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The spiritual master can do no wrong?

Posted by robertpriddy on February 26, 2010

Those who remain believers in Sathya Sai Baba as a ‘Master’  have some revealing thoughts. They speak of what they have heard about him on the negative side as ‘rumours’. They concentrate only on their own marvellous experiences and claim they feel bliss, love and benefit from its healing. They all know they are sorely tested, but they hang onto the idea that it is for their own good and is ordained by the ‘Master’, when actually it is all their own minds or psyches which bring about everything they experience. They are duped by the idea Sai Baba promotes, that human minds fight against knowing the truth (which is for them the indoctrinated ideas they have from him), while – ironically – they are unknowingly fighting the factual truth, that Sathya Sai Baba is a great abuser of faith and people! They cannot afford to investigate seriously for many reasons, loss of what keeps them hoping, investment of prestige and the risk of losing the only friends they in most cases have left (other devotees). They have often material investments – in property in Puttaparthi or the ashram too, and some are more or less trapped there because they impoverished themselves in donating to the cult (which misuses and embezzles the money as much as it does any good with it). They cannot bring themselves to believe those who testify to sexual abuse, claiming it is all imagination, invented tales etc. They like to believe it is all some kind of healing or esoteric teaching.

They are comfortable enough with themselves as disciples, which counts most for them – their own spiritual salvation and hopes of bliss and liberation,. Not least therefore do they ignore those many once-respected ex-devotees – who some of them no doubt once knew: upright persons who – despite their own deepest wishes – were honest enough to look at the facts and sooner or later discovered Sai Baba’s true nature. To believe that it makes no difference whether a person is moral or immoral, to accept that a person who goes against dharma can be a Master, is to be living in a hall of mental mirrors, because truth, goodness, right action and non-abuse are certainly necessary to any worthwhile moral teacher or guide through life.

I have met many people who have convinced themselves into thinking they are self-realised (and I used to joke mildly about it too, but they never realised I was pulling their legs and leading them on  to see how self-deluded they were). It is the done thing among many Sai cultists to give at least the impression that one is happy and even experiences ‘divine love and bliss’. I have got to know many through the decades who assert such things, but not seldom on closer acquaintance they turned out to be privately depressed, even suicidal!

The reigning doctrine among remaining followers who have learned about Sathya Sai Baba’s recognised ‘genital oiling’ – instances of which are evidently countless – is that it is a kind of healing. What it heals is not stated… but it is assumed that it is the turmoil of having a sexual urge. Can those who were subjected to it have been healed of something – for some believe this themselves, without going into any reasonable detail as to what this consisted in, including some who think and think it ‘healed’ them without really knowing from what? (Post factum, one is faced with the choice: ‘healing’ or ‘abuse’… it is easy enough to see how much easier and less embarrassing the former explanation is to choose). It is well-known that all young men have problems because of testosterone and shortage of sexual opportunities or fulfillment – the ‘raging hormones’ when suppressed can famously cause sexual thoughts of all otherwise unwelcome kinds, so that guilt and frustration combined cause great mental unbalance in the premarital years of ‘Sturm und Drang‘. By seeing Sathya Sai Baba as God Incarnate, or at least as having some ‘divine qualities’ (which is a general condition of getting as far as a private interview) the internal pressure this creates is to want to regard the oiling as beneficial by the one involved (though with some notable exceptions). Some believe they must have been cured of their sexual problems, which would itself be a great relief to many young men. It gets harder when Sai Baba repeats this ‘ceremony’ time and again in successive interviews. Why? How much such ‘healing’ can one need – or take on? Believing one is well is always more conducive to the subjective feeling of health (or healing) – unless or until a serious condition cause a physical crisis, where belief is a hindrance to getting the proper treatment or operation.

Like the actual defender of sex abusers, Gerald Moreno, many hang anxiously onto the idea that the purpose of these oilings is not grooming for possible sex, though they cannot explain it (as Moreno could not). That oiling in the pubic – or on the membrum virile and/or the sensitive perineum – is not a part of any Hindu scripture or tradition, but this fact is ignored totally.

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