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More sworn testimony on several Sathya Sai Baba sex abuses

Posted by robertpriddy on February 8, 2010

The following excerpt from one of the many sworn testimonies about Sathya Sai Baba is a telling account… and the writer names two others who he knew who also told him of Sai Baba’s sexual molesting them… plus reports on a third person too!

“The third interview began in exactly the same way, but it was some weeks after the second one; we were all now in Whitefield (Bangalore). Baba took me into his private chamber and immediately, hurriedly, tried pulling my ‘pyjama” bottoms down, but in his hurry he had pulled the cord the wrong way and made a tight knot of it …. It was all very awkward and I felt embarrassed and strange. In the end I had to help him undo the knot because he was very impatient. Then once they were down he went through the same procedure; playing with my genitals, rubbing his hips from side to side while pressing himself very close to me.
There was something different about this interview; it made me feel more uncomfortable than ever, There was an urgency in his manner, and I could see that he was excited; there were beads of sweat on his top lip and his breathing was strained. He pointed his finger at me and said very sternly “Don’t talk. You don’t talk. Okay? Don’t talk”. I was a little startled, even frightened at his manner, but I agreed I would not talk. Then his manner changed again, into bright, breezy swami. He asked me if I wanted to kiss him, while embracing me in the usual way, rubbing his hips from side to side while moving his hands over my body and legs. I felt at that moment that his actions were deliberately trying to arouse me physically, that he wanted me to get an erection, because he kept touching my penis and rubbing. But I didn’t become aroused at all. I just kept arguing with myself mentally, saying that if there was any baseness or bad in what was happening, it was all in my lower mind. As such, I never even became faintly aroused, and I think this both perplexed and annoyed Baba, because he seemed irritated and unsure of what to do next.

Then he pulled me over to his chair close to the entrance of the chamber and I could see his penis, semi erect through the material of his gown. He took my hand and placed it on his penis, and rubbed it up and down, telling me to rub while repeating “Good, good, good” over and over, and visibly becoming more excited. Then he asked me if this is what I wanted … and then clapped his hands over his head saying “This is divine”. Then it was over and I was pushed out again into the other, larger chamber with the other devotees.

After that interview, I was very confused about the whole thing. When I left the mandir I felt queasy and slightly feverish, and instead of going out of the ashram with my friends to have tea and talk about the interview, I went straight back to my room. I felt as if I had a fever or the flu; weak, shaking, nauseous and light headed, I fell asleep for a while and was awakened by my two room mates a couple of hours later, who came to see if I was okay and wanted to know about my interview with Baba.

One was an English boy named Kestrel Boyle and the other an Australian called Edward — I can’t remember his surname because he was born of Bangladesh parents in Australia and it was a rather difficult name.

I didn’t really know what to tell them, or even if I should tell them, so instead asked them if Baba had ever done strange things to them in their private interviews. Edward replied immediately, and in such matter of fact tones that it surprised me into silence. He said “What, you mean playing with your dick? Oh don’t worry about that, he’s done that to me loads of times. It doesn’t mean anything bad – I actually like it, and think it’s good for me.’ Kestrel basically said the same kind of thing, so I didn’t dare say any more, but I wondered what else Baba had done with them.” To read the whole testimony of K. Ord – from which the above is an excerpt – click here

Seriously, would anyone write this, and much more about being sexually abused – and further state the same about other named persons – just out of mischief or ‘disgruntlement’? Obviously not, the legal consequences could have been severe for false testimony and libel against others. The front-line defender of Sathya Sai Baba and anyone connected to him – including the person who wrote the above (Keith Ord) , Gerald Moreno of Las Cruces, dearly wants it to be otherwise as he is in denial about the many detailed reports of sex abuses and the many cover-ups which have taken place.

Moreno (see photo) has described his own sexual molestation incident with Sai Baba, for which the above provides a relevant context – ‘grooming’ for sex. Though he admitted he was in the dark about the reason for what SB did to him, he also claims it was not in any way sexual – though he also reported that his sexual interest fell off considerably afterwards! He is in denial while also admitting being confused. Yet he defended Sai Baba for some years while actually believing him to be a sexual abuser

Moreno also defends the convicted rapist and murderer, Swami Premanand, who is serving a double life sentence for rape and murder! Moreno is in the awkward position of having sunk his entire prestige and years of his young life into supporting these cults and the crimes they have been charged with.  One must ask what his moral values consist in.? Denying all negative reports about Sai Baba and his supporters through avoidance, distortion, and lying attacks on critics is now his fate, it seems. See also Gerald Moreno and de Witt: smear campaign


See Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization

One Response to “More sworn testimony on several Sathya Sai Baba sex abuses”

  1. sigaga said

    Oh my God Im in shock!

    I literally this morning just finished Robert Priddy’s book Source of the Dream.

    After reading it I was left in doubt that if there was a ‘God on Earth’ then this Sai Baba was it!

    I was even thinking how I would like at some point in my life to visit India and the ‘Great’ man himself just like Robert did!

    Just after finishing the book It prompted me to check You Tube for videos to watch of Sai Baba. This is when I came across how he uses magician type tricks to materialise various things. I then came across the 4 part documentary about him being a trickster! Then onto the sex abuse claims and now I found this!

    And here he is Robert Priddy himself the man who seemed to devote his entire life to Mr Baba. Now quite clearly realising how he has been duped and that this guy is nothing more than a sexual predator and disgrace to humanity, far from being a Godhead.

    I am in a state of shock to be honest. I only went to look into this as I had developed through Roberts book an interest in Sai Baba.

    What a sick disgusting man he is. Far from an incarnation of God he appears to be an incarnation of the Devil.

    And worse still is the power he holds over legal people and powerful politicians in India so he can carry on doing these terrible things.

    After reading Roberts book and coming here, and finding the exact same Robert Priddy telling a complete different tale now, has left me in no mind that he is a con man and a charlatan. And by the looks of it a lot more more worse than that!

    Well I never!! :(

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