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Further genital oiling, kundalini claims and more

Posted by robertpriddy on October 8, 2009


Dr. John Hislop questioned Sai Baba on the kundalini and got a negative reply

The genital oiling carried out by Sathya Sai Baba, as described by numerous ex-followers and admitted by various of his leaders and so-called ‘VIP’ devotees are said by the defenders of this sexual molestation to be what is called  “raising the kundalini” or serpent power… which is supposed to give one cosmic consciousness etc.  There is a large literature about this, it is no longer even a cottage industry but quite big business to try to train people to achieve this. Of course, there is zero scientific evidence to support the idea of the kundalini, the chakras or anything related to any of this religious doctrine. One may note how Sathya Sai Baba answered Dr. John Hislop on this issue. He goes halfway to destroying the (lucrative) mythology around the subject, though he also holds that there is such a spiritual power that can rise through the spinal column etc. That is a very controversial matter, yet more so is the ways in which Sathya Sai Baba is held to awaken it… through oiling of the genitals (and more).

Barry Pittard, a long-term devotee and former teacher at Sai Baba’s Brindavan College for Boys in the 1970s, wrote an open letter to his former students and other devotees asking for responses in case he could offer help to victims. He protects his sources meticulously, for obvious reasons such as threats (already experienced from some ‘Sai devotees’ against victims who have spoken up clear and loud). He forwards to us an excerpt from one of Sathya Sai Baba’s victims’ letter he received on the topic of kundalini raising:

Dear Barry, …poking out from the dark.. Interesting though in the light of what happened in my case…was I to rise Sathya Sai Baba’s Kundalini since he asked me “to work” his Muladhara? So who is who?!?!?:-
Barry Pittard shares the following response to a rumour spread by Sai devotees claiming legitimacy for these ‘oiling ceremonies’.For what it may be worth, here it is:
“I know the people of the Kundalini Foundation in the U.K and I know where they received this
information. It came from Shri Siddheswar Baba, who was also my Kundalini Guru in Northern India. What my Guru described and what these Kundalini Foundation people are writing about is not the same. I was there when he said it. I also talked to a young man who had his K…. adjusted by those means described. This man remained fully clothed and it was not sexual whatsoever. I feel very saddened that the words of my Guru are twisted to proof that it is ok what Sathya Sai Baba does with the boys.”

The Satya Sai Baba follower of decades, Glen Meloy, who sacrificed much time and energy to serious investigation of the allegations and subsequently to many good works in this connection, has recounted his awakening in a letter, the text of which he has released:

Dear Barry,

I want you to know that I do appreciate your willingness to follow-up and investigate these alleged kundalini raising claims by contacting Timothy Conway and others. It’s been on my mind ever since I first heard of the practice from then dear friends of mine, a Mother and Father of one of the California boys in Hal Honig’s group in 1993 who had his genitals oiled during the same time period when the murders were being committed at the ashram. Many red flags were popping up when I heard their story, but they were interpreting it as a blessing because they felt their young son was sexually hyperactive and that it seemed to tone him down Since they were accepting it as a blessing and as a healing, I decided not to research it further, but the thought lingered in my mind for quite some time as I wondered to myself why Sathya Sai Baba would have to heal in such a manner. The thought of discussing it further really never entered my mind because this was the first time I had heard of it and I thought maybe it was just a special blessing from God that had been bestowed upon my friend’s son. The very fact that he had been chosen to be in Hal Honig’s group was, to me, in itself, a special blessing for the boy and his parents. That was in 1993….

Now fast forward to December 1999 when I heard directly from Bob Bozzani similar stories of how either his son or son-in-law had his genitals oiled and he had the gall to tell me that all the stories on the Internet were “Old hat” and that he was wondering when the subject would surface again. When he used the term “old hat”, It again sent off red flags in my mind, but as he went on to explain that the procedure made his relative or sibling a better father and a better husband, I realized that Bob was treating it as a blessing and a healing so I again dropped the whole subject and didn’t pursue it further. The reason for having this conversation with Bozzani was because I had received a letter from an American Mother who was at the ashram in Puttaparti, India and she requested that I go on the internet and verify the negative stories that were starting to circulate on the web from people like David Bailey etc. etc. At the time, her request seemed rather strange because I thought she was in the presence of the Lord and had settled in for a long extended stay with her son and husband at Puttaparti. I briefly wondered why she would even challenge her own faith by making such a request of me. Since I had never in 26 years ever doubted or questioned the Divinity of Sai Baba, I felt these alleged stories had to be evil attacking goodness and that I should have nothing to do with them; and I politely declined her request to search on the Internet.

The months went by and then all of a sudden, the first of a series of bombshells arrived in letter form on April 7, 2000 from India…….. Again, it came from the same Mother in India, but this time I learned for the first time the real reason for her earlier request. In a very distraught and anguished tone, she told me, that outside of her son and two daughters, I was the only other person in the entire world that was now being told that her son had been sexually molested (She used the word raped) by Sri Sathya Sai Baba on two separate occasions in September 1999. And to make sure she had my full attention, she included an exact copy of her son’s very personal handwritten journal accounting of the entire sordid experiences on those two fateful days. My whole world was immediately shaken from top to bottom and an immense feeling of the worst kind of betrayal filled my body, mind and soul. It was then and still is now described as the biggest disappointment of my entire life. 26 years of uncompromising devotion was now instantly down the drain of what could only be termed as a “river of sorrows” that penetrated my entire being. My life had instantly changed from being a devout believer and worshipper to crying out a barrage of questions that had never been asked during the previous 26 years. After I cleansed my immediate environment of all the photographic evidence of his presence, I finally went on the Internet and discovered to my horror that a deluge of stories were starting to circulate about the molestations that had been occurring for many years Now I knew what Bozzani meant when he said “old hat”…

Obviously he and a select few had known about these events for many years, but they never told the membership at large. That was only the beginning of what we now know to be a carefully orchestrated conspiracy by the top Sai Organization Officials to cover up the truth. These self righteous “Rogues” have taken upon themselves the power to decide whether or not devotees or newcomers had a right to know about these sexual allegations. In so doing they have deprived every parent and every relative or friend of these innocent boys and young men the right to make an adult decision concerning their safety and well-being. As most of you know, I soon confronted Bob Bozzani again when the same Mother asked me to contact him after he had received the identical package of information she had first sent to me. It was at that time that I formally announced to Bob that I was no longer a believer in Sai Baba nor a member of the Sai Organization.

After telling me he was sorry to hear of my decision to leave the organization, he tried to explain that the trouble with devotees was they had a tendency to bring God down to the human level and that it was just not possible to do that. He told me the famous line that was to be repeated over and over again by other officers, such as Michael Goldstein, that Baba was “Pure” and that it was not possible to understand the ways of God. My answer (at least 4 times in our conversation) was…that the God in my heart does NOT molest little children. Bob never once denied the molestation charges nor tried to refute the accounting of the events by the 15 year old molestation victim I then decided to be one of the active Global coordinators who were pledged to expose and stop these human rights abuses………

The Mother had originally hoped that Bozzani, after reading her letter and her son’s journal notes, would call an emergency meeting of the Southern California Region and discussed Sathya Sai Baba and the entire Sai Organization…. I had warned her that was highly unlikely. Naturally she was very disappointed, but she then organized a campaign with volunteer helpers to send out their story to all devotees.

After some of the letters reached many of her California friends, all of us started hearing excuses for these so called kundalini raisings from Sai coordinators such as Bernice Mead who asserted that Sai Baba was out of the goodness of his heart saving all these boys from their overactive hormones and bad karma by oiling their genitals. She even claimed the boy was overprotected by his mother, but never once denied the actual molestation events. But at almost the same time, her husband Ron Mead was Emailing me and saying that Baba would be extraordinary if he could perform ejaculations at age 74 with a few motions of his pelvis:-

“IT IS OBVIOUS TO ME THAT YOU CONSIDER Sathya Sai Baba TO BE AN ORDINARY MAN OR A LITTLE EXTRA ORDINARY IF AT AGE 74 HE COULD HAVE AN EJACULATION WITH THOSE FEW MOTIONS OF THE PELVIS. THE ACT WAS NOT FOR HIS GRATIFICATION.” And earlier in that same mail, Ron said that he had actually spoken to some of the males involved going back to 1968 and concluded that sex is a mental process.

From: Bernice Mead
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 22:53:07 -0700 (PDTTo: Glen Meloy

Glen I have dealt with the issue you are dealing with for many year numerous times and have searched for clues and “I” have talked to some of the males involved. I did not jump to the same conclusions that you have. My first case goes back as far as 68 and 69. When possible I always ask question but did not always get answers because The boy involved would not or could not relate their thoughts and fantasies prior to the act that would be described as sexual. Remember sex is a mental process. You face the same situation. Those boys did not tell you or anyone else their thoughts
or fantasies, related to sex, that repeated themselves perhaps most of their life. Homosexuality is brought on by an Aberration of the mind, (thoughts) in some form related to sex. AND can only be controlled in the same manner. I COULD GO ON AND ON FOR HOURS. I WANT YOU TO

Meloy comments: “The strange logic employed by Bozzani and the Meads is interwoven with excuses for the oilings, but no outright denial that they took place. And somehow they seem justified in their minds because they believe Sathya Sai Baba to be pure and that he is only involved in a healing ritual and does not receive any physical gratification for himself. This reasoning is absurd…. Even if the oiling was the only act performed, one could still legitimately question why if he was really God, does he need to actually touch their genitals? Would not a gesture or a look from the all powerful God of the Universe be enough to effect a healing without touching the individual? Surely, the God of the Universe would not have to engage in oral sex and/or ejaculate in the mouths of his devotees to effect a healing?. Where is the healing in an act which most prudent persons would characterize as pure self gratification?

Barry, I want you to know that I am grateful to have Timothy Conway’s documented research on the record, but we still need an authentic voice from the hierarchy in the Hindu priesthood in India to speak out on these alleged kundalini raising procedures employed by Sai Baba. I think that the Hindu spiritual leaders owe it to all the faithful followers of Hinduism to set the record straight. It’s time for them to come out of the closet and dispel the false notion that shaktipat can only be done by touching the genitals or the muladhara region. It’s actually an insult being hurled by Sai Baba to all the Deities such as Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, Moses or any of the names of God. Let’s put this kundalini raising claim to rest once and for all, so that the leadership of the Sai Organization cannot hide behind those false assertions. As Timothy so aptly stated……
Barry, you have my permission to distribute this to anyone on your mailing list and to also post it on any web site, both pro and con. Much Love and Light, Glen Meloy”

It is pitiful to see the extent to which devotees are willing to twist their minds unnaturally – and bend their values backward – in vain attempts to account for the indisputable facts – let alone the contested but very weighty allegations. There are many mental hawkers and tinkers who practice systematic, self-reproducing gullibility… a whole membership website/discussion forum is even ‘devoted’ to fitting some of the unavoidable facts to the Procrustean bed that belief in Sathya Sai Baba demands. The webmaster is known for self-delusory mind-washing – and supporting dirty tricks campaigns too – I have been most reliably informed (I have, of course, never been at all interested in being a member).

Note that Gerald Moreno, who claims that he was not sexually molested, nonetheless states how he was oiled “on the lower stomach” – which is an illegal act of sexual molestation by anyone but a doctor, according to Indian law.  Moreno’s vague description of how this took place (denying that Sai Baba lowered his pants and not admitting how SB reached down to his “lower stomach”) appears all the more suspicious in respect of the above considerations. Further, the admission by the author Paul William Roberts that he – after saying he was oiled “on the chest” –  later admitted that it was between the gonads and the anus adds to doubts about Moreno’s truthfulness about what happened! Gerald Moreno fantasizes about the chakras too… having made a series of mandalas to represent each of these fictitious points. It is clear that he believes in unconfirmed rubbish about the chakras – which would make what is evidently ‘grooming’ for possible sexual relations into some spiritual flight of fancy.

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