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Police chiefs in India can escape justice

Posted by robertpriddy on June 29, 2010

Indian public outraged at police invulnerability The case of S.P.S. Rathore – a police chief who brutally raped a 14-year old girl and escaped justice, whereupon she killed herself – was nearly buried by the media and government. However, the gradually awakening wider Indian public rose in anger and have made this a landmark case in bringing some accountability to police chiefs in India. This cover-up is but one of hundreds of similar reported cases of unpunished police killings and massive brutality in the past decade, among the most serious of which is the continuing Indian government’s cover-up of the police executions of four students of Sathya Sai Baba in his bedroom in 1993. The cover-up for this constantly self-proclaimed God Incarnate and world saviour is to protect the reputation of India’s five Prime Ministers, four Presidents, the judiciary and many top people in India others who had already worshipped this widely accused pedophile, sex abuser and proven ignoramus plus murder accomplice for decades before he was exposed.

What Rathore said and the government backed Dinker Vashisht Posted: Tue Dec 22 2009, 06:04 hrs Chandigarh: “Despite being replete with loopholes and improbabilities, S P S Rathore’s version of the “facts” in the Ruchika molestation case found strong backing in the corridors of power.” (Indian Express 22/12/2009)
Comment: Yet the “facts” were false and the authorities did not car to examine them!

In THE HINDU January 4, 2010  S. Viswanathan wrote: “What significantly differentiates the S.P.S. Rathore case from comparable atrocities of the past is the progressive and healthy shift it has caused in the attitude of the mainstream news media and people, particularly those drawn from the middle classes, to sex-related crimes against women and children. Unlike in the past, this activist concern goes beyond sympathy for the victims. It extends to more substantive and wide-ranging aspects such as the legal rights of the affected, the relevant laws, the law’s delays, the forms of judicial procedure, the adequacy of the sentence awarded to the perpetrators of the crime, and the compensation decreed to the victims or their families.

All this is reflected in the scores of letters from readers that can be read in newspapers, which published on December 22, 2009 a small report on the court verdict that sentenced Rathore to six months imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 1,000 for sexually molesting a 14-year-old girl at Panchkula in Haryana, 19 years ago. “At long last, justice, too little and too late, has seemingly been done to the girl, who was growing into a promising tennis player, when she chose to end her life,” a newspaper quoted a neighbour of the girl’s family as saying. (The sexual assault on the minor took place in 1990 and she committed suicide three years later, unable to bear the harassment and torture her father and brother had to suffer at the instance of the police official, abusing all the power at his command. All that the father and son did was to take the issue to court. The investigation and the proceedings in different courts prolonged the agony of the family for nearly two decades.)

In the weeks following the news report on the verdict thousands of articles, analyses, and pictures in print and online were generated by it. TV channels have vied with one another to take the message to even larger sections of people across the country.

The indifference and failure of Haryana Chief Ministers to get the culprit punished within a reasonable period have been widely deplored. S. Viswanathan”

“Comment from Neha, Amritsar: India is a unique country in many respects, its just ice system being one of them. One wonders the wisdom of our criminal laws that let many Rathores go scot free while numerous innocent people are languishing in jails for the want of a fair trial. So many people have not yet been formally convicted in spite of spending considerable period in confinement disproportionate to what their offence may have warranted. The Rathore case amply demonstrates the importance of freeing judiciary from money and muscle power.”

The Indian police system is known to be one of the least accountable in any democratic nation, and it is hardly surprising considering the following facts:-

Indian police crimes - by


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Interview with Sathya Sai Baba – 2002

Posted by robertpriddy on June 26, 2010

Sathya Sai Baba gave an interview to Russian ladies. It is mostly the same in content as thousands of interviews, the same words to the same questions. The same superficial and flawed answers, but this time introducing a couple of new howlers of the kind only Sai Baba can manage in all seriousness. Why the website posts such rubbish would be a mystery, but evidently those responsible do not realise the absurdity:-

Sathya Sai Baba shows huge ignorance of cancer etc. at interview
See the following on-line information:
Cancer in Wild Animals
Cancer also occurs in wild animals. Some well documented examples of cancer in wild animals include facial tumors in Tasmanian devils, fibropapillomatosis in sea turtles, and genital carcinoma in sea lions.
(See here)

There are research programmes around the world into animal cancer, such as: Research program on cancer in animals and birds at Cornell University
The Secretary of Agriculture shall conduct a program of basic research on cancer in animals and birds at appropriate facilities within the Department of Agriculture or by grants to other qualified research facilities.

Many wild animals suffer from tuberculosis too, like rhinos and wild boars etc. but Sai Baba is unaware of the fact! See here

“Fish is therefore gets poisoned” writes the pidgin Sai-students of Sai Baba concludes that, because there is marine pollution (from bombs?), fish is not good. One may perhaps ask, “All fish, swami?” and “Are all the oceans so polluted?”

See also Sathya Sai Baba and Absurdity – Revealed in His Officials’ Documents


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Sathya Sai Baba’s religious teaching

Posted by robertpriddy on June 25, 2010

Sai teaching that he is God and his pick-and-mix ‘Sai religion’: To accept Sathya Sai Baba as an avatar of God is to adopt the dualistic paradigm (dvaita). He considers this an inferior form of understanding(!), yet he encourages it enormously! From his many claims about himself, his constant directions and the practices carried on around him, he is to be devotedly worshipped as God – as a separate ‘entity’ (person/incarnation). Unfortunately for that thesis, Sathya Sai Baba is himself a duality, the limited human being born as Satya Narayana Raju and the adopted the borrowed ‘divine identity’ as Sai Baba. This can be seen throughout his life by anyone who really has open eyes, however much he proclaims that God is One and that he alone is aware of being this Unity etc.

The very voluminous ‘teachings’ of Sai Baba, simply stated and very appealing at first glance, turn out upon closer analysis to be a pick-and-mix menu of many kinds of conflicting doctrines and ideas, virtually none of which are original to him. Hardly a single devotee studies these texts properly nor retains any degree of truly independent questioning or evaluation. Admittedly, the materials are unmanageable for most people with limited time, seeing that it is spread across thousands of documented discourses and numerous books etc. They contain a plethora of sweeping generalizations which largely invalidates them as serious advice, plus any number of factually incorrect – and often hilariously stupid – assertions on almost any subject that can be counter-checked (especially Christian scripture, the lives and sayings of various famous persons, scientists, and the sciences (see here) He also makes ridiculous assertions about health as dependent on piety on history, on Jesus’ life (see here) , and not least as to the achievements of Sai Baba and his movement.)

Sai discourses are packed with self-praise to the highest degree ever seen in world literature and often make absurdly excessive claims and many predictions which have already turned out to be incorrect. Worst of all, Sai Baba fails on many fronts and in countless instances to act fully in accordance with his own words about truthfulness, compassion, and even non-violence. This is extensively documented beyond any reasonable doubt, but is covered up or ignored by his supporters. They are charmed and beguiled through a long process of indoctrination and ashram social training within a more or less closed environment. They learn to see everything connected with Sai Baba as good and to avoid doubts and criticism like the devil. I can assert this with confidence, having lived through it to some extent myself. Questioning this extremely intuitive and crafty psychic is taboo, for he threatens very dire consequences to the unfaithful (in the afterlife, not least).

A new regime of threats from Sathya Sai Baba: Those Sai followers who are well-balanced enough to learn and investigate open-mindedly are still relatively few, it seems. But it does take time and personal courage. I feel that those who stick their heads in the sand do so more because of fear than for love or righteousness… fear of losses to themselves of all kinds. The loss involved would include imagined ‘grace’, if branded a poor devotee, a Judas, and even a demon by Sathya Sai Baba – terms he used against his critics and those who ‘betray’ him in his discourse on Christmas day, 2000, of all days- as if to sneer at and deride the message of forgiveness that Jesus preached, and even during his crucifixion! This reveals more about Sathya Sai Baba ‘s real, hidden nature than most of his utterances! It suggests a colossal disrespect of the core of Jesus’ teaching and the significance of Christmas to Christians!

The vagueness of Sathya Sai Baba’s threats – exactly what ‘sins’ they apply to – appears well-designed to cow devotees into total submission of any injustice and acceptance of any kind of wrong-doing or cover-up by anyone involved in Sai Baba ‘s institutions. We had already been gradually alienated from the Sathya Sai Organization by its practices, many of which from the ideals Sai Baba held up for it in earlier days – and not least due to its authoritarian rules, cronyism and high-handed treatment of people. I see it as a clear duty to state the actual (rather than the imagined). To work for the protection of good-willed but easily misled young persons (especially young men) everywhere, it is necessary to expose and help contain what – despite all good works also done by the good-intentioned in its name – has unfortunately taken on many subtle characteristics of a secretive, misinforming and many-layered power cult, and is therefore a potential social danger.

The following notice from a bulletin board states the overall position well: “The exposé has laid out thousands of separate web pages which document most of the whole gamut of this fraudulent person’s failings in such detail and with such credibility that not one devotee has been able to deal with it, let alone answer cogently or refute anything important in it all. They are silent! And remember, silence is the language of those with something to hide. If Sathya Sai Baba should suddenly actually become really famous, his infamy will by the same stroke unavoidably be known…. the media world, scientists, governments, human rights supporters, well-educated people and not least believing Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Christians will find all the factual information and reasons ready-made as to why they should not credit his false claims of ‘universality’ etc. The truth will always eventually prevail, and we are therefore confident!”


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Truth and rejecting doubts about Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on June 24, 2010

When serious doubts emerge, doubts that will not disappear and can only be ignored with difficulty, they too can grow as the facts go on bolstering them, whether one likes it or not. But if, when confronted face on and investigated, one’s doubt prove unjustified as mere unsubstantial rumours with no one to testify to them, they would dissipate and fall away. This does not happen with the allegations about Sathya Sai Baba , rather quite to the contrary.

‘The truth’ must to my mind not fly in the face of worldly facts, for truth surely cannot be entirely foreign to them?  If it is meaningful to speak (which is highly questionable) of an overall, eternal truth  surely these can’t be ENTIRELY foreign to or in contradiction of worldly facts? If it is so, then it seems pointless even to talk about it, for it is beyond any understanding or genuine meaning. So-called ‘transcendental’ or ‘eternal’ truth – whatever that may be other than mere words – must have meaningful relations to ‘worldly realities’ (i.e. facts) and what exists here and now, or it is worth no  further consideration. Gurus like Sathya Sai Baba who ask for ‘blind belief’ (especially as to their claims about themselves) are, in my opinion, a potential danger to civilised society and human values, especially when they break promises, practice fraud, clever deception and thus abuse people’s faith.

Sathya Sai Baba followers ignore all their emerging doubts as long as they can. If the should be discussed at all, they are soon rejected out of hand and supplanted by increasingly unlikely rationalizing to quell the anxiety no doubt caused by the thought of having made a massive mistake in one’s life. To confront those facts that undermine their indoctrination and largely self-programmed belief system – and do so as fully as possible before jumping to a conclusion  – requires an unusually high tolerance of mental and emotional uncertainty. They live with half-truths, but – as the proverb rightly has it – ‘a half-truth is often worse than a lie’. It would often call for a stable personality with resources and some interpersonal support system to enable regeneration of one’s well-being and self-confidence so one can and redirect life goals. One finds that nearly everyone who remains in the Sai movement cuts off contact, for they are too uncomfortable with anyone who calls these beliefs into question. This is psychological denial, it is also a result of negative mind control.

An example which illustrates much the above excellently is that given in his recent damning testimony against Sathya Sai Baba by Bas Engelbarts of Holland – Click here


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The basic tenet of the ‘Sai religion’

Posted by robertpriddy on June 24, 2010

The basic tenet of the ‘Sai religion’ is that Sathya Sai Baba is the long-predicted great Avatar of the Age of Kali – with all the fantastic corollaries that he is Vishnu, Rama and Krishna etc. come again, and the Incarnate Father of Jesus, the God of all Gods and so on ad. inf. Having gradually discovered that this was no longer even a remotely possible hypothesis to accept, I saw him and his many claims and ‘teachings’ with an increasingly critical eye. I knew his own words extremely well from my most intensive decades long study and constant detailed indexing of all his discourses, and I never happened across anyone in the Sai movement during 20 years who could better my knowledge of his actual words and teachings, as V.K. Narasimhan was also well aware, which is why he insisted on me writings so many articles in Sanathana Sarathi (he was its editor. While I had originally sought to help explain away the many discrepancies and inaccuracies, sweeping generalizations and wild ideas – which readers of the journal wrote they liked, I began to examine them in a much more even-minded manner.

On this sound basis, I have become convinced that Sathya Sai Baba is NOT pure, certainly NOT only full of love and understanding (though often charming, smiling, and agreeable when it suits his aims), NOT himself a practitioner of exclusive non-violence (even against even small boys, and the students he let be assassinated), is NOT truthful in far too many things to list in brief.

Without becoming laughably inconsistent, we cannot to my mind say that God is in everyone and everything, yet hold that only Sai Baba is able to will anything that happens, as Sai himself says and many devotees repeat a lot. That speaks only of invalid logic, irrational belief and a weak will. What I write, for example, cannot have been predetermined independently of my conscience and will. We all choose how much or little we are willing to learn, grow, rethink, transform ourselves and express our inherent values. Regarding divinity as in everyone (SSB holds that everything is divine), we then all must be partakers in the scenario and agents of its development… within the limits set by those cosmic laws that govern us all. If everything is to be accepted as a gift from God, whatever it is, it will include this writing! But there is no need for any God to affirm that everything I publish here IS true to the very best of my knowledge. Much is based on copious notes made at the time (many scanned for viewing here) and I have cross-checked everything I can.

How can terrible wrong-doing possibly make what Sathya Sai Baba is doing basically good? He has, as almost everyone else alive, done some good. But in my view, the good of anything does not lie mainly in quantity of works (one man can at best only do what the hours allow, even Sathya Sai Baba ) but in the quality and extent of the integrity with which it is done. This integrity is what is constantly and most seriously in question here. More than the lion’s share of my praise would go to those guileless followers who do all the work for him anyhow.

One of Sathya Sai Baba ‘s most well-know aphorisms is ‘silence is the language of realisation’. Nonetheless, Sai Baba himself talks a great amount, ever holding long and drawn-out discourses. In the world, language is a personal, social and economic necessity for the great majority of people. Since we have to live in the world, however little we may be worldly-attached in spirit, we can at best try to say whenever possible only what is true and what it is necessary to make known. The danger is, though, that by not being ourselves and not allowing self expression – saying what we really feel and think – an air of unreality hangs around us, even until we can hardly breathe. This false atmosphere is not always noticed until it envelops a group of persons, such as is very often the case at ashrams and in religious communities. Blind followers wish only to hear whatever supports what they already believe, and in the social vacuum that this develops, one is so righteously ‘right-handed’ that soon one can’t even see recognise what one’s own left hand is doing.


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Nithyananda exposed by Ranjitha – CBI say no faked film

Posted by robertpriddy on June 20, 2010

The Indian actress Ranjitha has come under the spotlight after it emerged that rather than being a victim of the sting operation, she was allegedly the one who released the sex tapes with Swami Nityananda in public.

Sources in the Tamil film industry say that Ranjitha, a mother of two, fell in love with Swami Nityananda and they shared an intimate relationship. But apparently Ranjitha turned vengeful when Nityananda not only refused to marry her but allegedly also started seeing other women. (See source)

Bharata Bharati blog states: Nithyananda-Rajitha sex tape not tampered – CID

BANGALORE: The video footage showing arrested self-styled godman Nityananda Swami in a compromising position with a Tamil actress is “genuine”, a top CID official said on Thursday.

“The video footage is genuine. It is untampered and there is no indication of alteration in the video. As far as image comparison is concerned, that is still to be done,” CID’s Deputy IGP Charan Reddy said. Asked about efforts to trace the actress, Reddy said, “She is not an accused in this case. She will definitely come. When she comes, we will examine her.”The CD was sent to Central Forensic Science Laboratory Hyderabad for analysis where it was found to be authentic, he said.

See also an overview of the situation to date here

Note that this so-called ‘spiritual guru’ meddles in Tantrick sex. Sathya Sai Baba is positive towards Tantrism in various of his discourses, and – as regards sexual perversions – he is widely reported to be a constant abuser, yet he has top protection from the deluded and immoral elite in the Indian Government and judiciary including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, President of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil and former Chief Justice Bhagwati – all of whom endorse and worship this deceiver.


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Swami Nithyananda: purification, tribulation and trial

Posted by robertpriddy on June 19, 2010

Swami Nithyananda self-purification? Hardly!Nithyananda claims not to have done anything wrong, yet he decided to carry out a ´sacrifice´(tapas) for “self-purification” (Source)
Why this (absurd) ritual so if he was so pure and innocent already? Note that even the fame-seeking charlatan Indian guru, Ravi Shankar (i.e. not the wonderful musician!) claims that Swami Nityananda has “violated UNAIDS guidelines as well as the rules of tantra.” ´The rules of tantra`… is a good one in that lawless sphere of human life! Nonetheless, Nithyananda´s violations and lies are nothing – a comparative fleabite compared to those of Sathya Sai Baba (see full documentation here and in this blog)

The Karnataka High Court ordered the de-freezing of Swami Nithyananda´s accounts, but the judge – Justice Gunjal – directed Nithyananda to cooperate with the CID in its investigation. (Source)

Comment: So far Nithyananda has not cooperated but told the CID that he remembers nothing and was in a trance while the video was made (in which he is seen with Ranjita  on a bed and clearly watching Indian TV entertainment). No doubt, Nithyananda could not deny it was himself, so tried to writhe out by his preposterous trance claim.

“Swamiji has said that the video is a morphed one and blames one of his inmates Premananda alias Lenin Karuppan, for the morphing of his face with the idea of defaming him.” (Source)

The Indian CID are investigating Swami Nithyananda´s laptop computer and also the microchip on which the infamous video was captured. A full report will be made, and we will see that Nithyananda´s claim is false. But then this impostor is notable for the degree of pathetic worming denials and self-contradictory ‘explanations’, for example:-

“Yes, I am in the video. And I am not running away from the law. I was in a trance when the video was shot. Give me a chance to explain myself” Swami said. (Source)

Then he claimed that the video captured “only the experiments with Tamil actress Ranjita.”(Source)

Now, tapasya could land Nithyananda in prison
Bangalore: Self-styled godman Nithyananda Swami has courted fresh trouble for allegedly using kerosene meant for poor families during his meditation for penance.” “Officials of the food and civil supplies department on Wednesday seized 180 litres of blue kerosene stored at the ashram. “This is an offence under the Essential Commodities Act,” commissioner 
HR Srinivasa told PTI. Blue kerosene, available under the public distribution system, is meant only for BPL ration card holders and those holding above-poverty line (APL) cards but possess no LPG connection, he said.
“Cases have now been booked against Nithyananda at Bidadi police station under sections six and seven of the Essential Commodities Act,” Srinivasa said. If convicted, he faces a maximum punishment of seven years’ rigorous imprisonment, with penalty.
The seizure came in the wake of photographs showing disciples 
pouring blue kerosene for a ring of fire, within which Nithyananda sat in meditation. (See image above)

Christian missionaries blamed by fanatical Hindu
Chief of the Army of Lord Ram (i.e. the Sri Ram Sene), the right-wing extremist Hindu Pramod Muthalik
“claimed that Christian missioners had conspired to malign the Swami’s name and that he had no connection to the scandal.
Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore responded that this  “… is false and malicious propaganda,” and said the allegations is provocative and derogatory against the Christian community.” (Source)

“Pramod Muthalik has been exposed promising riots for price in Muslim concentration areas: “If you are willing to spend Rs 60 lakh, the Sene can rent you 50 goons to vandalise an art exhibition or any public function,””

The Sri Ram Sena has attacked Christian churches in Karnataka and ransacked the central office of the Samajwadi Party in New Delhi. These are the kind of people who support the mendacious Swami Nithyananda and his cadres (Source)


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Sathya Sai Baba dared not sue ‘Sunday People’ newspaper

Posted by robertpriddy on June 17, 2010

Since the exposure of Sathya Sai Baba took off in 2000, all British newspapers – as well as the BBC – have taken a united stand against Sathya Sai Baba, not least because of the common knowledge that he and his minions tried hard to ensnare Prince Charles, despite the god-guru having denounced them in a private interview (see here).

Had Sathya Sai Baba been innocent of the many allegations against him, it would have been easy for him or his organization to sue the forthright report in the UK newspaper, Sunday People, on grounds of libel, which is a simpler process in UK than in most other Western democracies. Of course, no litigation of any kind has ever been initiated against any of the world-wide reports of his activities, though threats have been made now and again (which proved empty). Seeing the enormous funds he rules over, the public can only draw the conclusion that he and his followers know well that he would lose any such court case. There are numerous sworn testimonies on sexual abuse in safe keeping in the event of any such attempt to attack his critics, who have kept the revelations about him and his countless deceptions alive on the Internet for the past decade. Sathya Sai Baba is protected by the Indian Government and judiciary against any lawsuit in India, since – an amazing fact in itself – the past several Presidents and Prime Ministers of India have been his feet-worshipping devotees!
Here is the Sunday People article:-

UK newspaper Sunday People on Sathya Sai Baba
Paedophile Guru in bid to snare Charles Sunday People U.K. – March 12, 2001

MI6 are probing bizarre sect’s link with the Royals

A PERVERT guru who believes he can sexually abuse young boys because he is GOD has tried to lure Prince Charles into his sinister religious sect. He has enlisted some of the Prince’s closest associates in his move – and the future King has admitted he has considered meeting the swami. Yet we can reveal the FBI and police forces round the world and even a senior UN organisation are already investigating millionaire mystic Sai Baba over scores of alleged sex and other crimes. Now MI6 are probing his bizarre movement’s links with Buckingham Palace.


For, the Sunday People can reveal, he planned to increase his worldwide influence by converting Charles into one of his millions of followers. The tiny pot-bellied holy man – who wears orange frocks and sports a 70s-style Afro hairdo – enlisted the help of one of the prince’s most-trusted advisors. He hoped that architect Professor Keith Critchlow would be able to persuade Charles to visit his temple, or “ashram”, in southern India.

Amazingly, we have obtained a copy of a letter which Charles wrote to another of Baba’s high-powered disciples within royal circles. In it, he says: “Keith (Critchlow) has often told me about Sai Baba and the effect he has had on many people and it is wonderful to know of the difference he has made to your life. “Perhaps I will be able to meet him one day when the time is right.”

The letter is signed: “Yours most sincerely, Charles.”

At the time, the prince was unaware that Sai Baba was being investigated for sex crimes. Nor did he know that there were also allegations of fraud and widespread financial corruption. UNESCO has also withdrawn support for a conference they were going to co-organise with Sai Baba. And the Foreign Office is now warning British travellers to India to be wary of the group. A senior legal figure linked to Sai Baba’s victims discovered the guru’s plan to target the prince and alerted M16. Sai Baba, the son of a humble peasant farmer, has a massive worldwide following, including at least 40,000 supporters in the UK.

Millions of families with children flock to his luxurious temple, near Bangalore in southern India, to pay homage. But to gain respectability for his movement, Sai Baba has deliberately set out to target showbiz stars, leading politicians, and royals as VIP supporters. Among them is 70-year-old Animal Hospital presenter and children’s favourite Rolf Harris. He claimed the guru’s teachings had transformed his life and played his famous didgeridoo on a fund-raising CD of mystic chants. Another disciple is British blues singer Dana Gillespie. But Sai Baba’s biggest dream was to ensnare a member of the British Royal Family.

Concert pianist David Bailey, who got involved with the movement during the early 90s, told how he and Prof Critchlow held several meetings in India with the guru. And one time Critchlow asked him: “Isn’t it time for me to bring Prince Charles out to see you?”

Bailey said: “The organisation loved to get celebrities in the fold. They were invited to Baba’s birthday parties.   “At the time I was completely besotted and like other devotees thought I’d win brownie points by recruiting influential people.”


Bailey even tried to “hook” Prince Andrew and Fergie before their marriage broke up. He said: “I had been asked to organise an evening of music at their home and, to put it bluntly, planned to start brainwashing them. “But the evening was cancelled at the last minute.” Fergie did later pay Sai Baba a private visit in 1997 on the recommendation of a stress counsellor following her marriage break-up. The guru likes to amaze followers by passing off cheap conjuring tricks as “miracles” and producing watches and jewellery out of thin air. And he astonished Fergie by making the bangle appear apparently from nowhere.

Bailey finally turned his back on the sect after learning the disgusting truth about Sai Baba’s sexual perversions. He has spent the last two years exposing the bogus holy man, who likes to rub oil into boys’ genitals claiming it helps release their sexual tension. Bailey, who once worked as a music teacher at the Indian temple, explained: “To my horror, I found out he was a homosexual paedophile.” Now every attempt is being made to ensure Sai Baba is kept away from Charles and other royals.


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Puttaparthi murders

Posted by robertpriddy on June 12, 2010

Report on a murder at Prashanthi Nilayam

Swiss-German lady brutally murdered in her new flat at Prashanthi Nilayam

A letter was sent to Robert and Reidun Priddy about the brutal murder of a lady in her room at Prashanthi Nilayam (date uncertain, but in 1992) but about a week after the murder of the Swiss/German-speaking lady in her room in Prashanthi Nilayam . (This took place about a year before the June 1993 murders in Sathya Sai Baba’s bedroom took place.) At that time, Marge Hendel, an American, was living mostly in Norway, but with months per annum in India for a number of years.

Marge Hendel was known to many US devotees, having known Alvin Drucker well and been in his group when Jewish US devotees had a Sai Baba interview together arranged by Drucker. Later Marge Hendel stayed for much longer periods in India, at Puttaparthi and Brindavan.

My wife Reidun had met the Swiss-German lady who was about to become a flat owner. When we were back at the ashram again, I asked Danish Mr. Thorbjørn Meyer – then the coordinating Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization for Scandinavian group of countries what he knew of the murder of that lady. He said she was killed at her apartment a day or so after having been to the State Bank of India in Puttaparthi, and because she had not concealed her withdrawal (of Rs. 80,000.- an extremely considerable sum for Indian villagers), she had been followed by two brothers who lived in Puttaparthi. Meyer added that it was really her own fault! I was lost for words when he said that… he was and still is one of the most active Sai officials at covering up anything whatever which may reflect badly on his Lord and Master, Sathya Sai Baba.

The above murder was investigated by the Puttaparthi police, who caught the murderers. Some weeks later they escaped from custody. V.K. Narasimhan told me that the police had allowed them to abscond after they had agreed to tell where the money was hidden, which the police then took for themselves. The Prashanthi Nilayam authorities were apparently able to prove this embezzlement and this information was used by Janakiramiah and others involved to pressure the Puttaparthi police chief into giving the order for the execution by rifle fire of the four Sai follower young men trapped in Sai Baba’s bedroom apartment.

Murders of visitors are not at all uncommon at Sathya Sai Baba ashrams, here is another case reported in India:-

Murder of German Lady at Puttaparthi?
Published by Vaartha, Telugu Daily – 17.08.1997

Bukkapatnam (Aug. 16) : The disappearance of a German lady A.M.S. Julanda Mariatus, who came to Puttaparthi is being doubted whether she has been murdered. This news has spread like wild fire in and around Puttaparthi. All the relevant records belonging to her like passport, books etc., were found in a small village near Puttaparthi. Her passport Number is 9502746744.

Evidence is there that she visited India last year on August 16th. It is suspected that she might have been murdered on 4th or 5th of August. On the road that leads to Beedupalli which is behind the Sai Baba Super Speciality Hospital near Chakala Vaani Gutta her belongings – Passport, Books, Vanity bag, purse etc., were found tied together and thrown by the local cowherds on the 5th of this month which were distributed amongst themselves.

When the thrown out passport was found by a peasant, taking some villagers with him, he went to Sai Baba´s abode “Prasanthi Nilayam” and handed over the passport to the Public Relations Office. Then the news of the passport reached the police station. On the other hand, people of Beedupalli informed this reporter that some of them had seen the body while some denied it. The villagers had observed that some four persons were roaming in an Auto near Chakalavaani Gutta.

It is learnt that on 2nd and 3rd of this month, this German lady had withdrawn Rs. 100000/- from a bank. Among the things belonging to her, a visiting card of a Star Hotel in Bangalore in which the Phone Number is 5585858. The Public Relations Department of Prasanthi Nilayam stated that they have also informed about this the German embassy. It is almost confirmed that she was murdered.


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Swami Nityananda tries to defuse the sex scandal

Posted by robertpriddy on June 10, 2010

Swami Nityananda - confession to CBI, IndiaThe Indian website ‘Times Now’ have posted a video Nityananda, the swami accused of showing the interrogation of this swami accused of being involved in a sex scandal. These confessions are now on video, and an excerpt is shown. The following is a direct transcript of the presenter’s statement of key points:-

The CBI asks “whether it is him in the video. Nityananda answers saying that the woman is an actress – I can’t recognize anyone else. I was in a state of trance at that time. I don’t remember anything.”

“They asked Nityananda about the non-disclosure agreement signed on Tantrick sex.
Nityananda replied: I know there was some agreement in place. My devotees have done it. I don’t know any details, it was purely meant for devotees in America.”

Nityananda was also questioned there about money laundering involving idols sold with American invoices and about 39 crores which he said was all donations.

Obvious comment: “In a trance” that’s a good one. He was watching t.v. most closely. Must have been a simple typical t.v. trance? Of course it is best for him not to remember anything… Further, he wants to place the blame on his devotees for the secret Tantric sex agreement when it was he who would instruct them. Or is he so incompetent-impotent that he left that to his lieutenants too? Most absurd. No mention has so far been made of whether the CBI will test him for ‘non-potency’ as he has asked them (and how so?) or of his “not being a man” as he has claimed.

The degree of duplicity and untruthfulness reminds of the most famous – yet far more deceptive – guru in India today, Sathya Sai Baba – as this blog site shows beyond any sensible person’s reasonable figment of doubt (except for indoctrinated blind believers and cynical exploiters of his name).

So far: June 12, 2010: the High Court of Karnataka arrived at a verdict on Swami Nityananda’s bail plea. He was granted conditional bail, but was banned from teaching and preaching. Swami Nithyananda is charged on several criminal counts. including that of rape and “unusual sex”.

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Gerald Moreno’s false claim about porn site postings

Posted by robertpriddy on June 10, 2010

Gerald Moreno has tried to blacken my character in innumerable ways, all without the slightest substance. However, among his dirty tricks is to claim that I posted on a porn site to get my site listed! Of course I never would not ever did post anything on any porno site. Moreno claims to know this… he could not defend it legally, nor dozens of other direct wilful and highly defamatory untruths he has leveled against me.

See quotes from independent M. Alan Kazlev’s site, as follows:-

Priddy’s material on porn sites: is a pay-per-click search engine. You cannot just link your site on them. You have to pay for it. Priddy payed to have his site listed there under the category: “World Wide Sex Com – World Wide Sex Directory – World Wide Sex” (look at the title on the very top of the page and some of the content on the page).

So what? Anyone can list anyone else’s site on these sort of porn sites. Why would Priddy – a qualified academic – post a link to his public website on a porn site? On the other hand, this seems like just the thing one of his defamers would do in order to try to smear him.

Gerald Moreno has posted nothing of any substance or documented evidence to show that his endless hair-splitting ‘rebuttals’ of all critics’ testimonies and documentation are more than empty words to divert attention from the countless unpleasant facts about Sathya Sai Baba and Moreno’s attempts to defend him.

He denies he was subjected to the sexual molestation – which was clearly  ‘grooming’ for possible sex through invasive oiling “of the lower stomach” and which he has himself described on his website and discussed with Basava Premanand. Moreno has most extraordinarily also – defended Sai Baba while believing him to be a sexual abuser. Since he is so incensed about those who claim this was illegal and abusive, why does he not sue anyone? He also claims against his better knowledge that I have threatened to sue him, which he cannot prove as it is not true. If I should, he threatens to counter sue immediately (using anal images to press home his point!). The fact is, he knows all too well he has no case in any court in the world. I would not waste the time and outlay with such a patently obvious case of a liar and inflamed hate merchant whose tricks are transparent to all but the most indoctrinated and truth-blind devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. After several years of abuse from Moreno, I finally exposed some of his endless untruthfulness and contrived half-truths on the Internet.

Having no way to get at me with anything true or factual, Moreno has even reported that I am accused of sexual relations with Sai Baba, which is the height of absurdity as he certainly knows! I was never alone with Sai Baba as my wife always accompanied me in every single contact we had when I was 50 years old! The same dirty trick was used by the blinded Sai supporter Bon Giovanni on a public website against me, posting an anonymous letter packed with lies about me being a sexual abuser of visiting Sai students, which were easily refuted by me. This is the nature of the response to me and others who have simply referred all the testimonies of sexual abuse by many former young male followers of Sai Baba.

See also thorough examination of Moreno’s dirty work here

See a summary of Gerald Joe Moreno’s many baseless claims about me and other critics here

You can see a selected list of prominent signers of the Petition here.

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Sai Baba sexual abuse reports etc. on the Sai Petition

Posted by robertpriddy on June 9, 2010

The Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization has been signed by 1470 persons. In addition to the many who have published sexual abuse testimony against Sathya Sai Baba elsewhere on other websites, the reports (below) were made by signers of the petition. The petition was organized by the JuST Group and was spammed and sabotaged at first (by those trying to disrupt and deny freedom of speech to those with major grievances), until a secure new site for the petition was developed. Read the history and see the list of many other prominent signers here
Here is a significant small selection of the signers with their comments on sex abuses:-

Paul Throne, USA — Follower 1988-2000 S.S.Org: Center education coordinator: Have been to see SB 4 times, 1990, 1994, 1995-96 and 1999. Despite many positive experiences, I believe too many credible accounts of abuse now exist to pretend it isn’t real, including a young male friend of mine who told me SB fondled him. More frightening to me than the megalomaniac SB is his organization and its leaders. When the leaders refuse to hear these concerns or allow discussion of these events, it has become a complete mind-control cult.

John Purnell, Australia — Follower 1987-1994 also sexually abused by that fraud. he must be exposed

Michael Smith, USA — . I am a sexual abuse victim advocate: friends of mine have been sexually abused by Baba

Pierre Stahre — Sweden. Follower: 1990-2000  – only  know swedish male friends that was severely molested sexually by Sai Baba for many years.

David Juliano — USA . abused by Sai Baba in 1974

Marcus Martenson, — Sweden . A guy I know was sexual abused by Sai Baba

Juan de Dios Suarez — Venezuela Follower 6 years I know of two Venezuelans who were sexually abused by the False Teacher
[Conozco de dos Venezolanos que fueron abusados Sexualmente por el Falso Maestro]

Kyra Kitts — USA “I found out directly a year or so later from a friend in my local center that he’d been sexually molested by SB in his teens several times” (

Rosalia Malagelada de Neves — Venezuela. Follower: 1988 until 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Venezuela Comite I knew the two cases very close of abuse

Sandeep Shanbhag — India January 13. 2008. I have heard from my OWN friend that he was studying in Whitefield and his friend was molested by Sai Baba. it is high time that is man gets investigated and arrested…. [ADMIN NOTE: This student’s details, kept confidential, have been verified]

Anonymous ex-Student — India [ADMIN NOTE: This student’s details, kept confidential, have been verified] January 1. 2008. Follower: birth-not sure when the deception hit me. I am an ex-student who knows that what is alleged is true. From friends who were abused, and from being part of the culture which has denial written all over it. I personally had a “touch and feel” experience by Sai Baba, who massaged my genital area through my clothes with his legs for 10 minutes in a bhajan session in everyone’s presence – I understood later I was being “trialled”. Luckily, I did not “rise” to the occasion, and was deemed “unsuitable”. I chose to be anonymous because I have good friends who I would lose – I am sorry but I am being selfish – for me, the friends matter more than exposing Sai Baba. I will work very hard to ensure no one else is harmed, but in my own quiet way.

Ramesh — USA Student 1992-2000  I am an ex school student who was ‘Molested’ Please bring this mad man to justice!!!! [ADMIN NOTE: This Indian student’s details, kept confidential, have been verified]

Salim Delgado — Argentina February 1. 2005. student. I know the terrible reality behind this horrendous man who has blinded many people thought out the world. I appreciate your action for crying out the truth. Please go ahead, you don’t know how much good you make!!!

Jenni Oliver — Australia I have known members who became seriously disturbed after their involvement

Shyam Manisastry –USA Our family personally know one Indian boy who was sexually by this “Sathya Sai baba” without satyam and that boy’s own parents did not believe him. He ended up confiding the truth to his friend. Pedophiles like baba should be banned and they should face similar legal charges like anyone.

Subramanian Ganesan — USA August 4. 2004.
He tried to murder my childhood friend.

Salim Delgado — Argentina February 1. 2005. student. I know the terrible reality behind this horrendous man who has blinded many people thought out the world. I appreciate your action for crying out the truth. Please go ahead, you don’t know how much good you make!!!

Hari Dev Gautam — India . Ex Sai Baba.  I was Sai Baba Religious Devotee and became a victim very nearly. But I figure out before happening to me.

Alexis Hildebrandt — Germany Follower from birth 1987-2002
I lived in India for nine years and heard many personal accounts- there is no doubt about the truth of the allegations.

Susan Greeley — USA. Never a follower: As a therapist that has spent 15 years treating sexual abuse victims, I am so shocked that my mother is a devotee of this man. This is the first I’ve heard about these issues that have been around for decades. My mother, a woman in her early 60s, went to see Sai Baba about 7 years ago. She came back and set up shrines in her home , but she wouldn’t discuss her trip in any detail. She’s been involved with a group in Atlanta, Georgia. Her personality has really changed in the past 7 years. She appears more paranoid and depressed.

Jenni Oliver — Australia. I have known members who became seriously disturbed after their involvement

Mhairi Fox — United Kingdom I’ve been aware of Sai Baba for the last twenty-three years, and was a follower for some of that time. Back in 2000 I spent three months at the ashram. I had two group interviews but never felt anything truly spiritual in Sai Baba’s presence, only unease. Now I know why. I met many good and true spiritual seekers during my time in India, they were inspiring company and I am worried and furious for them. I lost my closest friend over this whole thing, she was the one who first alerted me to the abuse, cover-ups and dirty tricks perpetrated by Sai Baba and some of his followers. Since then I have continued to read about what’s happening, and I’ve continued to be shocked, saddened and angered. Sai Baba is a sick and dangerous man who should be brought to justice now and locked up before he can do any more damage. The lesson I’ve learned from this whole mess — I have no need of self proclaimed avatars and gurus, God is within. God is everything.


Everyone who signs the petition has always been free to complain to the administration if they feel they have been misrepresented or their entries edited unduly. This can obviously be done by submitting any complaints under ‘Comments’..

1. Deleting bogus signatures is wholly justified. Postings and comments contrary to the petitions’ concisely stated purpose are invalid.
2. Deleting illegal, unduly defamatory abuse or pornographic content is only right and is required by some countries legal systems. All this has been done at times by the administration.
3. Some such alterations were made when a changeover from a former less secure website to the current one was made. Advance vetting of signatures – first introduced exclusively because of Sai spammers and a temporarily disabled function after changeover – was reintroduced.

Only ‘pre-programmed’ devotees would take serious notice of the attempt by the fanatical pro-Sai abuser of all Sai-dissidents – Gerald Moreno – to discredit and sabotage the Public Petition against Sathya Sai Baba’s protection from prosecution. Moreno has himself described how he was oiled “on the lower stomach” in private by Sai Baba. Hence – legally speaking – he was molested sexually.


The JuST Group list

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Kasturi and VKN manipulated and suborned

Posted by robertpriddy on June 5, 2010

Sathya Sai Baba has sometimes put on the appearance of a ‘raging lion’ against people who he perceived as a threat to himself. In his ‘official biography’ of Sai Baba (in Sathyam , Sivam, Sundaram Vol. 1), Prof.N. Kasturi reported accounts he had heard of the young Sai Baba terrifying some fractious villagers when he was but a teenager by raging and growling like the ‘lion-man avatar’ Narasimha. This is taken as evidence by many of ever-uncritical devotees that he truly is the avatar who was all the other avatars in the Indian pantheon, as he has actually claimed himself too! I once saw him with a raging lion-like face one day when he was looking at some people on the veranda. Sathya Sai Baba had raged lion-like at his confidante, Prof. N. Kasturi, when he had returned from a tour of North India holding talks about Sai Baba upon which Baba himself had sent him. There is no doubt that Kasturi was literally terrified by him then, as he openly told a small group of us this in the old lecture room in South Prashanthi in 1985. That was real intimidation… and for a relative bagatelle which Sai Baba would not even explain to him. Kasturi vividly evoked the fear he had felt and his extreme anguish for weeks, sitting outside the compound which he was banned from entering. There was no reason he could understand.

Eventually after weeks of his suffering, when many others had asked SB to relent, he spoke to Kasturi in most disapproving tones, telling him that he now thought himself a big man who condescended to “give interviews” like himself. The fact was that his hosts had been flooded with requests to meet Kasturi in private, and they had set up times for them to meet him in a private chat. Kasturi, who was grateful for the special hospitality he was receiving. had gone along with this and their pre-planned schedule… ostensibly out of a sense of duty. THAT alone was his great sin! Sai Baba told him very angrily that it was only He who gave interviews! What remained of Kasturi’s will was thereafter as if castrated (pun) and he went more like a lamb than ever. One can read a watered-down account by Kasturi in his autobiographical book ‘Loving God’.

This is a manipulative technique well known as typical of psychopaths/sociopaths and narcissistic power-brokers… a clever way to cow followers and keep them totally in line… through naked fear after initial charm and praise! Then finally becoming charming and forgiving again… Already totally trapped and dependent on his guru for everything, Kasturi rationalized the “punishment” away as being a necessary process to soften him and rid him of ego! This is how one turns black into white – daring not to say ‘boo’ to a goose while hoping credulously that it will lay the golden egg – and continues one’s own self-deception through weakness of character.

The same kind of “punishment’ – though less severe, was meted out to V.K. Narasimhan in 1980 when he had taken over the editing of Sanathana Sarathi from Prof. Kasturi. He made what Sai Baba chose to consider a very grave mistake, and he was sacked as editor immediately and the aging and failing Prof. Kasturi had to take over the reins again for a long while. Narasimhan had published an announcement which he had been pressed to do by the top Sai official in Europe, Antonio Craxi (brother of the later Prime Minister of Italy, who ended as a convicted criminal fleeing justice). It announced that all copyright for Sathya Sai Baba books in English was in the hands of Craxi, the egocentric and domineering leader of the Sathya Sai Organization in Italy. This had been challenged by the Central Council of the Sathya Sai Baba Organisation. Narasimhan had been assured that this was legally in force already by Craxi, but Sai Baba took the opportunity to put VKN through his mill and he was made to suffer at a distance… for about a year!

That he was not punished as severely as Kasturi is easily explainable… in the first place he was a very important pawn for Sai Baba since he was respected very widely in India and knew personally most of the leading figures, including college friends such as the then-President of India. Sathya Sai Baba could not afford to lose Narasimhan for such reasons, including his great editorial skills and willingness to promote Sai Baba’s social projects (above all). However, he was not a believer in Sai Baba’s miracles or in his having healed anyone. He had spent his life as a journalist and told me he was not that naive. He shocked my by denying Sai Baba’s claims of omnipotence/omniscience and avatarhood.  His reticence compared to his predecessor Kasturi can be seen from his entire written output – he was very far from those sentimental and gushing panegyrics and gaping wonder of Kasturi and all the other pro-Sai authors, for that matter. He had many doubts and these he voiced to people according to how far he felt he could trust them. So a too strong reprimand would probably have caused him to move away from the ashram, where he first came primarily because of his very Sai-devoted wife’s insistence. After the 1993 murder in SB’s bedroom, VKN was virtually forced – through repeated demands by Sai Baba – to give false witness about the Central Trust. Only his son, editor of The Tribune – was willing to publish VKN’s whitewash of the Trust, though VKN knew fully that this was untrue, as he also told me it had been corrupted. He also began to learn definitively of the blackmail by Sai Baba’s younger brother and others into executing four devotees, and the first-hand of the criminal cover-up by Prime Minister Vajpayee’s right-hand man S.B. Chavan together with Sai Baba’s brother, he grew more and more negative towards the ashram. Later he told me how Sai Baba could not account to him at all satisfactorily for the facts of the murders – click here. He became an unwilling accomplice to the cover-up, for to have spoken out would have been a very huge risk for him, so strong were the opposing forces.

VKN was blind to his own real importance to SB in his role as an endorser of Sai Baba to the rich and famous and would now and again say “I have no idea why Swami is so nice to me”. After he was taken back into favour, he was called by SB to many interviews and constantly attended SB’s meetings with students and selected groups of VIPs. During weeks I was with him, he was called almost every day by Swami – sometimes twice a day.

Sai Baba failed to heal his eye when it got infected after an operation Sai Baba had arranged for him and told him would go well. He only moved away from the ashram in the last weeks when he was dying in much long-lasting pain from water-filled lungs etc.

See also


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Convincing 1’st hand sex abuse testimony by young man

Posted by robertpriddy on June 1, 2010

Author: Said (Afshin) Khorramshahgol

Email: Tue May 27 09:45:33 1997

Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER

Hello Professor Lane, as we had talked, I am giving you a thorough account of my experiences with Sai Baba. I hope that this will be of interest to people and will help them to understand what Baba is all about. Thank you for giving me the chance to write this essay.

I first got to know of Sai Baba in 1985 or 1986 through my brother. His friend had given him a book on Sai Baba which had a picture of Baba on the cover. I asked my brother who this person is and he explained to me what he so far knew about him. Being born a Moslem I rejected Baba from the very beginning because I couldn’t believe that another person – another human form if you want to be philosophical about it – could be God.

It wasn’t until 1990 or 1991 that I started to believe in Baba. At that time in my life I was very confused about life and the purpose of my existence. Many unanswered questions were in my mind and I was very confused and unhappy. Having heard of the “miracles” of Sai Baba through my brother who WAS A DEVOTEE OF SAI BABA, I thought to myself that if Baba can do such miracles, then he must know more about life, the world, the purpose of life, etc. I then started taking Sai Baba seriously. I started reading about him and also his teachings. Now that I look back, in all my confusion and mental torment, I was so desperate to believe in some philosophy that I jumped to believe in Baba and his philosophy. Also, I came to believe that Sai Baba is God by reasoning that he MUST BE A HOLY PERSON, and so he couldn’t lie. If he can’t tell a lie, then he is God because he says so. When I came to this conclusion, I felt as though I was in heaven. Could you imagine a day when God or a Messenger of God comes to earth and you get to be with him, close to him, see him, talk to him, etc? Could you imagine being next to the Messenger of God and believe full heartedly that He will save you? Could there be a better situation and feeling? That is how I felt and that’s how people feel when they first come to Sai Baba or any other person who says they are a Messenger or are divine or are in contact with God. At the beginning of my following Baba, I felt in seven heaven for months. I couldn’t get enough of looking at his pictures, meditating, reading his teachings and living life in accordance with his teachings, etc. I was totally being absorbed by him and his philosophy. Looking at other Sai devotees – followers – I found out that this is true for all devotees, that all who come to Baba, are in ecstasy first few months and later become very mentally distressed individuals. I am sure the current Sai devotees would dispute this but I have seen it over and over again. When I was feeling mentally distressed for reasons that I will soon explain, I would tell anyone and everyone that meeting Sai Baba was the best thing that happened to me and that I had never been happier. It wasn’t until much after that I realized that I was fooling myself to the point that I totally ignored and thought that there was no pain. Upon my studies on psychology, I realized that humans tend to do that. They tend to pretend something is true, to the point that it looks more and more as reality to them while others can see those short comings in them. I have seen many short comings in Sai devotees which they claim are not there.

So, I was very happy to have come to know of Sai Baba, of God. I put his teachings into practice fully. Slowly, I started to wear out. Baba’s teachings are very hard and I couldn’t keep up with them. For example it was hard to try to remember God at all times, especially when you have to concentrate on your daily tasks and God at the same time. I started feeling guilty for not being able to live up to Baba’s teachings and I would tell myself that I should be ashamed of myself for not doing what God wants me to do. Who or what kind of person gets to know God first hand and have the good chance to know him, while many billions of people don’t know him, and still not follow his teachings? I was failing on many instances, such as remembering God, being celibate, not listening to the desires of the body, the senses, the mind, etc. I had a very hard time remembering God and not falling to temptations. I was 19 or 20 and my hormones were exploding. Everytime I met Baba, he would tell me to control my sexuality and so on and I wasn’t able to. When the hormones were going full swing I would try to ignore my “bad” thoughts by trying to remember God. 99.99999% of time I would fail. I would play with myself – I didn’t have any girlfriends or even girls as friends with whom I could possibly start a relationship; having girls around could arise temptations and would be very bad for spirituality, so I thought. So, I would play with myself and when doing so I would feel very guilty and when finished I would feel a thousand times more guilty. I would scorn myself to many things like being disobedient to God, not having enough faith, not having enough will power, not loving God – Sai Baba – full heartedly, etc. You might be asking me why I am emphasizing guilt. As a result of all of this I became very depressed and also I had a lot of paranoia. I came to the point that from the pain, my chest felt like had opened and I could feel every cell in my chest blowing from the pain as if they were boiling water. At the same time I was very paranoid about things. After years of telling myself that I was stupid and not good enough, I had somehow come to the belief that I was crazy. I would interpret every sentence ten different ways.

And I was very confused as to which of the ten was the right meaning.

Can you imagine thinking you are crazy and interpret things as such? Could you imagine doubting every single thought you have? Could you imagine thinking to yourself if your understanding of every single thing is correct? It gives such pain that I cannot explain, and I am not only making it big, but since you haven’t felt it, it is small. I had to choose between the face value and the ten other meanings which I had come up with. And what did Baba do or how did Baba direct me at my times of need? Well, in all my interviews he would scorn me for not being strong enough, he would tell me to just do, never try, just do. He told me that I was very weak. If he knew anything about my situation, he would tell me something to bring my spirits up, instead of daring to tell me things to further break me down. When he told me I was weak, I would be harder on myself when I fell again. I would tell horrible things to myself, such things as “It is no wonder you are stupid…”, “Baba has read you nicely, you are so stupid.”, etc. This kind of self-bashing had become a trend of thought which I still fight.

The simplest thing Baba could do was to tell me to not feel guilty. But instead he was satisfying his own DESIRES in the private interviews with me.

As a result of all this depression and paranoia, I slowly got away from practicing the teachings of Sai Baba. Everytime I would try to do what he said, I would feel more depressed and paranoid. Of course, it was very hard to do so, as I still believed in the divinity of Baba and his teachings. What gave me a real push was a movie which my brother – another brother who is a non-devotee of Baba – gave me regarding Sai Baba. The movie was filmed by a Korean research group which visited Baba. They caught him cheating on the “materialization” of a necklace.

The picture was so clear and it sent me into shock. However, it took me over six months to come to deal with the movie. During this six months, everytime a thought of the movie came to my mind I would push it away and destroy it as was a trend of my mind by then. All “negative” thoughts or thoughts that are obstacles to my “faith” were to be destroyed immediately and replaced with “good” thoughts. So, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the movie showed, I had a hard time dealing with it until over six months later. Any thought that Baba might be cheating or might not be God made my stomach so very much upset and my mind so very disturbed. But eventually I had to deal with the problem. When I had finally dealt with the movie, then it was time to look for any reasons which Baba would do such a thing. This had also become a trend of mind, which is very much prevalent within the Sai devotees. In any situation, Sai devotees, would start to logic by saying “Baba is God, therefore he is fully pure”. Then all else was put into perspective based on that. After a while this sentence is passed and you make all decisions based on this sentence subconsciously. I made up some reasons as to why Baba would cheat on that particular materialization. Of course, I thought that Baba was cheating on that particular materialization. Another idea which is very prevalent within Sai devotees is that if something goes wrong regarding anything is a result of Baba’s will. He wanted it to happen so and it most probably is a test of faith. But then if that is the case, then what would justify a problem and what is a test of faith? I had to deal with this question also. I am sorry for taking you through so many ideas but I am purposely doing so to show you the level of mind control which is imposed on EVERY Sai devotee. How can such thinking be anything spiritual? Of course, to every Sai devotee, this is the way to Salvation since they are in the middle of it and they have full faith in the teachings which bring about such thoughts and mind control. I was going through so much mental decision-making and you would be surprised why I would do such a thing in the face of so many other experiences which I had with Baba. I will explain those experiences now.

I visited Sai Baba three times, on three straight summers. Once I stayed there one and half months, another time I stayed two and half months and the last time I was there for three and half. My first two trips I had seven interviews and a total of seven private interviews, with just me and Baba in the private interview room. Baba had materialized a gold ring with three stones which he told me were diamonds. The ring did not fit the finger on which Baba had placed it but I left it there regardless, as that was the finger Baba had chosen to put it on. Here I would like to mention that of the four rings which Baba has “materialized” for my family and myself, none of them fit correctly. In all the books regarding the “miracles” of Sai Baba, you will read that ALL such rings fit the person perfectly. I have never read a book were it was told that almost all rings fit perfectly. And also, later I found out that the stones were not diamonds. The stones after a while got black and two of the three fell out. I took this to mean that Baba is angry at me for not being good, for not practicing his teachings as well as I COULD, for trying and not doing.

Another thing that was interesting was that Baba would not be able to tell things correctly. In one instance I was told by him that the night before I had fever. I didn’t, neither was I in any kind of heat. Perhaps he wanted me to, but I wasn’t. I just let it go, destroyed it right there and then, that very instant. No doubts were allowed.

In my first private interview, Baba did a ceremony which is supposed to be sacred in Hinduism and is done to all the followers by their gurus. This practice involves the guru putting oil on his hand and pushing his hand upward between the front testicle and the back area. That area is supposed to be a special area which is very important to spiritual practice of the devotee. This action is supposed to awaken this area, which is supposedly full of energy, which will then play an important role in the thought of the devotees. In my case, it was more of the opposite and my thoughts were never changed for the better. I was getting worst as time passed.

In every private interview after that Baba would ask me to put down my pants while he massaged my testicle. I would reason that Baba perhaps is passing some energy to that area. Perhaps I had damaged that area or something in that area by playing with myself. I had found reasons in order to destroy any doubts that might come to mind. In one occasion, Baba was not just massaging it, he was trying to give me a hard on. The thought that he is doing so came to my mind then, but of course I destroyed it. Now, as an ex-devotee, I am able to see and think about what he was doing, rather than destroy it. At this interview, as he was pushing his hand back and forth on my testicle, I was telling him about many different things on my mind. Of course, I was so sure that he is doing the best thing for me that I was thinking of something else. I was telling him about the problems in my country of Iran, how the people are suffering, the problems of my family and my own problems. He couldn’t get me hard so all of a sudden with anger and an angry face he threw my thing up against my stomach and with an angry face he turned his back to me. I thought he is probably angry at me because I should have more faith in him, he already knows all my problems, everything in my mind, and he will help me in whatever way he can. Actually, he was angry that I didn’t get hard and so when he turned towards me he told me to put my pants up again. This was the only occasion which he kept some distance between me and him while he was playing with me. Every other time, he would hug me and do it. My question to those who believe that Baba’s intentions in playing with me was pure is that if Baba says not a blade of grass moves without his will, then why does he have to touch me in that way to perform whatever pure intention or will he had in mind? Or is it that when he was playing with me, he was being good to me by giving me the privilege of being close to him and interact with him? For those who are not following, Sai followers believe that Baba knows all our inner thoughts and the reason why he talks to us is because he is trying to talk to us for our own enjoyment. He really doesn’t have to talk at all or ask us questions regarding our lives since he is the All-knowing. He does so for our sake, so that we can talk to him and interact with him. Could it be that Sai Baba was playing with me in order to satisfy my needs to interact with him? And what kind of satisfaction did he – or do you – think I would get from that kind of interaction?

In almost all of such interviews, Baba would breathe harder and sometimes he would make noises too. Something I forgot to tell you about the private interview above was that while I was telling Baba about these problems, his face was getting uneasy while he constantly, the whole time was looking down at my testicle. His eyebrows got twisted and his face got more and more upset as he was trying to play with me. I wonder why? He sometimes would tell me that I was weak there, there was too much being wasted from there, etc. Why then did he touch it? Was he fixing things? Why did he have to fix things by touching and rubbing and going back and forth?

In one interview, he stood up while I was kneeling on my knees. With his right hand, he took my head and put it against his stomach. With his left hand he took my right hand and put it against his testicle. He rubbed my hand there for a short while and this time he was making loud noises of… I tried to look up to his face to see it, but he pushed my head hard against his stomach and did not allow me to look up. So, I didn’t try again. While he took my hand there, I felt his testicle, although I didn’t grab it, I just let him direct my hand and do whatever he wants. At the same time, I would touch him by the outside part of my hand. As I said before, he was making loud voices while he was doing that. This took about two minutes before he let go of me and my hand and said “This is God”!!! Whatever!!! It was his way of putting a controlled mind to think and find many answers to what that whole situation was all about. It was his way of covering the sick idea of having me touch him, and also covering his loud, wild voices. Anyhow, those of you who have a clear and logical mind understand me.

I had these experiences and still it took me over six months to deal with the movie that I mentioned before. After dealing with this movie, I went to look over some of the movies which we had about Baba. These movies are movies which are prevalent within Sai devotees. The very first movie which I watched is called “God lives in India”. In that movie they showed about four or five instances which Baba cheats the “materialization” of ash – ash is supposedly holy and is supposedly being created by Baba from thin air. One of these instances is a very close, clear shot which shows Baba take something with his right hand from underneath of some letters in his left hand while bending over a bit to talk to someone. He then takes the letters by his right hand and cleans his left hand. Then he takes the letters from the right hand and immediately starts to motion his right hand in circular motion which is a “sign” that he is going to create something out of thin air. This shot is a close-up and very clear. After seeing this first movie, I knew the truth and didn’t watch any other movies. I am sure if the other movies have segments that show Baba’s actions twenty seconds prior to each “creation” of ash or whatever, you can see him cheating.

More recently, there was a movie on cable TV here in the US which showed Baba CHEAT on materialization of a ring or necklace, I don’t remember. There was much argument about it on the internet newsgroups. Bon Giovanni, a Sai devotee, defended his opinion of what the movie showed by saying each person saw a different thing. What everyone, including Bon agree on is that Baba does some weird thing with his hand under a plate before he brings down his hand and starts to circle his hand. Sai devotees have their own way of thinking and so their own reasons and answers. It will be impossible to convince these people on anything. The more you use your reasons to find something or some way to prove your points, the more they will use their twisted reasoning to counter attack your ideas. Their counter attack is 99% illogical since they are used to twisting things around. Besides what good is a logical path which starts with “Baba is God…”? Baba is God, therefore, he couldn’t have cheated on that movie, therefore, everyone sees a different thing when they see that movie. They don’t think that what kind of motion is Baba making? Why is he making that motion? Why is he making it under the plate? Why the need of that motion? Etc.

So, I am looking forward to getting a lot of illogical responses to this essay. I welcome them and look forward to disproving any illogical ideas. I hope that their responses and my replies will give all of you a hint of how brainwashed the Sai devotees are and what a sorry state of mind they have. Hopefully, those Sai devotees who still have some reason left can benefit substantially from this and can overcome all mind control tricks that have been imposed on them. And, hopefully, all those who are considering Sai Baba, would have the luck to see these postings and can benefit from them too. I really hope so.

I would like to give an example of how illogical Sai devotees can be.

The following are excerpts from

It’s a great site at getting some information on Sai Baba’s real personality. This is a quotation from John Hislop’s book on Sai Baba. He was one of Sai Baba’s closest followers and passed on a few years ago, still a devotee. You will find the following amusing.

“We can get a sense of Sai Baba’s diagnostic `ability’ from the following account which happened to John Hislop.

110 – Sai Baba’s Misdiagnosis of John Hislop’s Medical Condition:

‘While asleep in Brindavan in the month of October, 1978, without any prior warning to me, the prostate suddenly closed off the urethra. What happened then was agonizing, but nevertheless most comical. When Baba came down from his apartment, about 8 a.m., I told him that the urethra was closed and that already the bladder was very swollen. He smiled, said not to worry, and gave me vibhuti [“holy” ash]. About 11 a.m., he returned from inspecting some new construction and as he came to the veranda, both Dr. Goldstein and I approached him saying that my condition seemed to be serious. Baba came up to me, looked in my eyes, patted me on the head and said not to worry, it was just the heat. Then at 4 p.m., when Baba usually came down after rest, I did not wait, but sent a note upstairs that the situation was steadily getting worse and that now severe pains were moving back and forth throughout my body.

Baba came down immediately. In the group of devotees waiting for him, there were, as usual, several physicians, including Dr. Goldstein from California. Without any discussion, Baba told the doctors to take me at once to the hospital and operate if necessary.

Now the comedy quickened. We got into several cars and went to Baba’s hospital for women in Whitefield. The Medical Officer-in-Charge, Dr. Mrs. C. Rajeswari, made an examination room available, and the assembled doctors tried some 20 or more times to insert various sizes of catheters into the bladder, but with total failure.

By now I was in agony, although I bit my tongue and kept silent. It was the immediate decision of the doctors that an emergency opening would have to be made through the wall of the abdomen…

At Bangalore, the job was botched by the resident surgeons; heavy infection set in, and in three days Baba ordered me back to Brindavan…Baba arranged for the operation at the Whitefield hospital…The care was magnificent…The entire inside of my abdominal cavity was filled with virulent infection, and the tissues were so rotted that standard operating procedures could not be used…

Why the big comedy in the whole affair? It took me some time to figure it out…Why the deadly complications at the Bangalore hospital?…Finally, at the time of another visit, I told Baba that I had figured the matter out. My conclusion was that I had come to the end of my natural life, Baba had let me go down to the final step, and at the last moment, he had reversed my natural death by giving me rebirth.

Baba smiled and confirmed that what I said was true; he had given me new life. After returning home to Mexico in January, some continuing complications arose which took me into a Mexican hospital and then an American hospital. Baba sent word to not worry, that these were just rebirth pains.'[!?!?!?!??!?!]

John Hislop, My Baba & I, pp. 49-51.”

I have always enjoyed reading this passage and still do enjoy it. Great comedy indeed!

One thing that I forgot to say is that on my last trip to India, there were about 20 American and Indian American college students which came to attend Baba’s summer classes which mainly concentrate on spirituality. Some of these students considered themselves devotees, others had come to see and judge Baba for themselves. In an interview Baba “materialized” a ring or something else for either all of those students or majority of them. At least half of those students say that they saw Baba CHEAT. They reported that they saw Baba take and put things from the sides or back – I don’t remember which one they said – of the chair that he was seating on. When I say the sides or the back I mean the sides of the cushion of the chair or the backside of the cushion. These students were firm in what they saw. After this interview, some four days later, Baba was out giving darshan – walking around, sometimes stopping to talk to some individuals, sometimes choosing individuals or groups of individuals for an interview. He stopped in front of the American students which were sitting in an area that was designated to them. He made the circular motion, and supposedly created some ash and threw it on one of the student’s face.

During this time, his back was to me. When he turned around I saw his face was very angry. He was pissed! As usual, as you know why, I didn’t give importance to this. Later, one of the boys in the American group, with whom I had become very close told me that this student who was thrown ash to face and eyes was very vocal about what they had seen in the interview room, namely, Baba taking things from the chair on which he sat on. Now, if Baba’s life is his message as he says so, then is it right that we act in this way when someone criticizes us? I am sure I’ll get a few reasons as to why Baba did such a thing. Or at best, I might get something like Baba’s intentions are not known to us and that I can’t say why he did that. I’ll be looking forward to reading the reasons.

I welcome all comments and suggestions to my e-mail:

Before I go, I urge all who are interested in Baba to see the movies that I mentioned and also to get to know Sai Baba devotees very personally. Be as close as you can to them as if they are your best friends. Study them and see if they have changed as a result of knowing Baba. I am sure you will come to the conclusion that although they are doing more service, their personality is kind of deceiving and hypocritical, since they proclaim one thing and act another. Another thing I would like to say is that all of the ex-devotees of Sai Baba that I know have realized that life was a misery to them while they were following Baba. Do not be fooled by the devotees that say they have peace of mind. I have seen many who proclaim better state of mind but really are very nervous people.

Thank you for your time and patience through my long and complicated story.

Email from Said (Afshin) Khorramshahgol to Professor Lane


Sat Aug 30 14:12:31 1997

Hello Professor Lane. I am responding to a recent post. I feel that  there are too many generalizations in this gentleman’s post and it has  to be cleared. Thanks David’s post are placed in two opening and closing parenthesis.

((Dear Mr. Lane: I would like to make a few comments addressing the various question  brought forth by the postings on your web site about Shri Sathya Sai Baba. Ordinarily I would not write this email, since I believe it is virtually impossible  to change somebody’s mind once he is convinced of something and it is often pointless to go back and forth with arguments and counter-arguments. However, since you graciously post dissenting views along with your own at your site, my mail may help others who read your postings and have not already made up their minds. So I would appreciate it very much if you could post this (if you find it worthy) along with other postings in your ‘Sai Baba debates’.))

On the same token, since its hard to change someone’s mind, I am not  going to try to do so, I’ll just try to clear the misconceptions. ((Let me state at the outset that I am not a ‘rabid’ Sai devotee (if you  can call these gentle folk that). I do have faith in his avatarhood and I  have visited his ashram (for 4 days) while I was in India for other reasons. I am not a member of any Sai group and have not attended any of their  meetings, bhajans etc. My explanations about the nature of Sai Baba is offered  without any ‘proof’, these explanations you can read and accept if you find reasonable, reject if not.)) Four days is a very short time to give an opinion about Sai Baba.

Furthermore, you are not associating with the Organization and their events. What do you know about Sai Baba? How did you come to believe  that he is an avatar? ((- Is he the head of a cult ? Yes and No. It is a cult in the sense it has a charismatic leader (but so did Christianity i.e.Jesus). It is not a cult in the sense there is nothing  to join, no dues to be paid, no specific rules to be followed (except may be when you stay at the ashram and even these are very reasonable), no courses to be attended (or paid for) and no initiations to be taken (or paid for).))

Very clearly you haven’t been attending the meetings of Sai Baba’s Organization. Baba clearly asks people to follow nine codes of conduct at all times. There are some activities costing in hundreds of dollars  which are printed in the quarterly magazine of Sai Organization of  America. And wouldn’t you agree that if a cult starts somewhere and the leader decides that – for publicity – he will not ask for money, then the fact that he is not asking for money is good publicity for him and will bring him many followers and most probably money too.

When Sai   Baba doesn’t ask for money, people think that he is not interested in  money. When people see that he is doing some charity work, people give  them some money thinking that since he is not interested in money, he  will spend it wisely. Do you disagree? So, just because Baba doesn’t  ask for money, it doesn’t mean that he is not interested in it. And  just because there is no initiation involved – meaning no one will be  turned away – works to Baba’s benefit, don’t you agree? By the way, I  have seen Baba’s authorities throw out – upon arrival — a 19 or 20 year old hippie boy because of his looks. Don’t you think that this person could have benefited from God Baba’s mission here on earth?

Why does  Baba not let some stay in his ashram and at the same time say that all  are welcome to him and that all are his children? ((The ashram is probably the cheapest place to take a vacation (room  rate as I recall, is less than $2) and nobody will bother you if you don’t bother  them.)) Two dollars is a lot of money for Indian. He is ripping them off. If  he wanted to raise the rent to $10, only the wealthy of India would be able to visit Baba and that’s not good for publicity, is it? ((You don’t even have to attend any of the activities. Nobody will pay you any attention, and definitely no attempt is made to indoctrinate or ‘brain-wash’ you.)) How do you know that no attempt is made to brain wash you? You were only there for 4 days and you don’t go to the Organization’s meetings. How can you be sure? Baba is the ultimate mind expert and politician. The same way that he doesn’t ask for money just to get people’s money,  he uses psychology to get your mind.

Read my previous posting on how  Baba ignores people so that people desire to talk to him more. ((- Does he rub vibhuti on boys genitals (or to use Mr. Lane’s elegant  phrase – rub their woodys) ? Apparently, according to the two postings on your site, he does. He also rubs vibuti on devotees foreheads, throat and chest (read a non-devotee’s experience in ‘Empire of the Soul’ by Paul W. Roberts). Serious students  of Indian philosophy (or even casual ones) will recognize that these are  the locations of energy centers in the body, the so-called chakras (I know,  I know Mr. Lane, nobody has seen these chakras and ‘proven’ their existence, but humour me for now). The lowest ‘muladahara’ or the root chakra is just behind the testicles in the male. This is the seat of our animal nature – survival and procreation (i.e. sex. The second chakra below the navel is also related to sex). Apparently these two individuals had some problem in this area.)) You are making a great mistake here. First of all, Baba rubs “oil” in  an area “behind” the testicles of boys. I got the same treatment.

He rubs the oil behind the testicle and doesn’t do anything with the testicle. This ritual has been a part of Hinduism for God knows how  long. It has nothing to do with rubbing something on the dick. Secondly, the dick is not a chakra area either. Third, why did Baba  have to touch my dick? Fourth, why did Baba have to hug me while doing so? Fifth, why did he make sexual noises? Sixth, why did he breath  harder? Seventh, why did he make me touch his private area? Eighth, why did he make sexual sounds while directing me to touch him? I think  if you put two and two together you will see that most probably he is  GAY. ((But what about the fact that they felt molested ? We can understand  this using an analogy: Doctors (practicing western medicine) will often examine)) Excuse me to cut in. I studied philosophy and took some 5 or 6 classes on logic. Your analogy is a fallacy. You try to compare Baba with a doctor as if for sure Baba has pure intentions while touching us. Are you sure his intentions where pure? If yes, please answer my questions above, like, why did he make sexual noises? ((their patients while they (the patients) are completely disrobed. During this, they may (mock horror!) even stick their fingers into various orifices. It is not uncommon for high-strung or emotionally immature patients (usually women) to accuse the doctor of molesting them.))

Thanks Dave, thanks a lot. First say we are “emotionally immature   patients” then compare or connect us to women. Why not compare Sai Baba  to a Catholic Priest who molests boys instead of making a Doctor out of  him? (( These individuals are not lying, they truly feel they have been taken  advantage of (No doubt the kind Mr. Lane would give them all a sympathetic hearing). Of course, there are also some doctors who do take advantage of their patients. So it is not surprising that a few persons would misinterpret Sai Baba’s actions.)) Considering the fact that you saw him for only 4 days and most probably  didn’t have a private interview, you must be the one misinterpreting  Baba. (( But for a person with literally millions of followers, Sai Baba has very few disaffected ex-devotees (hundreds of students have graduated from his school). )) If you read Jed’s accounts you will see that some of his students accuse  him of molesting them or their classmates. However, since the whole  family are devotees, out of respect – Indian tradition – they are not  coming out to the open. But they will. Read Tal Brook’s book “Lord of  the Air” or contact Mr. Premananda of Indian Skeptics for books on  people who have come out.

((Vibhuti, by the way, is ash left over after burning incense – nothing  to do with cow dung. Hindus (over 600 million of them) have been putting vibhuti from their temples on their foreheads for thousands of years, long   before there was a Sai Baba. I don’t mean to accuse anyone of ethnic   insensitivity, but I would have expected better from someone who teaches at the   university level.)) One thing is for sure, Baba is not creating this ash from nowhere! He  has been cut in two movies, with at least 5 shots of him cheating on  creating vibuthi. There goes his claim that he is creating them from  nowhere through his will. Don’t you agree that if that is the case, then he is lying? ((- Does he teach anything strange or weird ? Sai Baba has not ‘written’ any books but there are many books available of his discourses. His basic message seems to be to encourage his followers to be of service to others. Nobody has pointed out anything remotely objectionable in his teachings (Mr. Lane, surely his message should  merit some mention in your opinion of him, or are all your lectures at the university based on gossip and innuendo rather than serious study ?). ))

Wrong again, Sai Baba has written a few books. The reason why Professor  Lane has not brought up his teachings is because he is too smart for  that. After years of seeing evangelists taking people’s money by ONLY  talking, he will not fall for an Indian with an afro. Baba himself says  that talk is cheap, so we are looking at his character through his  actions, namely molestation, cheating, lying, etc. ((- Is Sai Baba Omnipresent ? Not exactly, he is not present everywhere at once. But his consciousness can be present in several places at once. So you can call him (or to use a  new age phrase, invoke his presence) so that he can be aware of your current situation (especially if you are a devotee and have a unique connection to him). He does keep close tabs on everyone and everything at his ashram)) Wait a minute, if you accept that Sai Baba is an avatar, then you must  accept that he is omnipresent. After all, an avatar is God in human   form. Bon would argue that our understanding of omnipresent is wrong,  that it doesn’t mean knowing everything. But all religions say that God  knows everything. In my opinion, if God doesn’t know everything, he is  imperfect, agree? I remember that as a devotee, I had to change my  ideas of omnipresence and omniscience because I found some short comings  in Baba. In order to not lose faith in him, I changed my ideas. 20 ((- Is he Omniscient ? Again not exactly, all the knowledge of this world and its past, is not present in his brain.)) In Sai Baba’s monthly magazine, Sanathana Sarathi, there was an essay  that discussed how Baba fulfills the prophecies of Prophet Mohammed  regarding the chosen one that will come to save the world.

One of the  sayings of the Prophet as was printed in Baba’s magazine – with his permission of course – was that all the knowledge of the world, past,  present and future will be in the chosen one’s head. So I figure Baba claims to be omniscient, omnipresent, etc. don’t you agree? (( However, he can access this information (about past history as well, from the hall of records – another eastern myth). He  can read your mind and so has access to your memory. He may even be misled by any false memory you have or by incorrect information from a person who  believes it to be true, unless he bothers to check it with other sources. All  this does require some effort on his part, though perhaps insignificant for him.))

So, he is not an avatar and he is lying to everyone by saying he is. In  my opinion, he is a black magician. He himself believes in black  magicians because once he told a story that involved a black magician Don’t you agree that if he is not God, but he claims to be God then he might be a black magician. He might be able to do great magical things, but I know for a fact that he fails at times. So, don’t you agree that  he might be a black magician in that case? ((- Is he Omnipotent ? No. As the Hindus say, even Brahma has to work within the Laws of Karma  and so does Sai Baba.)) Baba says otherwise.

He says that he can do anything. He says that if  he wants he can turn the sky to earth and the earth to sky. He says that however, he has to respect the Laws of Karma and not show his power. That is the only limitation the law of karma supposedly has on  avatars. It’s not that the law of karma will block the powers of God or  avatar. It can’t, it’s just that the avatar will not disturb it. So, if   you see a short coming in Baba, it’s not because of the law of karma.  If he wrongly tells of your past, then he is imperfect. (( He may be able to delay or accelerate your karma or help you face it, but not eliminate it or change it. (This may explain why he  can give a rich man a gold ring, only of sentimental value to him; but not   to a poor person – it would just add to his karmic burden). )) Instead of giving expensive jewelry to the rich, I suggest that he give a dose of love. After all, his devotees claim that once in a while Baba  gives them this dose of love or emotions of love that makes them feel  very good – as a devotee I had some myself, but now think that it was  all a play of my own mind and that Baba had nothing to do with it.   Wouldn’t that be better in order to change the rich person’s mind and  capture his heart? ((- Does he have supernatural powers ? As the theosophist says, there are no supernatural acts, only natural  ones we do not yet understand. Or as Jesus said, “even greater things than these  [the miracles I have done] will you do”.

He is capable of producing items seemingly out of thin air. He claims he does this by his ‘sankalpa’ (act  of will). There are many anecdotes of this as well as a few reports of  fraud (many more of the former). Unfortunately, many people are fooled by magicians. And even more  unfortunate is that Baba does not allow cameras of any kind in his compound anymore. So, you cannot catch him cheating on tape anymore. However, I have seen him cheat on three different movies. Just because many people claim to his miracles, does not make him a miracle man. Look at “God Lives In India” and tell me if you believe the millions who believe that he is doing miracles or the few who believe he is a cheat. (( But I prefer to ignore them both, these are mainly to attract people who look for miracles rather the message. Again these acts require some effort on his part. (Note that none of his ‘miracles’ true or false require any payment))) You are truly fooling yourself Dave. If the guy says that he is performing miracles due to his will, and if he gets caught cheating, then he was lying to everyone. Why can’t you compare Baba to the  Evangelists for a minute just to see if they compare. I am not asking  you to compare him to the Evangelists for ever, just do it and compare and then think about Baba as you want. Honestly, isn’t he doing exactly  the same thing? Everything is the same between them except that Baba  doesn’t ask for money, which in my opinion is a new, more pure “looking” way of Evangelism. ((- If not by miracles, why am I impressed ? As I said earlier, his message is simple and beautiful (almost naive for  this material world). Also, when you are in his presence (I did not have a  private interview so was at least 25 feet from him), a curious peacefulness  comes over you (not excitement at all).

This feeling wears off, if you visit  him daily on consecutive days. I have been told that this is because your consciousness is already at a higher level as the days pass.)) God help us if higher consciousness means that I will become like Bon  and so many Baba devotees that I have seen. Or does the feeling wear   off because you get used to being around Baba – God, superhuman, someone   special? ((- Is he God ? I am afraid not (sorry to disappoint Sai devotees). But he is pretty  close, I believe he is an Avatar. His position on earth is explained in my  webpage ( – this site will no doubt, establish my credentials as a certifiable ‘kook’). – Will following him make you happier ? Perhaps, but very likely not. For the following reasons:

1. If your former friends do not like your new association with an  Indian Guru, you feel socially isolated. If your own family resents it then you  are in real trouble.

2. After you have been on the spiritual path for a few years, all your repressed emotions, anger, resentment, repressed sexuality comes to the fore. These inner demons have to be conquered before you can progress much further.

3. When you come into contact with an Avatar, your personal karma is often accelerated (perhaps because you can tolerate more pain with his help). However, following him can put you on the Path for eventual self-realization, so all this may be worth it. All the information above is my current understanding of the ‘truth’. It  is offered ‘as is’ without any warranties. Fallibility is the human condition whatever the Pope may think.))

Thanks for being honest about your opinions. Thanks for accepting that  they are opinions after all. Bon on the other hand would tell us his opinions as if fact and scorch us saying we have too many opinions. Unfortunately, he used to throw out my fact – three movies – as movies  not having any value like Independence Day. I appreciate your honesty. ((As for the two individuals: I am sorry that they feel violated or  molested. >From their postings, they appear disturbed persons. I urge seeking a qualified therapist and undergoing counseling (I have my Ann Landers hat  on now). There is always the danger of psychological breakdown or worse.)) Unfortunately, I haven’t had the luxury of a therapist. I’ll do so AS  SOON AS I make some more money. ((Thank you Mr. Lane for your indulgence. Regards, 20 Dave (

Letter to David Bailey

From : IRAN / USA

Source : Afshin Khorramshahgol – correspondence to David and Faye Bailey


Dear Faye and David, Hello.

Here is a brief account of my experiences with Sai Baba. I apologise for the graphic language of this message, but it is the only way to share my experiences.

I travelled to India three times, from 1991 to 1993. On my first visit to India I was already a devotee of Sai Baba and believed he was God. I had a total of seven private interviews in the first two trips. In the first private interview Sai Baba asked me to undo my pants and drop my underwear. Since I believed he was God I did as he asked. He had already ‘materialised’ oil and he applied it in the area between my penis and anus.

I was told after the interview by some devotees, that this act is done by gurus to their disciples to open a chakra, or source of spiritual energy in the body of the disciple. However I am not sure if this is what in fact Sai Baba had done.

My research since, has not found this initiation ceremony in any Hindu books or scriptures, or among Hindu followers of other gurus.

In every private interview after the ‘initiation’ private interview, Sai Baba asked me to drop my pants and underwear, and he would rub my penis. Once he was rubbing it so hard it was obvious to me that he wanted me to get an erection.

I was busy talking to him about my problems, the problems of my country Iran, and my family’s problems, and I was asking him for his blessing for all of them.

I was not interested in sex or anything, especially with a guy, and so my penis did not grow, now matter how hard Sai Baba tried. Finally, he gave up and threw my penis up and turned away with a very angry face and mumbled something. When he turned back to me, he told me to put my pants on again and the private interview was over.

You may ask why I didn’t stop Sai Baba doing what he was doing if it was so obvious to me that he wanted me to get an erection?

Due to my being brainwashed, I thought I had to throw out this thought as it was another obstacle on my way to reach God. According to Sai Baba, all bad thoughts have to be thrown out immediately and replace with good, pure thoughts – and so I threw out the idea of Sai Baba trying to give me an erection, even though I knew he was.

In another interview, Sai Baba asked me to kneel in front of him while he was standing. He took my head with his right hand and pushed it hard into his stomach. He then took my other hand with his left hand and tried to rub it against his penis.

I did not grab his penis. I just let him direct my hand to his penis, using the outside of my hand, not the palm of my hand. While he was rubbing my hand on his penis, he was moaning sexually.

In the middle of this act, I tried to look up to see his face as I wanted to see his emotions, He didn’t let me. He pushed my head into his stomach harder, and this made me stop my desire to see his face altogether. He finally gave up, realising that I was not interested in grabbing his penis, since I wasn’t willing to use my palm to touch him.

Even this incident didn’t shake my faith in him. That’s how strong is the brainwashing in Sai baba’s organisation.

In all the private interviews that I had with Sai Baba, he would also hug or kiss me, or ask me to kiss him. I had come to reason with myself that he was touching my penis because he was probably healing me of some disease or handicap. I reasoned to myself that Sai Baba asked me to kiss him, or kissed me because he loved me, and kissing on the cheeks is all right – kissing on the cheeks between men is okay in my country.

It was not until I saw a movie that shows Sai Baba cheating, that my faith in him started to crumble. It was only after I left Sai Baba (six months after seeing that movie) that I realised his real intentions in those private interviews.

I am willing to testify in any court of law or in any gathering about the above experiences.

I have been very active on the internet for the past six years and I have saved numerous people from falling into Sai Baba’s evil trap.




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