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Guru-buster Premanand exposed Gerald Moreno

Posted by robertpriddy on July 14, 2010

Basava Premanand, known world-wide as India’s top “guru buster, was smeared massively by Gerald Moreno. Eventually Premanand responded in published books and numerous web pages (see some here). One can safely say he ‘bust’ Moreno too… answering his long diatribes point for point in the most balanced and sound manner… winning every such contest with him (see list here under Premanand). Here is one brief excerpt:-

Now Moreno I shall prove why the oilings below the navel are most likely to have a sexual significance.
1. The navel and the part below the navel up to the pubic area is the most erotogenic part of the human body arousing sexual desire.

This is what you state what happened to you and others mentioned by you in this article about oilings.
1. GM. The majority of people who have oilings say SSB applies the oil to their lower abdomen area between their pubic area and their navel.
2. GM : SSB applied the oil just beneath my navel
3. Marc-Andre: He applied it on my scrotum
4. David Paul : the oiling took place just above the pubic region and on the lower stomach
5. Greg Gerson : Applied the oil on my lower abdomen, below my navel and above my penis.
6. Alaya Rahm : Rubbed his genitals
This would make an overwhelmingly likely case that all the oilings mentioned by you and your experience are sexually oriented, not least as an introductory ‘grooming’.
Moreover this is not like the way to raise the Kundalini Shakti (sexual power) as described in scripture.

Gerald Moreno admitted to being ‘oiled’ on his account of his first visit to Sai Baba (see scan of the oiling account here)
Many others who have reported genital oiling and serious sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba:-

See also Oiling of genitalia by Sathya Sai Baba
Sai Baba sex abuse reports on the Sai Petition

Basava Premanand died last year, leaving behind him a massive legacy to society – not only to India but also to the world via international media, including Discovery Channel programmes and BBC documentary and radio interviews. His aim was to help the Indian masses free themselves from gross superstition by a tremendous and courageous front-line campaign involving thousands of demonstrations of the magic tricks used by gurus, swamis and other charlatans

This relative nobody Moreno from Las Cruces has the misguided audacity to attack a lifelong selfless worker for truth, the scientific spirit and morality as Basava Premanand, whose contributions are hailed by the genuine secular intelligentsia of India and elsewhere. He even makes a disreputable attack on Premanand’s last statement , made to witnesses and signed on his deathbed…  as if he really knew the circumstances. And thus Moreno’s own self-importance shows him up and defeats him in the eyes of decent people by making himself look insignificant and jealously petty beside a true Indian gentleman.  Compared to the respected figure of Premanand, Moreno lacks all known qualifications or genuine employment, yet he set himself up all across the ether as a “neutral” researcher and pretends to some kind of spirituality (despite his decidedly non-spiritual attacks on all and sundry).

Later on in desperation no doubt to find some ‘qualification’, Moreno has described himself as a “professional artist” and “world traveler”. To that one must say there are millions of world travelers today, they are usually known as ‘tourists’  – and Moreno has been to India a number of times, but is otherwise not known for explaining anything whatever about any other culture. As to being  a” professional artist”, no exhibitions of Moreno’s supposed works of art have been registered anywhere – unless he believes his computer-generated pseudo-holy mandalas qualify as ‘professional art (often the sign of New Age fantasizers)? Indeed these show – no talent for originality or detail (they were originally available via his site at If so, he can show no professional art critic who considers them to be so. The term “professional artist” usually refers to someone who has completed higher studies at some Acadamy of Art – or else to a commercial artist – someone who earns a living by producing artwork for the media including magazines, films… but Moreno is neither of these, unless I am very much mistaken? Nor is he known to be an artist who exhibits and lives by the sale of paintings, aquarelles, gouaches and similar difficult media. Let him explain how his claim is not just bogus posturing. Perhaps his best work is to be seen below here.

The lone wolf howls? Latest example of Moreno’s overblown nit-picking mentality and lack of anything of the slightest importance to criticise is how he calls my mistaking the date of a Sai interview full of genuine howlers to be a howler on my behalf! It doubtless made petty Moreno howl, but no one else, I’d say. Moreover he is an ageist, calling my misreading of a date senility (his having already claimed I suffer from senile dementia – a lie concocted by him without any possible evidence as he has no access to my health records and my mind is as fit as a fiddle. Besides he knows that the volume of material I put out daily would be beyond most people with any sign whatever of senility. His baseless slur is just another of his typical schoolyard tit-for-tat reactions, this time because I have forwarded reports from the ashram that Sai Baba shows continual signs of senility. Most of Moreno’s writings against me are essentially like this, which just his vindictive agenda and lack of mature judgement. I corrected this dating error as I always correct anything shown to be wrong, unlike Moreno who almost never does that.

The academic and author Brian Steel has written a number of articles about the attempts of Sai baba followers and defenders to slander, discredit and generally destroy the reputations of all critics of Sathya Sai Baba. He provides many references to other writers who expose the most primitive and massive attack campaign by a person of no known occupation or qualifications of any kind, Gerald Joe Moreno.

See also The Passing of a Great Man
Moreno’s major distortion of Basava Premanand’s Declaration
Moreno’s senile dementia slur

Here one can see that Moreno is as capable as is any teenager or child of distorting images with Internet graphics (Dadlani’s face has been whited out my me):-

Moreno's brilliant image manipulations, such moral rectitude!

Deformation of copyright photo by Gerald Moreno

The "professional artwork(?)" of Gerald Moreno

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