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Vishal Arora and Gerald Moreno’s vain deceptive e-mails

Posted by robertpriddy on September 21, 2010

On June 1st, 2010, the Indian magazine ‘The Caravan’ edited by Vishal Arora, a New Delhi investigative journalist, published an extensive article about Sathya Sai Baba and his ashrams. It was entitled ‘The Land of Illusion’ and was based on widespread contacts and research by the author, who also visited the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram himself and stayed there. The entire Vishal Arora article can be read on-line here

As part of his researches, Vishal Arora contacted both Sathya Sai Baba proponents and dissidents. He mailed Gerald Moreno, whose attacks on dissidents and alleged sexually abused persons are widely available on the web, and received the suspiciously paranoid reply from Moreno, with his experience that no serious journalist or researcher ever credits his bogus and thoroughly refuted claims that critics are deceivers and what have you. Yet he evidently actually believes his own deceptions.

Among the flood of distorted information Moreno always produces, is the following endlessly proclaimed denial of the possibility that he was sexually molested (groomed)  – despite his admitted confusion at the time, inability to understand the meaning of the oiling he received (though many others have testified it was an introduction to serious sexual acts)- and not list his extraordinary published belief for some years that Sathya Sai Baba is a sexual abuser (who he defended nonetheless all through).

Excerpt from Moreno's cantankerous and deceiving e-mails to Vishal Arora

All the fabrication is entirely on Gerald Moreno's side - not on that of the academics and professionals who have exposed him after being relentlessly attacked by him for years

Firstly, Moreno attacked every critic of Sai Baba for some years before most of them responded. Moreno doesn’t (wish anyone to) realise that all his key facts have been firmly refuted by numerous persons – so “irrefutable facts” is the wrong term! He  repeats for the n’th time all his emphatic complaints, all of which have been adequately addressed by those involved. As ever, he simply makes the same statement about a number of critics as they – after holding back for years during his character assassinations, hate agenda,  libels and web stalking etc.- eventually leveled at him. That Moreno’s own description of how he was ‘oiled’ on the lower stomach by Sathya Sai Baba amounts to sexual molestation (known as grooming for fuller sex relations) he can deny. Though in deep psychological denial modus all over concerning Sathya Sai Baba,  it is legal fact he cannot disprove.

Gerald Moreno trying to dig dirt about Christian connections!

Moreno’s propaganda makes full use of guilt by association or ‘poisoning the well’. This is also sometimes known as “poisoning the well” and is an extensions of the fallacy of ad hominem. It works by putting two extreme – or otherwise opposed – positions against each other and accuse anyone who says ‘no’ to the one to be unduly biased towards the other, as if there were no other standpoints except the extremes – no spectrum of moderate or in-between views. For example, all those who are not blind devotees are  extremists (and for Moreno, smear merchants). Christians are suspect for him, unless they have given up most of their faith and become Sai baba devotees. Similar to Moreno, demagogues set up such false oppositions between right-wing extremists and communists – for right extremists all socialists are left-wing revolutionaries etc., and for communists all right-wingers are fascists or Nazis. George W. Bush Jr.. was a proponent of this fallacy: “If you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists.”

Moreno's disingenuous mail thanking for 'openness' and pretending to be 'sincerely' Moreno

Moreno’s ‘thanks for openness’ is an attempt to disarm, but openness is never returned by Moreno, as the next excerpt from his mails shows. His numerous e-mail exchanges with alleging sexual abusers and dissidents which he maliciously posted (without permission) on his websites shows his lack of genuineness and fanatical wrath beyond a figment of doubt. He hopes for “kindly” answers and the “sincerely” he adds is sheer hypocrisy, as he later proves by his usual posting of Arora’s e-mails and massive attacks on his character and motives etc.

Moreno makes another devious presentation in the above about my opposing the immigrant lawyer Nish Paramjorthy of London. The fact is that, pointing out that he is a barrister, he made a veiled and indecent threat on My London legal adviser located his superior at Holborn Chambers, London. On his advice, I made a formal complaint to this Head of Chambers, S. S. Stevens Esq., who later informed me that Paramjorthy was suspected of having illegally deleted the e-mail he sent me. He suddenly left Holborn Chambers and went to another legal group. I had not tried to get him fired, only wanting him formally to retract his statement. Consequently, he was reported to the official boy in UK for complaints against barristers, the Bar Council for the  irregular behaviour of purporting to be acting unprofessionally by presenting himself as a barrister in an attempt to intimidate many of us who are exposing the evil Sathya Sai Baba cult he so disgracefully defends. This action was perfectly above board. The Bar Council did not impose sanctions on him due to a technicality – he had not written on the legal firm’s notepaper, nor was his e-mail independently traceable any longer! However, he was nonetheless ‘sent packing’ – to use one of Moreno’s favourite phrases. He surely contacted Moreno thereafter. Moreno cites this case in a tendentious way, and uses it as an excuse for hiding all he can about himself. Moreno’s identity, location, lack of qualifications and proper employment are known to us, even though he claims to be “a world traveller” (i.e. he’s just a tourist) and “professional artist” (he makes graphic cartoons and devices with photo software). More like it, he is a “professional con artist” who spends all his time posting contrivances and libels all over the Internet (and all his pages have been saved by an independent authority). So presumably he does realize the jeopardy into which his lies (including many about me supposedly lying, not least) have put him. No doubt  he wants to avoid anything from anyone like the same consequences which Nish Paramjorthy faced.

Now, Gerald Moreno evidently considers himself something of an authority (despite his lack of all qualifications and repeated inability to be logical or to account for all but the facts that suit him). He takes to his more outright threatening approach:-

Gerald Moreno tries to threaten an independent mind

Gerald Moreno frustrated - he can't pressure Arora so he tells that he will now attack him.
From cache of part of Gerald Moreno's website

Moreno also mailed Arora with his absurd claim of “Screen-cap fraud”: As per usual,he accuses others who are innocent of the very fraud of which he is himself guilty! See  Gross fraudulence: Gerald Moreno tries to ridicule Robert Priddy and Gerald Moreno: absurd screencap fraud claims contra Priddy

What kind of person goes to such lengths to smear hundreds of people – including abuse sufferers – to the full extent of his capacity, just because they criticize a guru who claims to be God Incarnate, Deity of deities and much more? The more remarkable is the fact that Gerald Moreno does not even believe that Sathya Sai Baba is any of these things, not his claims to be the avatar of the age and to be omniscient and omnipotent! So he thinks Sai Baba is an outright liar.. but he never says that. Instead he believes that of  all who disagree with Sathya Sai Baba and with Moreno himself..

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