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Guru claims Sai Baba paid $1 million to retrieve pictures

Posted by robertpriddy on May 28, 2010

An Indian guru, Sekarji (Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian) considers Sathya Sai Baba was already a sexual molester and a faker of miracles long ago. Here is an e-mail he sent to

From Sekharji 06-28-2002 08:43 PM ET (US)

Today, there are so many Extortionists, that SSB is letting most of them go on telling stories without the reward for silence. It seems that the money supply is now getting low. So now, there are a whole lot of exDevotees attacking each Other to achieve the status as being the last One standing for SSB to deal with. There are even Imposters planted to help confuse and frighten the whistleblowers.

I enforce My claim for the previous statements to You in the following way. There is a Swamiji named ‘Kaleshwara’ somewhere near Banglore. He was a young Boy when SSB molested Him. He, however, brought a camera and took pictures of the activites without SSB knowing. Later, He extorted SSB and got $1 million dollars to start His own ashram. Go to Him in Banglore, and privately ask. He is quite open and honest about the whole matter. He may still even show You the pictures as He did to many Others.

It should perhaps be added that I do not in any way endorse this or any other self-professed guru, but however misguided he may be or not, what he tells must be taken into account, no reason why it is not true. In fact, there are many reasons why one can consider it to be fact. A major impostor of the kind Sekharji mentions must surely include the former Sai College teacher  Murali Krishna Yachendra, – a trusted agent for the Sai authorities being also a relation of the Sai-devotee Raja of Venkatagiri. Yachendra’s major attempt via e-mails (see some here) to sabotage and derail the exposé which continued persisted through months of contacts between him and Basava Premanand and Barry Pittard. He altogether failed to deceive them, and they could present full proof of his major deceits, countless outright lies and falsifications of documents. See Major sabotage by Sai college teacher averted, including murder threats against Basava Premanand

The South Indian police were informed and a petition lodged, but the Sai authorities have so much power there that the petition has never so for reached court.  The evidence can be studied on-line to some extent, though the entire catalogue is only available so far in a book published in India by Basava Premanand entitled ‘Sabotage by Murali Krishna Yachendra’  (available for US$10.- with airmail fee included – from 11/7 Chettipalayam Road, Podnadur – 641 023. Tamilnadu, India)

Yachendra is endorsed by the Sai-defender and character assassinator Gerald Moreno of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and defended him throughout in the face of the extremely damaging evidence. Yachendra claimed knowledge of massive sex exploits, murder plans and embezzlements by Sai Baba and his institutions or hired assassains, promising documentation in full. Sai Baba offered huge cash payment to anyone who would murder Premanand? M.K. Yachendra stated in an e-mail 3.1.2005 in March 1998 “before one of my students very eyes Sathya Sai Baba offered someone Rs. 10,00,OOO/- to eliminate Mr. Premanand”.


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Yaani Drucker’s hypocrisy about academic qualifications & enlightenment

Posted by robertpriddy on May 27, 2010

Yaani Drucker made some comments on my blogs. Most of them are so deluded that I can’t be bothered to reply. But two of them required a reply, I though, because of her false and unchecked assumptions about me and the hypocrisy that drips from her… a suppose ‘enlightened soul’! She has taken up with another person who is not only deluded but very nasty and will stop at nothing to try to destroy the character of others… Gerald Moreno.
Here are her
2010/05/24 at 3:29 pm

Dear Dr. Priddy,

I find it interesting that you stake so much value in the fact that you have earned a PhD.

Sometimes too much information can get in the way of enlightenment. I do not know any PhD’s who have attained, do you? I do know that Ramakrishna, illiterate, Ramana Maharshi, barely literate, and Nisargadatta, also barely literate, all attained. The obvious conclusion is that scholarly learning more probably leads to arrogance, which gets in the way of enlightenment.

I would suggest to stop idenitifying with yourself as any label and come with wholly empty hands unto your chosen form of deity, or formless… this will bring you quickly to your enlightenment.

The greatest service we can render to the planet is to wake up to the truth of who we are, for in that we expose ego as an impostor for all mankind.

That is why at the moment of my enlightenment I was told, Your aura has just exploded to infinity and you are shooting off sparks of love and joy to all humanity. It is a gift to all humanity to wake up, for we are all one.

Enlightenment is the greatest expression of selfless love. And everyone qualifies – you don’t have to have a PhD, to go for your enlightenment. You just have to be willing to be wrong about everything you taught yourself thus far, probably a tall order for a PhD, thus we don’t see any enlightened Drs.

Have a sweet day.

Yaani failed to recall that her husband, who is a Ph.D. has claimed to be self-realised, like herself. My reply to her was uncompromising, as follows (some typos corrected here):-

Yaani, Enlightenment is not just a sudden personal version of sat-chit-ananda. Your pretentious preaching at me I find laughable and also repulsive. I experienced infinity, intense sweet bliss and paranormal intuition of minds and much more when I was 26. Doctorates meant nothing to me – and never have, not have professorates (Note: Norwegian version of ‘professorships’). I never used any academic title in any of my many articles in Sanathana Sarathi, published books and articles – nor in India where Sai followers have to have letters after their names (Narasimhan once inserted tiles ‘Doctor’ and ‘Professor’ on his own guesswork – neither of which titles I have ever myself used – and so I had him cease to do!). I virtually only took my degrees with a family to support (Continental Magister degree), despite great scepticism about philosophy, psychology and science. (I wrote widely, deeply critically on these subjects in that vein too. From all you write it is perfectly evident to me that you are ensconced in a strong ego, and that you have most certainly not got anywhere near the maximum enlightenment possible. I note you also inform about having taken a BA in psychology… why so? And your husband promoted himself vastly as a Professor and scientist – but he has no academic record that can be found. I only set my record straight once because of attacks by Moreno and de Witt!! You should be deeply ashamed of your support to him (dogs barking, indeed. How unoriginal). You were caught far more deeply in the Sai cult than I, and you cannot liberate yourself or face up to reality (which is patently not in your solipsistic cloud-cuckoo land of bogus ‘oneness’).

I took my university education having a family to support (Continental-style – Norwegian Magistergrad degree), despite my great scepticism about philosophy, psychology and science at that time due to personal experiences of many kinds – and in half a dozen previous kinds of employment world-wide. (I wrote widely, deeply critically on these subjects in that vein too. Do a little research. From all you write it is perfectly evident to me that you are ensconced in a strong ego, and that you have most certainly not got anywhere near the maximum enlightenment possible. In fact your ideas about it are largely deluded and immature. It requires a thorough knowledge of many things concerning humanity, the origins of religion, deep psychology (in practice), and not just some subjective experience which once blew your mind.

I do not intend to continue any correspondence with you because I have seen how hypocritically you treated Barry Pittard. I have no help to offer you either, but you sorely need it. I am not moved by mere sweet words, as I recognise they conflict with the main body of how you react to others. I am not dear to you, you do not know me – I am a real person, not some abstraction of the kind you deal in. I do have very sweet days with my family, friends and existence, without your wishes or help. One often reaps what one has sown (not always though!)
Robert Priddy

Yaanidrucker also commented:- 2010/05/23 at 6:02 pm

Dear Dr. Priddy,

You are a PhD, correct? And by your definition of a cult, you got caught in one. Now your definition and mine differ, therefore I do not think you were so stupid as to get stuck in a cult, however you do. I find that very interesting, despite your complete faith in those PhD who lead the world, who breath that rarified air of enlightened knowledge, that is so superior to the rest of us peons.

I am neither a Ph.D nor a Professor, though I was a professor in the wider general sense, a university lecturer. I have a Ph.D. equivalent – 7 years university studies and thesis, dissertation etc.). Many people have given me these titles, and I have always responded asking them not to do so, I prefer to rely on what I actually write and stand for, not on titles. So Yaani is completely mistaken about my self-evaluations, and she never even met me. She seems to have a problem about knowledge and learning… even though she has announced that she took a BA in psychology herself. As to peons… well, she regards humanity in its virtual entirety as trapped with their egos… while she thinks she is enlightened beyond all measure? What an egocentric self-appraisal!

Yaani evidently has no idea of how I view and define cults in accordance with world experts on this subject. She could benefit from reading about them! Her view is that only a group one cannot leave is a cult. That is very simplistic. One can even leave the most oppressive cults, but it is the harassment afterwards that is the defining quality. Such as her confidante Moreno’s constant harassment of all Sathya Sai Baba ex-cult members. The Sathya Sai cult is not as extreme in the sense that some are, not unless you are in India and confront them (Basava Premanand was burgled three times (see BBC report) and suffered attempts on his life from Sai Baba goondas (i.e. killer thugs). He was convinced from his evidence that his son and helper was murdered in a Bangalore hospital too! Numerous Indian students have been murdered at the ashrams, and also a considerable number of Westerners, while other Western visitors have ‘disappeared’ from the ashram and have never been traced. Indian ex-students in fear of their livelihoods and even their lives still write to me (for they know I can be trusted, unlike continuing devotees). But for the majority it is admittedly a very subtle kind of cult, relying on voluntary donations (after deep indoctrination). Sai Baba gives people almost worthless rings (claiming they are diamond rings), fake watches, all manner of trinkets – and he gets huger donations in return out of thankfulness – but the donors were thoroughly deceived!

See The Nature of Cults examined

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The Secret Swami summary by Robert Priddy – video clips

Posted by robertpriddy on May 27, 2010

The BBC film ‘Secret Swami’, shown to an audience of millions in Britain and – later on BBC World was, according to BBC World in countless million homes around the globe. It was hailed unanimously by the British press as an important documentary masterpiece, rated pick of the week by many UK national newspapers. Read the UK Press reviews here:

Alaya and Al Rahm with Sathya Sai Baba

Alaya Rahm (l) & Al Rahm(r)

The film is entirely credible, revealing the experiences of a former long-term devotee family whose lives were ruined for many years by Sai Baba’s most despicable and threatening paedophile sexual abuse of their son, Alaya Rahm. One must see this to understand their authenticity and hear the account of this family and another ex-devotee who was pressured into oral sex (see short video clip in wmv) in 1976 by this self-pronounced chaste God Incarnate who has constantly claimed to be pure and incapable of untruth… come to save humanity! Sai Baba abuses were testified as including oral sex and an attempt at anal sex.  Sai Baba threatened the under-age boy. Alaya, with cutting of his penis if he did not do what he was told… and made awful threats besides, tried to bribe him to silence with large sums of money and many worthless trinkets claimed by Sai Baba to be very precious metals and gems (which were not!). However, the BBC production team informed ex-devotees that they could only show a tiny fraction of the 80 hours of film footage, including numerous Sai-abused young men.

Sathya Sai Baba collapse during Shivarathri celebrations

SB 'collapses', or fakes to cover-up lingam fraud?

Sathya Sai Baba is a visibly broken man who collapsed after the trial of his transparent faking of ‘regurgitating an egg-shaped golden ‘lingam’ under the cameras. No shadow of doubt remains that he faked the “miracle” of the lingodbhava (very clear footage shows this) inserting the object into his mouth with a towel before it ’emerged’. This is the clear message left in the minds of sensible viewers who have not been indoctrinated with the insupportable avatar claims. (Why could the avatar not influence the outcome? Answer:Because he could not).

Dr. Michael Goldstein bullies Tanya Datta

Dr. Michael Goldstein bullies BBC reporter

The top leader of the world-wide Sai Organisation, ‘Dr.’ Michael Goldstein (filmed with hidden camera!!) came across very definitively as a most distasteful ranting person with a heavy self-promoting ego (he boasted that he is a “consummate professional” a doctor who says he can tell who has or has not been sexually abused by looking at their eyes!) His otherwise comical performance of blinded and hypocritical faith and film of his duped duplicity was entertaining enough! Goldstein showed himself to be a nasty piece of work, haranguing the young lady interviewer forcefully and flatly refusing to investigate the widespread allegations of severe sexual abuse, which is his duty of care responsibility, both as a doctor and the  top leader of the International Sai Baba Organization.

Murali Manohar Joshi - ex-minister of human resources, astrology and cow enthusiast

Murali Manohar Joshi bullies BBC presenter

Goldstein ran neck and neck in the hard-to-like golden conceit stakes with the Indian ex-Minister of Human Resources, Murali Manohar Joshi! And THAT takes some doing! Such an arrogant and ignorant Indian Minister of Education would be hard to find. (He even funded astrology with Government funds… the human resource that superstitious India least needs. He is known as a great protector of cows, but not of defenseless boys at the Sai Colleges. Indian ex-Minister of Human Resources, Murali Manohar Joshi showed all the makings of a Gauleiter!  Such a distasteful prig in total denial having served (with much pomposity) as Minister of Education is very worrying for the future of India. At least he was booted firmly out of power, but there are evidently plenty more where he came from. In short, two pompous and angry big shots’ facades blown away!

Hard Rock Isaac Tigrett

Tigrett, who admits Sai Baba is a sex abuser!

The former multi-millionaire Issac Tigrett (Hard Rock Cafe founder) was interviewed and evidently did so with the coming publicity for himself well in focus (as he remarked on this to the interviewer). He came across as the proud and hard-rock Sai-fanatic he is, laughing in a near-maniacal way quite out of place and admitting that he believes the sex allegations are true and it makes no difference whatever to his faith! Nor, he added, would even murder by Sai Baba affect him negatively! Are these “human values”? Tigrett comes over as mentally and spiritually more and more deranged. Everyone who see this (except conscienceless cowards – persons of weak character and pitiful self-deceivers) are recoiling in revulsion at this, and he is one of the few prominent Westerners left at the Sai ashram in 2010, but jealous Indian officials are reported as still trying to dislodge him.

Sai Baba is exposed by the BBC as a major deceiver, very very rich on donations and and politically extremely influential to the top of Indian government. Cold-blooded executions that police carried out in his bedroom are also investigated in the documentary and one of the new Ministers speaks out and explains that the case was quashed before any outcome should be reopened. See transcript etc. of  Interview with V.P. Nair

Tanya Datta, Journalist and BBC Presenter

BBC Journalist Tanya Datta on 'The Secret Sweami'

The presenter, Tanya Datta, went to the Indian Embassy in New Delhi, who confirmed that none other than Sathya Sai Baba was the target of the U.S. State Department Travel warning for South India, Andhra Pradesh, which remained in force unaltered for over 6 years. The US authorities have never stated any formal withdrawal of the warning’s validity, which would have also required them to make an apology for promoting false information.

‘The Secret Swami’ & U.S. State Department Warning against Sai Baba

View ‘The short video clip (1.5 Mbs) with Tanya Datta on the State Department Travel Warning confirmation


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Gerald Moreno: absurd screencap fraud claims contra Priddy

Posted by robertpriddy on May 27, 2010

Gerald Moreno is a known and widely and independently proven abuser of facts and truth – claiming my copies of his web texts are ‘fraudulent’ when I have never altered any texts he actually posted. Moreno cannot prove otherwise, however much he writes! No meaningful part of his text or his images has been altered or counterfeited in any way! So his claims are totally without any serious basis, as those who wish to search can discover. He rants on and on about pointless details and loses all sense of proportion and normal sane evaluation as follows (this is but a small sample of his virtually endless ravings):

“Why Robert Priddy would continue to shamelessly and recklessly publish falsified and fraudulent screencaps against Moreno remains a mystery.

Robert Priddy is a liar, deceiver and falsifier who is so desperate and frenzied to smear Gerald Joe Moreno, he apparently needs to resort to blatant acts of screencap fraud and apparently doesn’t care if everyone sees him doing it! Now readers have a better idea why Gerald Moreno often refers to Robert Priddy as a mentally imbalanced “extremist” and “fanatic” in need of orthodox psychological help.”
(from Moreno’s :Ex-Devotee Robert Priddy Resorting To Open Acts Of Screencap Fraud” blog)

The above statement is another Moreno tit-for-tat, for I first pointed out that he shows all the signs of mental instability. His characterisation of me is illustrative of what can only be a deep unconscious projection of his own negative ‘shadow’ personality onto me. The same inflammatory style of subconscious projection has been fully demonstrated by him in hundreds of web logs/pages against many other ex-devotees of Sai Baba. He has compiled a vast compendium of derogatory and bitterly hateful postings against dissidents – but ex-Sai Baba followers, ex-Ammachi followers, ex-Muktananda followers, Wikipedia commentators negative to Sathya Sai Baba and more such groupings. Some practicing psychologists I know very well consider he suffers from a disorder – most probably OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. This may partly arise from his admitted confusion and worries about finding God and being oiled “on the lower stomach” in private session with Sathya Sai Baba. Unlike him, I am now free of delusions about Sai Baba, though I had for years been inducted into holding similar views to Moreno (if never so blindly). Hence, my psychological state is now entirely untroubled by these issues. Far from needing to seek psychiatric help, I provide support and counsel to many former Sai Baba devotees who reportedly benefit greatly from this work, which I see as a duty. (Just for the record concerning my qualification to make a general assessment of Moreno’s psyche, I formerly worked professionally in several very progressive therapeutic institutions with diverse psychiatric connections and I lectured for years at the Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo).

Everything Moreno abhors that I write rebutting his ravings or pointing out their nature, he always throws back at me, with added bad language in an under-achiever’s tit-for-tat fashion. I put up with several years of abuse from him before embarking on a series of rebuttals of his libels and lies. His actions show he is very far indeed from behaving remotely like any kind of spiritual devotee of any kind. Further, he denies he is a devotee of SSB and does not believe in his major claims (avatarhood, omnipotence, omniscience and more), yet he runs an adulatory sathyasaibaba blog on wordpress and promotes Sathya Sai Baba. That is fraud… because he denies the truth of SSB’s constantly repeated self-descrpition. It equates to calling Sai Baba major liar! (Indeed, one of megalomaniac proportions).

In his usual obsessively meticulous style,  Moreno makes everything he can – however far-fetched and paranoidal – out of tiny irrelevant facts, not one of which shows me as a liar because I am not! He is oblivious that I often use a cache or an anonymous web proxy to secure a screencap of parts of his pages, which are often different to his actual page in various details like colour etc.. I also compact captured texts to save space, or darken the jpeg to make the text more clearly readable (which alters the other colours somewhat).  All this he calls ‘counterfeiting’ and the like! He points out a background colour change from his website – entirely irrelevant as it was due to using proxy cache etc. Likewise, a small red arrow appears on a cache of one of my captures of his text which was not on his!

In his complete lack of any evidence which impunges on my integrity, he has descended to dirty name-calling (“laughable pervert”, “dirty old man”, “blatant liar”, “shameless liar”, “Heil Priddy” ,”a boaster” (I have never boasted or wished to do so, unlike the wholly unqualified Moreno who boasts of being a thorough researcher, which he is far from being), suffering from “senile dementia” (which I certainly do not) – and much more I can’t be bothered to document here). See an independent witness that his agenda is only to slander me. His envious and obnoxious speculations about my personality – which all who know me are aware – are entirely false, yet he presents them as if they were factual!  He has never met met or seen me. His dirty epithets apply, not to me, but if anything to the guru, Sathya Sai Baba, he so admires – even though long having admitted he believed him to be a sexual abuser(!!). He would be well advised to be a lot more careful with his ever-repeated personal attacks on scores of dissidents of Sai Baba and other gurus. His content and his low and calculated diversionary tactics show how he is the only perverter of facts and the truth here.

Despite his failure to prove anything deceitful against me, his immense frustration at being unable to score any truthful points against me or the the main critics of Sathya Sai Baba has led him into countless hateful attacks and attempts at character assassination against dozens of us. He uses many dirty tricks, postings about dissidents on porno sites, on web directories and all manner of irrelevant opening to obtain as much exposure as he can, besides manipulating copyrighted images into perversions in several cases too. Here are some of his ‘arguments’ against dissenters:-

After several years of almost total restraint, I began in 2008 to rebut a considerable amount of his countless attack pages with facts, not lies (as he tries to make out). The mass of these show him to be a more than diligent student of every word I write, and a eager describer of every possible tiniest detail on which he could pick and embroider his agenda. He even rails over inadvertent typos I have made and devotes entire blogs to them, which only exhibit his mental failings further! (See here)

Moreno falsely portrays me – against his own better knowledge – as a LSD advocate (see here). He further claims that I have posted counterfeit screencaps from his site (which was often changed and – for a long period – blocked from being archived thus making independent wayback archival proof impossible)  and that I and other have ‘refused’ to show the full evidence) No such refusal has been issued, it is just not worth bothering with such empty exchanges with Moreno. However, so as not to break copyright rules by posting a complete download of his former series of pages, I offer this on a one-to-one basis to anyone who contacts me through the comments section here asking for this, but only on conditions of confidentiality (and they must not be mischief-makers like Moreno).

Here are some examples of Moreno’s hate campaign from some of his many paranoid blogs:-

This is one of  Joe Moreno's defenses of Sathya Sai Baba and himself

This is one of Joe Moreno’s defenses of Sathya Sai Baba and himself

Gerald Moreno justifies his defamatory manipulations buy saying:- “Funny how those who poke fun others appearances look rather pathetic themselves. I say turnabout is fair play”

I have pointed out that Sathya Sai Baba in his supposed ‘omniscience’ and ‘omnipotence’ has claimed his appearance will always remain youthful (just like Krishna who always was as a youth of 16 years of age). Yet his whole being has deteriorated remarkably and most visibly- and has a vacant state and a clearly aged facial and neck features – besides being wheelchair bound due to his conceitedly ignoring his six doctors’ remedial advice after his hip joint was shattered and operated on.

In my case, however, I have never made any such claims about my appearance. (Note that Moreno uses a copyright photo of me here too… the hypocrite).

Moreno underlines his lack of substantial arguments by resorting to  manipulations of those he hates – see his distortion of the face of Reinier van der Sandt and the body of Sanjay Dadlani:-

Images from Gerald Moreno's blogs

See more at:-

Moreno banned from Wikipedia

G.J. Moreno’s ‘senile dementia’ slurs, avoidances & irrationality

Moreno by Robert Priddy

Moreno and sexual abuse, denial and subterfuge

Moreno fraud on India Interacts – and ‘smear campaign’

Selected Evidence of Moreno’s widespread attacks on the Internet

Sathyasaibaba scales up hate attacks on critics

Gerald Joe Moreno blogs listed (aka joe108. SSS108, GM108, JM 108. EQUALIZER etc.)

The Gerald Joe Moreno dossier – part 1

The Gerald Moreno dossier – part 2

Serious defamation attempt by Moreno defeated

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization
View ex-follower signatures
Read of prominent petitioner, the origin and problems faced by the petition from saboteurs etc.


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Moreno’s wilful deceptions about LSD and Robert Priddy

Posted by robertpriddy on May 26, 2010

Gerald Moreno's lying deception about Robert Priddy and LSD-25

From Moreno’s lying deceits at

The above libel is just one small example of Gerald Moreno’s fanatical personal attacks and character assassination attempts against me. I have only advocated visiting a forum where drugs are discussed, so as to obtain at least a minimum of knowledge about what their use can involve. Some entries are interesting! I have not endorsed the contents of the forum, nor do I advocate the use of LSD-25! But Moreno wants to make me seem to endorse whatever is written there! Absurd, but with malicious intent on his part, as ever against all who disagree with him about Sathya Sai Baba.



My involvement with LSD ended many decades ago, long before John Lennon’s or many other famous persons experiments or outright use of this psychedelic agent. I first took it (as provided for general experimentation by the Minister of Health, Norway) in 1963, and only repeated the experiment twice in subsequent years. I have never advocated the use of LSD! Moreno cannot prove it, and he should take much greater care in what he ‘recklessly’ asserts. He has been decisively confronted by Kevin R.D. Shepherd over this libel and misrepresentation (see here – and then scroll down to LSD references or click on the thumbnail on the left to see the relevant passages) informs of copy infringement by Gerald Moreno and deletes those pages informs of copy infringement by Gerald Moreno and deletes those pages

Moreno has illegally posted copyrighted articles of mine from 1987 which I removed from the Internet, and DMCA have accepted my copyright (in contradiction to what Moreno states, knowing full well that the DMCA notice caused wordpress to make him remove those articles from `See notice from wordpress here:-

See also here In short, yet more lying and deception by Moreno!). He compounded his illegal act by posting these articles copiously on blogspot and other sites which do not accept responsibility for copyright violations!

Moreno is patently very disturbed, being literally enraged (as his attacks show fully that he is), not least because it has been pointed out to him by Indian legal experts like Basava Premanand that he was, according to Indian law, sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba when he was oiled “on the lower stomach” in a private interview, i.e. the technique of grooming reported by many young men and even admitted to take place by officials of the Sathya Sai Organization. I have simply reiterated these facts after Moreno has attacked me for having ‘homo-erotic fantasies’ about Sai Baba and similar obnoxious deceptions.
Moreno, oil ‘anointing’ of genitals as sexual abuse Yet note the amazing fact that Moreno constantly defended Sathya Sai Baba for years while still believing him to be a sexual abuser! (See more) Further, he defends Swami Premananda, who was convicted of multiple rape and murder and is serving a double life sentence for this in India, as confirmed even after appeal to the highest court. There is evidently something very basically wrong with Moreno’s moral values, such as they are.

Gerald Moreno's denial of sexual grooming by Sai Baba, which is a well-established fact

Moreno’s false claim, needlessly repeated –  – for he reported how he had been ‘oiled’ by SSB on the ‘lower stomach’, which is known as sexual molestation (unless by a doctor with patient consent) both in India and in most Western countries. Others have stated the same about Moreno, noting his confusion, his gullibility at haveing found God in person, and naivevity about what was done to him and ignorance of and why.

See also Gerald Moreno’s oiling between the pubic area and the navel by Sathya Sai Baba
Gerald Moreno molested sexually – debate between Moreno and Basava Premanand

Here is a Google capture which shows how Moreno immediately promoted his defamation widely against Robert Priddy, including on a Sex blog!Gerald Joe Moreno's latest frantic promotion of defmation against  Robert Priddy

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David Bailey on Sathya Sai Baba (transcript from phone call plus audio links)

Posted by robertpriddy on May 22, 2010

Former leading devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, David Bailey, explained his disaffection in a phone call with Thomas Wiehe, a Swedish ex-Sai Baba devotee).

David Bailey, who exposed Sathya Sai Baba's deceptions
The fuller evidence “The Findings” presents the Bailey’s intensive investigations of Sai Baba’s reported sexual activities. fraudulence claims and activities.

Listen to the actual phone conversation in mp3 here:- Part One,   Part Two  and Part Three   (full transcript can be read here)

Here are some further excerpts of Bailey’s testimony (see also earlier blog)

David Bailey: I have personally investigated first hand – that the water project is not finished, there are many villages without water – not even connected. The hospital is very badly run and it is just not what we are told at all. Now people do not want to hear this, but this is the truth. This is why Faye and I have moved away. He knows that he will be caught out. The rings are all bought from Hyderabad and locally in the village, the vibuthi he carries between his fingers in tablets… I’ve seen it, he dropped a tablet in front of me. It is all an illusion, it is all a hoax, it is all one big trick, and so many of us innocent people have been hoodwinked. Faye and I, with our books, we have removed them from sale wherever we can, because we cannot allow anybody else to go and get involved because of us. We also respect that many people do good, but it is now time in my view for people to do good because of good, not because of his name. It is a terrible situation…

When I spoke to the very close people – I have some very good friends there who know exactly what’s going on – when you get to the inner circle it is a business, that’s all they’re interested in really, but people like Phyllis Krystal, people like Mike Hollander, who have been there for many years, they just turn round and they say ‘If you consider he is God, he can do anything. He can have fraud, sex, drugs… anything. If you do not consider he is God, then of course you have a problem, because of the laws of your land, your morality, your own upbringing and your own standards. And they say this is your problem to sort out, you must decide that he is God. I said this is crazy, the one that creates this beautiful world that we live in, does not come to this earth and do these ridiculous things. There is NO record in Prashanthi of him doing any healing at all. Any healing that has happened within people has been an internal personal thing, but there are very, very few serious records of this anyway. The problem with the incidents that have been reported before is that either the young men have been so threatened that they have said ‘I’m sorry, I made a mistake’

I think the first thing that made me question was when there was a question of Prince Charles going there and because I have played for the Royal family several times I know that what happened with the detectives that go – you know -to check everything out first. And Prince Charles had written to me about the possibility of going one day and I suddenly thought ‘what questions will they ask me, what answers can I give them. And I suddenly realised that I was living in a dream world, not in the real world.

Thomas Wiehe: What did you find about the hospital?

“David Bailey: There is a ward that is still not open. They have not done any renal operations for a year. The money is questionable. With Isaac Tigrett, when the hospital was built, he gave $49 million. Well, only $34 million went to the hospital the rest were… well, it’s just corrupt. Australian television do a programme on him last year and the hospital, they had found that they were selling organs etc. The hygiene of the hospital is disgusting. Now I know Sara Pavan who is the top anesthetist from Australia who’s there all the time, and he said to me ‘David, you never, ever, ever let anybody come to this hospital because they do not understand hygiene. It is just so sad. We’ve had several instances where people have been refused entrance to the hospital who need attention. They say they do not have the money but this does not make sense because the money that I have seen being handed in at the office every day. The problem that we have is that the coordinators will say ‘This did not happen’ or ‘this is an illusion, this is a test.’ It is something that must be addressed.

To read the entire transcript one can visit David Bailey Phone Conversation

The phone call text was posted by Gerald Moreno in an attempt to get maximum Google coverage of the issue for his pro-Sai fanatical defenses. His arguments can be seen here, with suitable comments which defuse his entire misguided maunderings.

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization – temporarily unavailable

View ex-follower signaturesRead of prominent petitioner, the origin and problems faced by the petition from saboteurs etc.<

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Swami Nityananda tries the Sathya Sai Baba defense ploy

Posted by robertpriddy on May 20, 2010

Swami Nithyananda applied for bail to the lower court but on May 6, 2010, the Ramanagara sessions court denied him bail because “Nithyananda and his disciples would tamper with the evidence.” The Public Prosecutor (Srirama Reddy) informed the court that Nithyananda’s victims were afraid to come forward as witnesses because the rich and influential followers of the godman were restraining them.

This is the technique of many Indian godmen who have been caught out, as seen to the extreme in the history of  Sathya Sai Baba, whose rich and powerful supporters go to the highest level in government and the judiciary. He is totally protected from prosecution, despite 30 public testimonies by young men alleging sexual abuse by him, and not least as regards his presence to and undoubted involvement in the cold-blooded execution of four devotees in 1993, which he did his utmost to cover up. The government quashed the CBI investigation and got the petition of Hari Sampath thrown out of the Supreme Court (see here) and here)
Swami Nithyananda claims impotence - or what?

Adding to the bawdy hilarity of the Nityananda case is this claim that he is “not a man” and that he asked the CBI to test his potency. How they might do such a sensitive examination is anyone’s guess. If he were proven to be impotent, or even a eunuch, it would not rub out the saucy video evidence as reportedly exists with four or five women, nor would it clear him of secret tantrick trickery of those who chose to invest heavily in his meditation courses!

Added to the confusion of true believers were the reports via Sify News as follows:-

Sweami Nityananda rejected by Hindus in Malaysia, but his teachings okayed!So the Hindu Sangam in Malaysia evidently supports secret tantrick sexual exploits as this is not against Hinduism, for they could not have failed to note this aspect of Nityananda’s teaching. At least, it’s good to know where they really stand! One wonders if they support the practises of Sathya Sai Baba (which top Sai officials condone) such as the oiling of young male genitals. Or perhaps even also Sathya Sai Baba’s very widely testified sexual abuses from around the world, including pedophilia?

Even the bogus and simplistic Indian guru Ravi Shankar (who is not the wonderful musician!) claims that Swami Nityananda has violated UNAIDS guidelines as well as the rules of tantra.”

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization

View ex-follower signatures
Read of prominent petitioner, the origin and problems faced by the petition from saboteurs etc.


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Tantrick sex Swami Nithyananda’s farce plays on

Posted by robertpriddy on May 20, 2010

Swami Nityananda is certainly a major deceiver, for he claimed to be a celibate and even that he is “not a man” (i.e. impotent), yet all the while he was holding classes in strict secrecy for disciples who paid well in which the tantrick (or tantric) sex was so extreme that his lawyers had drawn up an obligatory non-disclosure agreement for applicants:-

Swami Nithyananda's tantrick tricks exposed by Express Buzz

Nithyananda pleaded for bail but it was denied due to the prosecutor’s claim that he and his disciples “would tamper with the evidence”.

Public prosecutor, Srirama Reddy, told the court that Nithyananda’s victims were afraid to come forth because rich and influential followers of the godman were restraining them.

Nithyananda also applied for an anticipatory bail in a cheating case filed by Vishhwanath.

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) froze the accounts of the four trusts operated by Nithyananda. It sent letters to ICICI, Corporation Bank and Canara Bank, asking them to freeze the accounts of Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust, Nithyananda Foundation, Nithyananda Dhyanapeeta, and Nithyanandeshwara Devasthana. The followers of Nithyananda filed four writ petitions challenging the freezing of all the bank accounts by CID. (See South Asia blog)

The practises of tantric sex – which many Indian religionists support as a part of the fundament of Hinduism – are apparently also practised by Sathya Sai Baba (see here and again here). It is admitted by many Sai Baba followers – both some officials and devotees – that he regularly oiled the genitalia of young men and boys in secret, which is claimed by others to be a tantrick practice. One can but faintly imagine the outcry if the Pope had announced that anything like tantrism was at the root of the Catholic Churches’ religious beliefs!

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization

View ex-follower signaturesRead of prominent petitioner, the origin and problems faced by the petition from saboteurs etc.

Note also how ‘devotees of sexual spirituality’ woukld defend Swami Nithyananda

Defenders of secret tantrick sex agreements - Swami Nityananda

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David Bailey’s disaffection in 1999 (phone conversation transcript & audio)

Posted by robertpriddy on May 18, 2010

Phone conversation with David Bailey recorded by Thomas Wiehe, a Swedish ex-Sai Baba devotee.

Note: David Bailey, an accomplished concert pianist, was a very close favourite of Sathya Sai Baba for a number of years, having had more than 100 interviews with him. He and wife (who was chosen for him by Sai Baba) visited many Sai centres throughout the world holding talks at Sathya Sai Baba centres. He wrote books praising Sai Baba, until he learned from students at the Sai colleges – and subsequently from young men and some parents of Sai Baba’s widespread homosexual abuses and molestations which they testified had been forced upon them. Mrs. Faye Bailey had accepted from Peggy Mason of the U.K. to continue the Sai Baba magazine, which had been published for many years by Mason and Ron Laing. After a protracted period of awakening and investigation, Faye and David Bailey ceased to promote Sai Baba in the magazine and instead published a lengthy exposure of Sathya Sai Baba and many of his deceptions and failed or bogus works. This bombshell caused a major fall-off in membership of the Sathya Sai Organization and led to a large number of further allegations and revelations about Sai Baba, his organization, institutions and following. The long document “The Findings” summarized their intensive investigations of Sai Baba’s reported sexual activities and fraudulence claims and activities.

Listen to the actual phone conversation in mp3 here:- Part One,   Part Two

Here are some excerpts with surprising facts that came to light:-

David Bailey: Terry Gallagher was an Australian who spent five, six, seven years – and a (whole) day – with Swami. He was closer than I was with Swami. Then when he left, through having found out the truth of what is going on, I somehow became so close to Swami that for three years I was blind to what was going on… because I had been told what everybody else had been told. And then after our marriage we became even closer and became part of what it termed the inner circle. And when we saw for ourselves what was going on and realised what other people who had been close also had experienced and why they had left, then when we did our world tour last
year, it was disastrous… with so many things that we found.

We went back at Christmas to discover that everything that we had found was totally true; as soon as we got back to England, we had the fraud squad from Scotland Yard, the British Government’s Foreign Office and the Charity Commissioners waiting for us with major investigations, with proven fraud in some cases

..the other thing which we had discovered was this homosexual activity. You know, to start off with we believed (it) was only Swami – shall we say – raising the kundalini within the student. This is what we were told, but then when we realised that it was not… and it was definitely not just Swami – well I have to be open and honest – playing with the students… but asking the student to actually make sexual acts on Swami, including oral sex. It was just ridiculous. And then the students at the college turned to me for help, because this has been going on for years, it is why the assassination attempts occurred… because the students were absolutely sick of him making them do things they didn’t want to do. I am grown up in my attitudes and realistic to realise that around the world many things happen between consenting adults, but when you are in a position of power as headmaster or teacher or guru or whatever you like… to make your students do things they do not wish to do is not acceptable, and also in England – and I believe it is true in Sweden – it is illegal. And if Swami were in England he would be put in prison for twenty years… Now that is my problem because at one of England’s top preparatory schools for children from five to thirteen years old, the Royal family sent their children to this school… and I was suddenly made redundant. I lost my job and they asked me to continue with my job part time only to teach in the classroom – no work in the evenings… even we had performed one musical and they said you may not attend the rehearsals, you can only attend the performance.

I was seen – with Faye – to be going round speaking for Swami. From the police, from the authorities from many countries… they saw David and Faye – and other people too – going to speak for Swami. As a result families would go out to Swami… sons, the young men would be sexually approached and come back, there is even one person in England who has committed suicide and we have stopped another one, we pray, from doing so. But we were seen as agents… that we would be very charming, very nice, persuade people to go – because of my involvement with the college boys so closely they thought that I was just a provider of his sex toys. That has now ruined my career in England because I now have a record of being connected with him.

These excepts will be continued in a subsequent blog. To read the entire transcript – and to hear the phone call itself, visit David Bailey’s Phone Conversation with Thomas Wiehe of Sweden

The phone call text was posted by Gerald Moreno in an attempt to get maximum Google coverage of the issue for his pro-Sai fanatical defenses. His arguments can be seen here, with suitable comments which defuse his entire misguided maunderings.

View ex-follower signatures on the Sai Public Petition

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Jaani Drucker – wild claims not supported by her actions

Posted by robertpriddy on May 11, 2010

Jaani [or Yaani] Drucker, who claims to be fully spiritually enlightened – has responded to points made by Barry Pittard in his wordpress blogs, but with obvious ill-humour.  She has a website in which she has publicly expressed the same line that she took in writing to Barry Pittard, such as:-

“Anyone who has an ego, which everyone has except those who have attained enlightenment,  is in a state of denial, denial about the truth of who they are, and that includes most professionals. Just because someone has a PhD does not make him/her an expert in what is or is not enlightenment …”

This is no mean claim. Around six billion people have egos, no doubt and tens of thousands of Ph.Ds possess a vast collective knowledge about human reactions and the ego in all its forms. But Jaani knows the world population is in denial! What kind of delusion is that? ‘Not having an ego’ is a very vague phrase – it can mean anything from being in total amnesia, a vegetative state to – in the spiritual belief Jaani defends  – being totally immersed in what she characterises as her “omnipotent” self-consciousness and beyond any worldly influences. Such a person is called a jnani (i.e. one who knows it all). Not Jaani, though! A jnani has no desires or interests in the world, according to the doctrine. Yet Jaani’s interest in self-promotion on the Internet and elsewhere – and her expressed desire not to be criticized, her strong reactions to difficult questions which she actually fails to confront properly – not least her very prickly ego attacks on Pittard – are all disqualifiers for anything at all like “realization”. Barry Pittard is engaging in fair questioning of her extremely remarkable claims, not – as she falsely claims. He is not running a ‘smear campaign’ against her or Sathya Sai Baba. Pittard. Admittedly, he is a stringent critic of Sathya Sai Baba and the vast cover-ups around him, but that is on many and firm documented grounds, including over a score of signed testimonies that he sexually abused young men – including underage boys. Very many other instances are reported by others – including by his own officials – as being molested by oiling of the genitals. Jaani calls this huge documentation, also by the BBC and Danish televison, as ‘rumour’! I am sure she knows far better than that, not least from her husband who has told Aime Levy about it himself. She is definitely in denial about that, for a start! Yet Jaani states her precious belief: –
“… I credit Sai Baba for my enlightenment, and it is in part because He was instrumental in my awakening that I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is who He claims to be”.

Such ‘certainty beyond a shadow of a doubt’ is not knowledge, and it puts itself far ‘beyond doubt’ in that it is vulnerable to doubt, being merely subjective belief, and the more so the more strongly held. On Pittard’s blogsite, he has responded to Jaani Drucker’s self-projective points, and in detail. Her responses were unsatisfactorily evasive and soon she reacted by refusing to discuss with him unless he withdrew his writing about her. She then wrote to him that, as a result of his writings, some persons told her they would as a result not now attend her workshop on ‘ego’. She writes that he was “impeding her heartful offering toward a better world”. She makes the unenlightened assumption that Barry Pittard does not contribute his work with at least the same good intentions. She started out with a good deal of love and light, but her tone increasingly implies she is looking for a showdown – and to put down those who disagree with her, so she should not be so offended when someone takes her up on it. She quoted in an e-mail to her supporter, the web troll Gerald Moreno, that critics of Sai Baba are as “Dogs barking at the moon”, then denied vehemently in a mail to Pittard that she had ever called anyone a dog. A fine point that!

Jaani Drucker then tries to bargain: “I wonder whether you would consider removing your discrediting and unkind words? If so, perhaps there would be the possibility of an honest debate. Until then you demonstrate that you have already drawn your conclusion, that I am a dangerous energy that you need to protect others from, etc.” Jaani is very forthright with rash over-interpretations and prejudicial jumping to conclusions of his words and putting into Pittard’s mouth that she is a “dangerous energy”. Having written in a very polite and decent way throughout, Pittard should not remove anything. His postings are responsible contributions to a discussion (which Jaani originally invited all to join), being clearly made out of a sense of public duty (not, a Jaani suggested in that worn-out Sai-speak ‘to derive joy from criticising’). Moreover, for those who would backtrack or cover their tracks, Google’s moving finger writes on, and, “having writ, moves on”… once posted it is forever in the public sphere somewhere for good or ill.

Barry Pittard can be seen to have written in a very polite and decent way throughout – though frank and making strong points in the discussion. That is what she cannot abide, being questioned radically, so she avoids answering the really sensitive points, complaining instead. These reactions show her to be disturbed by any criticism, no doubt she wants to carry on but escape the consequences of her support for Sathya Sai Baba in all things, and simply brush aside critical comments as not founded in her supposed ‘Truth’.

In an effort to counteract Barry Pittard’s highly relevant questions, Jaani first decided to cut off communication, then tried to appeal to Barry Pittard to reverse his position on the basis of the universal brotherhood/sisterhood of mankind. Noble as that sentiment may be as an ideal – and even though all humans are genetically related – it is not a principle for suppressing discussion, well-meant criticism and even argument between “brothers and sisters”. In my view cult members are more like very distant cousins to me – I feel no brotherhood as regards their ideology and denial of many facts, though I would accept that they could well have good intentions. Intention and action do not always concur, however… and frank and open truthfulness from the Druckers on the sexual abuse issue would be welcome… but they evidently discriminate against those “brothers” who are no longer in the so-called ‘Sai family’. Not least it would help assuage the feelings of the offended persons whom they know to be speaking the truth about their awful experiences. It would also be fair to many of us who we have all reason based on massive, impelling testimony to accept they were so treated by Sai Baba… and not least also for his own sexual satisfaction!

Jaani refers to the perceived greatness of her husband (in some circles). His supposed greatness is – as he admits – entirely due to his having been taken close th Sai Baba, that he and she are ‘just ordinary people’ etc. I would still add a few moderating thoughts. When first I heard him hold forth as a lecturer at Prashanthi Nilayam in January, 1985, he was known for having been saved from a plane crash by a supposed miracle of Sai Baba. He had been made into a kind of idol by some US devotees. I found a solemn-faced propagator of Sai Baba’s more simplistic and myth-packed doctrine for young students (as contained in Drucker’s book reproducing talks by Sai Baba to his students which, since Drucker does not know Telugu, was translated for him by another). Drucker held with Sai Baba that he was himself Rama, Krishna and other divine figures… and their teaching is his. During Christmas 1986, Drucker informed the crowd at a choir practice that Sai Baba had said that all of the devotees who had been with Rama were present in reincarnations at his 60th birthday, including the ‘monkey-god’ Hanuman (not least therefore, some people thought Drucker might have been told he was Hanuman. What a craze-inducing place Prashanthi Nilayam is!).

Whatever the case, Al Drucker seemed very devout and puritan, and with his Talmudic background he saw Prashanthi Nilayam as the New Jerusalem. He spent decades living almost exclusively at Sai Baba ashrams, where any new ideas are most unwelcome unless they concur and support those which are ‘politically correct’ in Sathya Sai Baba’s view. In the role of local ‘greatness’ that no doubt partly was forced upon him, various people I knew there nonetheless saw Al Drucker as too bossy and I could not observe that he was a helpful server of struggling visitors, for he had the role of an important personage, which rested mainly on his proximity to Sai Baba since the late 1970s. (Add to that the fact that he had once temporarily been employed in some kind of scientific role by NASA, before he joined Esalen and left the scientific attitude firmly behind him). He was seen by most devotees much as a go-between to God Incarnate, a recipient of miracle blessings and one who maybe knew some of the secrets not shared with ordinary joes! He did amuse me, however, when he somewhat patronisingly mismanaged certain events (eg. the Christmas choir) so badly as to have some of us laughing amid all the gushing piety.

The jealousy which plagues all the Sai ashrams (as I observed and indeed Sai Baba himself roundly railed about) was strong against Al Drucker. I heard diverse complaints about him and some Indian VIPs expressed Schadenfreude when he was excommunicated. Most unacceptable!

The Ways of the Mind – on the issue by a Swedish psychologist
Strawberry Fields Forever? plus comments on Jaani & advaitic doctrine
Reply To Claimer of Enlightenment (Yaani Drucker Correspondence) Part 2
Barry Pittard Replies To Sathya Sai Center Rape Survivor’s Note To Him
Dangerous to Rationalize Rape. A major Sathya Sai Baba Follower’s Example

Will the Real Professor Alvin Drucker Be Upstanding? Professor Alvin Drucker has not spoken out yet, will he stand up and be a true man? Reliable sources testify to what Drucker knew about sexual abuses.
Reply To Claimer of Spiritual Enlightenment (Yaani Drucker Correspondence) Part 1
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See Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization

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