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Investigations of sex cover-ups not ‘smear campaigns’

Posted by robertpriddy on March 27, 2010

Pope Benedict & Sathya Sai Baba

Cover-up artists - not me, not me!

The popular accusation against almost all who investigate sex abuses by religionists and their cover-up is that this is just a “smear campaign”. The international press is accused by the Vatican of running a smear campaign against the Pope… even though one horrific story after another and another of lives ruined for many decades are now emerging all over the media.

For years and across the Internet in a massive attack on all who have been calling the investigations by a large number of dissidents who claimed and/or recognised that Sathya Sai Baba has been involved in lifelong sexual abuse of boys and young men, Gerald Joe Moreno and others have claimed it is a “smear campaign”.

In all cases, the evidence is there and the cover-up is easily seen through by those who are not already fully indoctrinated and have committed their prestige and lives to the deceivers in each case.

Swami Nityananda is seen on a video caressing an Indian actres on a bed etc.s accused of sexual

Swami Nityananda, trying to cover up the sex video evidence, contradicting himself time and again

Though a minor case compared to the Pope and Sathya Sai Baba, Swami Nityananda was caught on a video showing him caressing ladies on a bed and being massaged by them (while no sex abuse involved). His followers immediately called the video a “smear campaign”, and Nityananda used the same term! Amusingly he first claimed it was a ‘morphed’ video, then, when the actress admitted she was with him, he tried to worm his way out by saying it was an ‘experiment’! His ‘sin’ is that he claims to be a celibate and pure Paramahamsa!

A brief look at these parallel cases shows the pattern:-

1) Pope Benedict XVI
It is claimed that the Pope did not know about the sex abuses – that such cases did not reach that far. Even so, when he did learn of a case, he refused to strip the pedophile of his office and this meant he could carry on as before. Who will believe that the Pope was never informed of any of these events:-

The Netherlands: More than 200 Catholics have until now reported sex assaults.
Germany: Over 250 sex assault cases are under investigation.
Austria: A series of accusations of sex abuse have surfaced recently.
Ireland: Two reports in 2009 document sexual and physical abuse on a huge scale in Catholic institutions.
USA: An independent commission in 2004 received 10,667 accusations of abuses by Catholic priests from 1950 to 2002.
UK: A monk who ran a Catholic school was given 8 years prison for decades of child sexual abuse. Two other monks were convicted for sex assaults in 2007.
Australia: In 2008, there were 107 convictions in sex abuse cases connected to the Catholic Church.
New Zealand: There has been a series of accusations of sex abuses in Catholic schools.
Canada: In 1989 a newspaper exposed sex abuse in a Catholic children home in Newfoundland, after which 300 previous children homes have reported sex abuses!
Argentina: Brasil: Peru: the Philippines and Senegal have all reported similar cases.
(Source: Norsk Telegram Byrå and DPA) See ‘A timeline’ Also see Sinead O’Connor’s pungent statements!
Now the scandal has spread beyond the English-speaking world – and not just into Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, but into Mexico and Italy, traditional strongholds of Catholic devotion. The faithful are outraged, and still the Pope does not seem to see the whole picture. (Source The Times).

On CNN, ex-Catholic priest Patrick Wall, author of “Sex, Priests and Secret Codes” – who left the Church after having been assigned to smooth over troubles after a series of sex abusive monks, tells how the instruction to victims was: “For the good name of the church you must remain silent”. This caused lives full of depression and worse. Read this excellent article in the New York Times

While Pope Benedict is not accused of more than an abuse of trust himself travels the globe, Sathya Sai Baba dares not leave India any longer since he is accused of so many sexual abuses in so many countries that he is unsafe abroad – there are affidavits waiting in the wings in case he does travel.

2) Sathya Sai Baba
With the protection of the Indian Government, which has never remotely investigated the massive world-wide allegations of sex abuse of young men and boys by Sathya Sai Baba. The Sathya Sai Organization rejects all approaches from abused young men, their parents and their defenders. Just like the Catholic Church, with the exception that related suicides have been recorded (eg. by The Times and diverse other respectable sources) and murders took place in Sathya Sai Baba’s bedroom, which were covered up by himself, his followers and the CBI investigation was quashed by Government with the Home and Prime Ministers of India involved at the time, and the same has continued since then. The extent of sexual abuses at Sathya Sai Colleges by teachers and others – who it is claimed were themselves abused previously by Sai Baba – is unknown, but various private reports received indicate it is very extensive. The level of deception and cover-up on many suicides, disappearances, murders and other abuses of persons and their faith is literally vast, as can be found on the web!

One chief similarity between the Catholic Church and Sai Baba is that both have State support for their cover-ups.. the Pope is head of Vatican State and Sai baba has the Indian government at his feet and in his pocket.

See short transcripts & video clips from the damning BBC documentary ‘The Secret Swami’


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