e Rs.10 millions) SSB: “Yes, yes.” Teacher: “Individual cup, Swami?” SSB: Yes, yes. Each player one Cup. 1 Kg. of silver. Round cup, one side ball, one side bat. We can keep fruits on it. It can be used in daily life. Outside they give plate on which they write. After some days it becomes copper. This is pure silver, pure gold.” Teacher: “Swami, it is written in Suka Naadi that Avatar will hoist the Sarvadharma flag; and that will be the turning point for the unity of the world.” SSB answered: “Time has come; time has come. Yes, in Suka Naadi it is there, in Sukha Naadi it is there.”
    Only a few famous players came, including Sunil Gaveskar (a long-term devotee), G R Vishwanath, Viv Richards of West Indies and lesser-known Doug Brown (only UK player). Flags of 100 countries were carried past by students. The event was a media flop. The huge solid gold cup was given to the winning team and all players were presented with each their solid silver cup.

    6) Statues at the Hillview Stadium, Puttaparthi, there are a large number of extremely tall and massive statues representing, among others, Shiva, Buddha, Moses, Christ and a monster statue of Hanuman holding a mountain aloft. These are gaudily painted and look like overblown kitch.The SSO may not have contributed financially, none can tell, but at what cost they were all erected one can but wonder. For many Western visitors these statues typify the usual Indian extravagance and waste among such enormous poverty and suffering.

    7) Illuminations, chariots of silver and gold: The 70’th birthday was marked by wasteful extravagance (as are many other festival days each year designed to attract maximum local villagers crowds). Hundreds of moving tableaux/light shows made a kind of mini Las Vegas or Blackpool, stretching the length of the main road in Puttaparthi, over one kilometer in all. These were erected, ran for some days and were then removed. There was an opulent silver chariot in which Sai Baba rode through the crowd of about 250,000 (toted by Sai Baba and his officials as being 3 million, and believed by the credulous too!). The silver motorised chariot comes in addition to the famous and most lavish ‘Golden Chariot’ which was used for several years for the so-called ‘paduka’ celebrations. There is also a full-size statue of Sai Baba in gold, presented by an Italian devotee.

    8) The 2001 ‘Chaitanya Jyothi’ major showpiece: Sai Baba’s then right hand man, Indulal Shah, proposed yet another large building project (tentatively named ‘Sai Darshan’) for the 75th birthday of SSB, to be presented by overseas devotees. The decision to forward this proposal was evidently taken by him, but assigned to Overseas Organisation (see here). It was circulated in a (typically undated) letter from him to all overseas Central Coordinators. It was a “commemorative building project assigned to Overseas Organisation and the International UNESCO Conference at Prashanthi Nilayam” as planned for Nov. 23rd 2000 (75th birthday). It was to be an “unique monument of its kind which will convey to the world the life, teachings and divine words of wisdom delivered by Bhagawan Sri Sai Baba over the last 60 years…”

    9) The presentation of five brand new, expensive Japanese cars to five of his already very well-heeled cronies (Central Trust members and ashram officials etc.) is a disgrace in that the money for them was donated, no doubt, to the Sathya Sai Central Trust for the uplift of the poor, suffering and uneducated! See Donations to Sathya Sai Central Trust misused by/for directors etc. and  here Dr. G. Venkataraman in the limelight

    Very considerable expense has been incurred by a number of rich foreign devotees in designing and building rooms for SSB in their home countries on his ‘promise’ to visit them with an entourage. This has been done in Divignano, Italy at ‘Mother Sai House’ (complete with special apartment with Indian bathroom/toilet for SSB) and not least in California at Ojai. Sai Baba has never visited as he has said he would. So as to explain away this it is usually said by devotees to mean that Sai Baba has visited in other ways (‘astrally’ etc.). All these misplaced funds defeat the claim to any ‘ceiling on desires’ doctrine.

    See also more extravaganza:-

    Sai Baba’s tennis stadium another white elephant?


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    Top UK Sathya Sai Organization leaders left Sathya Sai Baba

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 16, 2009

    Aimé Levy, President of UK Sathya Sai Organisation until removed as President and relegated to the role of Central Coordinator for UK/Eire (from which he was subsequently dismissed by Michael Goldstein & Indulal Shah), engaged himself in obtaining funds for a sewerage and water supply scheme for Prashanthi Nilayam ashram and surroundings. A team of professionals from around the world (incl. From Canada, UK, and Norway’s eco-engineer, Mr. Terje Nedland) worked very hard – hundreds of hours voluntarily – on designing a complete eco-friendly scheme, for which Levy’s had collected the funds. The team was at Prashanthi twice in two years the 70th birthday, and surveyed the area with the aid of Colonel Joga Rao, the engineer who undertook many projects for Sai Baba. A large sum of money was duly sent by Levy expressly for the purpose, but it was simply appropriated out of hand by the Central Trust (without so much as asking Levy or the team) for another project. See here. Such is the authoritarian style of Sathya Sai Baba and his minions.

    Eventually Aime Levy was dismissed from his role of Central Coordinator for UK and Ireland by Mr. Indulal Shah… without so much as an explanation. He and his wife had shown great service by taking care of countless groups of UK devotees they accompanied to India,

    Below is an e-mail sent to me shortly after the David Bailey revelations had caused a large number of defections from the UK Sathya Sai Organisation. Its sender, a good friend of mine – the former long-serving President of the U.K. Sathya Sai Organisation and subsequent Central Coordinator for U.K. and Ireland, Aime Levy – had already been most unfairly and peremptorily dismissed by the then International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organisation, the autocratic Indulal Shah, in favour of an ethnic Indian after long and bitter conflicts between most Indian and non-Indian leaders in the UK Sathya Sai Organisation. Aime Levy and his wife Sandra led a very large number of large groups of devotees to India, selflessly providing services for them on a very large scale through many years, and receiving over a score of interviews for their groups. Aime Levy started the major Sathya Sai Bookshop, 19 Hay Lane, Kingsbury, London, buying the premises and donating the profits to Sai Baba’s Central Trust. When forced out of the offices he had served in for years, he donated the entire bookshop – including the valuable property in which it was situation, to the Sathya Sai Organisation of UK, even though he was still under attack from its representatives.

    At the time of the e-mail below, the Levys were still not disaffected, though they later became so and broke all connection to Sathya Sai Baba and his organisation. Nevertheless, I find the mail of interest in the attempt to understand why so many devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, especially Indians, take no notice whatever of the massive international allegations of sexual abuse or, if they do, they often rationalise it as something acceptable or even good!

    for; Wed, 30 Aug 2000 20:14:37 +0100
    Message-ID: <001801c011c0$91209ac0$d93c073e@aimlevy>
    From: “Aime Levy” <>
    To: “Robert Priddy” <>Dearest Friends,Thanks for your last message. We are in touch with devotees here in UK and I am afraid that the David Bailey business is doing more damage. Our yearly “looked forward” Crewe Retreat has been cancelled at the last minute. That is after 15 years of regularly holding the retreat at the same University Campus. I reckon that a large majority of Western devotees have left the organisation. It is such a shame that some people will not see beyond.Talking to some Indian devotees (who by the way are not affected at all – hardly any of them have left) they tell us that it is common knowledge that “Gurus” generally have some of those tendencies.Frankly Sandra and myself still do not know what to make of all this. We love Swami and our love for Him has not changed.
    Lots of love to you both,

    Aime later informed me that Alvin Drucker had – when pressed on the issue – confided to him and his wife while in Glastonbury. UK, years ago that one of the reasons he left Prashanthi Nilayam was because of the many Amercian parents who used to come to his room and complain that their son or sons had been sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba (I do have full proof of this if events should require it – responsible journalists and investigators can contact me for release of this proof material in confidence).

    Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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    Gerald Moreno: homo-erotic fantasies, latent homosexuality

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 16, 2009

    This fanatical defender of Sathya Sai Baba and everything about him has – in his usual disgusting feral attacks on dissidents – tried to make out that I have homo-erotic fantasies and that I am a latent homosexual. Of course, this is a desperate attempt to smear me with a complete untruth, one for which there is of course not a shred of evidence. Readers may wonder why he does this? Here is a brief resumé of the reason:-

    Sathya Sai Baba is very widely reported – even by some of his own officials – as using oiling of the genitals. Accounts of his molestation show that this often turned out to be a prelude to homosexual acts with young men and underage boys in private interviews. Gerald Moreno described (see here) how, in a private interview, Sathya Sai Baba oiled him “on the lower stomach” (without explaining exactly how low – so one can assume it was in the pubic area). He later came to believe that Sathya Sai Baba IS a sexual abuser, and posted this view on his website (see here). Then he changed his mind – having already spent two years attacking all those who testified that Sai Baba abused them sexually.

    This alone strongly indicates Moreno’s deep uncertainty about why Sai Baba oiled him – no doubt, in view of all the evidence presented, he must have at least thought it was grooming for possible sex. Later, when he decided his position was totally untenable (as it was – defending to the hilt someone he thought to be a sexual abuser) he took the first somewhat plausible opportunity to declare that he was certain Sai Baba is NOT a sexual abuser. That ‘opportunity’ came when Alaya Rahm, one of the most outspoken accusers of Sai Baba for sexual abuse, withdrew a court case against the US Sai Baba authorities. The withdrawal was simply due to there being no way to sue Sai Baba from the USA, nor was there any accountable Sathya Sai Organization registered in the USA. Moreno has incessantly tried to twist this into a whitewashing of Sai Baba and a verdict condemning Alaya Rahm… while it most certainly is no such thing. It was simply a court case that was dismissed by the litigant (see here)! Moreno has written endless pages trying to prove his opinion, not least a constant flood of inserts on the Wikipedia Sathya Sai Baba page. In this last concerted attempts he failed miserably, having to accept that his entries were not reputable and eventually being indefinitely banned from Wikipedia by a unanimous panel of six administrators.

    I do not suffer from any known mental deficiencies or illnesses that Moreno claims I do (i.e. without a shred of evidence and out of hate) nor do most of the critics of Sathya Sai Baba… but those who continue to overlook the evidence of sexual abuse and murders involved do suffer from one kind or another of cognitive disorder… Moreno continues to expose himself such a very disturbed person (see links below).

    See also Moreno’s bawdy blogs and few supporters

    Fighting Facts with Smears – profile of a web aggressor, Gerald Moreno

    You can see a selected list of prominent signers of the Petition here.

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    Moreno’s bawdy blogs and few supporters

    Posted by robertpriddy on October 15, 2009

    Gerald Moreno shows a lot of ingenuous ingenuity of the brand used by tabloid papers, twisting things, omitting all details which go against his great goal, to twist and discredit practically everything that has been written to reveal the secret nature of Sathya Sai Baba. This puts Mr. JGM’s mindset in question, catering as he does for readers who have no sound judgement due to an inherited or acquired religious indoctrination. With a true believer syndrome hanging round their necks like millstones they don’t see. This inability to reflect deeply over oneself, the ability to question oneself and re-evaluate their positions, having been constantly warned by Sai Baba that faith (in God, in him and his word) is the cardinal value and the essential for all ‘spiritual’ progress. doubt is presented as if it were a sin, the activity of Judases and so on. Gerald Moreno’s writings are witness to this mindset. He never tells of doubts of any kind (after his preliminary induction into the Sai Baba set-up) and his opinions never based show any kind of ‘pro- and contra-‘ reasoning. Unlike those who have been heavily involved with Sai Baba but have been able to stand back and review things in the light of overwhelming new facts. In all his output, Moreno is an extremist black and white thinker, and his critics he paints black on every issue, himself, Sai Baba and all supporters as white only.

    The sheer bawdy vulgarity of many of his texts gives the strongest signal that any Sai devotees worth their salt in honesty and decency ought to get loud and clear! Yet under internal instructions from the so-called Sai-VIPs in the movement, the great majority of the supposed 10 million or so more-or-less followers will not come out in support of Moreno – for the leadership knows how that would condemn the movement utterly and forever and seal its fate. At the same time, not one of these believers in truthfulness, love, non-violence, peace and righteousness has lifted a finger to defend dissidents, or to utter a tweet of criticism of Gerald Moreno. This speaks louder than words… those who devoted themselves completely to good works and were known as upstanding servers and honest people – and some were deeply revered (David Bailey, Dr. Naresh Bhatia) – are not only banned like lepers from the fold, but left to withstand massive personal slurs and harassment based on nothing but irrational attacks and base lies. So much for the courage of convictions and conscience of Sai devotees around the world, who are too cowardly to stand up for the persecuted and harbour no love in any form of action for anyone who criticises the guru, whatever their reasons. In this we see the core nature of the Sai Baba movement as an indoctrinated and increasingly exclusive cult.

    See this bawdy, raging, blustering attack on me by Moreno – and note his fixation on anal matters:-

    I have never made a single legal threat against Gerald Moreno as he well knows. He has never received a letter from my lawyers.I have occasionally made a general warning about infringement of my copyright. Since Moreno is raring to go to court, let him sue me. My legal advisers see not a single point in which I am in jeopardy. I do know, however, that lawyers have been contacted by other offended parties to examine the options concerning Moreno. Note the vulgar fantasy in Moreno's anal threat above!

    I have never made a single legal threat against Gerald Moreno as he well knows. He has never received a letter from my lawyers.I have occasionally made a general warning about infringement of my copyright. Since Moreno is raring to go to court, let him sue me. My legal advisers see not a single point in which I am in jeopardy. I do know, however, that lawyers have been contacted by other offended parties to examine the options concerning Moreno. Note the vulgar fantasy in Moreno's anal threat above!

    A list of some – far from all – of Moreno’s obsessive attack pages can be found here.

    Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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