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Damning sex abuse testimony against Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on February 6, 2010

In three lengthy TV interviews the former Sai Baba follower, Ullrich Zimmermann, gives a thorough description of his experiences with Sathya Sai Baba (on in USA), which further prove what  is already widely reported by those involved, that Sathya Sai Baba practices sex on young male devotees.

The frank and detailed account Ullrich gives of his experiences and his interpretations of them for better and worse may be of great help to some of the hundreds of others he claims to know have been through similar sexual experiences with Sathya Sai Baba, whether of lesser or greater degree. His common sense as well as his more esoteric musings may well be helpful to others who have experienced the same or similar violations of their privacy. The question whether this oral sex was sexual abuse or a ‘divine blessing’ is raised, but the factual description of what occurred remains whatever one may think of it.

Ullrich Zimmermann (speaking about Sai Baba in the private interview room

“So when he says that ‘always thinking about girls’ and I know and I don’t want to… … he says “Oh. Don’t worry” … … and he materialises an oil and he lifts up my T-shirt and he puts that here.” (he describes the places as “on the kundalini line”).

“Then he kissed me on my mouth…” “It was awkward… and it was also not disgusting.”

“He is looking at me and I know – knew – in my mind that he wanted me to suck his penis.”

“and he took my hand… … to his genitals and it felt through the robe like a female with hair – there was no penis and he took my hand again and it was the male and ‘Suck finger, suck male’…”

“So he pushes me down, lifts up his robe…” “His penis is… ….like from a child, no hair, small.”

“And I took his penis in my mouth… …it was erect…. I had it in my mouth for a while and it was not like doing bliss, it was not like doing a big job or so – at least there was some movement but it was not like a big sexual act or so, and I didn’t feel ejaculation in my mouth… can’t give the time to the minute, maybe one and a half…”

Asked by his interviewer whether Sai Baba ejaculated, Ullrich replied: “I didn’t feel that in my mouth. If you had asked me then I would have said ‘no’ but… I think he did.” “… really very quick. Robe up and the interview was over.”

Interviewer: “Well, did you tell anyone about this, your mother?”

Ullrich: Yes. I did. .. I was in the taxi back to Bangalore… she had also heard rumours and asked me what happened but she saw me in this happy state and so I told her.. I mean she didn’t experience… view that as abuse at all. She’s a Sai Baba follower and she trusts. And of course, having such an experience I wanted to have answers. After that, talking to other people who are living in the ashram and who are there for years with my knowledge and know about these things to happen anyway – it’s happening on a really big scale.”

Interviewer: I mean, it happens every day with some – or – he has a lot of followers so he’s always
doing interviews and…

Ullrich: Yeah, but I only say my experience and that is I know – I know one person in eye-to-eye who has had that happen to him, also a young German, and I talked to another person who knew a lot of other people – I mean, I talked to a lot of people…

Interviewer: But they also thought it was a good experience, or some of them were angry?

Ullrich: They were not in anger. I mean, they’re still there. (editor’s note: i.e. in year 2000) They are just confused and for some of them it presses the button more than others but for me the bottom line was what I got, it is white Tantra.

Many other young men from across the world have testified to sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba through many years (see here). None came to see any of the sexual interferences of varying degrees of seriousness  as any kind of healing or blessing.

The natural openness and truthfulness of Ullrich is evident in his account of his whole Sai Baba experience – including the sensitive subject of oral sex – is admirable. His bravery and honesty in standing forth with information to help others and from which he can gain nothing himself other than a sense of doing a painful public duty (and attacks from fanatical Sai defenders) cannot be commended highly enough. As his interviewer says, these revelations will come a major shock to those Sai devotees who watch the video, but they will recognise that he describes details of life at the ashrams most credibly.

Ullrich Zimmermann emphasizes the big distinction between a ‘guru’ and a ‘teacher’: gurus unempower their followers and steal their freedom, a teacher (giving so-called spiritual guidance) always leaves seekers to decide for themselves and fashion their own way in life. Ullrich followed Sai Baba as a guru, but rejects gurus entirely now, even though there may have been be some clear temporary benefits from such following.

The full-length videos could for years be viewed on-line, but they have been removed. An audio file from the videos will be posted asap. The original URLs were:-
Part One (introductory) –
Part Two (the main account of sex etc.) –
Part Three (reflections)

The International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization, Dr. M. Goldstein – along with his defender and fanatical attacker of all critics, Gerald Moreno, – denies that anything improper has ever taken place. He has been exposed as running a despicable cover-up of facts that we have proof were known to him (who actually claims to be a ‘consummate professional’ sex abuse expert) and to many other top leaders, especially his predecessor as US leader, Dr. Hislop, whose famous letters tried to cover up the same kind of allegations in the early 1980s. That Sai Baba has escaped conviction is due to his protection by Indian Prime Ministers and Home Ministers who worship him and to his virtual control of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh and the Supreme Court of India through devotees who preside there. His unaccountable Sathya Sai Organisation cannot be sued in the US, not being registered as an accountable organisation (it operates and sends its donations to India through a bookshop).

In the first part of this series, Ullrich Zimmermann tells how he came to Sathya Sai Baba and got his first interview. Those who have not been involved in visiting Sai Baba will find some interest in watching this. He brings out the way in which he experienced this at the time, not concealing how indoctrinated he was – similar to most devotees – well before he ever saw Sai Baba. His conclusions about it all years after the sexual events (stated in Part Three) – reflect a most critical perspective.

In Part Two of the series: Since the live video interviews are lengthy, they are summarized  for the sake of those who will not have time to watch all of it, with transcripts of portions which are particularly important from the viewpoint of the expos of Sai Baba’s secret and controversial and doings.

Full coverage of Zimmermann’s testimony, with transcripts and discussion – click here



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