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Swami Nityananda tries to defuse the sex scandal

Posted by robertpriddy on June 10, 2010

Swami Nityananda - confession to CBI, IndiaThe Indian website ‘Times Now’ have posted a video Nityananda, the swami accused of showing the interrogation of this swami accused of being involved in a sex scandal. These confessions are now on video, and an excerpt is shown. The following is a direct transcript of the presenter’s statement of key points:-

The CBI asks “whether it is him in the video. Nityananda answers saying that the woman is an actress – I can’t recognize anyone else. I was in a state of trance at that time. I don’t remember anything.”

“They asked Nityananda about the non-disclosure agreement signed on Tantrick sex.
Nityananda replied: I know there was some agreement in place. My devotees have done it. I don’t know any details, it was purely meant for devotees in America.”

Nityananda was also questioned there about money laundering involving idols sold with American invoices and about 39 crores which he said was all donations.

Obvious comment: “In a trance” that’s a good one. He was watching t.v. most closely. Must have been a simple typical t.v. trance? Of course it is best for him not to remember anything… Further, he wants to place the blame on his devotees for the secret Tantric sex agreement when it was he who would instruct them. Or is he so incompetent-impotent that he left that to his lieutenants too? Most absurd. No mention has so far been made of whether the CBI will test him for ‘non-potency’ as he has asked them (and how so?) or of his “not being a man” as he has claimed.

The degree of duplicity and untruthfulness reminds of the most famous – yet far more deceptive – guru in India today, Sathya Sai Baba – as this blog site shows beyond any sensible person’s reasonable figment of doubt (except for indoctrinated blind believers and cynical exploiters of his name).

So far: June 12, 2010: the High Court of Karnataka arrived at a verdict on Swami Nityananda’s bail plea. He was granted conditional bail, but was banned from teaching and preaching. Swami Nithyananda is charged on several criminal counts. including that of rape and “unusual sex”.

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Gerald Moreno’s false claim about porn site postings

Posted by robertpriddy on June 10, 2010

Gerald Moreno has tried to blacken my character in innumerable ways, all without the slightest substance. However, among his dirty tricks is to claim that I posted on a porn site to get my site listed! Of course I never would not ever did post anything on any porno site. Moreno claims to know this… he could not defend it legally, nor dozens of other direct wilful and highly defamatory untruths he has leveled against me.

See quotes from independent M. Alan Kazlev’s site, as follows:-

Priddy’s material on porn sites: is a pay-per-click search engine. You cannot just link your site on them. You have to pay for it. Priddy payed to have his site listed there under the category: “World Wide Sex Com – World Wide Sex Directory – World Wide Sex” (look at the title on the very top of the page and some of the content on the page).

So what? Anyone can list anyone else’s site on these sort of porn sites. Why would Priddy – a qualified academic – post a link to his public website on a porn site? On the other hand, this seems like just the thing one of his defamers would do in order to try to smear him.

Gerald Moreno has posted nothing of any substance or documented evidence to show that his endless hair-splitting ‘rebuttals’ of all critics’ testimonies and documentation are more than empty words to divert attention from the countless unpleasant facts about Sathya Sai Baba and Moreno’s attempts to defend him.

He denies he was subjected to the sexual molestation – which was clearly  ‘grooming’ for possible sex through invasive oiling “of the lower stomach” and which he has himself described on his website and discussed with Basava Premanand. Moreno has most extraordinarily also – defended Sai Baba while believing him to be a sexual abuser. Since he is so incensed about those who claim this was illegal and abusive, why does he not sue anyone? He also claims against his better knowledge that I have threatened to sue him, which he cannot prove as it is not true. If I should, he threatens to counter sue immediately (using anal images to press home his point!). The fact is, he knows all too well he has no case in any court in the world. I would not waste the time and outlay with such a patently obvious case of a liar and inflamed hate merchant whose tricks are transparent to all but the most indoctrinated and truth-blind devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. After several years of abuse from Moreno, I finally exposed some of his endless untruthfulness and contrived half-truths on the Internet.

Having no way to get at me with anything true or factual, Moreno has even reported that I am accused of sexual relations with Sai Baba, which is the height of absurdity as he certainly knows! I was never alone with Sai Baba as my wife always accompanied me in every single contact we had when I was 50 years old! The same dirty trick was used by the blinded Sai supporter Bon Giovanni on a public website against me, posting an anonymous letter packed with lies about me being a sexual abuser of visiting Sai students, which were easily refuted by me. This is the nature of the response to me and others who have simply referred all the testimonies of sexual abuse by many former young male followers of Sai Baba.

See also thorough examination of Moreno’s dirty work here

See a summary of Gerald Joe Moreno’s many baseless claims about me and other critics here

You can see a selected list of prominent signers of the Petition here.

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