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Gerald Moreno, master of two-bit triviality.

Posted by robertpriddy on December 8, 2009

On one of his series of blogs aiming to defame and ridicule all critics of Sathya Sai Baba, Gerald Moreno has had to resort to what he finds to be funny… nothing less than a small typo I made. I wrote 670 instead of 70. A hilarious error? One can even be led to think that he did not even realise he was looking at a typo! His taste in what passes for him as ‘funny’ falls flatter than the corniest vaudeville, and that is hard corn! He makes out that this is evidence that I am ‘mentally unsound’ and not of ‘unimpaired memory’ [it actually is unimpared!! Instead he shows the true quality of his judgement! Once more he flaunts his obsessive nit-picking triteness of mind as if it were an asset… only to bring home the fact that he has nothing whatever serious to level against me. It’s almost a surprise he didn’t charge me with a blatant lie and/or fraud, as he invariably does (even though I have never written one single lie!).

Moreno’s entire aim with such a bagatelle is evidently just to get a fresh Google Alert and search engine listings in the hope that people will take more notice of him and his many links to his massive compendium of lie-and- libel pages which are prominently placed under the blog’s title ‘Sathya Sai Baba – Love, Light and Spirituality’!! In so doing – and despite his desire to exterminate all criticism of the guru he defends to the hilt – he continually draws attention to the fact that Sathya Sai Baba is under what he himself has called ‘great criticism’… being his widely reported but uninvestigated sexual abuses and evident endorsement and complicity in the execution of four young men in his bedroom and the following cover-up, besides much else. Moreno keeps the existence of a major controversy nicely fired up in the minds of anyone who visits his contumelious pages, where his contributions certainly turn off anyone with a shred of independent judgement. The more Gerald Moreno writes the deeper the hole he digs for Sai Baba and for himself. No doubt he also embarrasses many of those Sai followers who do actually take seriously some of the values their guru-God preaches… like criticizing oneself instead of others, showing kindness, consideration, love, respect for others, seeing no wrong in others etc. ad infinitum.

The shame is that Sai Baba himself breaks with these virtues in his own demonizing of critics and many others, especially when he calls people ‘bad’ in interviews. as I have heard him do. The Pollyanna attitude in Sai Baba’s largely unrealistic puritan ‘teaching’ is so extreme and religiously fundamentalist that anyone who pretends to follow it becomes a hypocrite… for they cannot free themselves from critical thoughts about others and many other natural and even necessary human traits which Sai Baba rejects as evil. Moreno may be said to follow Sai Baba in ignoring all the sweet talking stuff and aiming to blacken and demonize critics, (stalking them both on and off the Internet intruding into family and professional life via phone and email) and trying to assassinate the characters of many who have given decades of their lives to the most caring devotion and service). This is an indictment of HIS lack of integrity, while dozens of informed and independent observers find that my integrity remains intact. The same goes for Barry Pittard, who Moreno has attacked most scurrilously. Moreno, for example, has repeatedly and viciously used the name, in titles and articles, of this prominent former devotee/critic’s young son from when he was about 7 years of age (and even falsely increasing the age by a number of years to 12!), and attacked the business of a young woman whom he (Moreno) wrongly accuses of being a critic of Sathya Sai Baba. That Moreno has close association in these and many other attacks on former devotees with the Saibabaofindia group, known to be close to Sathya Sai Baba, is a telling indictment on the Sathya Sai Organisation, which would allow this nexus, which runs so contrarily to the Sai Baba teachings, and which is so atypical of the decent behaviour of many Sathya Sai devotees. [Sai Baba Hatchet Man Picks On A Young Child]. Such is this Sai Baba defender’s moral depths… and they sink lower and lower as the following blogs show with complete clarity:-

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