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Sathya Sai Baba and Organization condone hate campaign

Posted by robertpriddy on October 5, 2009

Top propagandists for God Incarnate and the cult around him Dr. M. Goldstein stated on the BBC documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ that Sathya Sai Baba had told him not to answer any criticisms. Because Goldstein is bound to follow religiously every hint of this Lord and Master, one way to hit back at critics was clearly either through minions willing to avoid the real issues and distract attention from the many crimes involved. This was done through disinformation and false claims by Dr. G. Venkatarman (Head of Radio Sai). Though Dr. G. Venkarataman is a member of the Prashanthi Council, his mendacious response to the JuST Group was a private reaction – he made that clear – and so claimed it was not made on behalf of the Prashanthi Council itself, not of the Sathya Sai Organization either. A strange duplicity there! The American Sathya Sai Organization claims to support the truth, decency, speaking softly and sweetly and other good values, is remarkably as silent as the grave about Gerald Moreno, as they also are about the massive sexual abuse revelations from 1999 onwards and the exposure of the murders in his bedroom on BBC World TV and the Internet. Meanwhile, not one pro-Sai Baba website dares to make a single link to the extensive Sai Baba critical websites for fear of the facts coming forth to their followers.

Knowing what a clandestine and secretive power clique runs the authoritarian International Sathya Sai Organization, with the devious Dr. Michael Goldstein and G. Venkataraman at its head, they appear satisfied to be defended through ad hominem attacks, character assassination attempts and diverse other underhand methods used by their primary defender. The same deviance applies to Sathya Sai Baba himself – for with a few words to the leaders of his organization or in public he could denounce Moreno, who breaks his directives for spiritual behaviour. Despite challenges to them from the JuST group of formed devotees, the Prashanthi Council and all Sai Baba officials do not denounce these most ‘unspiritual’ activities or his treatment of former respected devotees.

Moreno’s attack sites a millstone around the clandestine Sai Baba cult’s neck Through the prominence on Google achieved by Moreno’s innumerable blogs and web pages across countless Sai-related keywords, his fanatical attacks are now a cultist millstone hung about the neck of Sathya Sai Baba and his Organization. Their gravestone silence and refusal to disown him, his pro-Sai blogs in any way whatever, though challenged to so so, is proof enough that they are a now an isolated, uncommunicative and underhand cult. By this extremist hate campaign, the most controversial issues about Sathya Sai Baba and the views of dissenters are obliquely kept to the fore and given oxygen on the www. Moreno’s depredations have only served to increase the determination of critics to continue to press their case even more widely. All this silence by Sathya Sai Baba and his minions about Moreno has a growing counter-productive effect on the wider public. His shallow and calumnious diatribes are a great liability for the Sathya Sai Organization because they emphasise its strongly cultist nature, bringing this to the forefront of attention and highlight the very widespread criticism of Sathya Sai Baba. Though these Sai authorities have always previously been ready to denounce imposters and deceivers (in circulars or in their public journal Sanathana Sarathi), they observe Moreno defending them in the most unspiritual and libelous manner without a single word of comment.

Gerald Moreno even has a blog under the name of sathyasaibaba, which misleads unsuspecting surfers that this is written or somehow authorised by Sai Baba. Were the officials to dissociate themselves from him in public or denounce his methods even once, they would pull the ground from beneath him, so one cannot but conclude that in the main the leaders have no trouble accepting what many of them know to be his unjustified and untruthful representations of former devotees. Strong circumstantial evidence indicates that he is in close touch with Sathya Sai Organization leaders, especially in the USA.

Many pointed denials of association to mislead the public: Moreno made a point of denying any association with the Sathya Sai Organization from the time of the first attacks on critics and alleging victims of Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual abuse (which he also actually accepted for some years during his all-round defense of Sai Baba). There is considerable circumstantial evidence of central US Sathya Sai officials collaborating with Moreno behind the scenes, especially in providing him with information about the Alaya Rahm court case before the results were known even to most critics and in providing him with deposition documents which were never made public by the court and have proved unobtainable even by a personal visit to the Clerk of Court. Moreno could not prove that he had obtained the documents from the court, as he asserted, for he could produce no receipt. One such US person he named as ‘Robert’, from whom Moreno told on his web site that he had heard many wonderful stories about Sai Baba – and at a time when there were relatively few who had such experiences with Sathya Sai Baba. Of those named Robert who could apply there are really only Robert Baskin, Robert Bozzani, and Robert Bruce – all Sai VIPs and long-standing members of the Sathya Sai Organization. Robert Baskin has acted as the lawyer for the Sai Organization.

There is no publicised official support for Moreno from the Sathya Sai Organization or other Sai institution. However, some semi-official Sai websites with a fairly large remit [which are of course also deeply engaged in a propaganda and disinformation campaign – especially] do link to his web pages, helping his Google rankings. The Sathya Sai Organization could stop these easily, but evidently some among them – such as Prashanthi Council leaders Michael Goldstein and G. Venkataraman – are privately interested in seeing critics of Sai Baba maligned as much as possible. Their conscious choice to avoid mentioning Moreno in public shows that they nevertheless are aware what a yet more huge liability to them it would be to endorse such a person who defies all the advice of Sathya Sai Baba always to speak softly, criticise oneself instead of others. His activity still undermines the credibility of their claim that there is no Sai Baba cult, since the wider world and thinking people can see straight away that his whole aggressive character attack strategy with rhetorical tactics and underhand ‘dirty tricks’ (exceeding even scientology’s antics) are a striking manifestation of a religious personality cult in action.

Starting out claiming to be a ‘neutral’ commentator who insists he is NOT a follower of – but who is the most exhaustive defender (and admitted great admirer) of Sai Baba and Co. – Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno is aggressively fighting the corner into which he has painted himself tighter and tighter by his adulation of this self-proclaimed Godhead Incarnate. His tremendous efforts to support him nonetheless continued for years while yet believing he truly is a sexual abuser- and having posted this fact on his website’s ‘FAQ’ stymied his progress until he found the first minor opportunity to change this opinion (when US courts could not prosecute Sathya Sai outside India, nor sue the unregistered Sathya Sai Organization in the US because there was nothing but a Sai bookshop society it used as its front). No doubt the conflict of Moreno’s full-time activity defending SB and his organization by attacking every critic relentlessly was so obviously doubly immoral as long as he admitted Baba actually was guilty of sexual abuse!

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