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BBC radio 4 interview transcript – Sai sex abuse

Posted by robertpriddy on January 31, 2010

To those who are still Sathya Sai Baba devotees in denial of the facts I put the question: why would so many young men speak out in the way exemplified below in the BBC Radio 4 interview transcript by one such testifier, Jed Geyerhahn of Massachusetts? The explanation Sathya Sai organization gives officially is that they are “disgruntled”, for because they did not get what they came for, or failed to get enough attention from God Incarnate. That is an absurdity… they are disgusted rather than disgruntled. They got what the did not want, sexual molestation, according to their detailed and credible accounts. That so many young men had the courage and public duty to stand forth fearlessly is a testimony to them. So it is high time for followers and defenders of Sai Baba to show a minimum of honesty in evaluating the testimonies and other still mounting evidence. Vir Sanghvi of the Hindustan Times had the courage to face down the powerful, Government-protected Sathya Sai Baba, pointing out that the evidence is overwhelming. Over 20 young men have spoken out in signed testimonies about being sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba, and many more have contacted those of us they can trust privately with their information so as to let us be in no doubt whatever of the truth.

Sai Baba, holy guru whose wisdom is profound. Or a sexual predator?

Transcript from BBC Radio 4 – Sunday 19th November 2000 – 7:30am

This is Sunday on BBC Radio 4; the time is now just after 7.33 am …

“He then abused my stepson, so I then knew that these stories I’d been told by the students were true. The students turned to me, and said ‘Please sir, will you go back to England and help us?’

(Five minutes of other stories…)

We’ll return now to a story we reported on two weeks ago about serious allegations of sexual abuse made against Sai Baba, the popular leader of a religious organisation in India, who claims to have up to 50 million followers around the world. A campaign waged on the Internet by disillusioned former devotees is seeking to warn families of the dangers they face when visiting the Sai Baba Organisation. The allegations are hotly disputed.

Stephen Perry investigates, in this week’s special report:

Sai Baba is one of the most revered gurus in India and has a following that is estimated to be between 10 and 50 million. Most of the devotees are from India, but many travel from the United Kingdom, United States and the rest of the world, in the hope of being granted an interview with the man who claims he is the reincarnation of a revered saint, Shirdi Sai Baba who died in 1918.

He is himself now worshipped as a god, an Avatar. </span

“I know that Baba is my saviour. I know that Baba is within me. I know that Baba will direct me. I know that Baba will protect me. I love you father. I need you Father Sai Baba.”

“I believed that he was the Avatar, and I believed also specifically that he’d called me to be close to him and to be a follower of his, so I felt that there were divine forces at work in bringing me to him, and in giving me a new direction in my life.”

Jed Geyerhan from Massachusetts in the United States was close to his 16th birthday when he first met Sai Baba a few years ago. Jed had travelled with his aunt to the ashram in Puttaparthi in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

In 1997 Mick Brown, the Daily Telegraph journalist, joined the 10,000 or so who regularly gathered at the small town that been formed to accommodate devotees at the Sai Baba Centre. He was there to conduct research for his book ‘The Spiritual Tourist.’ He became aware of the wide embrace of the leaders’ influence.

“Sai Baba is without question, the most important and the most significant religious figure in India. He’s also a very significant political figure in India, and his followers have included previous Prime Ministers and the present Prime Minister. Among the board of trustees of his ashram are senior politicians, former politicians, members of the judiciary, senior members of the armed forces… so on and so forth. So he is a very estimable figure in Indian public life, and a very powerful figure actually in the Hindu nationalist movement in India.”

David Bailey, a concert pianist from North Wales…

(David’s music plays behind David as he speaks for a few seconds).

“When I got to India to see him, there was a fantastic moment in my life, because I believed that I was in the presence of a very great being. He was claiming to be God on earth… At that moment when I saw him… There was a huge welling up of an energy… I can only say, of love. It was a moment that made me think – am I here on earth at the same time as another figure like Jesus? “

David Bailey found favour with Sai Baba and was asked to play at music festivals in India and around the world on his behalf. He says he was granted over a hundred private interviews with the guru. Most devotees are lucky to have one such opportunity. But he claims when young students started coming up to him with tales of how they had been sexually abused, he became troubled.

“He then abused my stepson, so I then knew that the stories I’d been told were true. The students turned to me, and said “Please sir, will you go back to England and help us?”

This he did, and set up a website on the Internet, and he began to publish testimonies by those who alleged they’d been molested by Sai Baba.

What has emerged is a pattern of behaviour by the guru, leading on to sexual abuse of devotees. On his first visit to the ashram, Jed Geyerhan had several interviews with Sai Baba in the company of his aunt. At the third, he was invited into a private room, alone.

“He actually grabbed my groin direct through my clothes and in that interview he asked me to take my pants down and he materialised this grey ash called vibhuti and rubbed the vibhuti on the side of my groin.”

Two years later he went back and was granted a further interview.

“But looking for some sort of explanation as to what these sexual experiences were. He asked me what I wanted and I said “I want your love” and he took it completely wrong and sort of just peculiarly advanced his body towards me and said “you know I’m all yours, take me.” ah .. you know “take me” but not .. ah .. sort of in any sort of spiritual way but looking at me in a flirtatious way.”

With Jed it went no further than that, but another American family who wish to remain anonymous, claimed Sai Baba had oral sex with their son and attempted to rape him. The boy’s father was at the time an important official within the organisation in the United States. He himself, at the age of 18 had had similar experiences to those of Jed Geyerhan.

“What happened many years later to my son, proved to me that really what had happened to me was just the initial part of what Sai Baba does, and that it seems that that’s the way he starts out with boys.

When we began questioning our son we found out that in fact Baba had been forcing him to engage in more intimate sexual behaviour than we had ever known about and when our son would refuse, Baba would get angry, and he would say “oh, you don’t like me and so I’m never talking to you and your family again.” and her son would say “oh please Baba don’t – I .. I do love you, but not like that.”

We contacted the Sai Baba Organisation in India but a senior official there made it clear they were not willing to talk to the BBC.

Ashok Bagwani, a trustee of the UK organisation vigorously denies there is any substance to the allegations, and so has the anointing of the genitals of young men by Sai Baba was out of the question.

“It is not acceptable in any form of language and this sort of behaviour does not agree with spirituality. You know, Sai Baba is a spiritual leader and I can tell you categorically this sort of thing doesn’t happen there. These are disgruntled people. They may have been previously Sai Baba devotees, but they are disgruntled, with an axe to grind and I welcome anyone to contact me if they’ve got a serious allegation, and errr … We will talk to them.”

Steen Piculell, the Sai Baba organisation co-ordinator in the Russian speaking countries, speaking from Copenhagen in a personal capacity, says the allegations are sheer madness. But he does believe the stroking of the male genitals can be acceptable in India.

“Gurus have always, as part of their job, put some oil on the er .. upper.. er … Part of their … Right hand and g .. … and gone down in the chakra be .. be .. behind the testicles to er .. er .. . adjust the .. chakra there. This is a normal thing. And this I suppose Baba has also done because this is part of his job. That’s all.”

and Steen Piculell dismisses those who are organising the campaign against Baba as representing no more than a divine test, sent by God.

“Of course, they’re playing the role of Judas or the ‘doubtful Thomas.’ I mean that they are picked to play this role, from a .. a .. d…divine play. The time of Jesus, with the doubt for Thomas, with the Judas, is repeating itself now, in this time. And they’re doing a perfect… job, and Baba knows only the best ones to pick out for that ..

To date, no one making the allegations against Sai Baba has attempted to prosecute him. Mick Brown thinks the guru is in some measure invulnerable in his own country.

“I think there is a degree to which Sai Baba is a law unto himself, if you like. I think it’s probably very hard for anyone to make these allegations in India, because he is a figure of… held in such high esteem.”

With legal action unlikely, Jed Geyerhan and the many others who made the allegations of indecent assault and abuse of trust, are limiting themselves to warning others against following a path.

“My motive at this point is just sort of continue down that road trying to get as many people to know about it as possible, and realise that there’s something terribly wrong here.”

Jed Geyerhahn ending that report by Stephen Perry. BBC radio 4

Jed Geyerhahn also stated on the Danish documentary film ‘Seduced’ -viewable here (also title ‘Seduced by Sai Baba’):-

(JED GEYERHAHN) In 1989 when I was 15 years old I went to India for three weeks. And on that trip I had four interviews. And in the third interview he actually asked me to untie my pants. And he forcibly pulled my pants down and with his bare hand grabbed my groin and rubbed some oil on the side of my scrotum. And I went again on the following year, and on that trip when I was 16 years old, Sai Baba called me again for a private interview. At that point I was even actually more uncomfortable because it seemed like this had already taken place, there is no reason why it needed to take place again. But he asked me to take my pants down. I did and he went on and produced an oily substance and rubbed it on the side of my scrotum.

226 00:36:34:10 00:36:38:15 According to Jed Geyerhahn, he is far from being the only one.

(JED GEYERHAHN) I have talked with students at Sai Baba’s school and they have had sexual relationships with Sai Baba. And it’s really common knowledge that several students stay with Sai Baba all night on an ongoing basis. And of course nobody talks about what takes place with these students with Sai Baba, but from the students I’ve talked to (it’s) clear that there are sexual relationships taking place. And in fact one student I talked to directly was a person that was staying with Sai Baba. And from the conversation it was clear that it was very difficult for him to come forward with this information, because he’d be rejected by his family and by his culture and by his people, unlike American students who have the support of their culture and society and family. They come forward and talk about the fact that they have been mistreated by Sai Baba.

Anyone who doubts the breadth and depth of the testimonies can view some of them here:-
The long history of Sathya Sai Baba sexual abuse evidence and testimonies
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Revealing letters on sexual abuse claims by Dr. John Hislop
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Dr. Naresh Bhatia’s exposure of Sathya Sai Baba
A searing testimonial about Sathya Sai Baba
Ashok Bhagani denies fully documented facts‘Genital Oiling’ by Sathya Sai Baba + video evidence
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Conny Larsson is interviewed in ‘Cyprus Today’
Joseph. Early Sathya Sai Baba Whistleblower
More sexual abuse evidence emerges against Sathya Sai Baba
Outright defenders of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba


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Not a ‘smear campaign’ against Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on January 29, 2010

It is claimed by some current devotees or defenders of Sathya Sai Baba that I and Barry Pittard are running a huge “smear campaign” against them. This characterisation of our work is unjustified, because – were it genuinely a smear campaign – it could be contested by Sathya Sai Baba legally. That he has not done, which indicates that he knows full well – and his many advisors are also no doubt aware – that I have taken much care not to post a single statement which can be legally proved to be libel.The cover-up in India to the highest levels of all his alleged sexual abuses and murder involvement is indisputable, as I have also campaigned to make the world aware, not least here.

What I have done is primarily to reproduce available evidence – writings, testimonies, published materials from the world media – and commented on it in the light of statements made by himself and his various officials and defenders. I have promoted the writings of scores of disaffected followers who have published their experiences both on the Internet and sometimes elsewhere. Note that I am a member of the 32-strong JuST group, which includes many professionals who call for public investigation of Sai Baba and his organization. The JuST group have invited the Prashanthi Council – Sai Baba’s policy-making body – to respond to their concerns, but are met with total silence. This also shows that they are unaccountable to public opinion and have the nature of a closed and secretive cult.

I have also related my own experiences through 18 years as the top  office-bearer in his Organization in Norway and a frequent visitor to his ashrams. This I have done entirely truthfully – so they cannot be disproved by any honest means – and stated my opinions of him based on my personal knowledge of him and I have reported what has been told about him by some very close servitors. Much of this is documented in my very voluminous daily diaries from the time of my nine visits, of which I have scanned a selection, and which exist as evidence from a time when I was still a follower of Sathya Sai Baba and believed in the main what he said (if not everything, for there were his more incredible claims and incorrect statements).

There is, however a massive  smear campaign directed against me, Barry Pittard and every single critic of Sathya Sai Baba by the foremost Internet defender of Sathya Sai Baba, his organization and all persons positively connected with him. This is the work of the Las Cruces, New `Mexico resident, Gerald Moreno, of no known profession or qualifications other than a huge propensity for denial of facts, obsessive attempts to insult and assassinate the characters of all against whom he takes exception. That we have not held him legally accountable is primarily due to the waste of time, energy and money it would involve to give such attention to this nonentity, whose campaign is easily seen by anyone of independent mind or common sense to be a self-defeating exercise. For example, he defends the convicted rapist and murderer, Swami Premananda of Tiruvannamalai, and defended Sai Baba for some years while actually believing him to be a sexual abuser (he had his own sexual molestation incident with Sai Baba, about which he is in deep denial, admitting being confused and sexually inhibited afterward by his own explanation). Moreno’s efforts only serve to increase the controversy about Sathya Sai Baba and make sure we are active in exposing Sathya Sai Baba further so as not to be swamped out by positive propaganda and smears.

See also Smear Campaign against critics of Sathya Sai Baba

and <A Formal Open Appeal to the ‘Prashanthi Council



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Sathya Sai Baba spoke against homosexuality!

Posted by robertpriddy on January 27, 2010

Dr. John Hislop reported a previously unmentioned fact in a letter to directors of the US Sathya Sai Council of January 18, 1981. He reported that, when he asked Sathya Sai Baba about the accusations from a mother of homosexual abuse of her son, Baba “told me in an interview (which you have seen) that a homosexual is denied Membership in a Center, that this person should be questioned closely and be admitted only if the person desires to change their life away from that of a homosexual, and that people were homosexuals because of weakness of mind.”

This is a restriction never before mentioned in the Charter of the Sathya Sai organization, nor in and directive received by me when I was in regular receipt of all such circulars as national leader of the organization in Norway.  That Sai Baba instructed its top leader in the West to ban homosexuals from the Organisation, and even from its centres is typical of religious hypocrites, who are under great pressure worldwide not to discriminate against those of such sexual preferences. It shows yet again that Sai Baba’s favourite slogan ‘Love all, serve all’ is very much a snare, a sham and a delusion.

The former UK Sathya Sai Organization top leader, Mr. Lucas Ralli, organized what was billed an an “inter-faith” conference (actually a Sai Baba promotional meeting) in a Bayswater hall the West End of London, which I attended. Incidentally, Ralli was dismissed peremptorily from his role as Central Coordinator {for privately stating  his own opinions on organizational matters) by then International Chairman, the widely-disliked Indulal Shah. However, Mrs. Phyllis Krystal was present, already a VIP in the Sai movement. Questions from the floor were allowed at one point, and a young man asked her what Sathya Sai Baba had to say about homosexuals. Mrs. Krystal replied that she was unable to quote anything he had actually said on the matter, but she was able to receive inner directions from him, and she had just strongly sensed that he accepted homosexuals just as he would anyone else. Once again, that just shows how self-deluded these Sai Baba promoters really are. Mrs. Phylis Krystal is in serious denial and has diverse problems of ‘economizing with the truth‘.

One must wonder why this was so closely guarded for so long, why it was never prescribed in the Organisation’s directives. And which ‘secret divine teaching’ will surface next? Will Sathya Sai Baba’s genital oiling of boys and young men – already reported by scores of persons and admitted by numerous of his officials and followers – be justified by some ‘spiritual expert’, even though it reportedly often leads on to sexual acts with Sai Baba, including oral and yet less clean sex (according to Dr. Naresh Bhatia who spoke to the Daily Telegraph about his sexual relations with Sathya Sai Baba)?
See the complete history of Sathya Sai sex abuses and testimonies by those affected

PLEASE SEE the list of prominent signers of the SAI PETITION

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The ‘test of faith’ and Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on January 25, 2010

Self-transformation as self-deception When Sathya Sai Baba devotees experience personal setbacks from the most serious to the most trivial, they have to consider why Swami let this happen to them… for as devotees they are required to believe what he says about everything that happens is ordained by him. They may lose near and dear persons in accidents, disasters or from otherwise curable illnesses… and the general reason for these in the Sai doctrine is that they are tests of themselves set by him. This thought is not uncommon in other religions, one rationalizes away in much the same ways anything that goes against faith in such an invisible being. Everything has, in fact, to be regarded as a divine blessing. Everyone who really believes in God as a creator and ruler of the universe has to accept that everything – however gruesome or or malign – that is done to them is good, for their own good too. But only the most deluded persons can sustain this attitude in real life, which means that believers always become split in their affiliations and reasoning. Unless they drop their faith. However much anything clashes with present needs or longings is to be regarded as a boon which can further one’s own self-development is Sai Baba’s ‘teaching’. Self-sacrifice, putting oneself aside totally is the doctrine Sai Baba preaches most often.

There is absolutely no way one can subject such a doctrine to any kind of valid test which can prove it. It depends entirely on faith. One can at least carry out the test of viewing them as mere ordinary occurrences, much in the way that anyone would tend to, and also to regard them with a more critical eye as possible manipulations to further interests and purposes quite other than the good of others than Sai Baba himself. Virtually all human experience tends to deny that everyone is under divine protection – backed up by diverse statistical studies which compare what happens to those who are believers with those who are not tend strongly to show there is little or no difference. Not as regards proneness to accidents, illnesses or – contrariwise – to winning large fortunes by chance or any other even experiences as positive and beneficial to the person involved. All common sense and observation also rejects that faith in such fanciful ideas as a ‘divine providence’ or God’s supposed ‘executives’ (i.e. guardian saints or ‘angels’ etc.) Faith means to accept that no test of divine doctrine is ever required, that it is a truth known in the heart, or some other such baseless fancy. Whatever problems that arise have to be taken as a spiritual challenge from God (or, failing his/her/its immortal presence, the divine guru) – a test as to whether one is ‘holy’ enough to keep faith (in him and what he teaches) and thus generally to be come more otherworldly or ‘detached from worldly affairs’ in favour of ‘attachment to God’. Which really implies, to lose touch with reality and live in an escapist world, a subjective hall of imaginary distoring mirrors.

If by following his supposed or imagined ‘will’ or ‘inner advice’ one has to face unhappiness or personal loss, bodily or worse suffering, or even death, it is said to be the best of all possible outcomes. So there is no way for a fully indoctrinated Sai devotee to find out whether much worse – or much better – could have taken place without Sai Baba’s guidance! That is what I have analysed at length as the ‘guru trap’. The convinced devotee will invariably ignore all other interpretations, and will studiously avoid all advice to the contrary and refuse to learn or read anything which could weaken their faith! For millennia, most religions – and not least the Indian priesthood and spiritual gurus have used this form of indoctrination, very often no doubt mainly for reasons of control and manipulation of others and for self-enhancement, wealth and power. The inwardly groveling dependency of thought and of outward may be with the best of intentions that the persons who have such faith can discover within themselves, but it most certainly is not a sign of personal or ‘spiritual’ development, but one of a static condition and self-delusion.

Sathya Sai Baba constantly argues that all people (excluding his holy self) have impurities or ‘dross’ that must be ‘burnt away’, comparing the process to the reduction of gold in a crucible, or to the grinding down of rough diamonds to perfect them as jewels. The VIUP followers hold that this process is stronger and faster when one gets closer to Sai Baba’s person, as they have. It must be observed that these VIPs are, in the experiences of very many persons who have complained to me about them when I was the national leader in Norway, are often stuck up, arrogant, manipulative and self-serving. They speak of their ‘service’ which is overwhelmingly talk and directives to other, and in physical terms seldom exceeds moving a few chairs back into place after a meeting. They defend everything Sai Baba does that people find unfair, wrong and heartless and, when they very seldom deign to discuss criticisms of him, they explain away his lies and broken promises. All the common – and also socially vulgar – qualities observable in him are excused as a part of his necessary divine plan… for no devotee dares to point out that they could possibly be fault and impurities in Sai Baba without risking exclusion or worse,

I have recounted some of the supposed ‘tests of faith and purity’ including some extraordinary one imposed by Sathya Sai Baba (See here)



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Sathya Sai Baba’s evil-bashing ‘deadly sin’ fundamentalism

Posted by robertpriddy on January 24, 2010

Sathya Sai Baba likes to descry human envy, jealousy and hatred – cheap enough targets to rail about – calling them ‘robber twins’, ‘insect pests’ and he is ever telling how they are evil (see ‘Golden Age’ Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, 1980, p. vii).He depicts these as more heinous sins than anything else (not thinking, presumably, of cunning lies, power madness, premeditated murder, violent torture, genocide, abusive sex?). This self-proclaimed Creator of the Universe and Father who Sent Jesus (!) often loses all sense of proportion when he is thrashing his hobby-horses. Here are some small examples:-

“Anger and hatred are demonic qualities Asooya (envy) is worse than either of them. You must get rid of these demonic qualities and attune your life to divinity.” Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 18, p. 40

“The greatest single cause for darkness in the world today is envy. When one is happy and
contented, others envy him and strive to ruin his peace of mind. When anyone is acclaimed as great, malice moves others to invent calumny, in order to tarnish his reputation.” Sathya Sai Speaks Vol.
, p. 226

“Egoism is accompanied by another dire disease called Asurya (envy). There are cures for all kinds of diseases in the world,. But there are no remedies for egoism and envy. Total ruin is the only cure for these two diseases.” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 30, p.213f.)

“There are two types of persons, the one with “animal-human” qualities always show hatred, jealousy, greed, and anger. The other type with “human-divine” qualities will always be happy, peaceful and full of love. They will always adhere to truth.” (Sai Echoes from Kodai Hills, 1998, p. 18.)

He not only talks of demons and their qualities, but he teaches that such really exist! He angrily called his critics ‘demons’ and ‘Judases’ (as if he were Christ!) and lied outright about their motives (see here) He has a typical religiously fundamentalist black-white, good-evil mindset!
After the infamous murders of four devotees in his bedroom (June 1993) by the corrupt Puttaparthi  police – over which he actually presided from his hiding place some metres distant – and as undisputed head of the Prashanthi Nilayam township – Sathya Sai Baba gave a rambling cover-up discourse in which he blamed envy and jealousy of himself as the cause!

For a more detailed examination of his fundamentalist evil-condemnations and scapegoat thumping see here

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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Sathya Sai Baba on Moses’ love for Jesus!

Posted by robertpriddy on January 23, 2010

What more can one say?

What more can one possibly add?

The self-heralded “omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Godhead” Sathya Sai Baba is in a state of omni-confusion, at least as regards historical time!

Moses used to think of Jesus all the time. As a result, his face shone with divine effulgence. He resembled Jesus so much that people used to mistake him for Jesus.(25.3.1999.  Sanathana Sarathi Vol.42, #5,p.116)

Which people mistook Moses for Jesus, one wonders? So far no a single remaining Sathya Sai Baba follower has commented on this in any way…. and it is easy to see why!

This is one of the most amusing of the huge blunders the self-professed “omniscient” Sathya Sai Baba has made about Jesus Christ. To view some more of them, please click to visit this page

See also
Sathya Sai Baba reveals what Jesus, the Three Kings etc. really said!

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Cover-up letter: Hislop wholly neglected duty of care

Posted by robertpriddy on January 20, 2010

Sathya Sai Baba and Dr. John Hislop

Sathya Sai Baba and Dr. John Hislop

This is the final letter in a series by Hislop dealing with the allegations by Mrs. Payne (see her letter here). The first Hislop reaction is here and the second here. The third letter is here, and the final letter is shown below with comments

One can soon see from this letter that it is an attempt to whitewash Sathya Sai Baba’s reputation after the very damaging allegations from a mother as to sexual abuse of her son, and from others who spoke to Hislop about sexual abuse by Sai Baba.

3.25.81 (see scan of original xerox circular from Hislop and second page) (Note: the annotations were made by Timothy Conway, former President of the San Francisco Sathya Sai Centre).Dear Director,
Both you and members of Sai Centers in your region have learned from trips to India, or from other people in the U.S. that Swami is often the target of attacks which range from physical harm to verbal abuse. For example, not only was there a poison attempt on Him not long ago, but in earlier years He is reported to have been a kidnap victim. That the kidnapers then became His devotees is beside the point. Some five years ago a gang of robbers (dacoits) came to Prashanthi Nilayam with the stated purpose of killing Swami; the police intelligence unit caught them but Swami refused to prosecute. There have been other incidents of a physical nature.

Verbal abuse of Swami is more common than physical attack. The abusers live in foreign countries as well as in India. Probably you received a leaflet from Malaysia claiming that Swami “fakes” vibuthi and materializations. The “fraudulent magic tricks” allegation was in great favor a few years ago and even had some university scientists as participants. In time these accusations subsided.

The attacks seem to come in waves and in series of waves. A few years back Swami was labelled as a “Romeo”, a great lady’s man”. Numerous women claimed that Swami came to their apartments at night and took them to bed. Next came the accusations that He was a homosexual. It seems especially difficult for the attackers to keep life in their homosexual accusation and the current attack seems already to be falling away.

The latest allegation to surface, and I do not know if it will become strong enough to become a wave, is the accusation that Swami is in it for the money and is busy appropriating money for His personal fortune. I have been receiving some letters asking about this. What the nature of the next attack will be, I do not know. Because of the continuing nature of the attacks on Swami it is important that we know something of the background of this situation in addition to having our strong personal faith in Him.
Swami is always surrounded by people, and everything He does is under intense scrutiny. Many people still living have been close observers of Swami for thirty years and more. I am fairly recent — 12 years now, but I have spent considerable time in His company. We who are able to be inside his house and who are vitally interested observers see that Swami’s life is exactly the same as His teaching and that He does nothing for Himself. but spends all of his time and energy in work for the benefit of mankind. So, how and why do these waves of attack arise? It is really very strange, is it not?

It is my theory that the force of creation is outward-going into manifestation, experience and change; whereas the balancing force of discrimination and detachment is inward-going to silence, peace and eternity. Creation is violent, inward stability is peaceful. That which resists a violent current can expect to be battered. He who leads his family or followers upstream, against the tremendous power of a swift-flowing river, seeking to guide them to the source, will seem to be under attack by the current, the wave, the rapids and the whirlpool. Swami says something the same. He pointed out that the Divine person throughout history has been abused and that enemies arise determined to destroy Him. In a lighter vein Swami has mentioned that people do not throw stones at trees laden with fruit.

I recently wrote that some letters to Swami telling Him in detail about the verbal attacks mounted against Him. I asked if He would graciously send His comment. Swami did reply, and in summary said, “Sai is millions of miles away from the devilish passions attributed to Him … As fire consumes all materials, these false stories and false allegations are reduced to ashes by My Divinity … In all ages Divinity was attempted to be discredited with false allegations, but these merely give better shining to the Divinity of the Incarnation as a diamond gets more lustre with each cutting … Rest assured that Sai’s fame can never de diminished by those false stories. Only birds of the same feather will give credence to the false allegations.
Since a few people abuse their own essential Divinity with beastly attributes and activities, how can we expect them also to refrain from also abusing the Divinity of Sri Baba? Those individuals who participate in attacks on Swami’s person and his name are in effect saying that they do not believe Swami is a “Divine Embodiment” of stainless love and purity. Instead, they regard Him as a person of low character and bad tendencies. These people are few in number and they certainly makes some waves, at least temporarily.

The Sai devotees who have direct knowledge of him or faith equivalent to such knowledge are not a problem. Nor are those individuals who believe the gossip about Sai much of a problem for the quite properly run away, and it is not often possible or practical to attempt to bridge the distance to them for they have made their own choice and their own decision. Our problem (as office-holders in the Sai Organization) is with those devotees who are not well acquainted with Swami and who are wavering in their minds about the series of allegations against Him. These latter devotees should have someone available with whom they can talk out the situation and their doubts. Who can this be? Because of time and distance factors it can only be the Officers of a Center. This, dear Director, if you agree that this suggestion is correct then you must educate and provide a good background briefing to the Officers of the Center of your Region. How? One way to start would be to call the President of each of your centers during the reduced-rate evening and week-end hours and read this letter to him or her and answer questions that might follow. As you will know, the reduced-rate charges are very reasonable and inexpensive. You could also tell the President that the other officers are welcome to phone you whenever they find it convenient.

As Council President, I urge you to give strength to the Center Officers in this matter. Should not Sai devotees have an understanding of the situation? The possibility certainly exists that we have not see the last attack. The only way to estimate the future course of events, and we all do it, is to weight the probabilities and act in terms of that which is most probable. As Swami becomes more and more a world-wide personality, those people who find in themselves love and veneration for the Person and Divinity will multiply in numbers. At the same time Swami will come to the notice of some minds who are “anti-Avathar”, or that are disturbed for one reason or another. For this reason is it not possible that attacks upon Swami are more likely to continue that diminish?

I believe it essential that out Center Officers have the benefit of your conversation and instruction to help them maintain balance in the Center Membership. Letters to the devotees will not do, since letters are likely to “escape” and float in every direction without control. I believe you must establish a verbal relationship with the Center Officers in order to properly inform them and educate them about this situation. The Indian Officers can take care of the situation in India, but it is ourselves who must take care of the American situation. I risk yourselves with written communications which you can study and work over, but I dare not enlarge the circle; someplace, amongst people I do not know, there would be a weak link. If you find yourself of the opinion that my thinking in this matter is wrong, please write to me immediately and tell me what you believe would be correct. If you are in agreement, please tell me the results of your conversations with Center Officers, as they are consummated.
Sai Ram (signed) HislopIt is recorded that various attempts were made of Sathya Sai Baba’s life – by a Hindu lady in his younger days who gave him a poisoned snack to test if he was genuine. That other have tried to poison him is difficult to establish, though Hislop confirms a case. These incidents are usually covered up and only come to the ears of those with connections within the ashrams. The most famous case, a decade after Hislop wrote, was the claimed assassination attempt, which his brother Janakiramiah insisted was such, but which Sai Baba denied was such. Six devotees died during the incident, four shot in cold blood by Puttaparthi police in his bedroom. All covered up at the very highest levels in the Indian government and judiciary.
Kidnappers who became Baba’s devotees who accepted employment from him rather than rely on robbery. One of these, known for decades until 1987 as the Prashanthi Nilayam gatekeeper Kumar, was brutally murdered in the ashram in early 1985 because of his really hateful behaviour to people there (esp. the cook at the main Indian canteen). He was seen to beat poor Indians with his watchman’s stick for things like walking a bit out of line during earl morning nagarsankirtan (song procession) He was known by residents for taking money from poor Indian peasants to let them enter the ashram (tens of thousands in small notes were found behind his picture of Baba in his ‘hut’ just inside the main gate ‘gopuram’ when it was cleared after his death). In the early 80s he once even imprisoned a young US lady in his concrete pillbox like hut for over 24 hours. So much for such ‘dacoits turned devotees’. Various sources (incl. an ashram resident) hold that his killer acted in self-defense and rushed to Baba’s feet for forgiveness and Baba gave him money and sent him away somewhere until things had cooled down. It was a hush-hush matter at the ashram and few could find out anything more.

There is apparently no public record of the allegations by women of having been seduced by Sathya Sai Baba (other than this Hislop letter), though it is not hard to believe that some women would have claimed that without there being any truth in it. Such claims are not uncommon in relation to known personalities, whether true or false. One simply cannot tell, not lest since the reports evidently it occurred well before the 1980s. However, the homosexual allegations have a VERY long history, and Sai Baba’s relative avoidance of women and his totally male-dominated environment are long-standing facts.

Sai Baba used the strong image of “burning to ash” which he also relates was done by one of the rishis of Puranic legend, who could supposedly burn people to ash simply using his eyes. He has failed entirely to ‘burn to ash’ the allegations against him, for they are now indelibly printed on his record. Another empty boast he made! Yet further, new allegations have been coming forth from new people all the time and have multiplied from all parts of the world!
Hislop’s shocked denial of the alleged facts meant he would not pursue other obvious leads. These included the numerous Malaysian allegations from 1980 as investigated and found to be true by Mr. Jayaram of Malaysia, by Conny Larsson whose own testimony of having been sexually abused by Sai Baba of which Hislop had previously been personally informed by Larsson, by the well-known reports by Tal Brooke which were never followed up by officials and also by my friend Mark Roche (who was in Indian with the Hislops and the Cowans (1966ish) when he had 11 interviews with SB. Why didn’t Hislop personally contact Terry Scott to see for himself what kind of impression he made? For a leader of a largish organization purporting to convey moral values and defending the truth this was indefensible. Instead, he managed to bury the matter very well for decades, I never even heard of it back in the 80s, but now the corpse has arisen!

Sathya Sai Baba is misquoted by the often inaccurate Hislop, for Sai Baba claims that people DO throw stones at trees laden with fruit. However, his analogy is a double-edged sword, for people also traditionally throw stones at those guilty of sexual misdemeanors and involvement in murders (which are genuinely “beastly attributes and activities” – today still people are stoned to death for such. Critics of Sai Baba, however, are only documenting his misdeeds, untruth and the allegations against him in words… yet, claiming to speak with the voice of Divinity itself, he ranks them as ‘demons’ and ‘Judases’!

The fact is simply this: Hislop was searching with ill-concealed desperation for any figment of an argument to allow him to continue his faith in Sai Baba, without whom he felt his life would become meaningless (yet again, after having already had to leave Maharishi Mahesh yogi and other gurus). This is the very predicament of almost all devotees today, except for those who cannot but admit of the sexual abuses yet try to justify them with a perverse theory about karma and God’s will (eg. Ram das Awle and his supporters). Very few devotees have posted texts trying to deny or – failing that – defend the sexual activities of Sai Baba (like their front man on the www, Gerald Moreno, did for years) They can produce nothing but obfuscations, defamations against the accusers and weak, irrelevant put-downs.
Hislop’s ‘theory’ that “the force of creation is outward-going into manifestation, experience and change; whereas the balancing force of discrimination and detachment is inward-going to silence, peace and eternity” is a wild speculation, of course, based on a lifetime of seeking the truth and cloud-cuckoo land from gurus, all of whom Hislop eventually left until he got to Sai Baba. That creativity is ‘violent’ and never ‘peaceful’ is a shallow and false generalization, of course, but it shows the simplicity of Hislop’s thinking and how he is easily misled by vague ideas and beliefs.

One can see the underlying policy of cover-up throughout these letters, but the final statement rounds this off nicely… “I risk yourselves with written communications which you can study and work over, but I dare not enlarge the circle; someplace, amongst people I do not know, there would be a weak link.

It appears that none of those contacted disagreed or sent any corrective replies to Hislop. Yet there were “weak links”, to whom we are indebted for the copies of the letters. Moreover, some devotees spoke of these incidents, such as Rita Bruce who asked me around 1996 if I had read the letters. When I said I knew nothing of them, se told me is is far better that you do not see them.


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Sex scandal and Sathya Sai Baba – 3rd Hislop letter

Posted by robertpriddy on January 15, 2010

master and willing credulous servant, John Hislop, Phd

Dr John Hislop, who was for long head of Sathya Sai Baba’s organization in USA and (strangely) ‘the Americas’, wrote most revealing and embarrassing letters in 1980-81. These came into the hands of Timothy Conway Ph.D., from his immediate predecessor the former president of the San Francisco Sathya Sai Centre. This is the third in the series of letters by Hislop dealing with the allegations by Mrs. Payne (see her letter here). The first Hislop reaction is here and the second here.
The letter to Mrs. Payne was in reply to a first letter of 9/11/2000, the text of which was first posted here.
Letter 3 Feb 21 1981 from Hislop to Terry Scott and Mrs. Payne:-

2-21-81 (see scan of original xerox circular from Hislop) 

Dear Terry and Mrs. Payne :

I have just now received a letter from Richard telling me about his conversation with you and that you feel I should have phoned yourselves first about the receipt of Sri Baba’s letter, that I am destroying the reputation of the family as good truthful people, and that a response is expected from me.

How can I be on the telephone or discuss in person with yourself, Mrs. Payne and Terry Jr.? The boy has committed himself to his story, and throughout history mothers are lionesses who defend their sons to the bitter end. I could only repeat directly by voice that I do not believe the story, and that could serve only to further infuriate and antagonize the family. I could satisfy the mother and son only by agreeing to believe that what Terry Jr. says is factual, but I can never believe any story from anywhere which accuses `Sri Baba of vicious, low-class criminal acts.

From my first reply to your initial letter I have clearly stated that I do not believe the stories told by Jerry Jr. and, furthermore, that I do not condemn him because I do not clearly understand what would lead a teen-age boy to make accusations which I hold cannot be factual. I have told the same to the Directors and you have a copy of that letter. I do not accuse the boy of “lying”. I am not a psychologist, but I have observed over the years that the subconscious can readily invent and project unreality in an attempt to escape intolerable stress. And, with Terry Jr. expelled in disgrace from the Hostel, he is under intolerable pressure to his sense of self-esteem and to his family security. Dr. Sandweiss would be able to describe escape mechanisms and suggest how the family could help.

In respect to the Directors, how can I stand silent and let the accusations have their way unopposed? The Directors all received from Mrs. Payne her letter detailing the accusations — is it not my duty as President of the Sai organization to inform the Directors of the position I take and the reasons for it. We all can only do what we believe to be correct, refrain from doing what we believe to be wrong and leave the rest in the hands of Providence.

You have heard that Swami replied to my letters. The significant part of His reply is this: “Sai is millions of miles away from the devilish passion attributed to Him … As fire consumes all materials … these false stories and false allegations are reduced to ashes by my Divinity … Rest assured that Sai’s fame can never de diminished by those false stories … good and pious people will never care for them.”

Richard speaks of your thought that you may “go public” with the accusations in order to vindicate your son. In what possible way can this help your family? Might it not, on the contrary, create a reputation for the boy which might follow him as a serious future handicap? Do consider seriously before putting your family into the newspapers. Seek the advice of mature friends before starting such a journey-of-no-return.

May this unhappy situation halt at once before it brings further sorrow into the life of the Payne family.

With kindest regards to yourself, wife and son.

(signed) Hislop

COMMENT: The letter Hislop refers to as coming from Richard was most likely Richard Bayer. Mrs Payne was quite right in feeling that Hislop should have contacted her after receiving Sai Baba’s letter. He did not even respond to her with care and concern, when a phone call would have been the honest alternative. Hislop had heard similar allegations before from Conny Larsson, not least, and knew of Tal Brooke’s reports of Sai Baba sex advances. Yet he was evidently too perturbed by yet more such to have the courage to face her personally. Instead he took an underhand route of contacting Sai Baba and directors of the Sathya Sai Organization to disavow in strong terms the possibility that her claims were genuine. Hislop’s (no doubt obsequiously framed) question to the accused (Sai Baba) had a predetermined outcome – for an accused pedophile would never readily admit to the truth of accusations, especially not one who has all his life promoted himself as about the purest being ever to walk the planet! 

As leader of the Sathya Sai Organization in the USA, Hislop failed dismally to exercise any duty of care. His dishonest procedure patently aimed to manipulate the situation before replying to her by raising major doubts among those who were formerly her fellow devotees (‘Brothers and Sisters of the Sai family’ as they are fatuously called in Sai parlance) as to her truthfulness and even the psychological state of her son, using words like ‘cunning’ and ‘violence’, ‘deadly weapons’ in reference to the contents of the letter received.

Hiding behind the fact that Mrs Payne had seen it necessary at length also to send her letter to directors of the organization, Hislop argues that his duty as President of the SSO was not to allow the allegations to stand unopposed. So much for duty of care.. he believed we could only do what we believe to be correct… but why could he not have done the more correct thing, to investigate the allegations seriously, including with others who he knew to have reported such abuses? No, he preferred to ‘leave the rest in the hands of Providence’ (which he also fully believed to be nothing other than the hands of Sathya Sai Baba!)

What did the providential Sai Baba reply to Hislop? He made a most exaggerated statement involving “millions of miles” of distance between his holy self and boasted about his fame never being diminished by such stories [That I can confidently say is proven entirely wrong today! Fire has not consumed the allegations, which are many and mostly entirely credible, especially to those of us who know some of the claimants personally and have contacted numerous others and questioned them closely]. Sathya Sai Baba calls homosexual molestation “devilish passion”, which says far more about him, his beliefs and strong sentiments than about his accusers!

After what he has done to destroy their reputation, one cannot but suspect the guru-deluded and moralistic Hislop of crocodile tears on behalf of the Payne family… What he South to have written was more like “May this unhappy situation halt at once before it brings further sorrow into the life of myself and Sai Baba followers everywhere”
To send his “kindest regards” after that letter was sheer hypocrisy!
However, that wish has not been fulfilled wither, for Providence has decided otherwise.

View all Hislop letter transcripts, scans, and comments here

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Lisa de Witt: attack on editor of Nexus, Duncan Roads

Posted by robertpriddy on January 13, 2010

One of the most viciously virulent cyber attackers of all Sai critics is Gerald Moreno’s protégé and smear apprentice, Lisa de Witt of Arizona:-

Lisa De Witt’s wrote (Fri Jun 13, 2003  10:56 p.m.:at no longer available :

This is how DUMB Duncan Rhodes of NEXUS is. He goes around telling people that AIDS is NOT caused by a virus and so therefore cannot be transmitted sexually. So much for his ‘careful’ research.

Duncan Roads replied to this as follows:-

From: Duncan Roads Sent: June 15, 2003 12:15 AM

As usual, the ignorant and uninformed yell the loudest, call people ‘retards’ , and as usual they are wrong.
Let’s start from the top.

1) My surname is Roads, not Rhodes.
2) I do NOT go “around telling people that AIDS is NOT caused by a virus ….. “.
3) I HAVE published several articles which clearly show that AIDS is NOT caused by HIV. I am not alone in this. The world’s top experts in retroviruses also maintain this stance, as do hundreds of other scientists.
4) Nowhere in these articles does it say that AIDS cannot be transmitted sexually.
5) Back to the point, does this person’s ignorance of who I am and what I publish reflect on whether or not Sai Baba is a pedophile and rapist?
6) I personally interviewed victims and parents. I used to be a believer and I denied these accounts as fiction, UNTIL I INVESTIGATED THEM.

I challenge anyone who thinks Sai Baba is innocent of these allegations, to speak to the victims, and emerge with no doubts.
It was a sad day for me to learn of Sai Baba’s true nature. It was even sadder to receive the most foul-languaged abuse I have ever received, from Sai Baba devotees, after I published our findings.
Sai Baba has told followers to close their ears and shut their eyes to these allegations. He does this because he fears what will happen when his followers wake up.
The followers who refuse to investigate for themselves, are also fearful to discover that they have been following a lie all these years.
God is within each of us, he is not Sai Baba!
Duncan (Duncan M. Roads – Editor, NEXUS Magazine

After this rational reply, Lisa de Witt – inflamed as usual – replied on the (now deleted) Sathyasaibaba2 group on Mon Jun 16, 2003  11:55 pm, (sathyasaibaba2/message/31371):- as below (highlighted in red). Note that Duncan Roads replies to her points are inserted in violet text:-

(de Witt) As far as Roads, I was on a message board where he swore up and down AIDS was not sexually transmitted which is what one would assume since he swears AIDS is NOT caused by a virus, even though he appears to be trying to worm his way out of it now. I dare him to sleep with an AIDS-infected person if he believes so much in his great ‘scientists’. Obviously, the scientists he collects his research from don’t know what they are talking about since the MAINSTREAM medical and scientific community says AIDS IS caused by a virus. Personally, I think people like him are part of the eugenics movement.

Duncan Roads Okay, show me those postings. I don’t have to worm my way out of anything to do with the fact that HIV does NOT cause AIDS, because HIV does NOT cause AIDS. The rest of your claims above are outright lies, as you well know.

(de Witt) Again, like most fascists in this group, Roads has pronounced Baba guilty until proven innocent. Not ONE of YOU has bothered to try and investigate the OTHER side of the story. In a COURT of LAW EACH ACCUSATION would have to be proven on it’s OWN merit. Apparently, each of you thinks YOU are beyond the law.

Duncan Roads Your tactics of smear and distraction should only make readers more suspicious of your motives. It is worth mentioning that while I was investigating the claims against Sai Baba, not one representative of the movement denied the claims. NOT ONE!!!! Instead, they sought to tell me that ‘all the good Sai Baba does, outweighs the bad’.

This means that the representatives I spoke to condone the rape and sexual molestation of young boys and men. I wonder how much Lisa actually knows herself. Is she just hoping all this is wrong, or has she done even a tiny bit of research?

So Lisa, stop the lies, the smear tactics and the distraction. I challenge you to interview victims and relatives and report back to this list with your findings.

It is time for you to put up, or shut up.

Duncan M. Roads
Editor, NEXUS Magazine

The unqualified and demagogical Lisa de Witt – one of those Sathya Sai devotees who is in total denial – claims to be a ‘researcher’ of Sai Baba affairs and who has stated that he has visions of Jesus, Shirdi Sai Baba and so forth, was unable to reply in any rational way to this. So she apparently ‘shut up’ for once!

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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Nexus Magazine, Duncan Roads: Sai Baba fraudulence and abuse

Posted by robertpriddy on January 13, 2010

from NEXUS Magazine (2000) 
Shame, shame

Sai Baba is being exposed as a pedophile.
As a former believer I have always dismissed rumours of Sai Baba’s sexual impropriety as ‘tall poppy syndrome’. However recent testimonials made available to myself caused me to dig a bit further. To my horror I discovereda pattern of sexual abuse of young men and boys, including rape. I have spoken with so many people from many countries. The rumours are not rumours, they are truth. I am shocked. I am running an article exposing this shoddy ‘guru’. You can expect the mainstream media to follow hot on the heels of our article. What horrifies me the most of all, is that most of the administrative hierarchy already knew of this, but turned a blind eye in order to maintain ‘status’, prestige, and basically EGO.

Shame on you all! You will be exposed and the truth will come out. There are now many more men and boys coming forward, many more than you think.

Shame on you. Petitions are circulating calling for the public closure of Sai Baba centres until the matter is cleared up.Is your centre acting thus?

I await your reply. No reply will be reported in my magazine also, and readers will no doubt draw their own conclusions.

Shame on you!
(Duncan Roads, Editor Nexus Magazine) (also posted at – no longer available Document date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 23:50:28 +1000

August 2000 Nexus Magazine also published  the following :-

FRAUD, FAKERY AND MOLESTATION (from Nexus Magazine, Volume 7, Number 5, August-September 2000)

“It is fair to say that Sai Baba is a highly revered spiritual leader, whose life and message has inspired millions of people throughout the world to turn Godward and lead more purposeful and moral lives. The stories of his “miracles” are many and legendary in their telling and retelling. Scores of famous Westerners have added their own exciting synchronistic accounts of how Sai Baba saved them from certain death by “appearing” before them at crucial moments. Accounts of Sai baba-related manifestations and materialisations are also widespread, adding to the air that Sai Baba is literally the reappearance of God on Earth.
Unfortunately, this is where the fairytale ends.

A growing number of boys and men are coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape. And now that attention has been focused on the Swami, one finds many more accounts of faked miracles, suspicious deaths, massive financial fraud, weapons and explosives being found in the ashram, an assassination attempt, and yet more cases of paedophilia and homosexual abuse.

With news of these events and other incidents, the seeds of doubt have been sown in many minds. How is it that Sai Baba’s own brother-in-law died of rabies? Why did Baba need to be hospitalised for a ruptured appendix and a broken leg? Why does he travel in Mercedes cars and require heavy protection? Why does Sai Baba have to wave his hand in circles before producing anything? Does his occasional transvestitism and derision for women really illustrate the male-female principle of the universe?

It is possible we will never find the real truth to many of the above rumours and allegations, with the exception of the sexual abuse cases. We have extracted the following accounts from just three of the many testimonies now emerging. We have also spoken to many former long-term devotees who have now left the organisation.

For those wishing to pursue this matter further, we suggest as a starting point that you get onto the Internet and visit [that site has been closed and replaced by

Let me emphasize that this information does not reflect one or two disgruntled devotees “who did not get enough attention”. It reflects the fact that many, many boys and young men have been sexually abused by someone in whom they gave their total trust. Their silence was maintained because the victims knew that no one would believe them.
I hope this article can rectify that situation somewhat.

Duncan M. Roads (Editor)
Excerpt only. See the whole shocking testimony by known, reliable persons:-   Terry Gallagher’s testimony  Hans de Kraker’s testimony   Jens & Gurprit’s Sethi’s testimony

This led to greater publicity, and another spate of resignations from the Sathya Sai Organizations branches, particularly in Australia. The integrity of Duncan Roads, the editor of Nexus Magazine, is revealed as one reads of his initial reluctance to publish a ‘negative article’ about a person revered by so many of his magazines readership. However after doing some substantial personal research and becoming convinced of the truth of the testimonies he courageously went to print, regardless of the consequences. This report includes an email from Duncan Roads to the author outlining his process prior to printing and his observations of the consequences after printing.

Duncan Roads was attacked by two fanatical Sathya Sai Baba supporters see here and here who distorted almost everything Roads writes as inaccurate, false etc., (see as they did always did with every single criticism of Sai Baba for sexual abuse, murder involvement, fraudulent materializations and all critical statements about him or the Sathya Sai Organization, however weighty the commentator (eg. the BBC, the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and countless other respected media). They have attacked Duncan Roads for publishing others’ opinions of quite other issues than Sathya Sai Baba (AIDS, anti-Semitism, USA corruption and a long list of other items)  and smear him with their typical  tendentious spin for opinions he does not himself hold. The ring leader troll charged Duncan Roads with not having investigated any of the sex abuse claims personally, but – in another context (see here), Roads has clearly stated:-

“It is worth mentioning that while I was investigating the claims against Sai Baba, not one representative of the movement denied the claims. NOT ONE!!!! Instead, they sought to tell me that ‘all the good Sai Baba does, outweighs the bad’.

A Sai troll who writes massive blogs and web pages against every critics of Sai Baba and many other gurus falsely claimed that Roads asserted in his magazine:- There are “many, many” boys and young men who are coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape. However, ‘many, many’ is not what Roads wrote!  Summaries of each of the most shocking testimonies can be found here
and see many youth have come forward in public here. Further, as a trusted activists on the exposé work concerning Sathya Sai Baba and all his cover-up connections, numerous young men have contacted me and/or Barry Pittard in strict confidence stating that they were sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba. (see example)

Their accounts are often most revealing of details of his methods, and each has its unique stamp of authenticity. We have checked their identities in many instances, yet some are so worried about repercussions for themselves or members of their families (some of whom live in Prashanthi Nilayam or Puttaparthi) that they naturally were unwilling to give confirmable details about themselves. Knowing that four devotees were murdered in cold-blood in Sai Baba’s apartment in 1993, this is probably a most wise precaution. Other reports – by Dr. Naresh Bhatia – a self-confessed sexual partner of Sathya Sai Baba – many, many boys have been misused by Sai Baba. Further, a former student has posted a list over 150 students through he collected from those who claimed to know they were abused by Sai Baba. (Prof. G. Venkataraman reports that he has spoken to some of them, who said they did not know their names were on the list. To a man who denies totally that Sai Baba is anything buy the Creator of the Universe and is totally pure, what else would they say? At least one student has informed us that Venkataraman knows of the pedophile activities reported of his guru-god, so he is a very dangerous person to confide in at all!).

Sathya Sai Baba engages in “occasional transvestism”  and that he derides women. These truth-twisting denials are found at

Yet, by contrast, there are many accounts of Sathya Sai Baba’s dislike of women, and he is known by all visitors to the ashrams to give far, far more time to males than females – both at darsan and in interviews. That he practised transvestism to a considerable degree (and was long known as ‘Radha’ in Puttaparthi when he went everywhere with his boyfriend, Krishna who shared his bedroom for some years) is an established fact. See some of the evidence here

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More student communications on Sai Baba sex abuse

Posted by robertpriddy on January 9, 2010

Several outspoken critics of Sathya Sai Baba are widely trusted to keep strict confidentiality about all communications from boys and young men claiming to have been sexually abused by him.We have received a considerable number of such confidential testimonies, which we have not posted due to the possibility that the writers may be traced and punished by the murderous factions around Sathya Sai Baba (including the Puttaparthi police who managed – or mismanaged – the execution of four devotees in Sai Baba’s apartments on June 6, 1993.)

Now and again we post the texts of some of the many e-mails we have received. These e-mails, with their full message source – can be provided if necessary in any court proceedings against us, while the identity of the senders would be protected from the general public through legal procedures.

The following e-mails are all  from a former student at a Sai Baba college. Contents which could help identify the sender are always removed. Sai Baba claims total  omniscience, so he should be able to recognise who is the writer… but the massive evidence showing he is not omniscient and makes many mistakes is proof for us that he is only bluffing. He may – or may not – have a good enough memory still to recall some scenes described below:-

—– Original Message —–
From: undisclosed
Subject: my words of appreciation sent to hindustan times
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 05:40:23 +0000 (GMT)

I must thank vir sanghavi for the courageous article. It’s difficult to develop such bold perceptions against the belief of crdulous folks in this country. I was a form boy of baba but i have never been able to come out in open due to societical presures. I must thank people like him for speaking up. Sai baba is a homosexual and he did continue all that at least late nineties when i was there.

From: undisclosed
Date: 4 September 2006 11:11:18 GMT+02:00
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Hope you would have got my last mail.I thought i would add bit extra to that material. As per my observation the baba has nothing to do with his western devotees faith in them. What he wants is their money. I remember one or two words clearly spoken by him to his very close form boys. He told them”follow me and be with me . I will give you whatever you want.Why only indian women… I shall give you white women”These are the way westerners are addressed inside. He has no basic understanding of the western way of life and follows the very rugged thought process of seeing things viciously.He has no regards foor individuals whatsoever. I also remember once during kodai visit we were taken to the bhajan hall side of the bunglow and suddenly called back. The issue was that a lady of european descent who wanted to see swami desperately had sneeked in to SB’s room. I didn’t understand few things. How could a lady get past the security which is posted so heavily over there. Moreover while going to kodai there was the famous sandalwood smuggler veerappan who had sent his men to seek SB’s blessings and even during the kodai visit there were rumours from very close sources that LTTEmen (trouble shooters in lanka) had come to visit SB for his blessings.

Sb was always furious inside and blaming Col Joga Rao for taking away money amounting to lakhs but on the other hand he was always friendly to joga rao and would tolerate even his non-veg jokes about women . This from a person who preaches total sexual celibacy?Of course he wants his close male lovers to be celebates and have sex only with him otherwise he gtes annoyed.But he doesn’t care if they have discreet relations with other boys in the hostel

From: undisclosed
Date: 22 September 2006 10:42:40 GMT+02:00
Subject: Re: hiii (Relocation) (Venkataraman)

Hi friends,
I remember somethings more about baba. I remember clearly how when he once failed to notice any erection as he waived his hand around my area and all the while looking at it,baba scolded me saying i have weak will and no mental strength at all. I know he dislikes lady like hell and when his close devotee at kodai kanal got him sweets as a son was born, baba only commented that even dogs have puppies and  do they really celebrate etc. I only think he would be happy as he wouls be having one more boy in the future to fondle.
I also recollect as to how happy SB was when michael jackson had visited india somewhere in septemer and was trying all ways and means to contact him(- exactly i don’t know. Baba also eagerly was telling everyone that michael jackson is his devotee and wears a sai baba ring.I think he got frantic telephone calls made to MJ as he would tell us the inside form boys that MJ was regulerly ringing him up so as to stage  a concert at puttaparthi. Baba inside often compares himself to queen elizabeth and One thing is sure he never likes girls or ladies but thinks himself to be a lady. G.Venkatraman is a fool and a thorough crook and he knows of all the things . I don’t know why this idiot supports SB so vehemently. Bye for now.

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Posted by robertpriddy on January 5, 2010

Why foreigners visit his ashrams and some of the many and tiresome difficulties plus outright dangers they risk from theft, corruption, embezzlement and yet far worse. Buying a mini-apartment is now exorbitantly expensive, and one gets absolutely no legal rights, even of occupancy for more than up to 1 month per annum! The overall impression given by hundreds of books and videos of the ashrams is highly misleading positive propaganda. Both in the past, but especially since 2000, most non-ethnic foreigners have been discriminated against increasingly by many of the staff, the result being that visitor numbers from Western democracies have fallen very considerably and many such residents have left the ashram. In the ashram one is supposed to keep oneself strictly to oneself, not talk, not form friendships or other associations. The reason given is pseudo-spiritual, the actual reason is doubtless the attempt to control information, especially suppress negative facts. The security arrangements with metal detectors, undercover and armed security staff, close body searches (men and women) to remove all objects that may threaten Sai Baba! [claimed to be for the protection of devotees!} Out of the supposed millions who have been through the ashrams during 60 years, remarkable few claim healing of any significant kind. Read more vital information so you are prepared if thinking about visiting these ashrams – click here

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Tiwari and Sai Baba + a new sex scandal revelation

Posted by robertpriddy on January 3, 2010

Narayan Dutt Tiwari now faces criminal charges:

Express News Service First Published : 28 Dec 2009 03:28:00 AM IST – HYDERABAD: The ignominy of Narayan Dutt Tiwari is unlikely to end with his exit from the Raj Bhavan here. A criminal complaint has been lodged with the city police by a lawyer seeking prosecution of Tiwari for offences under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act and the CrPc.In his complaint, the lawyer, Gopala Krishna Kalanidhi, contended that now that Tiwari is no longer holding the office of the Governor, he is ‘‘open for criminal prosecution for molestation of women and abuse of Constitutional office for personal benefits.’’ The lawyer also sought a probe into allegations that some Members of Parliament were also involved in the sex scandal.

So far the Indian media have kept deathly quiet about Narayan Dutt Tiwari’s Sathya Sai Baba connection, but with at least one notable exception. actually permitted a series of comments about the Sai Baba connection and sex abuse testimonies. The Indian media are coming under increasing criticism from Indians for the promotion of ‘spiritual propaganda’  in support of Sathya Sai Baba and cover-up of the many world-wide allegations against him, not least by the BBC. One person’s account of how Sai Baba sexually abused her friend was also allowed! Here are some of the comments:-

Why not amend the constitution? Governorship is nothing but a place to keep disgruntled and failed politicians. Tax payers could be spared of crores of Rupees, if this position is nullified. Why are you guys saying about the lack of media coverage to expose high society sex offenders only. How about those who continue depositing huge sums of dollars in Swiss accounts? Where are the media people on these issues? India needs to wake up and a thorough cleansing is urgently required. We have dozens of godmen and god women who constantly prey upon common people. They have no supernatural powers. They are dirty parasites feeding on the blind believers. Sai Baba is perhaps worse compared to A;i Baba.
By Vikram 12/27/2009 5:07:00 AM

By PVKrishnaKumar 12/26/2009 10:03:00 PM

TO: Krishnakumar- I used to be a devotee of Sai Baba till my boyfriend was given a private meeting when he took him inside and asked him to do sexual things with him. My boy friend was shocked , he refused, came out. My boy friend is heterosexual. We both left Puttaparthi because, after that we were threatened by Sai Baba’s thugs. We were both 23 yrs old. We realized that we had to leave. So don’t live in your make believe world!!!! Wake up. I bet you are not sexually interesting , otherwise he would have tried you too.
By Linda Burton 12/26/2009 11:45:00 PM


Quite agree with Srilakshmis comments. That is INDIA. As the mediaman is ready, will the Raj Bhavan and the Congress proceed further in the right path or hush up things? Let us wait and see. By Somu  12/26/2009 9:00:00 PM

Srilakshmi well said. The Fake Fraud Magician, Child-Molester SAIBABA should be tried and jailed. Goltis are a ‘Special’ species in India. Total fraudsters in whatever they do. The year 2009 started off with news of Crook Raju of Satyam and his fellow Andhra Gangsters who supported him in his Loot of 20,000 Crores from Satyam. None of these guys has been sentenced yet. It should not surprise anyone as that is the way things work in fraud Hyderabad. And now this Telengana trouble or better put Mayhem. Added is the SEX pervert Congress Governor Tiwari. 2009 can be called as ‘Year of the Goltis’ in the Indian Calendar! By Arun  12/26/2009 8:56:00 PM

Somu, Arun, Selva and Srilakshmi and Sivaraj, India needs people like you to clean up this society. Many Europeans like me love Indian philosophy, we get attracted and come to India , but some of us out of curiosity go to fake Gurus and get fooled. some learn, some don’t because we have Self-Mistrust. I still love India more than my own country. it is because of people like you.
By Linda Burton  12/26/2009 11:52:00 PM

SHAME ON INDIANS AND THE POWERFUL INDIAN MEDIA. Cheats and Charlatans and sexual predators and swindlers of money like Sai Baba are protected by the powerful!!!!
By Dandayuthapani 12/27/2009 12:08:00 AM

Which Media person with GUTS will have the courage to expose the India Godman SATYA SAI BABA? He is a blatant fraud and he has cheated millions of emotionally handicapped and lonely people.
By Uma Maheswari 12/26/2009 11:58:00 PM

Those who blame Sathya Sai Baba should think before they do the same !! Do they have any evidence against him ?? If you want to defame someone could just link him with something or the other without substantial evidence or proof …Sathya Sai Baba is running many charity trusts and education free of cost ( when I say free – they are really free !) ….Sathya Sai hospitals perform heart operations free of cost for poor pateints ( in fact for every patient) .. SO DO NOT BLAME A PERSON JUST BECAUSE BBC SAID IT !! BBC wants to spread Christianity in India and make India a Christian majority country and hence they defame Hindu religion and Hindu saints and seers….some one even called ‘Deepavali’ as ‘Devils worship’ can we accept that !Please think before you speak!
By Sethuraman 12/26/2009 9:43:00 PM

Dear Sethuraman and Krishnakumarji, I am not basing my allegations on some hearsay. I have spoken to Tanya Dutta. Please see the way Murali Manohar Joshi responding in Youtube. Why would God want to put a boy’s penis in his mouth? Please read the interviews in Youtube. Why would anybody defame himself by saying these things he had with sai baba? And so many people? Why would God want to perform miracles and give diamonds and rings to rich people? Why is India so Poor if God lives in India? Why would God have such kitsch taste and be born so ugly? … Read his autobiography: Hisstory , this book is a clear indication of his complete lack of intelligence. If you get impressed by a man like this you are emotionally retarded. Sorry to be so straight! By Srilakshmi 12/26/2009 11:36:00 PM

Note: Sethuraman is evidently not aware of the truly massive testimonial evidence against Sathya Sai Baba. His view that the BBC wants to spread Christianity in India is as laughable as can be to anyone with a modicum of information! The BBC is neutral in religious matters and is paid for (and dependent on) a tax-paying population of which only 7% at best are church-going Christians. His view is that of fanatically ignorant right-wing Hindus. The Puttaparthi hospital was financed by a foreigner (Isaac Tigrett, who informed that US$15 million out of the $49 million simply disappeared – no doubt into the pockets of Sai Baba officials as condoned by him). The hospital is supported by countless individual donations to the Central Trust, but Sai Baba takes ALL the credit himself (i.e “HimSelf”). Meanwhile foreigners have testified that they were sent very large bills for treatment the received at that secretive and unaccountable private hospital, which serves devotees of Sai Baba – including foreigners –  but not to all comers by far.

ND Tiwari was involved in this ALL his life. in the recent paternity suit NDTIWARi. rejected the DNA test, what was he afraid of ? also, congress dint claim tiwari was innocent, they merely said, we’ll wait to see if the tapes are real or fraud. it means that they have been knowing his antics all the while, just that they dint want him to be caught!!!
By ashok pai 12/26/2009 10:08:00 PM

Sethurama or Sothurama, you have to be ashamed of yourself. SAIBABA is a pucca Fraud, Child Molester, and a Criminal. Forget the BBC or Christiantity or Missionaries and their story. All you need to do is look up Youtube and Google videos which shows this Fraudster cheating the people. SAIBABA is responsible for Murdering 6 Boys in 1993 which was covered up with the help of India’s Police, President and PM. The guy is a Cheap Magician with his Vibhuti Producing and HMT to Rolex Watch Tricks. Murder is a Criminal act and this SAIBABA should be tried and jailed. He is in the same class as a Rapist and Criminal. This guy is not GOD and has nothing to do with GOD. He is a CRIMINAL who has to be tried and Jailed
By Arun 12/26/2009 10:03:00 PM

ND Tiwari is a harmless fool. Media do not have the GUTS to expose Satya Sai Baba , who has , according to BBC’s Tanya Dutta’s investigation molested and had sex with many young men and has been involved in murders. This allegation is not considered – WHY? 1. He has the PM falling at his feet 2. Bipartisan support is enjoyed by him 3. Judges like PN Bhagwathi are on his side trying to cover up all allegations . WILL ANYONE IN THE MEDIA HAVE THE GUTS TO EXPOSE HIM? They pick on a dying man like Tiwari !!! SHAME ON US ALL INDIANS. [YOUTUBE – THE SECRET SWAMI of the BBC and YOUTUBE Murali Manohar Joshi makes a fool of himself . Google ex-Baba and read up and see the movies on him. This man is escaping all justice for decades!!!! What a shame!
By Srilakshmi 12/26/2009 7:04:00 PM
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See also ND Tiwari: a man of affairs

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Sai Baba endorsed N.D. Tiwari: resignation scandal

Posted by robertpriddy on January 2, 2010

Narayen Dutt Tiwari 2009-12-26 18:20:26 Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh governor N D Tiwari resigned
from his chair on Saturday,  a day after a TV expose showing the senior Congress leader allegedly indulging in sexual escapades in the Raj Bhavan here.

However, according media reports, Tiwari said he is resigning on ‘health grounds’.  But it is being assumed that the 85-year-old’s alleged “sexcapedes” exposed on Friday is the actual reason behind today’s move.

The resignation came a day after Telugu television channel ‘ABTiwari today resigned as Andhra Pradesh Governor in the wake of a raging controversy after a sting operation purportedly showed him in a compromising position with three women. stated the following:- The resignation came a day after Telugu television channel ‘ABN Andhra Jyothi’ aired a footage captured in a sting operation of an elderly man with three women in Raj Bhavan in a compromising position, which the channel said was of Tiwari. N Andhra Jyothi’ aired a footage captured in a sting operation of an elderly man with three women in Raj Bhavan in a compromising position, which the channel said was of Tiwari. Chief Security Officer of the Andhra Pradesh Raj Bhavan, Mohammed Shokat Ali has revealed that Sharma “exclusively handled” the visits of the women featuring in the tape.

From comments: This is really most unfortunate. In his capacity as Chancellor of NTR University of Health Sciences at Vijayawada and Acharya Nagarjuna University near Vijayawada, he failed to attend to the Convocations held at Vijayawada on successive days during 2008 and 2009. On Convocation day in 2008, he visited Puttaparthi and paid his obeisance to Sri Satya Sai Baba. It clearly showed his preferences! He prefers to attend to his personal things rather than to his constitutional duties as the governor of the state. The latest episode of alleged sex scandal involving him is the last straw on the camel`s back. I have not only lost any respect for the incumbent governor for his acts of omissions and commissions, but to the post of Governor it self.
-Ravindra – Chirala

That Sathya Sai Baba accepts the obeisance of N.D. Tiwari, as official Sai web site Sai Radio stated he did in April of 2005, – and has done so for a long time – shows how little his words about keeping good company really mean. How come his constantly self-proclaimed omniscience did not keep him out of the mess? This latest R.D. Tiwari sex scandal is just another embarrassment to Sai Baba, added to his endorsements of criminals like Idi Amin, the disgraced former Italian Prime Minster Bettino Craxi, the liquor baron Bhangarappa and numerous other corrupt and/or criminal officials in the Indian elite and abroad (not least. the dictator King of Nepal who was murdered by his son shortly thereafter).

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