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“Be happy. Your happiness is my happiness” Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on July 23, 2010

[The quotation in the title is from Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 27, p. 10.]

Sathya Sai Baba shows his true face - 2010

Sathya Sai Baba has constantly repeated the simplistic and usual irrelevant or inappropriate advice “Be Happy” to all and sundry. In a discourse in October 2008, according to one published transcript, Sathya Sai Baba said:-

“The students… …wonder how Swami is able to put up such a smiling countenance in the midst of great criticism and how Swami could put up such great patience!”

One the official on-line discourse website, however, the translation is somewhat different:-

“I do not at all get angry against anybody, even though some talk ill of Me. I will always be smiling. Even the apparent anger that I display sometimes is just to correct an individual. The students vouchsafe for this attitude of Mine. They wonder how Swami is able to put up such a smiling countenance in the midst of great criticism and how could Swami muster such great patience!” (
Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 41, p. 204)

Does Sai Baba appear as a person of ‘great patience’ in the above photos? Further, for several years now there has been 

800 pages of evidencealmost no evidence of a smile in most cases before cameras, not even in saying cheese. Apparently his state of mind is such that he cannot even keep up the required outward Pollyanna smile. As to his never getting angry, that is deception… he let his anger out in full in his infamous and unforgiving accusatory Christmas Discourse, 2000, against those who allege sex abuse by him. His anger did not “correct” as single one of the many… no allegations were ever dropped!  It was clearly intended to scare devotees into not talking, as they already were… and he threatened banishment if they did too. Effective when people have based their lives and fortunes on his prestige!  He has brought all the criticism upon himself from the hundreds of abused persons – sexually or otherwise. He has simply to watch as his own words are fed back at him and his broken promises and conflicting actions recounted. He cannot respond without getting further into his self-created mire… so he has to appear to be patient! He who rides a tiger cannot just descend…

Despite his constant self-promotions as the ultimate God and the propaganda about his “love is all you need” palliative, he is widely and most credibly accused of physical love for too many boys and young men. Also of involvement in a very sinister murder and execution episode in his own bedroom in 1993, about which he has never been questioned and the whole investigation was quashed at the highest level of the Indian Government.

Never cuts his hair, he has said… but compare photos!n

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The ‘Divine mystery’ of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on July 22, 2010

Sai Baba maintainef his ‘mystery’ by avoiding giving straightforward answers

Sai Baba was a practiced master at seeming to answer a question or tell something while expressing it so ambiguously or obliquely that it amounted to saying as good as nothing. Every now and again he suddenly broke off mid-sentence and turned his attention to something else or another person. The disappointed person soon contrived an explanation, for this omniscient God had to be telling something deep and subtle through this behaviour. There is much talk about how to understand in a positive light things that it would be glaringly evident to independent persons are avoidance or manipulations by Sai Baba. I have to admit that I was taken in for a long time by some of his clever comments and half-spoken sentences…

I too spent much time searching to explain his words and acts. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack, and the results were seldom too convincing when I did find any. I even wrote articles in his journal Sanathana Sarathi at the behest of its editor (V.K. Narasimhan), all precisely to try to clear up some of his vague or contradictory statements. I now conclude that he mostly avoided really telling anything when he might have been trapped into an easily unproven answer, meanwhile leaving the devotee at least an illusion of having the attention of God Himself and a response the meaning of which would make itself known in good time. Those he talked to (very seldom more than one or two sentences) were told by yet blinder followers that they should be pleased, even grateful, for this divine blessing! Many were overwhelmed with gratitude for this audience which it was said by all devotees to be something one had striven towards through many previous lives packed with good actions! Many people want to believe such things and the more difficult their lives are, the more they apparently do. In the ashrams one believed in ‘thinking with the heart, not the head’. No one seems to realise that the heart (i.e. the emotions and irrational impulses) can deceive as much or even more than the head. The so-called ‘heart’ can be filled with feelings of inferiority, intense unfulfilled longing for love and further, bitterness and hate. Not exactly an infallible inner guru to rely on blindly in the face of common sense and informed reason, as most gurus like Sai Baba insist it is!

There is no doubt that the subjective experiences of interviews were felt as very good by most people (though not all, for some were told off strictly too). One can read hundreds of accounts that use superlatives beyond all reason. I can now see myself as misled and so ‘naively guilty’ of a much too one-sided and gold-tinted account of interviews in my book (‘Source of the Dream’). Therefore I choose to describe my summary of Sathya Sai Baba interviewees from the cool clarity of my eventual disillusion with them.

After attending several interviews they tended to become an anticlimax to persons who  still had a mind of their own, because so little could really be learned about anything from Sathya Sai Baba. He just reeled off his usual imprecise spiritual directions and followed – with few variations – a set of routines he had practised and perfected through thousands of interviews. Sometimes it was like a routine he entered, regardless of who was present. But this is certainly not how one’s first interviews seemed! Interviewees were often so worked up after months or years of his ‘Wait! Wait!’ instruction – and who can count what sacrifices and efforts many have made – and were mega-relieved to have ‘won’ an interview (as if they were pools’ winners). In interviews, many behaved as if in a daze, there was often a sense of staring, hypnotic happiness. Especially ladies, mostly having been constantly starved for the slightest attention at darshan, often gave themselves over to an orgy of gushing words about it afterwards, like ‘blissed out’, ‘spaced out by divine love’ and ‘eternal moments of realisation’. All of this reminds of some psycho-social orgasmic release of pent-up doubts and worries in surrendering to the delightful conviction, ‘So I am really one of God’s chosen children after all’. This conviction was always insecure, however, and Sathya Sai Baba would shake it time and again with his famous hypothetical ‘tests of faith’, i.e. his indifference, his neglect and much more besides until death… of that one could invariably be convinced and confident, at least!

From about 10 hours altogether in the various interview rooms with Sai Baba and from hearing and reading at least 100 accounts of interviews from other devotees (often noted in papers they circulate or in articles and books) and after countless hours of private discussion with Sai Baba’s translator at many interviews, V.K. Narasimhan, it is fair to say that Sai Baba seldom responded openly and frankly to what the questioner really wanted to know, but turned the question back at the questioner or spun the matter around somehow. If he didn’t reply (rather than, as often, turn to another person instead) what he said was frequently elliptical and off the point. He treated all questions or comments which he did not like in what my elderly contact, Prof. Erlendur Haraldsson, characterised to me very fittingly as follows:
“I recall when Karlis Osis and I had our first encounter with Sai Baba we both felt that he, apart from his great charisma, was a great prima donna, with a tremendous ego, and also kind of a Napoleon, with a ruler’s mind and tactics. Boasting, and illusions about one’s true characteristics is a part of such a psychological makeup, and in Sai Baba this is to a psychopathological degree unless one assumes the split-personality model to explain him, which I find tempting.”

What we would not accept as a valid or relevant answer from other people, many devotees would immediately accept as profound since it came from the one they believed to be omniscient. For example, when asked by a friend of mine from Copenhagen why it was that Jehova (i.e. God, i.e. Sai Baba) had not told the Jews about reincarnation, but asserted the contrary via the Bible. Sathya Sai Baba simply did not understand the question and asked to have it explained. (A divine joke that he can’t understand? I think not!). My Jewish friend said that the question was about reincarnation and intended to specify, but – without waiting to hear the actual question again – Baba replied brusquely, and in so many words, “Oh! Reincarnation! You cannot understand it. Do not try to think about it. It is like the seed and the fruit.” I saw that this answer was just a brush off, but afterward my friend claimed that it was a perfect answer! His view was that, because the question was one that his Jewish wife considered very important, Baba was telling that they should rather concentrate on other more important things. This is not untypical of Baba’s way of answering questions.

Sai Baba frequently replied so obliquely that no intelligible sense could be made of his words, or he changed the subject unexpectedly, or brushed it aside. The person concerned often took whatever came as a significant teaching or even a spiritual directive. This is also typical of evasive deceivers hoping to maintain others’ false perceptions, or to avoid being unmasked or incriminating themselves. In short, whatever Sai Baba replied, or however he avoided replying, was taken by devotees as a profoundly meaningful matter! If what he said seemed plainly mistaken, based on a misunderstanding or factually wrong, the devotee wouldl twist and turn the words in every possible way and relate them to all manner of events past present, dreams, imagined things and so on until some kind of sense could be derived from the words… however unsatisfactorily. This was also the case when he did not reply or was gruff, or gave the brush off. It became a subject of constant meditation or worry, self-examination and self-doubt. I  witnessed this on many occasions. What hardly ever seemed to occur to the poor person who was struggling with these challenges was that Sathya Sai Baba might be wrong, might not know what he was talking about, bluffing or may simply have been inadequately equipped to deal with the question. Only after realising that Sai Baba was not at all what he claimed to be does all this gradually become as apparent as the sun in daylight!

See also how Sai devotees are induced into the cult of systematic rationalization through re-interpreting Sathya Sai Baba’s words and vague statements

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Sathya Sai Baba’s power

Posted by robertpriddy on July 20, 2010

Sai Baba has gathered a culture around himself and his ashrams, a highly protective ‘charmed circle’ of servitors, officials and privileged devotees, within which his word is gospel. No one who remains within its social and mental confines ever ventures to doubt anything he says, for he is to be regarded as totally infallible, even if one does not understand what he means or why he says it.

These people willingly act as a ring of bulwarks against anyone who wishes to get near to question, challenge or investigate the simplest matter.  The Indian government has provided him with armed guards, in addition to the undercover security force he is known to employ at considerable expense. This full-blown personality cult has the full support of the Indian government and many authorities in India, including most of the press, which has gradually been warned off or bought off by his minions. Not only the police, but also the CID and CBI were unable even to question him about murders in his bedroom apartment due to protection by the Home and Prime Ministers at the time.., persons whose prestige had long been invested in their being long-term followers and worshippers of Sathya Sai Baba. ‘The Statesman’ reported”:-   “A 1993 incident in which police shot dead four of his followers and his attendants murdered two was hushed up with intervention from the top the then home minister, SB Chavan. The Baba, who was present when the four were shot dead, was never questioned.” (see

In short, Sathya Sai Baba ruled the roost totally for decades in his independent, ‘township’ or fiefdom under his full legal and physical control. Though his word is still gospel to the blind believers, he no longer has the ability to control and manipulate, which powers have increasingly been usurped by those who run things while he is a partially senile invalid. His claim to be the Godhead of all Deities who is totally all-knowing – if remotely true – would mean that he could have stopped the murders and the police cold-blooded executions within his fiefdom. However, in his discourse some time afterward, he virtually justified them, and further told how he knew what would befall his attendants in advance, warning them (which he claimed they did not heed). The world will draw its own conclusions from this together with all the published facts… despite the massive campaign to confuse the issue and cover-up to an extent probably unparalleled in any democracy today.

How Sathya Sai Baba can avoid being accountable to anyone for anything

Sai Baba is virtually never held to account to his face for anything he says. Most people who qualify to get near him already have too much respect, awe or out-and-our fear to question anything he says or does in any but the most positive or else superficially questioning manner. This is not to say that there have been absolutely no exceptions. There are doubtless those who only pretend subservience, while being self-willed and devious. Most officials in his various institutions who are often in his presence have the ‘healthy respect’ for him, his will and his word that a schoolboy has for an unpredictably punishing headmaster. Now, is this not what one would expect of God too? In all major religions, God is not accountable for any kind of error or wrong doing. As long as one really believes that Sathya Sai is God Almighty himself on two feet, or something near to that, one thereby surrenders all chance of understanding anything about him. Add to this the indisputable fact that Sai Baba does not WANT anyone to be able to understand him… almost everything he says and does demonstrates this! He also is ever telling people in private interviews to keep things secret, which is a near paranoid precaution for controlling what is generally known about him.

Anything a follower does not understand about Sathya Sai Baba – especially anything untoward – is explained by any of a set of fall-back positions, such as: “We human beings cannot understand Swami’s Divine actions”, “The ways of God are inscrutable”, “It is Swami’s Divine Play”. “Swami is testing us to see if our faith in Him is sound” and other such excuses. This goes for everything he says which is recognisably untrue, vague, ambiguous, at odds with his own teachings, self-contradictory, improbable, nasty, disgusting or outright criminal. This is what makes the Sathya Sai ashrams and main movement an unmistakable cult run by a secretive and clandestine clique – many delude by others merely cynical.

Of course, one cannot understand what he says or why if one has given up the attempt to discover the truth of it beforehand, and this ‘giving up’ is to ‘surrender to his Divine will’. It implies that one never may question anything he says or does, without exception! Not even in the privacy of one’s thoughts! Sathya Sai Baba either ignores or fobs off anything remotely like a penetrating question that may still be put to him by some daring person who has slipped through the net into an interview but who is not yet fully obedient to the Divine Will.

Considerable investigation is required to remove or dispel mere appearances, the more so when tight secrecy and cover-up is a constant factor. No persons are able to observe Sathya Sai Baba’s behaviour all the time, which makes it all the harder  it is very hard to get to the true state of affairs in many matters. Sai Baba exhorts all to be unquestioning believers in him and had instituted throughout his institutions, organization and ashrams a blinkered self-programming and self-denigrating mentality to maintain the emotional dependence of his devotees. After some years under his aegis, the task is almost insuperable for persons without considerable personality resources to fall back upon. The figurative ‘smashing of the mirror’ of one’s own preconceptions and even a dear part of one’s self-image (i.e. that one could be deceived so long and so much) is simply too demanding for those who have devoted their lives to delusions.

The very close servitor – the editor of Baba’s journal for 20 years – V.K. Narasimhan told me that Sai Baba said to him one day: “One thing I cannot do is to make a person choose to do good.” That is part of the reason why Narasimhan – a pragmatist – did not reject or leave Sathya Sai Baba when the executions of the four intruding devotees were organised by Sathya Sai Baba ‘s younger brother, Janakiramiah (since deceased)! It seemed to Narasimhan – who had often told me that he was most certainly not omnipotent – that Baba could not even influence his own younger brother! This viewpoint was supposed to absolve Sathya Sai Baba from responsibility as accomplice to the murders, neither being able to dictate the actions of those Sai Central Trust members and ashram officials, nor those of his younger brother Janaki Ramiah, who blackmailed the police into shooting down the four young men – trapped and virtually unarmed intruders – in cold blood, one by one in a huge hail of bullets. Sathya Sai Baba’s power is worldly, arising from his protection by all those followers from his security servitors right up to Prime Minister, Presidents, Supreme and High Court judges and many others in India.

See also:-

Sai Baba on the Indian Government Some Top Political devotees of Sathya Sai Baba”][/caption] It is known …  state of intense enmity between the main contenders for power in India) he went on: “A good government should always be supported. …
There are also lot of other political influences …  Sathya Sai Baba and his minions had in the corridors of power in India, especially the top of the Indian Government

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Avoidance of vital issues, like sex, AIDS by ‘Universal teacher’

Posted by robertpriddy on July 19, 2010

The taboo subject of ‘sex’
While promoting himself as the ‘Universal teacher; Sathya Sai Baba avoids the issue of human sexuality almost totally.  This is very revealing as no sensible advice is given by him on one of mankind’s most basic needs and drives – other than in a few words to preach chastity, also praising this as best within marriage. He has never discoursed on human sexuality. Nor does he answer any central questions which bear on sexuality. There is nothing whatever ‘spiritual’ about avoiding the issues connected with sexuality. The sexual impulse is the source of so many personal, social and other problems in the world, and is one which a liberated person should be able to address in an enlightening way, especially if that person were actually ‘omniscient’, which Sathya Sai Baba has repeatedly claimed he is in discourses and in countless statements in interviews.  Instead he occasional nearly broaches the issue by preaching monastic and sex-repressive ideals of a fundamentalist religious kind. This is more Catholic than any recent
Pope (misguided and obscurantist indoctrinators as they are), reminding more of an extreme hypocritical Victorianism.  All this is a parody  of spiritual guidance to mankind by this ‘Divine Know-all!

Satya Sai Baba’s secrecy and his attitude that strongly suggests guilt and shame feelings about sexuality means that questions about sex and important matters like birth control, condoms, AIDS, homosexuality and lesbianism and other sex-related issues are evidently far too sensitive for this widely accused homosexual abuser of young men and boys! By contrast, a far more enlightened educative approach towards unavoidable and irrepressible human sexuality has changed the world and is increasingly adopted is by a growing majority in most modern countries. The Sufi mystic and famous poet Rumi, to whom Sai Baba has referred as a spiritual saint, regarded sexual desires in youth as ‘letting one’s feathers grow out’, without which dangerous problems can be caused later. (The Essential Rumi, p. 64).

That Sai Baba cannot touch on sex discussion strongly suggests that his real views would awaken astonishment and would cause many to fall away from his movement and might also draw more attention to his own very widely testified sexual proclivities and preferences. He lists lust as one of the seven or cardinal sins, without explaining what kind of lust even, though he always claims to have no bodily desires.

Sathya Sai Baba talks about sexual desires to young men in secrecy the privacy of his inner ‘private’ interview room, admonishing them for contact with girls and masturbation . This is reportedly the introduction to oiling of their lower stomachs and genitals, and subsequently – according to numerous testimonies – to outright sexual advances and practices. Many factual and convincing accounts by a wide variety of young men indicate clearly that Sathya Sai Baba has tried to change them into homosexuals for his own gratification! It has also emerged that Sai Baba jokes with very close confidantes like Col. Joga Rao about sex, who was given to telling constant barrack room dirty stories, which I learned from V.K. Narasimhan who complained how he had to put up with them when forced to share a room with Joga Rao!

In India 2.3 million persons are known currently to be living with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) which causes AIDS by damaging the immune system cells until the immune system can no longer fight off other infections that it would usually be able to prevent. It takes an average of 10 years to develop AIDS from HIV infection.  The shame attacked to this (and all sexual illnesses and to sexual deviance in Indian culture) means that the  hidden figure of AIDS and HIV sufferers may be considerably higher. The authorities in power, many of whom worship Sai Baba, long argued that it would be offensive to speak to people about sex and AIDS, condoms etc., but experience by independent organisations show this to be wrong. Many leaders still hold puritan and repressive views on sex, sex information and education and as a class the also remain out of touch with the population – their sufferings and needs – from whom the live as far as possible in physical and social isolation.


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Narcissism – the bane of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on July 16, 2010

Psychopathy Checklist: Useful as an aid for those who might wish to examine the character of Sathya Sai Baba from a non-worshipping viewpoint:-

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) The narcissist is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, and prestige.

Narcissistic personality disorder is closely linked to self-centeredness “a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.”[(

Comment: If Sathya Sai Baba has no need for admiration, why does he still allow people to touch his feet, and set going massive set-pieces where it is all about worshipping him – such as his birthdays, which all ashram residents know are his will, not theirs. The birthday crowds, including thousands of villagers who mostly come for an outing and any handouts that are going, cause huge disruption in their lives for days, and the dust is always metres high bearing sicknesses. He has said he does not know what suffering is, which explains why he lacks empathy for the poorest and maimed who really suffer and sit for year upon year at daily darshan hoping for help without any tangible results. Meanwhile, Sai Baba lavishes his time on the rich and successful, especially the famous… and the boys he is widely reported as abusing behind closed doors.

Theodore Milton identified five subtypes of narcissist – Any individual narcissist may exhibit none or one of them:-

unprincipled narcissist – including antisocial features. A charlatan – is a fraudulent, exploitative, deceptive and unscrupulous individual.

fanatic type – including paranoid features. A severely narcissistically wounded individual, usually with major paranoid tendencies who holds onto an illusion of omnipotence. These people are fighting the reality of their insignificance and lost value and are trying to re-establish their self-esteem through grandiose fantasies and self-reinforcement. When unable to gain recognition of support from others, they take on the role of a heroic or worshipped person with a grandiose mission.

Comment: Right from childhood Sathya Sai Baba has tried to dominate everyone around him – as the early lady devotee Smt. Vijaya Kumari (Vijayamma) has testinfied at length and convincingly in her book ‘Without you refuge there is none’). . He was regarded by some of his family and neighbours as a divine incarnation, most likely because he was born a physical hermaphrodite (independent reports in public of his having both genitalia are several) and so seemed to medically naive and unknowing villagers to be an incarnation of both Shiva and Shakthi – or Shiva and Parvathi… as he also claims to be.  Any child born in Indian villages with extra limbs or organs is sadly most often worshipped as a divinity even today. He certainly capitalized on this belief in the village, and one supposes he was fighting back because he was reportedly bullied at school and also by relatives who maltreated him badly.

Avoidant personality disorder (AvPD)  is a personality disorder recognized in the DSM-IV TR handbook in a person over the age of eighteen years as characterized by a pervasive pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation, and avoidance of social interaction.

Comment: Sathya Sai Baba cannot stand anyone who questions him in the slightest negative sense (in interviews not least) and reportedly shown real anger towards those who do. Because he always preached never to criticize anyone, that he was angry about critics and beat his lectern  in his infamous discourse of Christmas 2000 definitely showed extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation. He is reported to “sit and cry all day” by an Indian lady who claimed to know this from his closest servitors. He has also stated that, though he is under severe criticism, he keeps up a smiling face. However, no image of him since around 2006 can validate that, on the contrary!
the checklist assesses glib and superficial charm, grandiosity, need for stimulation, pathological lying, conning and manipulating, lack of remorse, callousness, poor behavioral controls, impulsivity, irresponsibility, failure to accept responsibility for one’s own actions and so forth. The scores are used to predict risk for criminal re-offence and probability of rehabilitation.

Comment: Reports that Sathya Sai Baba is so full of love and care are refuted by virtually all those – often long-term followers – who left him. Only those who have freed themselves from the indoctrination and self-programming that is part and parcel of belonging to the movement and realised that ‘all that glitters is not gold’ applies with full force to Sai Baba can see clearly that his charm is superficial. He keeps people at arms length – except young men he likes as long as they remain with him (most leave after some time, except the captive students). He drops and neglects people as soon as he chooses, he makes many irresponsible promises – and knows he can get away with nearly all of them because of the mythology around himself and the impenetrable veil of secrecy he has mostly managed to maintain with fearful servitors unable to contradict a single word of his, fearing banishment and worse (even believing that their own future lives will be ruined!). His glibness is seen when one has attended enough interviews – he rolls of the same words again and again and has many techniques of distraction and avoidance (when he can’t or won’t answer questions and pleas he can’t fulfil). His grandiosity is seen in his demeanour, the role he accept at functions on tinsel gilded thrones and his golden chariot, the lavish dwellings he has ordained for himself and much, much more… but the blinded follower who can’t give up this mental-emotional crutch or dare to look at the facts cannot see any of that.

See also a psychologist’s report on Sathya Sai Baba as a narcissist

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Guru-buster Premanand exposed Gerald Moreno

Posted by robertpriddy on July 14, 2010

Basava Premanand, known world-wide as India’s top “guru buster, was smeared massively by Gerald Moreno. Eventually Premanand responded in published books and numerous web pages (see some here). One can safely say he ‘bust’ Moreno too… answering his long diatribes point for point in the most balanced and sound manner… winning every such contest with him (see list here under Premanand). Here is one brief excerpt:-

Now Moreno I shall prove why the oilings below the navel are most likely to have a sexual significance.
1. The navel and the part below the navel up to the pubic area is the most erotogenic part of the human body arousing sexual desire.

This is what you state what happened to you and others mentioned by you in this article about oilings.
1. GM. The majority of people who have oilings say SSB applies the oil to their lower abdomen area between their pubic area and their navel.
2. GM : SSB applied the oil just beneath my navel
3. Marc-Andre: He applied it on my scrotum
4. David Paul : the oiling took place just above the pubic region and on the lower stomach
5. Greg Gerson : Applied the oil on my lower abdomen, below my navel and above my penis.
6. Alaya Rahm : Rubbed his genitals
This would make an overwhelmingly likely case that all the oilings mentioned by you and your experience are sexually oriented, not least as an introductory ‘grooming’.
Moreover this is not like the way to raise the Kundalini Shakti (sexual power) as described in scripture.

Gerald Moreno admitted to being ‘oiled’ on his account of his first visit to Sai Baba (see scan of the oiling account here)
Many others who have reported genital oiling and serious sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba:-

See also Oiling of genitalia by Sathya Sai Baba
Sai Baba sex abuse reports on the Sai Petition

Basava Premanand died last year, leaving behind him a massive legacy to society – not only to India but also to the world via international media, including Discovery Channel programmes and BBC documentary and radio interviews. His aim was to help the Indian masses free themselves from gross superstition by a tremendous and courageous front-line campaign involving thousands of demonstrations of the magic tricks used by gurus, swamis and other charlatans

This relative nobody Moreno from Las Cruces has the misguided audacity to attack a lifelong selfless worker for truth, the scientific spirit and morality as Basava Premanand, whose contributions are hailed by the genuine secular intelligentsia of India and elsewhere. He even makes a disreputable attack on Premanand’s last statement , made to witnesses and signed on his deathbed…  as if he really knew the circumstances. And thus Moreno’s own self-importance shows him up and defeats him in the eyes of decent people by making himself look insignificant and jealously petty beside a true Indian gentleman.  Compared to the respected figure of Premanand, Moreno lacks all known qualifications or genuine employment, yet he set himself up all across the ether as a “neutral” researcher and pretends to some kind of spirituality (despite his decidedly non-spiritual attacks on all and sundry).

Later on in desperation no doubt to find some ‘qualification’, Moreno has described himself as a “professional artist” and “world traveler”. To that one must say there are millions of world travelers today, they are usually known as ‘tourists’  – and Moreno has been to India a number of times, but is otherwise not known for explaining anything whatever about any other culture. As to being  a” professional artist”, no exhibitions of Moreno’s supposed works of art have been registered anywhere – unless he believes his computer-generated pseudo-holy mandalas qualify as ‘professional art (often the sign of New Age fantasizers)? Indeed these show – no talent for originality or detail (they were originally available via his site at If so, he can show no professional art critic who considers them to be so. The term “professional artist” usually refers to someone who has completed higher studies at some Acadamy of Art – or else to a commercial artist – someone who earns a living by producing artwork for the media including magazines, films… but Moreno is neither of these, unless I am very much mistaken? Nor is he known to be an artist who exhibits and lives by the sale of paintings, aquarelles, gouaches and similar difficult media. Let him explain how his claim is not just bogus posturing. Perhaps his best work is to be seen below here.

The lone wolf howls? Latest example of Moreno’s overblown nit-picking mentality and lack of anything of the slightest importance to criticise is how he calls my mistaking the date of a Sai interview full of genuine howlers to be a howler on my behalf! It doubtless made petty Moreno howl, but no one else, I’d say. Moreover he is an ageist, calling my misreading of a date senility (his having already claimed I suffer from senile dementia – a lie concocted by him without any possible evidence as he has no access to my health records and my mind is as fit as a fiddle. Besides he knows that the volume of material I put out daily would be beyond most people with any sign whatever of senility. His baseless slur is just another of his typical schoolyard tit-for-tat reactions, this time because I have forwarded reports from the ashram that Sai Baba shows continual signs of senility. Most of Moreno’s writings against me are essentially like this, which just his vindictive agenda and lack of mature judgement. I corrected this dating error as I always correct anything shown to be wrong, unlike Moreno who almost never does that.

The academic and author Brian Steel has written a number of articles about the attempts of Sai baba followers and defenders to slander, discredit and generally destroy the reputations of all critics of Sathya Sai Baba. He provides many references to other writers who expose the most primitive and massive attack campaign by a person of no known occupation or qualifications of any kind, Gerald Joe Moreno.

See also The Passing of a Great Man
Moreno’s major distortion of Basava Premanand’s Declaration
Moreno’s senile dementia slur

Here one can see that Moreno is as capable as is any teenager or child of distorting images with Internet graphics (Dadlani’s face has been whited out my me):-

Moreno's brilliant image manipulations, such moral rectitude!

Deformation of copyright photo by Gerald Moreno

The "professional artwork(?)" of Gerald Moreno

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Student sex abuse testimony has come out all the time

Posted by robertpriddy on July 11, 2010

Though many young men have not been comfortable in telling of their experiences with Sathya Sai Baba – for obvious reasons of the dangers it may involve and not least due to internet harassment etc. – they have contacted some of us privately ad in strict confidence.Others have posted anonymously on various bulletin boards, discussion groups and the Sai petition.

The following mail was originally sent Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, message 1082 and 1285 Date 18 november 2000 – 13.44 It was also posted at (no longer on-line) now found at

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you regarding your article in India today last week relating to the abuse allegations I am now an ex devotee of Sai Baba and have been a devotee since 1985 and have undertaken two pilgrimages to Puttaparthi in 1990 & 92 I went to the ashram with a group from London led by Aimee Levy in November 1990 during which time I was about to turn 29 and was taken with the group for an interview a few days after arriving during the interview he materialised vibhuti and took a ring off one lady told her she had a good heart and blew on it and it was supposedly transformed into a white gold and emerald ring another chap received a watch. During the interview he gave a short discourse on the nature of god and shortly thereafter looked at me and said

Swami: Are you well?
David: Yes Swami!!
Swami: What do you do? -Work?
David: Aromatherapy Swami
Swami What??
Aime Levy: massage Swami
Swami: yes yes very strong!
Swami: you have wife??
David: No swami!
Swami: Girlfriend?
David; No swami
Swami: I see!! Before!!
Swami: Do you love swami??
David Yes swami!!!
Swami: how much??
David: very much swami!

At this point he talked with others for a few moments and the said to me come and extended his hand for me to help him up and around the devotees sat around the interview room and the took me into the inner sanctum as I walked into the room I was holding in my right hand a cassette tape called “road to prashanthi” which had been recorded by a friend of mine who was wishing for it to be blessed, Swami then closed the door and was stand ing and front of me when he then touched my penis through the suit i was wearing and said “What’s this” a little embarrassed I said “tape swami” and thrust the tape i was holding up towards him he said “yes Yes but what’s this and touched me again” “undo” he said motioning to white pyjama type suit I was wearing which I did but was somewhat confused at this point he then pulled my underwear down below my scrotum and said “sometimes you dissipate too much energy this way” he let the underwear ping up and then waved his hand in the fashion he does and apparently materialized some oil and rubbed it on the pubic region above the penis and around the stomach and told me to ” do up” after which he said to me ” sometimes you get depressed with your work I will bless your work!! And with a cock of his head smiled and said all your work”! He then took me to the outer room back to the group where he talked a while longer and i sat wondering what had happened. After a short time he disappeared behind his curtain and came back with a basket full of small packets of vibhuti which he gave to all devotee’s he came to me and said” you would like swami to make a ring for you! I will but not now some other time! After which the interview was concluded. During my second trip the interview was almost the same except i was not drawn into the back room this time and the talk he had with me on that occasion was almost a carbon copy of the first time but as I stood up to leave at the conclusion of the second interview he whacked me in the testicles with the back of his hand and it was a deliberate move.

At this point I would like to say that although I was somewhat confused by the events i tried to rationalise it by thinking he was balancing one of the energy centres when another Indian devotee who was questioning me about my interview said ” No No Swami is doing this because all the time you are wanking” I must say I felt a complete idiot and some what humiliated by that but nevertheless was still in awe of sai baba but was already feeling something was a miss and this feeling became stronger during 1992 which I feel is better discussed elsewhere. However I feel that murmurings that those of us who have the courage to speak out are being labelled anti Indian or anti Hindu is complete nonsense I and many other ex devotee’s and victims still have great respect for India and her people and the fact that we feel cheated by this man who is quite clearly now shown as a charlatan has nothing whatsoever to-do with being anti Hindu we still have great respect for all faiths it is Just Sai Baba and his organisation that are in doubt and should be taken to task one of the main reasons I am writing this is to confirm that these “Oilings” do indeed take place which has been denied by a spokesperson for the U.K Sai organisation in a recent interview on a BBC Radio4 programme called This Is Sunday which was broadcast on Nov 19th my view is if they are lying about this what else are they lying about. I do not personally know any other “moles tees” and can not comment on their experiences I can only give a true account of what I myself have experienced But certainly it seems to me that both the organisation in India and abroad as well as Sai Baba himself requires thorough investigation especially relating to incidents such as the bedroom murders.

I hope this clarifies the situation somewhat for you

Yours sincerely

David Paul

One may compare the above account, the same in what it describes to numerous other similar accounts from all over the globe… to that of Gerald Joe Moreno, the most vehement and full-time defender of Sathya Sai Baba and his Organization and followers against ALL sexual accounts… through name-calling, harassment, web stalking and more.

See also:-

Gerald Moreno firmly defends sex abusers and cover-up

Gerald Moreno’s wildest attack so far?

Moreno and sexual abuse, denial and subterfugeGerald Joe Moreno and genital oiling by Sai Baba Sai Baba sex abuse testimony in revealing detail

Gerald Moreno and “oiling between the pubic area and the navel”

Sathya Sai Baba oils genitals (boys/young men)

Author admits genital oiling by Sathya Sai Baba

Further genital oiling, kundalini claims and more

Sathya Sai Baba Sex Abuse and Cover-up – the facts

List of some of Moreno’s postings against Sathya Sai Critics

Convincing 1′st hand sex abuse testimony by young man

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Informacje na temat Conny Larsson, szwedzki osoby znanej, aktor i autor

Posted by robertpriddy on July 11, 2010


Conny Larsson, urodzony w 1949 w Linköping w Szwecji, dorastał w Sztokholmie. Żyje mieszka w domu na Cyprze w północnej, tureckiej części Cypru. Wychowany w ortodoksyjnie chrześcijańskiej rodzinie w Szwecji. Znany z aktorskiej roli teatralnej jako klown “Beppo” odgrywanej w młodości na scenie. Działa jako psychoterapeuta, pisarz i publicysta, a także krytyk indyjskich guru a Mahesh Maharishi Yogi a Sathya Sai Baba.

Translation: Information on Conny Larsson, famous Swedish person, the actor and author

Conny Larsson, born in 1949 in Linköping, Sweden, grew up in Stockholm. He lives in a house in northern Cyprus, the Turkish part of Cyprus. Brought up in the orthodox Christian family in Sweden. Known for his acting role as a theatrical clown “Beppo” in his youth played on the stage. He works as a psychotherapist, writer and journalist, and critic of the Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

See Conny Larsson’s main personal website

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Gerald Moreno: straw man fallacy re Conny Larsson, Sanjay Dadlani etc.

Posted by robertpriddy on July 10, 2010

The logical fallacies that Moreno does not employ cannot be listed, as there seem to be none. He is the great proponent of argumentum ad hominem and equally the straw man argument. This fallacy is one of his most basic crutches. The Straw Man fallacy occurs when one ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position through a false association to other persons or standpoints. For example, it works thus:

Robert Priddy states x
Conny Larsson states x, but also y
Therefore Priddy supports y!
Sanjay Dadlani stands for x and y
Priddy endorses Dadlani’s stand on x
herefore Priddy endorses y!
Kevin R.D. Shepherd is against x
Priddy is also against x

Therefore Kevin R.D. Shepherd is for what Priddy is for!

One can substitute for x and y all manner of specific terms, as Moreno does ad lib. All such ‘arguments’ are completely fallacious conclusions – there is no common middle term in any argument.

However, Gerald Moreno is either incapable of learning from this elementary lesson and/or he wilfully wants to continue his irrational and intentional smears. That is just what Gerald Moreno does, hoping that mass exposure of accusations will stick despite their stupidity.

Moreno also tries to make out I support all manner of viewpoints which I condemn as ‘lunatic fringe’, and especially standpoints I once held but from which I moved on long ago. He is ever demanding an explanation from me, Priddy, as to how I can condone that others hold opinions I do not. By that measure, he would be in a very bad way himself, as he does not agree with Sathya Sai Baba on key claims he made, yet he defends this accused pedophile, murder accomplice, deceiver and fraudulent manipulator through thick and thin!   But just as I did not respond for several years except in the briefest form to Moreno’s libels, distortions and  demagogic tricks like ‘straw man’ arguments. I have delayed a reply to these accusations associating me with standpoints I have never expressed and do not have. He even wants to associate me with standpoints others do not have, but which he insists they do!

Conny Larsson has recently rebutted the very statements that were attributed falsely to him by a journalist and feasted upon by pernicious Gerald Moreno in his great paucity of perspicacity. Moreno’s extremism in near-pathological denial of the many true and infamous facts about the person he admires and supports above all, Sathya Sai Baba is extraordinary while he – with incredible inconsistency – also has rejects his main claims stated he is omniscient, omnipotent and an avatar’ and more besides). Gerald Moreno necessarily finds that he admires a major deceiver, even by his own standards!

Here is what Conny Larsson posted on his website rebutting some of Moreno’s worst mud-slinging:-

Since the Internet defamer and stalker – Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno – is making great effort to cast slurs on me and all of my associates – I want to point out how he systematically and willfully misinterpreted the meaning of some statements made on the website of Judith Borque (items since removed as inaccurate).
Judith Borque ( ) wrote:-

“I wish to make completely clear that I, Conny Larsson, have not expressed that he is a channel for Vyaasa in any ‘psychical’, mediumistic or paranormal sense. He has a deep understanding of Vyaasa and an intuition as to what is relevant in any connection that arises with participants in his excellent classes… only in this sense is he a communicative channel for the long-deceased Indian master.”

Judith Borque correction of misinformation
Original text in upper box above, revised text in lower box

For the sake of clarity I post a view of the text content Judith Borque posted, and the altered text after she corrected the mistaken information she had been fed:-

There were one or two sensational articles made in the north of Sweden when I was touring there in Gallivare and Gavle lecturing on meditation and explaining about auras, dowsing and other matters. That I was called a medium was entirely from the journalist’s point of view. Since I am well known as a lecturer on the topics of mumbo jumbo, new age and other matters relating to the so called spiritual life that I was so involved in before, these articles turned out to be pro-spiritualist biased, even though I clearly stated during the lectures of mine that there was nothing unnatural in this and that any person could evolve his own intuition to a higher state. in fact I even stated that it is only a higher form of empathy.


False accusation by Moreno of undue money-making Even though the organizers of the lecture charged money for the entrance I didn’t receive a penny more then that they paid for my expenses, food and board etc.

By the way, I did psychotherapy with people that had long been my patients y returned every year, and for that work of mine I charged the regular fee of Kr. 500 per hour. What was incorrectly written in one article it looks as though I earned a fortune. I had 14 patients on my tour so there were no riches from that. This is what Joe Moreno based his usual overblown and malicious slander on.

The only time I charge for is the hours in which I work as a counsellor, since that has been my profession for 30 years, as accredited by the Swedish government. My meditation courses are always free. So were the pendulum talks I was giving, which I stopped after one course as it seemed inappropriate. Regarding my healing, I work with some chiropractor techniques and acupressure, as can easily be seen on the pictures Joe has broadcast on the internet, taking them totally out of context in his typical malicious way to try to discredit me – by pretending that I was making some sexual advances during acupressure on the feet of one of the teachers that participated in the second Master Class held in 2007.

I do believe that people can move into one another’s personal ’space ‘and evoke emotions and feelings. This could easily be felt by anyone when their ‘space’ is penetrated, This is in fact what I mean by ‘the aura’. This space usually extends about as wide as one can stretch ones arms This is also how far you should let people come close to you, other than your loved ones. İndians fold theır hands together instead of hugging and grabbing each other as we have been brought up to do, and the reason is ‘the aura’. When I teach I do not mystify what I call the aura. I simply see how they can keep the personal integrity of their ‘space’ or ‘aura’ by keeping people out of their inner space in this way. But also how they can receive vital nourishment to heal themselves from within, and by de-stressing and easing any mental-emotional traumas with help of the easy relaxing technique of meditation. If people develop that to something mystical or unreal it is up to them, but for me this is my daily experience – meditation twice a day for about 45 years. Enough to say that my meditation has functioned for me and people I have taught for as many years, so long as they practise. I do not hold myself to be anything special or above anyone, my teaching has always been to tell everyone to trust the inner prompting more then follow any teacher whosoever, ıncluding myself.

We can all be sure that Gerald Moreno’s writings will never be regarded as other than fanatical cultist attacks by all serious observer, and especially academic researchers. Recently we see how this included the ethnic Indian academic Tulasi Srinivas of Columbia University (Assistant Professor of Anthropology from 2007) (B.A. Bangalore University, M.A. University of Southern California, Ph.D. Boston University) who shows in her latest work that she is even somewhat biased towards a more serious acceptance of this major deceiver sex abusing pedophile Sathya Sai Baba than many glaring and documented facts prove.

Moreno’s hate for Conny Larsson, as is expressed in his massive and hurtful persecution of him, is totally irrational, More than that, it is totally heartlss and shows an immorality of an unusual order in that he knows, as all who read about Conny’s early life and subsequent career know, that this much-loved and widely respected person – famous in Scandinavia and beyond – was abused most terribly and sexually since he was a powerless child, and not least later in life by Sathya Sai Baba, as he most honestly and fearlessly relates! The traumatic childhood caused Conny to become dumb – literally. Despite this he retained and honesty and openness that made him so popular, both in the theatre, but not least in the Sathya Sai Baba movement! This I know from personal contact with many persons who know Conny better than I do, both since I first met him in 1983 in the Sathya Sai organization and later in Stockholm where I partook on a panel of ‘experts’ at his book launch.

If bloggers can be said to scream infamy into the ether through multiple blogs, that is what Gerald Moreno does constantly. He has been doing it since 2004 against a large number of persons who left Sai Baba (and other gurus like Maharishi Yogi, Muktananda, Ammachi and he condemns the authorities who convicted ‘Swami’ Premananda). He repeatedly demands of professionals – psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists and anyone at all, to be taken seriously as ‘a researcher’, though he is so far from being anything like it that no one in their right mind would mistake him for that. Nor do any regard his as above contempt, unless perhaps some poor deluded souls who are blind believers in Sathya Sai Baba, his ‘miracles’ and and his impossible super-inflated claims about himself and almost everything else. As a result, serious writers never refer to his opinions or claimed ‘proofs’, which are almost always distorted and half-truths at best.

In his bitter envy of his moral betters, Moreno tries to assassinate the character of persons of stature who dwarf him totally, such as Conny Larsson, Basava Premanand, the Rahm family and any number of others. Conny Larsson is praised throughout the Scandinavian press and TV stations for his painfully honest autobiographical books, and he is loved for his courage and personality by very many people and has been so since he first became a national figure in Sweden. How about Moreno, who skulks in the sidelines as much as he can and who evidently has virtually no friends who support him publicly except the foul-mouthed Sai devotee Lisa de Witt, who exceeds even him in vituperative and fanatical attacks. Moreno’s attacks on Basava Premand are so demeaning for him – he shows his extremely narrow-minded mentality and slippery evasiveness in long diatribes where he cannot face any of the challenges put to him about what he has written (see here)

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Sathya Sai Baba seen on the moon?

Posted by robertpriddy on July 9, 2010

Some deluded devotees who do not understand the first thing about the difference between and causes of objective and subjective experiences keep on sending out unsolicited e-mails about this non-event, which has discredited Sathya Sai Baba among all people with a modicum of real intelligence and properly established knowledge, as follows:-

the unsolicited e-mail – and the image accompanying it. Anyone can see that the image was superimposed using  a graphic programme,

The above message appears when one tries to access the source.This kind of absurdity was supported by several major Sathya Sai Baba sites like and, which posted the following:-

October 26th 7:00 pm – Swami’s divine darshan in Moon

Many devotees from all over the world have written to us about Swami’s Divine darshan in Moon. We have received emails from devotees in many parts of India, United States and United Kingdom etc. We ourselves saw the Divine darshan of Swami in the moon for the last few nights. We were waiting for some pictures from devotees because our camera’s are not that powerful.

That the image was a construction and the report a fake report made by zealous promoters of Sai baba is supported by the fact that the original of this post was removed both from the Puttaparthi news site and the blog of which a capture is shown above (made before removal). Nor is the material available on the web wayback archive machine. In short, a big embarrassment to the Sai people which had to be eradicated as soon as possible. The basis for all this frenzied fantasy is the fact that the moon’s darker part bears some resemblance of Sai Baba’s afro frizz, but nothing more.

Interestingly, Sathya Sai Baba’s pet physicist and promoter – Dr. G. Venkataram – and would-be astronomical writer (a plagiarist) has remained completely silent on the most embarrassing issue! But then he has stated outright that he believes that Sathya Sai Baba is the Creator of the Universe, nothing less! What kind of a ‘scientist’ can be so deluded?

Several other devotees have made bogus images of SaI Baba appearing on the moon. Among these is that of Darpan Rane, who superimposed Sai Baba’s face on an image of the moon, which was posted by the blind believers who run Later Darpan Rane admitted that he had created the image… meaning it to represent what he (thought) he saw in fact earlier.



See also:-Deceiving ‘devotee’ makes bogus image of Sai in the Moon
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More Sathya Sai Baba Moon Madness

Sai Baba’s mystic Moon Region ‘Chandraloka’ and related ideas
Sai Baba on the Moon videos
Long-awaited photo of Sai Baba in the moon
Sai Baba on the Moon – photo for his birthday?

Hundreds see Sai Baba on the moon

Sai Baba appearances on the moon

More Sathya Sai Baba Moon Madness

Sathya Sai Baba seen on the moon?
Oops! Apparently Sai Baba DID appear on the moon?
Sai Baba postpones moon buggy ride

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‘The Pioneer’ report on the Sathya Sai Baba bedroom murder case

Posted by robertpriddy on July 7, 2010

The Pioneer, New Delhi 10-6-1993

Comment: One sees here again the most doubtful role of the Puttaparthi police in this whole episode, which is why the investigation was soon taken entirely out of their hands and given to the CBI, which worked on the case effectively, Before the report was due, the two main officers conducting the investigation were suddenly posted away somewhere else… one can easily figure the reason. Because not log after that, the entire official investigation was quashed (by Home Minister S.B. Chavan with the endorsement of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, both of whom visited Sathya Sai Baba regularly, especially after the murders! For back-up documentation of all this, see:-
See overview of the bedroom murders and more links

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The Statesman confirmed the cover-up of murders in Sai Baba’s bedroom

Posted by robertpriddy on July 7, 2010

After its first report on the murders in Sai Baba’s bedroom, when the CBI investigation had been abruptly blocked and closed down, this respected Indian newspaper, The Statesman, of 130-plus years standing wrote (Delhi November 12) “Equally controversial has been the wiry-haired Sai Baba who has the country’s who’s who lining up for his darshan at Prashanti Nilayam at Andhra. A 1993 incident in which police shot dead four of his followers and his attendants murdered two was hushed up with intervention from the top the then home minister, SB Chavan. The Baba, who was present when the four were shot dead, was never questioned.”

from The Statesman, Calcutta on 'Lawless Godmen'

from The Statesman, Calcutta, 1993

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‘Robert Priddy Not Exposed’ blog

Posted by robertpriddy on July 5, 2010

A blogsite defending  me against the massive harassment of Gerald Joe Moreno has been posted on the Internet – click here. It contains details information about Gerald Moreno’s malicious campaign against me on boards, groups, web pages and blogs, all because I am a critics of the guru he so admires and defends, Sathya Sai Baba. I hardly responded at all to four years of his almost daily attacks on me – all contrived and full of distortions and many proven lies about me and my internet activities. He has never met me but has since 2004 studied in the greatest detail everything he can find out about me, has twisted every bit he can somehow distort to ridiculous lengths and reported it in a way that is not only full of inaccuracies and misquotations. Above all he is enraged that I eventually pointed out the obvious fat from his own on-line account of his private interview with Sathya Sai Baba that he was ‘groomed’ for sex and physically interfered with.. a fact about which he is in massive and – to all appearances pathological – denial.

Here one can see how the front-line defense of the Sathya Sai Organization on the Internet is conducted – i.e. in a way that totally contradicts the entire attitude of any spiritual person or organization and disregarding with contumely all of the valid advice of Sathya Sai Baba about how to behave towards others. It shows the cultist nature of these attackers and the set-up they defend.  Gerald Moreno is a shrinking violet in that he makes hug efforts to remove a single image of him from the Internet. In short, he dare not show his face in good company in case he is recognised (See here and at!

Moreno’s re-use of extreme libel by ‘Dr.’ Leo Rebello of Mumbai

Moreno claims that I was threatened with a million dollar lawsuit (by a half-crazed Indian called Rebello) despite Moreno knowing that this is NOT true! As I have informed on several occasions previously, I was never threatened, not even by mail – let alone from any lawyer. Moreno cannot prove his statement with any genuine documentation, and he knows his statement to be false! Proving I am right, Moreno even admitted to Kazlev (see below) that it was who were threatened. Further, Rebello claims he wrote to a server and threatened them (i.e.not me, which he surely realised was impossible for him to succeed in). Rebello never even forwarded that threat to me, nor did the server at contact me then. Thereafter, I contacted angeltowns but they would not confirm that they found me to have defamed anyone. Since it was a free (unpaid) website for which I had not paid anything, they chose to remove the material as they had no (financial) reason to defend me fro the threat of a lawsuit against them (even though Rebello could never have achieved anything in any court considering the materials he spammed many people with). I was then naive about those services and should have posted my materials on a dedicated, paid-for website. Moreno knew about these things and took advantage of the fact to try to libel me. However, I decided to let sleeping dogs lie so did not repost the materials then, which I easily can do in full – up-dated and extended exposing him (Rebello) fully, not least with his own words and many bogus claims. and with impunity any time if Rebello causes me the least trouble on-line again.

Gerald Moreno has further tried to defame me by posting a very selective excerpt of Rebello’s filth in a way which he thinks makes me look bad, which suffices to show the kind of person Moreno is backing and how he has an agenda of hate and character assassination! I will post just a brief sample of Rebello’s his 50-plus mails sent to all and sundry for those who have the stomach to view them. Interested can mail me for these items. If there should be any reaction against me on-line from Rebello himself, I shall re-post my entire up-dated web pages for all to see.

Likewise, no critic of Sathya Sai Baba has ever been sued, nor even threatened in any credible legal way (except once by an incompetent Indian posing as a lawyer whose bluff was called immediately by no reply), yet Moreno claims to know better, but he has no documentation of any such thing because none exists. He ignores the facts and post whatever he believes remaining Sai devotees will believe, knowing that in their blind faith they will most likely accept almost anything against critics as being true. Moreno will take any half-truth and turn it into a full lie, and then claim that it is the critics (whether former devotees or reputable media) who are engaged in falsification!

M. Alan Kazlev has defended me against Moreno – a person he originally befriended, but found to be a major liar and libeler. Kazlev wrote:-

“You claim “Robert Priddy is relating more scurrilous fabrications and gutter untruths against me under the guise of anonymity.” But where is the proof of these assertions? You wrote “Priddy’s dirty and filthy websites”. Your uses of such language are imho just more examples of slander (and more shadow projection) on your part.

To cite another example, you posted the slander of Dr. Leo Rebello against Priddy on your website. That is an implicit endorsement of Rebello’s statements and is I understand slanderous by law.

Your allegations about Priddy on porn sites are unverified, and hence defamatory and slanderous. How do we know that someone (I wonder who?) has used his website title in signing up for those sites?” (See here)

“Regarding Leo Rebello:

Rebello’s slander is his own. Priddy’s defamatory website against Rebello was removed for its defamatory content by (are you unaware of this fact?).” (See STATEMENT here)

(Alan Kazlev) “I admit i haven’t followed all these details the way you do. However I did email Robert regarding this and other points of you reply, and he informed me that this is further vicious slander against him, whatever else you claim. There is no independent proof that the Priddy website about Rebello was removed because it was defamatory. If I recall, it contained screen-shots of disgusting documented slanders against Robert by Rebello in his e-mails, with Robert’s comments and analysis of his denials of the existence of AIDS and SARS and Rebello’s claims to greatness and fame. (NOTE Priddy now informs me that the claim that the website was defamatory is wholly unsubstantiated by the web server! No such reason for closure was given Click here for more information)”

NB! I retain a major dossier of fully documented web pages on Dr.Leo Rebello’s public efforts to defame Sai Baba dissidents in most disgusting ways, and I can document his many other statements showing his bogus claims and activities. Any bona fide persons who are interested in this matter can e-mail me or contact me on the comment page (their mails or comment entries will NOT be posted there and strict confidentiality will be observed).

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Falsehood and infamy – Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on July 5, 2010

“There are some jealous and petty minds who do false and imaginary propaganda. I take no note of this”

but Sai Baba noted that he does notice… just there!
He sees the need to combat what he knowing lies is ‘imaginary propaganda’ and so he must have been moved to notice it to respond like this! All can see that Sai Baba badly wants to limit the damage to his movement and especially to foreign donations.

“In the single family of humankind, where is the room for jealousy or hatred? These are all imaginary.”
I suppose Baba means among Arabs, terrorists, the most jingoistic Americans perhaps? He is still offering the pseudo-philosophy of ‘whatever you imagine, is true for you’. This may be an effective way of influencing those who can’t face the staring facts… and so choose to follow that old, old trick of mental enslavement, ‘The guru is never wrong, doubt only yourself!’

A frequently repeated complaint by Sathya Sai Baba, parroted by devotees, is that he has through the years been charged with unfair and undocumented accusations of many kinds. Both by sceptics and disaffected followers. These latter he fatuously claims were ‘dissatisfied’ or disappointed by unfulfilled expectations as to getting his, Sai Baba’s attention. Not so at all – not a few of these apostates could never wish to see him, [let along touch him, after what they have learned about him]. Sai devotees call the critics ‘disgruntled’, when many are righteously disgusted and disillusioned by having found him out for what he is – a major deceiver and an impure person, according to over 30 young mens’ testimonies of sexual molestation by him.

His cowed defensiveness towards all who have left him is seen when he churns out his usual illogical defence against criticisms:
“Stones are thrown only on fruit-bearing trees. Similarly, good people receive brickbats.” (Sanathana Sarathi September 2002, p. 267)

But some people who do very bad things receive more brickbats and deserve them! Sai Baba overlooks that the ‘bad men’ of whom he himself sometimes speaks (mainly in interviews) also sometimes receive brickbats. He is certainly a case in point!

In Sanathana Sarathi (11-92, p. 261) we read, “The minds of the so-called devotees are turned in the wrong direction. If their desires are fulfilled, they praise Me. But, once a desire is not realised they go to the extent of even reviling me. Even while they are attempting to understand Me, they harbour doubts from head to foot. Some even leave me, when their worldly desires are not fulfilled.” He also took the transparent precaution of warning devotees that he will have to separate “the grain from the chaff”, as if it were his own plan that devotees who cease to believe or accept him are rejected by him firstly! So he is not at all so powerful as he claims and maybe actually sometimes imagines.

One cannot but note that such precautionary smokescreens are most convenient for those who know they have something to hide. Much that will not stand the light of day has already come to light and his reputation is fading as the word spreads. No follower has not heard some of the reasons, however much they run away mentally from the facts (and knowing more such facts). This is the very nature of longer term mindless ‘surrender’ and blind servility and sacrifice to a God-figure whom they hope upon hope may help them out and deliver them from whatever bad may be to come.

Sathya Sai Baba defends himself by saying he predicted this all along. He KNEW he would be found out eventually because of the sheer scale and depravity of the abuses of which he stands accused and from which he hides from prosecution behind his many devotee judges and Prime Ministers.

Sai Baba loses his cool and lies blatantly about his critics!

See the entire infamous and unforgiving Christmas Day 2000 Discourse here.

The present writer was unable, for obvious reasons, to sustain faith in Sai Baba’s statements or many of his much-blazoned activities. I have come to know that he is by no means infallible, nor is it remotely possible that he all that he claims to be. He seems to possess so-called paranormal powers, which many others have done (and often people of a non-spiritual nature). Further, he has dark sides of which even some very frequent interviewees have no knowledge. Though I have never myself noticed sexual behaviour on his part, the evidence from many countries through decades has piled up to an extent where abuse cannot seriously be denied.


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Sathya Sai Baba ‘leelas’

Posted by robertpriddy on July 4, 2010

I have encountered many devotees of Sathya Sai Baba who get doubts about what he says, what he expects them to do, what is good for them and so on… then decide to ‘ask Swami himself’. But, since they almost never can’t get to ask him in person, they use some other method for deriving his answer. One common practice is to draw one of three prepared papers left on the shrine. One will have the word ‘yes’, another ‘no’ and a third ‘wait’. Some just spin coins or roll dice! Special coins (Umi and Tumi) are even on sale at some Sai shops for this purpose.

Or the uncertain devotee may set up some other precondition of getting his answer like, “If I see a dog wagging its tail today when I go shopping, then Baba’s answer is ‘yes’. (They usually fail to consider that not seeing  it must therefore mean ‘no’!).” If the person’s idea is realised, then this event becomes a ‘graceful leela of the Lord’ (his play with his creation) and is taken as further evidence of Sathya Sai Baba’s self-proclaimed omnipresence. If the desired result is not forthcoming, then one can always forget it and have another try with something else. I have witnessed many people at the Sai Baba ashrams and in his organization  making the most absurd assumptions and conclusions in this way.

Flipping open a volume of Sathya Sai Baba’s discourses (like ‘asking the Bible’) is a typical method. Whether one sticks to the first sentence one sees, or chooses another which lends itself better to a somewhat relevant meaning, probably depends on the level of desperation of the seeker.

Those who get ‘the right answers’ are often unaware that this kind of phenomenon is by no means restricted to one name and form. It is a very common occurrence, and often works well when there has been greater investment of emotional and mental energy behind the question. In this way one may even  enter communication with spirits of the dead, or aliens on an UFO, or the Director of the CIA… and get wonderful answers. As to religionists who communicate with God… well, that is the ultimate example! There are even those who base their life decisions on a throw of the dice. In all these kinds of case, coincidences that occur become meaningful messages from the beyond and whichever entity one may believe in.

The psychologist C.G. Jung, who experienced many  ‘strange coincidences’ and investigated the question deeply, naming these effects ‘synchronicities’. He reckoned that they have to do with the power of projection of subconscious energies and that there is somehow a ‘collective unconscious’ whereby thoughts and symbols are processed and transmitted between minds across time and space. So far most of Jung’s ideas have not been scientifically tested, though a vast plethora of speculative thought has developed around his theory. It seems extremely unlikely that they are the work of what many – along with Jung – believe to be discarnate ‘elementals’. These include deities, earth spirits, djinns, ‘fairies’, demons, succubi, demons, mischievous spirits and the whole range of identities these forces have been given in different cultures and ages and represent powers that seem to exist without being embodied). There is, of course, no guarantee of goodness (let alone divinity) being attached to any such phenomena. It is an area fraught with deceits, delusions, self-deceptions, fraud. Such is life in many a guru cult…

Properly investigated explanations of these ‘meaningful coincidences’ may come in time. I have always followed developments in this area and, as neuroscience successfully delves deeper into the brain’s vast creativity, the re-creation of many psychic states and experiences through stimulating areas of the brain are showing that one may even have so-called ‘after-death’ experiences that way… or experience a range of hallucinatory states of mind, and even enjoy ‘mystical bliss’ and apparent paranormal perceptions.


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