Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed

Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

Guru claims Sai Baba paid $1 million to retrieve pictures

Posted by robertpriddy on May 28, 2010

An Indian guru, Sekarji (Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian) considers Sathya Sai Baba was already a sexual molester and a faker of miracles long ago. Here is an e-mail he sent to

From Sekharji 06-28-2002 08:43 PM ET (US)

Today, there are so many Extortionists, that SSB is letting most of them go on telling stories without the reward for silence. It seems that the money supply is now getting low. So now, there are a whole lot of exDevotees attacking each Other to achieve the status as being the last One standing for SSB to deal with. There are even Imposters planted to help confuse and frighten the whistleblowers.

I enforce My claim for the previous statements to You in the following way. There is a Swamiji named ‘Kaleshwara’ somewhere near Banglore. He was a young Boy when SSB molested Him. He, however, brought a camera and took pictures of the activites without SSB knowing. Later, He extorted SSB and got $1 million dollars to start His own ashram. Go to Him in Banglore, and privately ask. He is quite open and honest about the whole matter. He may still even show You the pictures as He did to many Others.

It should perhaps be added that I do not in any way endorse this or any other self-professed guru, but however misguided he may be or not, what he tells must be taken into account, no reason why it is not true. In fact, there are many reasons why one can consider it to be fact. A major impostor of the kind Sekharji mentions must surely include the former Sai College teacher  Murali Krishna Yachendra, – a trusted agent for the Sai authorities being also a relation of the Sai-devotee Raja of Venkatagiri. Yachendra’s major attempt via e-mails (see some here) to sabotage and derail the exposé which continued persisted through months of contacts between him and Basava Premanand and Barry Pittard. He altogether failed to deceive them, and they could present full proof of his major deceits, countless outright lies and falsifications of documents. See Major sabotage by Sai college teacher averted, including murder threats against Basava Premanand

The South Indian police were informed and a petition lodged, but the Sai authorities have so much power there that the petition has never so for reached court.  The evidence can be studied on-line to some extent, though the entire catalogue is only available so far in a book published in India by Basava Premanand entitled ‘Sabotage by Murali Krishna Yachendra’  (available for US$10.- with airmail fee included – from 11/7 Chettipalayam Road, Podnadur – 641 023. Tamilnadu, India)

Yachendra is endorsed by the Sai-defender and character assassinator Gerald Moreno of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and defended him throughout in the face of the extremely damaging evidence. Yachendra claimed knowledge of massive sex exploits, murder plans and embezzlements by Sai Baba and his institutions or hired assassains, promising documentation in full. Sai Baba offered huge cash payment to anyone who would murder Premanand? M.K. Yachendra stated in an e-mail 3.1.2005 in March 1998 “before one of my students very eyes Sathya Sai Baba offered someone Rs. 10,00,OOO/- to eliminate Mr. Premanand”.


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