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Fighting Facts with Smears – profile of a web aggressor, Gerald Moreno

Posted by robertpriddy on October 13, 2009

Having worked for several years with emotionally retarded and socially deviant children and very disturbed teenagers in the most progressive institutions in their era in Norway and Sweden, I am well acquainted with signs of arrested emotional development and social problems. I have also known psychiatrists as friends since my student days – including some very famous ones like Dr. Maxwell Jones, Dr. Ronald Laing and Dr. David Cooper – and have been active in the debate about the diagnoses and therapies used in psychiatry for years in the 1960s. (Some of my publications are on-line too). I have even worked for several months in a psychiatric hospital in UK where my mother was a registered staff nurse. I taught at the Institute of Psychology ay University of Oslo and knew many psychologists, and interviewed many in a professional context too. It is with some experience, therefore that I can assert that Moreno’s mental-emotional condition shows a total lack of normal empathy with others. This he demonstrates throughout many hundreds of web pages/blogs (especially towards all the many alleging victims of alleged sexual abuse by Sai Baba). Not merely lack of empathy but aggressive and vicious reactions against those whose accounts and reports threaten his cherished belief system, which centres on persons who he considers to be avatars or otherwise holy incarnate forms of God (as emphasised by his chosen website title, Thus he supports those who support Sai Baba, but defends them in a way which is always angled as an attack on Sai Baba’s critics! His fury at some critics having pointed out that what Sathya Sai Baba did to him amounts to sexual molestation and ‘grooming’ is unquenchable. He directs his rage outwards, indiscriminately  denouncing all and everyone he picks on – not unlike juvenile delinquents who put on a tough front and hit out in bully fashion.

Moreno admires Sathya Sai Baba not least for taking notice of him to an extent he had not experienced before – by giving him a private interview. In return he breaks with all the most elementary moral teachings of his supposed ‘divinity in human form’.  One may ask what backlog of emotional and social deprivations he has suffered in growing up in that his entire life until now hinged on that meeting and turned him into such a thoroughly distasteful character. The personal ego which is flawed is invariably driven by needs to impress, prove oneself by whatever means one can – fair or foul. Thus, many of his taunts and boasts show his constant need to reinforce his self-image – or sub-normal ego-sense -, which is evidently under threat in that so many convincing revelations about the person to whom he attributes his most wonderful experiences (of acceptance, not least). A weak ego and self-image – compounded by a thin social life in adulthood without wife or family – is often compensated through strong projection of one’s own imbalances and their causes onto others. A full-time cyber-space existence attacking opponents is a poor compensation for a full life.  Such individuals are often drawn to strong authoritarian figures and charismatics, and none are more so than Sathya Sai Baba. At the same time they seek attention voraciously, exemplified when Moreno repeatedly complains that those he maligns do not reply to him, and in his repeated grudges that they have not researched his opinions on his websites (a frequent complaint against opponents). However, they invariably have had enough of him after sampling a few of his noxious, overparticular and cranky pages. He talks of his opponents ‘snivelling’, ‘frothing at the mouth’, ‘moaning’, ‘whining’ and a catalogue of such emotive put-downs, while in reality he is simply projecting his own attitudes onto others.

Gerald Moreno speculates about me, my state of health (that he thinks I suffer from ‘paranoia’ , and ‘senile dementia’  that I had a childhood trauma from which I have not recovered, that I should see a psychiatrist etc.. All of this is sheer invention and pathetic puerilism on his part… a particularly cheap attempt to slur me and used argumentum ad hominem against my factual revelations about Sathya Sai Baba. among other ailments. He speculates over “homo-erotic fantasies” he fondly imagines and asserts I have! He has absolutely no basis for knowing any such things concerning me, and I certainly have no homo-erotic fantasies – nor ever had any remotely similar thing in relation to Sathya Sai Baba (who was physically rather repulsive in appearance to me and no less so now!). Moreno uses the term homo-erotic simply because he wants to get back at me – among others – for pointing out his own account of an interference by Sai Baba with sexual overtones he has describes he underwent (though he did not feel it was sexual himself). He is in deep denial about everything concerning Sai Baba and – because he wants to prove to himself that he was not being ‘groomed’ for possible sexual relations, he has attacked every other young man who has spoken out about their having been sexually molested by Sai Baba. This is virtually the crux of the matter in understanding Moreno.

Moreno has claimed hundreds of times that I am lying, an inveterate liar, blatant, shameless, etc. but I have not written a single lie, and any errors I have made (inadvertently), I have corrected when I have discovered them and that they are in fact errors. (Not so Moreno, he NEVER retracts an untruth or a lie, except once when virtually forced to). Nor has the Indian homeopath who claims I am “dying from AIDS”, which claim Moreno reports in further attempts to connect my name to sexual depravities. This has been his agenda since he became involved in an extremely vituperative battle on the Internet with Sanjay Dadlani. Since Dadlani withdrew, Moreno has evidently diverted his intense hate-feelings and mud-slinging methods towards myself in the vain belief that contriving (falsely) to link my name – and that of others – to pornographic sites will advance his case, or his naming me ‘a dirty old man’ from the gutter will help his credibility! Seeing how Moreno tried to ‘diagnose’ me, I am justified in making this diagnosis of his personality as it is exhibited is documents through his main life activity for the last five years – obsessive character assassination of dozens of persons on the Internet! He has thereby provided such a large casebook of his thoughts, opinions, fabrications and other antipathetic behaviour on the Internet that there are grounds enough for perceptive observers to estimate his personality.

I have – after several years of not replying to his countless pages attacking me – responded by soundly refuting a number of his accusations so that his lies found on Google etc. will not pass wholly unchallenged, but there are so many that I can’t be bothered with most of them. It would divert me from my task… to make the truth about Sathya Sai Baba’s cover-ups and hidden sides available to the otherwise unsuspecting public. When I spend an hour of the day for a blog about Sai Baba, I will not give more than a small fraction of that time to countering Moreno.

Moreno’s mental-emotional disturbed kind of profile is often connected to lack of social achievement – such as under-achievement in the educational sphere and work opportunities. It is evident that Gerald Moreno has had no college education, and holds no regular position as an employee, since he is engaged full-time in writing web pages, blogs, surfing the Internet constantly, and he has completely avoided commenting when all these points have been made about him. That Moreno is certainly very strongly dependent on “virtual” reality is patently seen… in his case grubbing up not only every scrap of data about his opponents but also promoting the entire fantasy world of Sai miracles, wondrous feats of gurus, their amazing auras, and super-unrealistic pie-in-sky stories and prophesies. He gives every sign of being an isolated person – living largely in a cyber world where he is dependent mainly on a handful of Internet contacts.  He is something of a shrinking violet, having carefully kept mum about himself since he originally posted about himself and how Sathya Sai Baba oiled him on the lower stomach (!), which he no doubt regrets greatly having told. His fear of being recognized is shown in how he had gone to lengths to get the single photo of himself removed from all places on  the Internet, but without success. (Note: he himself makes use of every photo he can find of persons he is cyber stalking, sometimes distorting them in disgusting ways). There is no doubt that Gerald Moreno prefers to hide his person in a way that once would have been diagnosed as paranoidal. It may be preferable to call it the defensive caution of a crackpot with something to hide and/or hide away from. He never criticises lies by Sai Baba or any of his followers – and they are very many!  One small example, Ashok Bhagani stated to Asian Voice that Sai Baba never takes anyone into the interview alone. Moreno knows full well that is not true, as it happened to him! Instead Moreno promotes these untruths for all he is worth. And how much is that?

Moreno sets out to impugn virtually every factual assertion made by dissidents and critics of Sai Baba, without any tangible evidence other than obfuscations, side-stepping and non-credible inventions. He intransigently insists on claims he has made and repeated in many places which have been proven time and again to be false – including on Wikipedia (from where he was indefinitely banned unanimously by a panel of six arbitrators). Two such chief dead horses which he still constantly flogs are that the infamous letters to and from Dr. John Hislop are counterfeited (see scans here as confirmed by affidavit) , and that the case which Alaya Rahm  had to dismiss due to there being no accountable organization in the USA to carry responsibility whitewashed Sathya Sai Baba of sexual allegations – while in fact the opponents and their depositions in the case were never heard in court and no verdict was given other than a formal dismissal (see here)

See compendium of web postings about Gerald Moreno by a range of persons here

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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