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Nityananda video, lies and ‘sex allegations’

Posted by robertpriddy on March 10, 2010

“It is a big conspiracy. Images have been morphed to show that the person in the video is Swami Nityananda. He has not done anything wrong,” Swami Athmakrubananda, the official spokesperson of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, told reporters here. (from The Sisat Daily)

The Nityananda case shows us yet again how blind believers in Indian gurus will take upon themselves to lie blatantly to preserve their illusions… because now Tamil actress Ranjitha of the sex scam video has come forward and revealed that what is shown in the video was her service and her offering to Swami Nityananda (see report here). ” She said that her much loved Swami Nityananda was innocent”. Innocent of what, one wonders? She is seen to be necking with him in a sensuous manner, which – for a self-proclaimed ‘celibate’ is highly unbecoming. He stated on his video pronouncement that he has not broken any law… a very cagey statement, leading one to think that consenting sex is most likely involved. Yet he has broken faith with all those for whom he posed as a pure godman. The Times reported that the video ‘apparently’ showed “Mr. Nityananda, 32, kissing, embracing and fondling two young women in the same bedroom, but at different times.” That is most definitely NOT how ‘godmen’ guru are supposed to behave with their devotees!

Since the Nityananda video scandal broke, followers and supporters have denied that there was any truth in it, many have posted protesting his innocence etc. The BBC reported: “The Nithyananda Mission ashram released a statement branding the video “a mix of conspiracy, graphics and rumours”. But now the actress has confirmed it is Nityananda and herself in the video. As in the case of numerous other gurus, perhaps above all in the massive scams and cover-ups by and for  Sathya Sai Baba, black is easily turned into white by the indoctrinated and weak minds of those with strong dependency on belief and gurus… as soon as the black facts become known, the people of character and conscience are separated from the head-in-sand self-deceivers.

The BBC had also reported on March 4, 2010: “A group of lawyers in the city of Madras in Tamil Nadu state have also filed a police complaint accusing Mr Nithyananda of obscenity. Last week it was announced that a self-styled Hindu holy man was being investigated by police in Delhi for allegedly running a prostitution ring.” This would be breaking the law, but probably Nityananda will find fall guys if these allegations are proven. We shall also have to wait and see if the illegal presence in the ashram of  sandalwood and protected species was behind the fire that ravaged ashram premises, set by conspirators wanting to destroy evidence, as reported here

Vikram Muthanna writes very cogently about this whole matter in the Star of Mysore: No wonder it is said, “When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called religion”. But coming to Nithyananda, the beneficial aspect of this scandal is the real awakening of Nithyananda’s devotees and devotees of other such godmen. And probably the worst of all, who has escaped all sex abuse and murder cases through power politics….

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