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Sathya Sai Baba’s promises part four

Posted by robertpriddy on October 23, 2009

In many public discourses promises Sathya Sai Baba talks about his extremely caring support for his devotees. People who are drawn to him – often because of personal problems of all kinds, including searching for the meaning of life and protection from its vagaries and sufferings – long to believe that these ‘divine assurances’ are always fulfilled. Alas, they seldom are! When something seems to result from a prayer, it will no doubt just as well be the result of natural processes and events. When prayers are NOT fulfilled, which is certainly so int the overwhelming majority of instances, devotees full of faith overlook this or fall back on the large set of stock ‘explanations’ why this is so!  Even the voluminous amateurish ‘literature’ praising Sai Baba and relating the most incredible stories (sic) contain occasional reference to big letdowns of this kind. Yet it is all too obvious that many instances likely to awaken suspicions or doubts are not talked about in these books, which are always strongly self-censored. When one talks freely to people at the ashrams or in Sai Baba centres and groups around the world, one meets and hears of all the failures, uncured visitors, disappointed sufferers. Sathya Sai Baba’s close attendant and editor for 20 years,  V.K. Narasimhan, startled and shocked me once by saying that he had never seen a single genuine cure by Sathya Sai Baba in all the years he had been living close to him! Narasimhan himself was told his eye was cured with vibuthi ‘made’ on the spot for him, but within two days he has lost it completely!

Sathya Sai Baba and ‘miracle cures’: The hagiographies about Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘miraculous’ cures are many, where the quality and accuracy of the writing is under all criticism in most cases. Due to the nature of his alleged ‘methods’, no scientific control study has ever been made of any of the claims of miraculous healing by him, neither spontaneously nor in answer to prayers. This is not to say that he, like thousands of others of reported ‘healers’, cannot have been involved in a healing process through faith, if only as a catalytic agent on whom one projects prayer, faith and hope. Meanwhile there are a any number of reports by those who have sacrificed and prayed to Sathya Sai Baba constantly for themselves or for another, but all of whom have only got worse! Of course, the handy theory of past bad karma is trundled out to explain away the possibility of a cure in this or that persons’ instance. All evidence that Sathya Sai Baba does not heal, does not keep his word, or is not able to heal people of himself has to be refuted by the ‘true believer’, whose agenda is totally to block out all experience that may lead to another explanation or in any way be interpreted to reduce their hard-held belief that Sathya Sai Baba is a divine healer and God himself. Even devotees who feel the need to keep up a front despite themselves not having been healed according to Sathya Sai Baba’s promise will convince themselves that they have been helped… and even lie about this, such as Mrs. Phyllis Krystal did about the headaches she claimed Sai Baba cured her of (after being asked point blank in public at the 1990 Sai Baba conference in Hamburg). However, she was still suffering from them for years afterwards, as Lucas Ralli (with whom she stayed when in London) informed me most definitively and to my great surprise. (See here)

I have shown from his own discourses how Sathya Sai Baba teaches many mere superstitions, falsehoods or speculatively imaginative half-truths. Further, his abysmal level of his ignorance of basic physics, astronomy, and most non-Hindu religion and history has been demonstrated to the full on exposé websites. Nonetheless, he has said intelligent things (and nowadays at least such is an exception rather than a rule). He may indeed be right in claiming that ‘healing’ comes only from within, and this is caused by the faith (that healing will occur) by the person who gets cured (Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba – by Dr. John Hislop. page 121, later edition). But he says this of absolutely all cures. However, who can deny that medicine is the decisive factor in the vastest number of known cures of diseases, illnesses, accidents and so forth. This he has to admits awkwardly somehow in that he allowed the building of two hospitals with major funds contributed by devotees. He has also said that a doctor’s kind approach has the greatest healing effect (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 26, p 47), which – if correct – shows that healing is not only  ‘from within’. Nor ‘from God’, of course. In his confused accounts, Sai Baba fails to mention the huge importance of genetic factors in illness and healing… and of the natural regenerative powers of all living creatures (who know or worship no God) and also the human psycho-physical entity. One can say that healing comes from within in a quite different sense to religious speculations about the existence of a supposed divine soul!

Is vibuthi a medicine, can it heal? All the talk about the healing power of ‘Sai Baba vibuthi’ and other substances he hands out may cause belief in healing, and this may help… but the actual curative/medicinal properties are zero, according to analyses of this vibuthi made in laboratories here and there. The apparent cure due to this substance (actually the ash from burning such materials as cow dung, rice husks or sandalwood etc.) is often called the ‘placebo effect’ in medical research. Another term used is ‘spontaneous regeneration’, which refers to unknown aspects of the body’s self-regenerative powers. The ‘placebo effect’ is obviously a psychic phenomenon and remains largely (but not entirely) unexplained…. but it is very common.This is almost indubitably the key element in so-called ‘faith’ healings.

One will find no record of the overwhelming number of cases where vibuti is applied but no cure whatever arises. I have documented on well-known instance (see ref. to widely-known fact among residents and VIPs: V.K. Narasimhan’s loss of an eye after application fo vibuti by Sai Baba himself!). I witnessed the dying days of a Norwegian devotee – Mrs. Fotland – to whom I had brought a handful of packets of vibuthi given me especially for her at an interview by Sai Baba. Further, as leader of the Sathya Sai Centre in Oslo, I have seen vibuti applied countless times without the desired result, also in the ashrams and elsewhere.

Prashanti Nilayam vibuthi manufactured in Palani factory: It is known that tons of vibuti are ordered by Prashanthi Nilayam from Palani (near the foot of the Kodai mountain in Tamil Nadu) where ‘vibuty’ is manufactired in quantity. I was friends with a former Seva Dal servitor, Krishna Panjwani of Bombay –  a very sweet elderly gentleman – who annually travelled around and bought supplies for the Prashanthi Nilayam shop he supervised – in the heat of summer when Sai Baba was away on holiday in Kodai. He used to go to Palani to get vibuti, and an invoice published by Basava Premanand showed the details of one such purchase of a huge amount. See here:-

Copy of invoice for 9 tonnes of vibuthy to Prashanthi Nilayam

Copy of invoice for 9 tonnes of 'vibuthy' to Prashanthi Nilayam by Palani General Stores!

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