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Khushwant Singh video clips: genital oiling, lingams, followers

Posted by robertpriddy on December 31, 2009

The world for Sai Baba devotees is like an enchanted garden where anything can happen. Small incidents can seem meaningful when it is believed he creates them. … They inhabit a world in which signs and evidence of his love and grace are pervasive. Any trouble vanquished or illness cured is by his grace(L.A.Babb, 1986 a:199)



KHUSWANT SINGH: Indians get impressed when they see white people becoming devotees, that applies to the Germans, Australian, Italians, Spaniards, Americans with shaved heads with their pigtails, wearing the mumbo-jumbo of the prayers that they carry out, dancing in the streets

another short VIDEO CLIP  SHORT SINGH VIDEO CLIP  567Kbs in Quicktime   – SEE VIDEO HERE)

TANYA DATTA: One of the things that a lot of the abuse victims we’ve talked to have said is that Sai Baba does the genital oilings because it is part of Hinduism. Have you heard anything…

KHUSHWANT SINGH There is no Indian tradition to support –  that worship of the linga includes  doing the ‘blow job’, if that is what you are referring to.
I don’t think there is any basis for that whatsoever.



KHUSWANT SINGH: Indians get impressed when they see white people becoming devotees, that applies to the Germans, Australian, Italians, Spaniards, Americans with shaved heads with their pigtails, wearing the mumbo-jumbo of the prayers that they carry out, dancing in the streets

In his regular column in The Hindustan Times on March 20, 1999 (during a rare visit by Sai Baba to New Delhi) Khushwant Singh made the following enlightening remarks:

“The Indian soil is very productive of prophets and messiahs. We have always had men and women claiming to be incarnations of God, or even God Himself in human form. What would be regarded a sheer blasphemy and treated with ridicule by Christians or a sentence of death in Islam is acclaimed by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs as an avatar. So we have many Bhagwans (Gods), Swamis (Lords), Rishis (Sages), Maharishis (great sages), Acharyas (teachers), Saints (saints) and Gurus with large followings.”

“… If anyone is to be put on a shrink’s couch, it is not the godman but his followers who look upon him as God to find out what is missing in their lives which they hope to fulfil by associating with their chosen godman. It is not producing vibhuti (sacred ash), materializing watches and medallions from the air or regurgitating sivalingas – all such tricks can be performed by magicians and cannot stand the test of scientific scrutiny. The devotees’ faith has more solid foundations. They have unquestionable belief that their guru can do no wrong.”

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Dr. Abraham Kovoor exposes Dr. Bhagavantam & Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 30, 2009


Bubbles Vol.1.No.3.March  1986 Page 1

Exposing Sai Baba and his Gullible Scientist Accomplice

Dr. Kovoor’s Speech at the First  Divine Miracle Exposure Campaign

Thank you Jyoti, for that brief introduction. I am glad to see that a lot families with children are interested in Rationalism. Indian Rationalists truly deservc to celebrate their Silver Jubliee in such a grand scale. Again my congratulations to the organizers. Without further delay let me get to the main subject of my lecture.

A few months ago the editor of a popular malyalam weekly of India wrote me a letter saying that the Editorial Board of his weekly has decided to publish a symposium on “SATHYA SAI BABA – IS HE AN INCARNATION OF GOD OR A CHARLATAN?”, and wanted me to be the first contributor to the series.

My article was serialized in three issues.
It was then followed by two articles countering my thesis by Dr. S.Bhagavantham, M.Sc., D.Sc., Ph.D., a former scientific adviser to the Government of India.

Dr. Bhagavantham started his article by saying that in his youth he was a rationalist like me, but after witnessing some of the ‘miracles’ of Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba, he had to give up his rationalism.

He then continued to describe numerous ‘miracles’ said to have been performed by Sathya Sai Baba at various times in various places. There was absolutely no mention in the two articles of any one having conducted investigations to establish that they were all genuine miracles, and not conjurer’s tricks. The two articles appeared to be clear examples of how unscientific even a good scientist can become if he is a victim of religio-maniacal neurosis or just avaricious.

In the whole lot of the miracle stories mentioned by Dr. Bhagavantham, there was only one that was amenable to investigation.

Let me quote that part:
One of the Cock and Bull Stories Propagated By Saibaba’s Chief devotee

“After completing the Seiko series of watches he made the model of a more superior type, and kept it in his safe for further tests.

“While touring in India he paid a visit to Sathya Sai Baba’s abode just out of curiosity. On seeing the Japanese gentleman among the devotees Sathya Sai Baba materialized a small parcel from the air and gave him. On opening the parcel he was astonished to see the same watch that was kept in his safe. When he saw along with the watch the silk ribbon and the label with the new name of the watch and its price marked on it, all his doubts about the divine powers of Sathya Sai Baba simply melted away. He fell prostrate at Sathya Sai Baba’s feet and worshipped him. Since then he is an ardent devotee of the Bhagawan. “

“On his return to Japan, he was shocked to see that the watch he had kept in his safe was not there. What his Personal Secretary told him was still more startling. The Secretary said that a divine-looking person with bushy hair walked into the office one day, opened the safe and walked away with the watch.”

Does Dr. Bhagavantham, who is the holder of covetable qualifications in science, think that a thesis of this nature to prove the miraculous powers of a man, by any scientist, will be accepted by an academic body of scientists if it is not backed by scientific investigations and fool-proof evidence?

Although Dr. Bhagavantham is reluctant to test the veracity of his Godman’s miraculous powers, I decided to do it myself. With this aim in view I wrote the following letter to Dr. Bhagavantham:

“Tiruvalla”, Pamankada Lane,

Colombo-6, Sept. 11, 1973.

“Dear Dr. Bhagavantham,

I read your story about a Japanese watch manufacturer getting his own watch that was kept in a safe in Japan, materialized in India from air by Sathya Sai Baba.

My scientific attitude does not permit me to accept this fantastic story as true without verification. The reported statement of his personal Secretary enhances my doubt. The first reaction of a responsible Secretary when a stranger walks into the office and opens the safe would be to raise the alarm and to summon the police.

As I feel it is unscientific even for a scientist to believe this type of cock-and-bull story without verification, I request you to kindly let me know the name and address of this Japanese so that I may verify the truth about it.

Your failure to help me to conduct this investigation by withholding this information, will lead me to suspect your sincerity and honesty, and discard all what you have said about Sathya Sai Baba as utter falsehood deliberately propagated with ulterior motive and vested interest.

Yours in search of Truth,

Abraham T. Kovoor”

See also the major Indian Skeptic article Dr. S. Bhagavantam and Seiko Watch Miracle

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Belief in black magic and witches in India

Posted by robertpriddy on December 29, 2009

Belief in such primitive superstitions as “black magic” is promoted and encouraged by Sathya Sai Baba (see here documentation from his books authorised by him and sold in his bookshop) .

One related belief system is a cause of major social problems and murders. “The Great Indian Witch Hunt“, is an award-winning documentary film hosted by noted playwright, writer and actress Sohaila Kapur (sister of director Shekhar Kapur) and directed by Filmmaker Rakhi Varma. It was part of the 12 episode series “It happens only in India” launched by The National Geographic channel – each episode focusing on an aspect of “real India” until now unexplored in detail.
“The great Indian witch hunt” looks into likely causes of accusations against single and widowed women for being witches. It describes the ostracism they suffer from society. and not seldom with awful consequences. Set in Jharkhand, the film portrays a woman, Mania Mardi, who was killed by her nephew Gurudeo. He believed she was a witch who had caused the death of his father and brother.

In the early part of the narrative, Varma interviews so-called Supposed ‘witches’ who have been tortured by villagers and even forced to eat human excreta are interviewed by director Varma. She focuses on Baba Ramashankar, who claims to possess supernatural powers that can cause the death and destruction of anyone he might choose to unleash his wrath on.

For the murder trial, Sohaila Kapoor carries out an on-camera inquiry questioning Gurudeo’s real motives and arrives at the conclusion that he had wrongly assumed that his relatives had died as a result of a spell. Medical records prove that they had contracted tuberculosis.

Witchcraft is still widely believed in and ‘practiced’ in many backward parts of India, involving killings, 500 cases reported in Jharkand alone in the 1990 and this continues. Until the 17th to 18th century, up to. 40,000 women were  burned at the stake or killed in Europe.

Read a summary of the film here
Police are lax in acting to protect persons wrongly persecuted for witchcraft. This is shown by the petition (by a person wrongly accused of witchcraft) in the High Court at Mumbai -see also on above link.

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David Lane Ph.D. on Sathya Sai Baba’s abuses

Posted by robertpriddy on December 28, 2009

from David Lane’s ‘neuralsurferbookPROOFCOPY.pdf.
The Neural Surfer A DIARY 1999-2001

“A few weeks ago I got a phone call from an ex-devotee of Sathya Sai Baba who used to be very tight with the “Supreme” Avatar. Indeed, so close that he literally “caught” Sai Baba cheating on one of his miracles. As Sai walked into the room to do his wondrous vibhutti trick (where the guru waves his hand and miraculously produces ash out of thin air), he unexpectedly “dropped” a tiny capsule which contained tightly packed ash. Immediately, Sai yelled out to his nearby assistant, “Eat it.” Hmm, my informant was perplexed to say the least. But the story he told me is much more than the obvious fact that Sai is a sleight of hand magician who parlays his simple tricks in front of adoring devotees. Sai Baba also has a continuing fascination with … how shall I say this politely … young boys and their “Shiva” sticks. I have known about this for years. Indeed, I first learned about it from Tal Brooke’s book, Lord of the Air (Delhi: Vikas Publishing House) which I happened upon accidently at the GTU library in the late 1970s. I later got the chance to talk with Tal personally about his “close encounters of the scrotum kind” in San Diego, California, in the mid-1980s [Tal is currently the head of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project in Berkeley, California.] I have heard so many stories about Sai’s “bachelor oil treat ment” from so many different quarters that I am amazed that it is not better known. But my informant has a much larger tale to tell: from murder intrigue to child molestation to money laundering to grandiose government conspiracies. All of which have the ring of authenticity. Why? Because my informant is ready to name names, provide documentation, bring forward witnesses. But, I have no stomach for it now. Why? Because it is an endless tale and I know from observing the guru scene for some 25 years that Sai is not unique. He is merely the latest and most visible example of what is a long line of pseudo masters who want to dress up like God, pretend to be All-knowing, and still get laid on the side.

[19] I think the reason these gurus deserved to get roasted for their behavior is because of their “claims” to be God.
If Sai came out and said, “Hey, I am not God. I am not even a very good magician. I dig young boys by the dozens. I want to preach love, but I have lots of failings as well…,” I would be the LAST guy to toast him. Why? Because we are all human; we all make mistakes–but instead of confessing that we get caught up with our images. And it is those images that crash and burn and rightly so. But, quite frankly, I am too burned out to expose any more gurus. I have been exposed way too much myself. It is no fun to lose a lawsuit, especially when you are convinced that you were in the right. It is no fun to have your wife’s life threatened, to have your home ransacked, to be the object of an international smear campaign. Yet, I do think that people should be allowed the opportunity to have as much information as possible about these parading God-men. Although I have known a number of Sai devotees throughout the years and have consistently found them warm and kind and loving (in particular, the late Jack Hislop– former President of the Sai organization in North America), some of them can be downright mean. The reason I no longer have a website at UCSD is directly related to a letter writing campaign made by certain Sai devotees around the world. They also wrote en masse to Mount San Antonio College and elsewhere, trying their very best to shut down my website. While I believe they have every right to protest and to write letters to whomever they please, I do think that some of the tactics they employed were childish. But then again that’s exactly how we all act when we try to ideologically defend that which is indefensible. I think some of the Sai contingency were irritated by my crude remarks, especially my most infamous line describing Sai’s predilections:”Yea, that’s believable, God incarnates on the planet palming shit looking for dick.” I thought it captured the whole controversy quite well, actually. Sai likes young boys and Sai palms vibhutti to win devotees. And vibhutti, lest we forget, is nothing more than dried/burnt Cow Dung.

But, then again, who I am to judge? At least that’s what I keep asking myself. But in my deeper moments of reflection I realize that I am not so much judging Sai’s desires as I am his pose. The guru pose is what I am truly exposing, not the human face behind that mask. We are all better served by our confessions of humanity than by our exclamations of divinity. Claim to be God and you will be critiqued. Claim to be human  and you have already “exposed” yourself and nobody is that interested in doing it again–too much redundancy.”


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Failings in Indian Justice – by ex-Chief Election Commissioner T.N. Seshan

Posted by robertpriddy on December 27, 2009

T.N. Seshan, former Chief Election Commissioner of India

The 10th Chief Election Commissioner of India, T.N. Seshan served in office between December 1990 and December 1996. Born in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, he is known for his introduction of many electoral reforms and his uprightness. Though he has become rather more optimistic now, he has famously stated about India:
“Make up a list of 200 political leaders of the central government, the national parliament and the state parliaments. Are you able to find one single person on this list to whom you can go for help? Obviously not. The politicians of today are as pygmies masquerading as Titans. They are like small children who try to walk in the shoes of their grandparents, and who sooner or later will stumble and fall.”
and “Today it can seem that honesty and integrity are banned from public life. The situation makes me think of the Greek philosopher Diogenes, who used to go around with his lamp alight at the height of day in the hope of finding an honest person.”

In the highly informative and well-balanced Norwegian book ‘India, Stevnemøte med Skjebnen’ (i.e.’India, Encounter with Fate’) by Thorbjørn Færøvik (Oslo, 1999) the author interviewed the renowned former Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Seshan. The author wrote of the Indian election system “… a peaceful election is not necessarily a just election. Accusations thunder in the newspapers and few use tougher words that T.N. Seshan, who led the election commission in the 1980s: “Once more we have witnessed a farce. Millions of analphabetics have given their vote without knowing who or what they voted for. Bribes have flourished and now – in the aftermath of the election – we see that gangsters and criminals have been elected to parliamentary bodies throughout the country.”

Færøvik points out, correctly, that T.N. Seshan has repeatedly warned about what he refers to as the criminalization of politics and – where not illegal – to the universal political apathy. “Make up a list of 200 political leaders of the central government, the national parliament and the state parliaments. Are you able to find one single person on this list to whom you can go for help? Obviously not. The politicians of today are as pygmies masquerading as Titans. They are like small children who try to walk in the shoes of their grandparents, and who sooner or later will stumble and fall.”

T.N. Seshan is also extremely negative about Indian courts, as most ordinary Indians are also known to be. An opinion survey made by the Times of India showed 80% of Indians answered that they regarded judges and lawyers as corrupt. In 1947, India took over a judiciary based on British traditions which honourable and impartial. Today it is chronically understaffed and has lost the trust of the public. In 1998 as many as 23 million cases awaited court process, two million in the higher courts and 21 million in the lower courts. In the High Court, 66,000 cases were in the queue and 10,000 of them had laid there for 10 years or more.

Færøvik also writes that it is ordinary people without the finances to buy themselves a place further ahead in the queue who are hit the hardest. The examples are as many as they are grotesque. Times of India mentioned one of many grotesque examples: A woman in the town of Lucknow went to court in 1948 for a divorce. The verdict fell exactly 40 years later: the woman received a divorce. In the mean time both the woman, her husband and parents-in-law had left this world. Those with fat bank accounts often get suspiciously rapid treatment.

Read: The degeneration of India : T.N. Seshan with Sanjoy Hazarika Study in post-independence political and administrative realities.[ New Delhi, India ; New York : Viking, 1995.]

Amusing – if often depressing- quotations from T.N. Seshan:

On the Indian education scenario —
“Operation successful; Patient dead!” (2001). “Some universities are called deemed because the others are doomed and some are called open because the others are closed!”

Excerpts from an interview with Seshan:-

Question. What prevented you from ‘yielding’ in your career as a bureaucrat?

Seshan : Five days after joining my first posting as a sub-collector of Dindigul, I was traveling with the minister in his car, and was dropped off in the middle of the road – where I stood for 100 minutes, when it was 45C. All this because the village officer I took action against was the husband of the Tehsil Officer, who belonged to the Congress party.

35 years later, I was transferred from my post of Cabinet Secretary in charge of then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s personal security, to the unnecessary 12th man in Hegde’s Planning Commission team.

My 6 years as CEC have been the toughest times of my life. Narasimha Rao when he was PM offered me the post of governor, and then, ambassador. But I have resisted temptation. I read the Gita everyday.

I scored 452/600 in my final exam. The boy who scored 451, 1 mark less than me, is now a station master. I had 100% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Yet, in my Engineering College Admission Interview, I was not selected because I could not name the first movie of Shivaji Ganesan.————-

The Rediff Interview/Former Chief Election Comissioner T N Seshan:-

When I spoke to T N Seshan, the former chief election commissioner, in 1998, he was very cynical about India. Almost a decade later, as we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence, I found Seshan, the man credited with cleaning up the Indian election system, optimistic and upbeat. He spoke at length about terrorism, reservations and the quality of India’s political system:-

“There are still corrections to be made; there are still changes to be made. In many areas, we have not done what we should have been doing in the last 8 to 10 years.”

Interviewer: “Like?”

T.N. Seshan: “Like, for example, we lost ten valuable years in making sure that all children get education. Mr (President A P J) Kalam has been speaking about it; the others have been speaking about it. There is nothing more important than all children being in school as is promised by the Constitution. We have not done that.

From a completely different angle, we should have learnt to conduct our business particularly in the assemblies and legislatures in a far more disciplined fashion than we do. Yes, in every country, there is a lot of noise made in the parliaments and assemblies but sometimes business is transacted. I don’t know whether we could not transact more business than we are currently doing in the parliament and assemblies.

The progress made in the clearance of arrears in court cases is completely unsatisfactory.

Our inability to settle outstanding social and political issues by discussion and negotiation — rather than by violence and demonstration — is unfortunate.

We have not put in place an agency to combat the growing menace of terrorism and Naxalism.”

Interviewer: “Ten years ago, anybody who had an IIT degree collected his degree and went away to America. Today, they are working all over the place; and they are doing fantastically well. You told me then that a change in the attitude of the people to the country would take place through either a social revolution or a technological revolution.”

T.N. Seshan: “Yes. Both are happening now. Everybody knows about the technological revolution. It has made them more self-confident. The young people of 2006 are far more confident than the young people of 1996. ”

Interviewer: Is it not the politicians who are dividing people in the name of religion just to get votes?

T.N. Seshan: Yes, it is. It is very easy to feed poison but it not easy to feed good things. So, the politicians are feeding poison.

Interviewer: When the police question the suspects, politicians jump in and say they are targeting the minority community. Are they not giving religious colour to terrorism and not allowing the law to act?

T.N. Seshan: Yes, they are doing that which is all wrong. The highest courts have gone into the evidence and said that Mr X was the person responsible for the Parliament attack and he should be hanged. Then, there are demonstrations in Srinagar. Politics unfortunately plays on the sentiments and emotions of people.

Q. Do you vote?

Seshan : No I don’t. Because democracy is dead. But yet there is hope.

Q. What do you think about the situation in Tamil Nadu?

Seshan : Pathetic. Whichever way you look at it.

Q. Why did you contest for the Presidency, knowing fully well that you couldn’t succeed?

Seshan : When I was in elementary school, I had zero sporting ability. I still contested the High Jump.

Q. Mr. Seshan, you said that when you were Cabinet Secretary in charge of Mr. Gandhi’s personal security, you were transferred because you did not yield. Would it not have been better for the country, if you HAD yielded?

Seshan : See, there was no question of yielding. They just weren’t happy with my performance. But you won’t believe the kind of precautions we took to protect Rajiv Gandhi’s life. We used to buy oranges from 10 shops, atta from 12 shops, we rewired the entire house so even 2000V couldn’t break down the switches, we relaid the water lines, welded the sewage lines with wire mesh so no one could enter that way. And at the end of it, they felt I didn’t do my job.

There was a day when I was transferred SIX times between 10 am and 6 pm. From Rural Development, to Finance, to Small Savings, to Agriculture, to Harijan Welfare, to Backward Classes and finally to Women’s Development. Once a minister transferred me from Industry to Agriculture, purely because he wanted to shift me from the 10th to the 1st floor. So I went to him and said, ‘Why don’t you shift me to the ground floor?’ He was appalled. But the ground floor is the car park, Seshan!`: I said, ‘Does it matter? I could look after the car park you know’.

Q. Mr. Seshan, all the IAS officers, like you, are educated people of similar caliber. Then how do they become bad?

Seshan : Try putting one rotten orange in a basket of good oranges. That’s what has happened to our system. But the entire basket is not bad yet. What we can do is separate the not-so-bad oranges.

Q. When the majority is wrong, isn’t it time for a minority? Don’t you think dictatorship is the only solution to India?

Seshan : The majority is not wrong! It’s only the minority of people that are corrupt, have no ethics and are spoiling the system. Democracy cannot be replaced – that’s a universal truth.

Q. You said Dharma is essential for a country to grow. There is no Dharma in the US. Then how have they prospered?

Seshan : Who said there is no Dharma in the US? It’s very much there! Their Dharma is the supreme respect for the ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Punishment of the Evildoer.’

from []

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Indian police get away with murder – outrage in India

Posted by robertpriddy on December 27, 2009

Once again a high-profile case has ended in what amounts to a subversion of justice in New Delhi, India. Once again the only recourse of the public was to protest. This shows the continuing nature of the Indian judicial system in practice where the police can influence the outcome to such an extent that no justice can be obtained by victims or their dependents. This state of affairs is well-known to practically every Indian citizen.

India outrage over girl molestation sentence By Geeta Pandey BBC News, Delhi
Outrage is growing in India over a six-month jail sentence handed out to a former senior police officer convicted for molesting a 14-year-old girl.
A top cop gets away with murder
(Asian Tribune)
Ex-Haryana DGP’s sentencing evokes outrage (Zee news)

That this happens in the capital is a major indictment of India’s police and judicial culture… and it is well know that such things occur throughout India in smaller cities, towns and villages. For example, in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, in June, 1993 where the police investigating six murders in Sathya Sai Baba’s bedroom concocted a totally false report, clearly being under the thumb of Sathya Sai Baba’s Prashanthi Nilayam authorities. That murder spree by police was also high-profile due to the importance to many figures in the Government and judiciary being long-term Sathya Sai Baba devotees. The CBI was brought in, but before it could arrive at conclusions, its officials were moved to outposts and the case was quashed by governmental decree under the leadership of Home Minister S.B. Chavan and Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. (See the evidence here)

Another case showing the way the police can totally subvert justice in India was the infamous murder in 2006 , as Tim Sullivan wrote in High Beam Research:- “Students participate in a protest against the justice system urging a re-opening of the Jessica Lal murder case, in New Delhi, India, in this Tuesday March 7, 2006 file photo. The case of Jessica Lall’s murder took six years to wend its way through India’s courts, fairly speedy in a legal system hobbled by corruption and a maze-like bureaucracy, and few were surprised when the verdict was announced Feb. 21. All nine of the accused were acquitted. What surprised India was its own reaction: Protesters took to the streets, holding candle-light vigils and waving signs calling for justice;” see here or else Acquittal Sparks Backlash in India

One of the most scathing commentaries on the Indian justice and court system was given by India’s former Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Seshan – see here

See also:
Avoidance of the law in India

Outright defenders of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba

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Tsunami anniversary – Sathya Sai Baba’s opinion on it

Posted by robertpriddy on December 26, 2009

Sathya Sai Baba blames the 2004 tsunami disaster and all such disasters on “moral lapses”, while God (who he poses as) is exempt from ALL responsibility!

can of news report link - since deleted by the news portals

can of news report link – since deleted by the news portals

Here are some of his totally unscientific moralizing statements about natural disasters and how they are caused by human actions! The Asian tsunami disaster of 2004 was caused by major undersea volcanic action resulting from the tensions built up by the collision of tectonic plates. These collisions have been happening as long as the landmasses and oceans of earth have existed, so how could human being be in any way responsible for them? Amazing that otherwise reasonably educated people still worship him after knowing he spouts such sheer superstitious, religious rubbish!


This shows how totally devoid of any real knowledge or even common sense this self-asserted Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent Incarnation of God on Earth, Saviour of Mankind in this Age actually is!

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Sexual abuse complaints with impunity against Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 22, 2009

It is interesting to note that the allegations put forward in signed letters to the Sathya Sai Organization by Mrs. Payne in 1980 (shown below with comments) were never legally pursued as libel by Sathya Sai Baba or any of his institutions. Nor has Sathya Sai Baba or his minions ever dared to take any one of the many who testify to sexual abuse by him into court, or any other of his critics. If he is innocent this could be a simple way to clear his name.. and he certainly does not lack the funds or the influence over the judicial system and Government to ensure he had a fair trial. If such a trial were to occur, the full facts and testimonials – and affidavits which are still held – would come to light, and witnesses claiming they were abused by him could then stand forth under foreign ambassadorial protection. Of course, he would have to try to prosecute those who testified against him in their own countries, which would give him and his organization media coverage they evidently cannot risk and also considerable legal difficulties.

Since the allegations first arose, Sathya Sai Baba has stayed within India – despite his diverse promises to visit various foreign countries (more unkept promises) – where he has massive legal, governmental, judicial and police protection. Against this no Indian or foreigner who would challenge him if they had the opportunity can hope to get him tried for anything as such a trial can only take place in India, where he remains! Those defenders of his who complain so loudly that he has never been convicted of anything know this full well, and their whole denial of his responsibility rests on the impunity he benefits from as long as he stays within India.

First letter from Mrs. Payne to the Sathya Sai organization c/o Dr. John Hislop 9/11/2000.

Name: Diana
Hometown: CA
Sent: 5:10 AM – 9/11/2000 (11 sep.)
My son was in Sai Baba’s College in the late 1970s. He and friends were molested by Sai Baba. Sai Baba told me to bring him to his school when he was 15 which my husband and I did (stupidly). This all came out in 1980, I was devastated, I had been a devotee for 10 years and never believed the allegations about his molesting the boys in the school. I knew that he told many men to drop their pants so that he could rub oil or vibuti on their penises, as he said to control their sexual urges. I wrote many letters to the Sai organization in the US at that time (I knew Hislop, and others on the board personally, in fact my husband was on the board!) Of course everyone said that I was lying and that my son was also lying. Now I tell people who are interested in Sai Baba to be really careful, then tell them the whole story if they want to know. I’ve seen Baba grab at my son’s crotch when we went into the interview room. My son said Baba is “teaching or testing”. Sai Baba told me he would be a father to my son only to molest him. I also know that he fakes miracles and have seen him rumaging for articles to pass out. I had many many interviews with him in the 1970s. I can hardly believe that I was once involved so deeply in such a horrible organization. My advice, always look for the guru within yourself, know yourself. Thank you all for putting together web sites to expose the fraud that is Sai Baba. Sai Baba devotees are truly fine people for the most part just looking for love and truth in life. I feel great compassion for them when they find out the truth about him. I know the devastation they can feel. If anyone wants to contact me personally I will talk to you about this.”
A second letter from Diana Scott was sent on 17-11-2000, as follows:-

“I was an American Sai Baba devotee for 10 years from 1970-1980. I traveled to Bangalore and Puttaparthi 5 times during that period. My family and I had many interviews with Baba. Sai Baba told me to bring my son to his college in India when he was 15. My son was at his college from 1977 to 1980. In 1980 my son told me that Sai Baba was a homosexual. He said that Sai Baba tried to have oral sex with him.
I had heard stories before about his relations with the college boys but didn’t believe them. I actually saw Sai Baba grab at my son’s crotch as he walked ahead of me into the interview room one time. Later I asked my son what was happening, why did Baba do that. He said “Baba is teaching or testing”.
In 1980 I wrote letters to the Sai organization in the US asking for help and an explanation for Baba’s actions. I knew many of the Board members personally. Of course they all said that both my son and myself were lying. I was absolutely devastated by the whole situation. How could God do such a thing!
Sai Baba told me that when I left my son at his school in India that he (SB) would be his father! It’s twenty years later now and I still feel some of that pain. Now I’m able to read the other accounts and it makes me realize that I must tell what happened to my family.
When I first learned of Sai Baba I heard first person accounts about him asking men to drop their pants and then he would rub vibuti or oil on their penis to help them control their sexual appetites. This seemed strange to me at the time but I rationalized this activity as something I could not understand about divinity. I also read Tal Brooke’s book and dismissed it. In addition I received a phone call in 1975 from an Indian ex-devotee who told me he caught Baba in bed with his son (I hung up on the man!). There of course are many more details to my account. If anyone would like to talk to me personally about this I will do so. I am glad to say that my son is now a happily married man with children. I’m still capable of feeling a bit emotional about what happened with Baba but now it’s a relatively minor thing compared to the rest of my life. I thought when I got out of the Baba movement that it couldn’t possibly last this long. Recently I found out about the murders at the ashram, very shocking to me. I am a teacher with many interests in my life. But I’ve decided, since I was so involved during this early period, to devote time talking with others who may be experiencing the pain of separation from the Baba movement and to tell my story.
Diana” (

Comment: This letter speaks for itself very cogently – except to most of those whose minds are already so impregnated with the indoctrination of Sai Baba about him being holy, divine, pure, God, the Creator, omniscient, omnipotent and what have you… Living within a hall of mirrors and imagining it to be the anteroom to eternal happiness and salvation from the entire world and its tribulations makes it very hard to smash through the walls. But Terry Scott did, and his mother too… and it is clear why. Otherwise there would be no reason for him to have left the college or her to challenge the Organization. Had they been the only ones, one might have thought there could be some other explanation, but Scott’s testimony was one of over 20 more who have openly claimed sexual abuse, most in physically signed testimonies.It is clear that Mrs. Payne could not pursue the matter legally in India where, as everyone involved knows, the local police are in the pay of the Sai Baba ashram authorities and a decisive section of the judiciary are under the thumb of Sathya Sai Baba, who has dozens of judges from the High Court and Supreme Court as his foot-kissing devotees! Add to that how Sai Baba was protected from prosecution in the 1993 cold-blooded murders incidents by the Home Minister S.B. Chavan who stopped the CBI investigation in its tracks – and how he was defended in writing but without a shred of investigated evidence by the Prime Minister Vajpayee and the top Supreme Court judge Bhagwati (also devotees) and one can see how impossible it is for any sexual abuse victims to pursue justice in this connection. The justice system in India is under all criticism for delays of years and decades, where often only money or connections can ensure cases get into court.

No legal process proved possible in the US because there was no responsible registered body, no accountable Sathya Sai Organization and the one attempt to get a legal decision had to be self-dismissed. (See here) Of course, the front-line defender of Sai Baba and his organization etc., Gerald Moreno, in his intense denial of the facts for personal reasons tries his utmost to cast doubt on whether Terry Lee Scott was sexually abused, as he has done in heartless and insulting attacks on every single person who has testified to sexual abuse– including at least 30 instances by self-identified persons. He points out that the corrupt Sai College authorities dismissed Terry Scott “in disgrace”. Why? Because he spoke up… and it is taboo and verboten to make the slightest criticism of the one they all worship as the one God Incarnate on earth today. The consequences for this mini-empire would have been disastrous, as they are proving to be in a more gradual way due to the exposure of so many allegations of all kinds.

Dr. John Hislop had been informed about Sai Baba being a sexual abuser long before Mrs. Payne wrote to him. He had been told by Conny Larsson, read this in detail here.

See also the Supreme Court petition against Sathya Sai Baba thrown out by Sai judges
See the infamous letter by Indian PM Vajpayee and Supreme Court judge devotee Bhagwati – plus rebuttal by Premanand


Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Sathya Sai Organization’s abuse cover-up & unaccountability

Posted by robertpriddy on December 20, 2009


2-21-81 (see scan of original xerox circular from Hislop)Dear Director: Enclosed are copies of letters written by two friends, and a copy of my letter to the X family. Do not exhibit the letters – let us not escalate the trouble – it would please me better if you would destroy them after reading and digesting the contents. Why do I write to you at all about these matters? Because I conceive it my duty to do my best to present data to you that will convince you as strongly as I am convinced that Swami is innocent of the slanderous charges against Him. You are Swami’s representatives to the world, and you have got to be in a position of maximum strength when facing devotees. I hope this mailing will be sufficient to conclude the matter, and I do not intend to write about it again unless something very much unforeseen happens.About X. I am not a psychologist that I can diagnose the specific problems of the boy. But any person who has reached our ages can see the probable outline of the situation. At a young age, the tendencies and desires are strong, and discrimination and discipline are weak. Note in crime reports how the young predominate in acts of impulsive violence. The animal heritage has its remnants in us, and the primitive heritage of cunning and violence in order to survive a hostile environment is also there. In order to survive, mind and body must use the most deadly weapons available. In modern society, the most deadly weapon that anyone can use to destroy the enemy, the one who threatens security, is to accuse that person of degenerative sexual crimes. Our direct experience is limited, but this method of attack is often reported in the news and it can be observed in operation at all levels of society. I am convinced that it is probably the primitive survival reaction described that is responsible for the accusations of X.

There are also other people who accuse Swami, and we have heard of some of them. In these cases the individual may feel threatened by his own homosexual tendency, and by projecting that tendency on to another person it can be attacked. No doubt there are many devices the psyche uses to survive stress and strain, and if you are interested we can ask Sam Sandweiss to tell us about them. The central point is that it is folly to accept such stories as being factually and objectively real. Such stories about Sri Baba are fiction, novels, and the seeming reality they project depends on the artistic talent of the story teller. Let us be awake and very very skeptical of such stories.

You have heard that Swami wrote to me. The significant part of the letter is this: “Sai is millions of miles away from the devilish passion attributed to Him … As fire consumes all materials, these false stories and false allegations are reduced to ashes by My Divinity … Rest assures that Sai’s fame can never be diminished by these false stories … good and pious people will never care for them.”

As I previously mentioned in another letter, the trouble is not with the condemnation of the alleged acts, not in the decision that one who does such action is a false teacher of spiritual life. The fault lies in the conclusion that Sri Baba is guilty of such actions. This a grave error in reason and judgement. As Directors, we must be able to correct this error whenever someone says it to us.

Sai Ram,


The vast majority of devotees’ lips are sealed, not least as result of Hislop setting the tone for his directors and so other followers! “Do not exhibit the letters… let us not escalate the trouble.” In a disgraceful show of primitive whitewashing, it is little wonder that he added: “it would please me better if you would destroy them after reading and digesting the contents.” This has a lot in common with the muerta (enforced silence) of mafias… or else one will be totally ostracized and even persecuted.
Dr. John Hislop points out an obvious fact: that he was not a psychologist, nor had he studied the subject. I have worked in psychological therapy and in educating psychologists and can only say he shows himself totally ignorant of – and insensitive to – the issues involved. Yet he willingly assumes the role of (amateur) psychologist by rationalizing the allegations as being ‘projections’ of the homosexual tendencies of those molested. There is so much evidence, written and on film, as to indicate very convincingly that this is NOT the case. non-biased approach can deny the credibility of the many. Persons who have been well-known in the movement and who have been contacted and questioned by exposé activists, including myself, were if anything biased towards rejecting the evidence until we knew a lot more, but we found the testimonies factually detailed ,and highly credible, showing intimate knowledge of the scene in the ashrams and interviews.Hislop’s emotive suggestions about cunning, violence, animal heritage and using the most deadly weapons available show to what queerly illogical ramblings the little evidence he looked at drove him. For example: “Note in crime reports how the young predominate in acts of violence” bears no relevant to victims of sexual abuse. To regard protestations of sexually abuse “most deadly weapons” is such a strong bias – the opposite, sexual abuse itself, is a far more deadly weapon for those who suffer it. Hislop rejects virtually out of hand the very thought that the accused can be a sexual abuser. Why would Terry Scott as a well-brought up boy from a good US family believing in human and spiritual values enough to send him to the Prashanthi Sai college, have to resort to “primitive survival reactions”, especially when it was clear that, by leaving Sai Baba’s college, he escaped person who he told was sexually abusing him. Hislop was “convinced that it is probably the primitive survival reaction described that is responsible for the accusations of Terry Scott.” On what basis? No contact with him or his parents after receiving the letter, not even daring to accept a phone call from them!

Why would many other young men come forward with each their unique account of Sai Baba’s sexual molestation they each claim to have experienced. This was courageous of them, not least since we now know that, not long after Hislop wrote the above, four boys were murdered in cold blood in Sai Baba’s bedroom apartment! So to whose “primitive survival reactions” does this witness? Answer: Those who rule the ashram, Sai Baba himself, his younger brother Janakiramiah, top ashram and Sathya Sai Central Trust members – for a start.

Hislop’s “central point”: “The central point is that it is folly to accept such stories as being factually and objectively real.” This says it all really. Never accept anyone’s allegations of being sexually abused… the ostrich attitude that is so widespread and has caused suffering by the abused on a massive scale, now being gradually discovered. Hislop talks of “”the artistic talent of the story-teller”.” He should know, it applies with far greater force to his own fantastic stories about Sai Baba making saris weep real tears and many another preposterous incident , especially the “real Jesus as he was” on a bit of the “actual Cross” that Hislop uncritically accepted that Sai Baba had materialized for him (shown by experts to be a mass-produced figurine. This is where one should instead be “very very sceptical”. Hislop was definitely of highly prejudicial judgement, and his last paragraph in the letter underlines this. He chose to regard the allegations of sexual abuse as worse than the alleged sexual abuse itself!

The fact is simply this: Hislop was searching with ill-concealed desperation for any figment of an argument to allow him to continue his faith in Sai Baba, without whom he felt his life would become meaningless (yet again, after having already had to leave Maharishi Mahesh yogi and other gurus). This is the very predicament of almost all devotees today, except for those who cannot but admit of the sexual abuses yet try to justify them with a perverse theory about karma and God’s will (eg. Ram das Awle and his supporters). Very few devotees have posted texts trying to deny or – failing that – defend the sexual activities of Sai Baba (like their front man on the www, Gerald Moreno, did for years) They can produce nothing but obfuscations, defamation against the accusers and weak, irrelevant put-downs.

Sai Baba sexual abuse confirmed, supported and rationalised
Gerald Moreno – fanatical internet troll’s many untruths and libels

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Powerful sex abuse testimony against Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 19, 2009

Source : Jens Sethi – A letter to David

Hello David Bailey, I am giving you a thorough account of my traumatic experiences with Sathya Sai Baba and hope that this will help people understand what he is all about. All the details are the truth and can be seen as testimony. I could and would testify to the following in an open court.

I am thirty-five years old and have been interested in spiritual matters since my childhood. For a long time I worshipped Jesus and Padre Pio, then after reading Yogananda’s ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ I turned towards the yogi path.

In October 1988 I became an ardent follower of Sathya Sai Baba, and came to Puttaparthi for the first time in September 1989. Since then I visited Puttaparthi regularly every year and was totally absorbed in the ‘aura’ of Sai Baba. I was fully convinced of his avatarhood and became so devoted that I was thinking and contemplating all the time about him alone.

In 1989 I read ‘Lord of the Air’ by Tal Brooks (a young male USA ex-devotee who wrote of Sai Baba’s sexual abuse of him), but I did not believe, thinking “Tal only wants to decry Baba”. I was just ignoring the facts.

Over the years I had hundreds of darshans but never an interview. In 1993 I became a little suspicious about Sai Baba’s lifestyle and the activities in the ashram. Every year I could see costly new buildings and felt an increasing commercialisation was going on. In 1996 I saw Sai Baba leaving the ashram in an expensive ‘Jaguar’ and other costly cars like ‘Mercedes’ and ‘BMW’ of the big class. But I still believed him to be the Kali avatar of the age.

On 17th January 1996 I got my first interview and he was very kind telling me nice things like “I will give you everything” as he touched and stroked my head. He said “I know you’re not sure about your life and future and so on. Also unhappiness from women. I know, don’t worry. Also you have some bad thoughts, not good”. Then he said “I give you everything according to health, spirituality and life. Everything. I give you infinite love. You and me will become one”. I touched his robe and he put his hand on the top of my head saying “I give you separate interview”.

On 17th January 1996 I got my first interview and he was very kind telling me nice things like “I will give you everything” as he touched and stroked my head. He said “I know you’re not sure about your life and future and so on. Also unhappiness from women. I know, don’t worry. Also you have some bad thoughts, not good”. Then he said “I give you everything according to health, spirituality and life. Everything. I give you infinite love. You and me will become one”. I touched his robe and he put his hand on the top of my head saying “I give you separate interview”.


On 20th January 1996 I got the second interview. Already days before, he had established a strange eye-contact with me indicating the coming interview. My wife and I went to the interview and he acted very disappointed at seeing me together with my wife. He took me alone into the interview room and said “She is diseased and much older than you. Please separate from her”. I was really shocked and replied “She is attached to me”.

I asked him to give her some spiritual instruction, which he readily agreed to do, but he had something else on his mind.

Without asking permission he started kissing me on my lips for some time, and later asked me to open my trousers and ‘materialised’ some oil which he rubbed on the skin above my genitals. I felt very bad about all of this, but accepted, as I fully trusted Sai Baba.

Then he took my wife into the private interview room alone, and told her “Either you separate from the boy or I throw you out of Puttaparthi!”. He appeared wild and furious (my wife told me afterwards) and she shivered all over. When she reappeared in a very short time, looking red faced and very scared, nobody dared ask her what happened in there.

He saw me again some days later in darshan and asked whether I had separated or not. I said “Not yet”. He turned away and shouted so all people could hear “Bad, Bad boy!!!” He was so aggressive and seemed to radiate such an aura of evil that I was really shocked. We immediately left and went to north India for some pilgrimage.

This was a turning point, but after a time I decided to go once more to Sai Baba to clarify the matter. At the end of 1996 I returned to India and got interview on 4th December. In the interview he said “Where are you from?” When I told him I was from Germany, he responded “You are also a Hitler!”. Shocked, I thought to myself “He is not very kind is he?”

Nevertheless, in the private room the greedy old man kissed me again direct and continuously on my lips for about twenty seconds, and gently stroked my back. By now I was certain that something was very wrong.

On 28th December I was again called for interview and he produced a golden ring which didn’t fit well on my finger in spite of his blowing on it. In the private chamber he said “Come” and again kissed me on the lips for some time as before. This time I resisted and he gurgled “Have no fear”. I said “I have no fear”. Then he said “This is a good opportunity, so many waiting for months and will not get”. This baffled me. I’m sure people don’t wait for mouth kisses in Puttaparthi.

Then his mood totally changed and I did have some fear. He commanded me to remove my trousers, unzipped my fly and went with his right hand into my underpants. Sathya Sai Baba the ‘divine’ touched and massaged my genitals unasked. He expected some erection, but this didn’t happen for I didn’t feel any sexual excitement, no lust in the presence of a seventy years old man. I was really disgusted. Then he had the impudence to say “It is very weak, don’t waste energy”. When I looked at him I realised the truth about him and was shocked indeed. Soon afterwards, without another word, he sent me out of the room.

Back in Germany I did intense research on the internet and came across an article from Jed Geyerhahn and was very happy to have found somebody with similar experiences.

As I still had some luggage  in Puttaparthi I returned in November 1999 to collect it, taking with me two internet pages to discuss with some friends there. Unfortunately a lady came into possession of the material and took it to the Puttaparthi police station. Then I went through several interrogations with the police there.

Mr. Reddy  repeatedly asked from whom I got the material, and what would be the password. I told him India is still a democracy and I can carry whatever material I have with me, but he took no heed of my words. I told him that no password was needed to enter the net and everyone has free access to the material there. He sent me to an e-mail shop, accompanied by a policeman who waited, but the computers connected with Hydrabad are very slow, and therefore I could not enter the website.

Finally the inspector, Mr. Reddy, took my passport away and said “Unless you give me the password and name of the person I declare you guilty and will not allow you to leave Puttaparthi”. He treated me very badly, like a criminal, especially during the last interrogation and I had several witnesses to this incident. All of this because I had been in possession of two pages which I had not even written myself.

He then walked me, my wife and an American friend into the ashram, and once inside the gate, he again asked me the stupid question about the password. At the time I couldn’t understand why he should do so, but today I know he was showing us to some people or trustees whom we could not see or recognise.

I had another appointment on 1st November with the police, which was the day I intended to go to Delhi, but without my passport it would not be possible. On 30th October, late in the evening, two people whom I know and an unknown person came to our unit and one of them warned me that my life was in danger and I should leave immediately.

My wife and I left very early next morning, for Delhi. At Dharmmavaram rail station the police were searching for us, but we entered the train at Anantapur. There is a police station near the platform which we had to pass to enter the train, and the very moment I saw that I told my wife to go into the train separately. My wife heard a group of policemen talking about searching for somebody and caught the words ‘passport, Delhi and telegram’. We were in serious danger but fortunately I was dressed like an Indian, and escaped identification.

So we escaped and reached Delhi, and went immediately to the German Embassy. I got a travel document after telling them of my experience, and the Embassy official said a protest note would be sent to the Indian Government. He told me such an act is illegal and they knew of similar cases.

I want to inform you that at the police station in Puttaparthi the policeman had a bunch of both foreign and Indian passports in a drawer under a table, and once I saw them in his hand. This is just an observation, I don’t know to whom they belonged.

During this frightening time at Puttaparthi  I met an Italian couple we knew there and tried to tell them what had happened to me in interview with Sai Baba. They just closed their eyes and the lady shouted “Be quiet!! Shut up!! Sai Baba is our God, and all the bad stories are not true!!” Then they turned away. These same people had told me many years before that they could never find any peace at the ashram, and couldn’t understand it. But they would not listen to those who know it better. Nobody can possibly imagine how I felt while all of this was happening. I suffered a lot.

I met one ex-soldier from Ruanda who is very tall and handsome. This person has also been sexually molested by Sai Baba and he told me his story. He is married and his Japanese wife is a fanatical Sai Baba supporter. They have one child. He totally depends on her and can see no way to get free from Sai Baba. He has been given many gifts from Sai Baba like rings, bracelet, gold watch. Sai Baba touched his testicles and massaged his genitals at least twice. The gifts look like payment for prostitution, but a prostitute and her customer have a mutual agreement whereas the male devotees  are molested against their will, and they come for a completely different purpose.

Our strong faith in Sai Baba has been misused by the same Baba, through his paedophile behaviour, and this is the most disgraceful thing he could do.

However there are many other irregularities waiting to be clarified. I also want to let you know that Baba was willing to leave Puttaparthi on 28th November 1999 for Bangalore for a heart treatment but he didn’t because of the internet story about it. This is known to me from the police inspector who blamed me for having brought the internet pages to Puttaparthi. I have a good friend in Puttaparthi who is a shop keeper, and he had already told me that in November 1999 Baba had two heart attacks and went for treatment to Bangalore. He also said that most of the people who know about it don’t believe that Sai Baba will survive the next two years.

The Trustees are very concerned and alarmed about the internet.

Further I want to let you know (in case you do not) that Sathya Sai Baba was not born in Puttaparthi but in Karnatakka-Nagepalle village near Puttaparthi. Baba’s mother came from this place and according to tradition she has to deliver the child where she comes from. I know this from a person who was born in Puttaparthi and lives there for over forty years. The villager said it is an open secret, everyone knows it but is fearful to say it. You see, from the very beginning Baba and his followers were lying.

Please study the statement Krishna, a friend of Sai Baba’s youth, made to Erlendur Haraldsson. Never was a devotee so close to Sai Baba for such a long time as Krishna. He spent twenty-four hours a day with Sai Baba for some time. This was almost sixty years ago. Eventually Krishna left Sai Baba and went to Hydrabad. In an interview with Haraldsson, Krishna said that even in those days Sai Baba was more like a politician or chieftain of a feudal system. Krishna also said “Whatever Baba may have, one thing he has not, and this is compassion”.

I hope that this nightmare comes to an end and I hope that by the Grace of the Almighty, all people round the globe may know about the misdeeds of Sai Baba, a mighty demon who came in the guise of a spurious saint, only interested in self-glorification, name and fame.

He is a master – of deception.

Yours sincerely, Jens and Gurprit Sethi

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Letter by John Hislop to Sathya Sai Organization leaders

Posted by robertpriddy on December 17, 2009


(See scan of original xerox circular from Hislop Note that the PS. appears at the top of the scan)
Jan. 18, 1981
Dear Directors:

By the time you receive this memo. you will already have received the letter which Mrs. Payne has mailed to each of us. And we hear she is sending it to other people in addition to ourselves.By the time you receive this memo you will already have received the letter which Mrs. X has mailed to each of us. And we hear she is sending it to other people in addition to ourselves.

No doubt this is a terrible letter which carries the potential of destroying Sri Bhagavan in the West, and destroying also the spiritual life and spiritual faith of many devotees. What can be said by each of us to devotees and other who come to us to express their distress?

Directors Bayer, Goldstein, Krystal and myself have been going over and over the problem as we were talking together this weekend. Let me first say what we are not able to explain. There are two ways for us to respond to these horrible stories about Sri Bhagavan. One is to believe Sri Bhagavan when He says the stories are totally untrue, and the other is to believe the stories. If our decision is to not believe the stories, then the question arises as to what moves so many people to say these false stories. This question we are quite unable to answer. I have written urgently to Sri Bhagavan asking Him to kindly supply us with the correct answer. I pray that we will be able to know the correct thing to say in response when people raise this doubt.

Now, what are we able to explain? First of all it can be said that Hislop went to Sri Bhagavan while in India this past December, told Him of the stories which were circulating, in clinical detail and withholding nothing. Sri Baba listened carefully, and without anger but in a most serious voice replied that the stories were untrue and they were totally false.

Second, the following can be explained. The person who believes the stories chooses to believe also that Sri Bhagavan is a hypocrite, a liar and a criminal. Why? (1) He would be a hypocrite because He pretends that His life is above the senses; and because He told me in an interview (which you have seen) that a homosexual is denied Membership in a Center, that this person should be questioned closely and be admitted only if the person desires to change their life away from that of a homosexual, and that people were homosexuals because of weakness of mind. (2) He would be a liar because He told me, face to face, in the most serious way that the homosexual stories about Him were totally untrue. (3) He would be a criminal because the homosexual abuse of children under His care and protection is a criminal action and such people are punished by jail sentences.

Now, is the above portrait of Sri Baba the portrait that the person really sees and believes in? Because, that is the portrait of Sri Baba that the person who believes the stories is actually taking into their mind. If such is really their portrait of Sri Baba, then that person should seriously consider a clear break away from Him. With such a portrait of Sri Baba nagging at the back of the mind, the person will not find peace of mind, and life will be troubled and unhappy. Most people who may tend to believe these horrible stories about Sri Bhagavan have not, I feel sure, carefully thought through the situation. If it is carefully explained what the person is actually saying about Sri Bhagavan when these stories are even partially accepted, I believe it would be of genuine help to the person. I urge that you yourself carefully think through the situation, carefully consider all aspects of it, and come to a very serious and firm conclusion, which will then be your strength when you have to talk about this to a troubled devotee.

Sai Ram,

P.S. We are also contacting people we know who lived and worked in the…. college at Brindavan to get written statements from them about the situation with the boys. We have already talked to Jack Hand, who taught Physical Ed & Health at the College for two years. At no time did he hear even one of these stories. As far as he is concerned, such stories did not exist with the college students.

P.S.S. Another point: It is downright crazy to even conceive that such a situation could exist without indictment from parents & Government, whereas Gov. Leaders are Swami’s strong devotees.

In contacting long-inducted and convinced foreign devotees who knew no Telugu or other Indian languages Hislop made clear that he did not intend to investigate the allegations almost before he had begun. The only correct way would have been to contact some of those who accused Sai Baba of abusing them.

Indian students who originally begged David Bailey for his help to stop Sai Baba abusing them might – if very sensitively handled – been willing to relate their experiences to Hislop, despite his being a signed-up and dyed-in-the-wool believer in Sai Baba’s divinity. It would have been difficult for them, but they did dare to tell David Bailey who must have inspired their trust in him, even though six devotees were murdered in 1993, some of whom were allegedly also sexually abused. Failing them, there were enough brave young Western young men who would have testified as to the truth. Hislop has long since been informed of Sai Baba’s sexual abuse by Conny Larsson and, when Hislop went in to ask Sai Baba about that, he was immediately thrown out of the interview room. (Note: the “Mrs X” referred to was Mrs. Payne, originally Ms. Diana Scott, mother of Terry Scott)

Instead, he asked Westerners like Jack Hand, Richard Kaplowitz (who was himself approached by a student who made such allegations, but rejected it as not credible!) and persons with vested interests (prestige, professional credibility etc.) in not crediting the facts… Richard Bayer, Phyllis Krystal, Dr. Michael Goldstein, and Dr. Samuel Sandweiss. Such devotees were kept in the dark about all remotely sensitive issues, as I came to discover with certainty that all foreign devotees are in the tightly censoring Baba ashrams.

Hislop says there are two ways to respond – believe or not belive the ‘stories’. But Hislop’s simplistic black-white thinking and deep investment in his belief blinded him to the obvious option – serious investigation of the allegations. That would have been the best one for all concerned, whether Sai Baba were proven guilty or innocent. Hislop’s emphasis on Sai Baba’s claims of innocence show his mind to be made up in advance. However, believers in Sai Baba would not easily be able to gain the confidence of the students and others who say they were abused, so a reliable and respected neutral party would have to be called upon. For one can’t easily imagine Sai Baba’s students – under his very restrictive and moralistic discipline and ominous power – freely questioning in public, ‘Sir, why does God abuse me sexually?’

Questioning Sathya Sai Baba was better than absolutely nothing, but it is obvious he would not admit to guilt. Having built himself up as being such an unsurpassable holiness through decades, and having encouraged a massive movement praising him as the saviour of the world… well, how could he face the consequences? He had already tried in advance to avert the worst effects of what such a long history of reported abuses must have realized could not be concealed for ever by stating that “a great scandal is coming” and similar things which might make him seem to be prescient.

Hislop shows far greater concern for the consequences of finding out that Sai Baba was guilty than discovering the facts. After his years of servility to the man he believes to be God the Creator of the Universe, he could not face the idea that Sai Baba is a hypocrite, a liar and a criminal.

Hislop shows his complete naivety and ignorance of social conditions in India – not to mention the rest of the world (eg. the Catholic Church as one instance) when he wrote: “It is downright crazy to even conceive that such a situation could exist without indictment from parents & Government“.

On the contrary, such situations have existed for eons and are coming to light on a broader and vaster scale all the time.

The situation in India is especially bad, as the Indian Government’s own official most thorough research report together with UNICEF and Save the Children makes all too clear

(Fifty-three per cent of India’s forty million children claim to have been sexually abused. That is over 20 million child victims!)

See official Government report:

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Revealing letters on sexual abuse claims by Dr. John Hislop

Posted by robertpriddy on December 16, 2009

A series of crucial letters was written by John Hislop in early 1981 as a result of information that had come out from an American family. The son of this family was in Sai Baba’s College in the late 1970s. He and his friends were, according to the boy and his parents believed him, molested by Sai Baba. This story came out in 1980, and was discussed in the Sai Organization. Signed copies of all were sent to numerous centre leaders, with instructions to destroy them after reading.

John Hislop Ph.D. was doubtless the most prominent figures in Sathya Sai Baba’s movement in the USA – and was known worldwide from the 1970s onward. One of the major spokespersons for Sathya Sai Baba – popular as a hagiographic lecturer in Sathya Sai Organization centers in many countries, he was the founder and acting head (in a lifetime appointment by Sathya Sai himself) of the Sathya Sai Baba movement in North America from 1969 until his own death in 1995.

The following three letters were written by John Hislop to Directors in Sai Centers, mostly in the USA, as a result of information that had come out from an American family, Mrs. Payne (who was remarried) and her son Terry Scott. Terry Scott, was in Sai Baba’s College in the late 1970s and was first US student to live at Sathya Sai Baba’s Hostel for students. He and his friends were, according to the boy and his parents believed him, molested by Sai Baba. This story came out in 1980, and was discussed in some higher echelons of the Sathya Sai Organization, then covered over as completely as possible, in accordance with Hislop’s own request to destroy his letters (which were sent around in xeroxed form as was Hislop’s usual method of contacting numerous officials). Among know recipients of three of these letters were John Prendergast, former President of the San Francisco Sathya Sai Centre (see here), Dr. Michael Goldstein [presently Chairman of the International Sathya Sai Organization], Robert and Rita Bruce (VIP devotees, former leaders of SS Centers), Robert Bozzani, Al Drucker. Samuel Sandweiss, Jack Hand, and to various US Sathya Sai Centre leaders. The fourth letter was addressed to ‘Terry and Mrs. Payne’, later circulated to others.

Timothy Conway Ph.D. , who relieved John Prendergast as the Director (President) of the San Francisco Sathya Sai centre, writes that these letters “are among the very most important
pieces of documentary evidence in the entire case of Sathya Sai Baba’s
purported longtime serial sexual molestation of male youth

For in his first memo (dated Jan. 18, 1981), Dr. Hislop, who had already heard from devotee Mark Roche a first-person account from 1976 of alleged sexual molestation by Sathya Sai Baba (I learned only in 2003 about Roche’s conversation with Hislop
around 1980), refers to “these horrible stories about Sri Bhagavan [Sathya Sai].”

Hislop makes it clear that, if any such allegations were substantiated, then Sathya Sai would be “a hypocrite, a liar, and a criminal.” Hislop goes on to elaborate the gravity of the situation: “(1) He would be a hypocrite because He pretends that His life is above the senses…. (2) He would be a liar because He told me, face to face, in the most serious way that the
homosexual stories about Him were totally untrue. (3) He would be a criminal because the homosexual abuse of children under His care and protection is a criminal action and such people are punished by jail sentences.
” (Emphasis added.) This
threefold serious attitude expressed by Dr. Hislop seems to have been entirely dismissed and forgotten in more recent times by the leaders of the SSB organization and Sathya Sai’s defenders.

And whereas back in the early 1980s, such stories of impropriety by Sathya Sai were very few and far between, overwhelmed by the far, far greater number of stories of Sathya’s paranormal powers, miracles, emotional and spiritual healing, uplifting teachings, good deeds, and service and educational projects, since the advent of the Internet in the late
1990s, such unsavory stories of misbehavior by SSB have grown to major proportions.

The “Hislop letters,” therefore, are an important window onto how the topmost leaders of the SSB Org in the USA missed a major opportunity in 1981 to steer the movement in the right direction toward further exploring and enacting the professed values of the Sai movement: Satya-Dharma-Shanti-Prema-Ahimsa [Truth-Virtue-Peace-Love-Harmlessness].

To be continued in coming blogs

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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The Hislop letters – part one [Timothy Conway on Gerald Moreno]

Posted by robertpriddy on December 15, 2009

This is the first in a series of blogs in which the infamous letters by the former leader of the U.S. Sathya Sai Organization, Dr. John Hislop will be examined. Three letters were written by Hislop in early 1981 as a result of a letter he and other Sai leaders received from an American family whose son was in Sai Baba’s College in the late 1970s. He and his friends were, according to the boy and his parents believed him, molested by Sai Baba. This story came out in 1980, and was discussed in the Sai Organization, but Hislop tried to cover up the matter, asking that all the letters he sent be destroyed by the recipients! One set of the letters was handed on to Timothy Conway when he took over as Director of the San Francisco Sathya Sai Centre, and he has made a scan of them available. Timothy Conway has written:-

“Gerald “Joe” Moreno is one very outspoken person who has tried to challenge the legitimacy of the Hislop letters, adamantly and repeatedly charging that they are “forgeries.” Joe is clearly a passionate and, yes, quite controversial figure, banned from any further meddling with the Wikipedia entry on Sathya Sai Baba because of his repeated violations of their rules of fairness and objectivity.

Curiously, in the FAQ section of his other, extremely critical, nit-picking website,, Joe reports that he is a former longtime devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, that he left the SSB movement, and that he is no longer a devotee due to his agnosticism on the idea of “God” and “karma.”

Despite being an ex-devotee, Joe has strangely, inexplicably written a huge (I mean HUGE) amount of Internet material vehemently defending and privileging his erstwhile guru Sathya Sai from critics’ questions and charges by launching a series of rebuttals and also verbal attacks on these questioners and critics. Some of the rebuttals are worthwhile and “successful” on certain points. Some are deliberately misleading. His terribly uncivil and unfair character attacks on certain persons are not at all worthwhile.

The letters will be dealt with one by one here in the coming week.

See also My Concerns about Sathya Sai Baba by Timothy Conway

It is of note that gerald Moreno has, as is his usual method with all Sai Baba critics, gone to extreme lengths to libel and smear Timothy Conway on numerous websites and blogs. Witness some of his entries on Google:-

scan of excerpt from Google search on Timothy Conway

See also Evidence of an Internet Activist in Action
Gerald Joe Moreno by Alan Kazlev – also a target for Moreno


Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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‘The Secret Swami’ & U.S. State Department Warning against Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 14, 2009

The Sathya Sai Baba cult runs a massive disinformation and cover-up campaign, headed by Gerald Moreno, which tries to distort key facts about the US State Department DIRECT warning about Sathya Sai Baba. Moreno claims the State Department did not directly name Sai Baba – but this is not true, as was confirmed to the BBC presenter of the 1 hour documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ when she contacted the U.S. Embassy in Delhi. It is obvious to any serious and neutral observer that the U.S. State Department does not issue warnings without having investigated the reasons most thoroughly! The State Department NEVER issued any formal withdrawal of the warning against Sai Baba, which would have also required them to make an apology for promoting false information. No such thing occurred, the warning simply became outdated, no doubt due to Sai Baba’s subsequent chronic invalidism and reduced capacity to meet devotees in private or continue the named “inappropriate sexual behaviour” in private interviews.

Moreno’s whole argument is that the warning was withdrawn. However, ‘withdrawal’ of a web page is not the same as withdrawal of the allegations already made by such responsible bodies, for no mention is made of refutation of the warnings, far from it.
The said web page did only make an ‘indirect’ reference to Sai Baba because no formal court order had been achieved against Sai Baba, so he could not be named for legal reasons only. The warning was made, did refer to him, as he was nevertheless named by US officials who were contactable.
TRANSCRIPT – BBC report on investigations at the U.S. Embassy, Delhi.
Tanya Datta:
The American Government is also concerned. On the web site of the American Embassy in Delhi there’s a warning to U.S. citizens visiting the State of Andhra Pradesh. It draws attention to a noted Godman who reportedly indulges in inappropriate sexual behaviour with young male devotees.We contacted the U.S. Embassy in Delhi and they confirmed to us, and for the first time, that they are directly referring to Sai Baba.

The BBC confirms that Sathya Sai Baba was directly named by the U.S. State Embassy

View a video clip (1.5 Mb)

Comment: This is the web site header and relevant text:-

US Deputy of State warning to travelers

CRIME IN ANDHRA PRADESH – Americans traveling to or residing in Andhra Pradesh should also be aware that there have been media and other reports of inappropriate sexual behavior by a prominent local religious leader. Most of the reports indicate that the subjects of these approaches have been young male devotees, including a number of Americans. Although these reports are unconfirmed, American citizens should be aware of this information.

See also:-
The Gerald Joe Moreno main dossier Internet point man for defending Sai Baba and the Sathya Sai Organization first-line shows himself as a fanatical and aggressive cultistIn deep psychological denial about being molested inappropriately. He refutes every criticism of Sathya Sai Baba and his followers in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Gerald Moreno, master of two-bit triviality The ever-untruthful Moreno writes that Priddy “hailed”  Sai Baba as  the Father who sent Jesus and Allah who sent Muhammed. He did neither.

Gerald Moreno: homo-erotic fantasies, latent homosexuality A cheap demagogic trick against critics and accusers of Sathya Sai Baba – they must be latent homosexuals, have perverted fantasies etc.

Moreno’s bawdy blogs and few supporters Sai Baba devotees are invariably not bawdy… but their defender Mr. Moreno most certainly is very much so.

Fighting Facts with Smears – profile of a web aggressor, Gerald Moreno Years of libel and lies against all public Sai Baba  dissidents…. now he is getting some payback.

Gerald Moreno and his pathological denial cause of the hateful fury of this relentless web attacker
Gerald Moreno – and the Sathya Sai Baba lunatic fringe Moreno claims Sai Baba ‘manifested himself’ before him in New Mexico… he could not move or scream! And more…
Gerald Moreno’s wildest attack on Priddy so far? Childish tit-for-tat attacks without basis, cyber bully  Moreno exhibits his deep denial of what happened to him.
Gerald Moreno’s empty words and threats Joe of the single-track mind often graphically shouts his anger and deceptive self-justification with underlining, capitals and bold text.

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Major contradictions about ‘Divinity’ and more

Posted by robertpriddy on December 11, 2009

In a discourse in January 1995, Sathya Sai Baba said: “The good and evil in the world are expressions of Divine consciousness. Man should not be misled by these expressions. Behind all the various actions of the actors, the Divine Director is at work.” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol.28 new ed., p.1)

Since Sathya Sai Baba has many a time proclaimed himself to be the Divine Director of everything – and if he is therefore responsible in any way for anything good that occurs – he must also be equally responsible for all the so-called ‘evil’. This is the classic and unsolved dilemma of all those who believe in an omnipotent God. For how could he (she or it) be good and at the same time create or ‘direct’ evil actions? To say that whatever this supposed ‘incarnation’ does is an expression of divine consciousness simply avoids the problem with more empty talk. He also states that “none are free from the taint of evil” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 3., p.4). At the same time, yet more confusedly, he has sometimes also denied that anyone is either good or bad… or that good and bad even exists at all. In accepting he is behind everything – but is only pure and good in every way, while humans are responsible for ‘evil’ – Sai Baba shows his Janus-face along with many other kinds of duplicity.

Is there only a spark in everyone, or is everyone and everything God ?

Sai Baba often takes two contradictory standpoints [all the better no doubt to draw in more people of differing opinions or beliefs]. Though he has long supported and endlessly proclaimed the ancient Hindu teaching that there is divinity in everyone, his position is not at all as it seems. Among his many incompatible claims… he holds that every person, as well as every single living being, has a spark of the divine within. Much more than this, he often proclaims that everyone and everything IS God, nothing but God, nothing less! If it is not blindingly obvious that this is confused and confusing empty talk, one should click here to read why in more detail. If this were not enough contradiction, he has gone on to pronounce that certain people – those who criticize him – do not even have a spark of the divine in them. with “… a hard-hearted person cannot be called a spark of Divinity; he is verily a demon.” p. 323, Sanathana Sarathi, November 2002

The ‘spark of the divine’ notion is – obviously – in no way an original idea of Sathya Sai Baba – it is found in many Hindu writings before him and is also found widely outside Hinduism. It has become popular among many so-called ‘New Age’ thinkers and self-styled gurus and is even found in corporate culture, books on how to succeed and to lead. It is not an observable fact, of course, and is ultimately no more than  religious imaginings – though the divinity of human beings in any shape or form other than being made in the image of God (if that) is not accepted in most mainstream religions and sects.

Sai Baba has constantly tried in countless ways to make devotees dependent on him so that through him they can supposedly discover their own ‘divinity’. The methods vary from constant prayer to him, repetition of especially his name (as most propitious in this age), singing his name and his self-attributed ‘Glories’, plus worship of himself (written “worship of the Divine Form”). He willingly accepts adulation and worship… and has let countless thousands touch his feet in obeisance. This only leads to one becoming less self-dependent, less able to see one’s own divine nature in any way independently of “Him” Not surprisingly he denies all free will (except for himself), dislikes all independence of himself and ridicules self-reliant thinkers, independent scholars, and genuine intellectuals.Yet sometimes he admits that human beings do possess a degree of free will… for they can choose either to act righteously or not so, and so on. All in all, he gives a pick-and mix a la carte menu of a cacophony of standpoints… everyone can find something they like (and they ignore or forget the rest which clashes). This is typical of many religious organizations – believe what you want!

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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