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Sathya Sai Organization President of 10 states resignation

Posted by robertpriddy on October 30, 2010

Among the many professional who were leaders in the Sathya Sai Organization who learned from victims and their families of sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba was the child psychologist Shirley Pike – who is hence also a mandatory reporter of abuses. She took the full consequences of her discoveries, unlike many of those leaders in the organization who failed to heed their consciences despite all the pompous talk about truth, goodness and human values. These self-serving leaders of Sai Baba’s organization and other institutions have further tried their utmost to hide not only the facts but all reports by those who have confirmed those facts through professional and personal investigations. This applies as much to all who are promoting Sathya Sai Baba today as it did in the past. Actually, they are pitiful examples of persons suffering under cognitive delusions upheld by personal emotional and social needs for a guru figure and the imagined ‘meaning to life’ that his doctrine propagates – even though he is thoroughly compromised in many ways and by his own words. Such weakness of character is not at all uncommon, of course, but it is no less indefensible for that.

January 22, 2001
Letter Of Resignation 


EDITORIAL, Jan 22 (VNN) — Comment

Dear Editor,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassionate and thoughtful editorial entitled “An Open Letter To The Followers Of Sathya Sai Baba” by Frank Morales. I resigned my position as president of a ten state region in the United States in late May (see attached resignation letter) after learning about the allegations and verifying them to my satisfaction. I have been working with an international group of ex-devotees, many of them the actual victims of Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual molestation, for the last six months to expose this “horrific scandal”, as you so aptly term it.

The saddest and most difficult aspect of all of this is the damage done to Sathya Sai Baba’s devotees and to their faith. Many families, my own included, are torn assunder as some members retain their faith in Sathya Sai Baba in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Those who take a stand against him are shunned, losing a community they held dear for decades in many cases.

Not only is the focus of your spiritual life gone, but your friends and family and community are gone as well. Thank you so much for reaching out and offering support to us in this very dark hour. That is true dharma.

Sincerely and God Bless,
Shirley Pike
former president of the North Central Region of the Sathya Sai Baba
Organization of the United States of America

Letter of Resignation 

May 28, 2000 Dear brothers, sisters, and officers of the North Central Region and the Central Council, It is with great pain and sadness that I am writing to you today. One week ago, I resigned as president of the North Central Region, giving verbal notification to the National Coordinator, William Harvey, Ph.D. Serving the North Central Region’s centers, study groups, and individual devotees has been one of the most joyful and fulfilling experiences of my life. Never have I had the privilege of knowing so many wonderful, loving, giving, and spiritually dedicated people. I thank all of you for your gracious and kind support of me as we worked together for our spiritual growth and development. The reason for my resignation will probably dismay and shock many of you. A few weeks ago I received information from a fellow long-time devotee of an e-mail she had received concerning acts of pedophilia by Sathya Sai Baba. I had the e-mail forwarded to me and I personally investigated the information contained in that e-mail. I spoke personally to various individuals who had first hand experience with inappropriate behavior by Sai Baba. These individuals are respectable, credible, intelligent and have no axes to grind of any sort. I came away from these conversations believing these individuals and have therefore resigned and am sending you this letter. I am in the midst of a personal grieving process, involving all the typical stages of grief, including shock, denial, bargaining, profound sadness, despair, and acceptance. I am grieving because I believe that Sathya Sai Baba is a charlatan, who has used the power gained by the love and reverence of his followers and the truth of ancient Vedic Doctrines and Scriptures to sexually molest boys and young men from about the ages of eight to thirty. It is these allegations of unspeakable, abhorrent sexual molestation that force me to write this letter to you. I have personally investigated these allegations and spoken with several people who have either had direct personal sexual experiences or who know someone very well, i.e. an immediate family member, who has been abused.

Two of these individuals are former regional officers, who have resigned their posts and whom I have known for many years. I trust them, know them to have exemplary character and believe they would not lie. Further, they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by coming forward with their experiences. These experiences include numerous accounts of Sai Baba rubbing male genitals with oil, mutual masturbation, mutual oral sexual gratification, and even anal intercourse by Sai Baba. As a child psychologist who is familiar with the emotional devastation that sexual abuse causes its victims and the classic patterns of abuse, I found these accounts and the individuals’ reactions, to my horror, highly credible.

As a school psychologist, I am a mandatory reporter. This means that under Iowa law I am required to report any allegation or well founded suspicion to the authorities. If Sai Baba were a mere trickster fleecing people for their money, I would prefer to go quietly into the night, preserve my friendships with devotees, and not disrupt the faith of others. But, as an officer who has promoted Sathya Sai Baba as an avatar, I have both a moral and a legal obligation to warn all of the members and officers in this region and the national leaders that any male between approximately the ages of eight and thirty is potentially at risk for sexual molestation should they go to India to see Sathya Sai Baba and have a private interview.

I do not expect anyone to take what I am saying at face value. If you wish to investigate on your own as I have done, then feel free to contact me and I will provide you with the information to reach those who have had direct experiences and
you can make your own determination. Please begin by looking at “The Findings” by David Bailey on this website: You can telephone me at (319) 373-2434 or email me at, but only if you are sincerely interested in additional information. I do not wish to engage in arguments or debate. My heart goes out to one and all and my love for you remains steadfast. I will miss your good company more than you can know. May God bless you and keep you, and give you peace.

Shirley Pike




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Sathya Sai Baba on marriage and family

Posted by robertpriddy on October 28, 2010

Sai’s puritanical rejections of the value of marriage: – Sathya Sai Baba’s puritanism is complicated by many signs of his dislike and even hatred of women (misogyny) and of marriage,  which has been mentioned through the years in various ways by many devotees (not only by ex-devotees!).  It is  visible in his frequent avoidance of women on most occasions at and the minimal time he spends on their side and the infrequency of his talking to them during his daily darshans. This he cleverly explains away merely by saying that he gives women equal attention in reality. He suggests that they receive extra attention on an astral or subtle level. The literature does NOT bear this out, as accounts of such contacts (dreams, visions, leelas etc.) by males is overwhelmingly much greater than by women.

Sai Baba’s misogyny comes clearly to expression in interviews where he not only makes fun about marriage and of married couples,  but makes fun of marriage and family in a number of deprecating (and frankly ignorant and immature) ways, such as in the scanned quotation on the right here.

Sathya Sai Baba compares marriage to the actions of dogs and foxes

In identifying marriage only with the first flush of love (in which sexuality is but one central feature) he equates human love in marriage to that of dogs and foxes. Little does he know of married life, which can and does grow more and more happy and unselfish as life proceeds! Admittedly, not all achieve this or even believe it possible, but I and world literature can assure that it is! What does Sai Baba know even of conjugal bliss (between heterosexual man and wife)? Much of his stunted understanding of people is due to his rigid belief since childhood in the validity of the supposedly “holy” scriptures of India – with all their fantastic and non-credible stories and spiritual “self-sacrifices” of the kind which fakirs and yogis have undertaken in the vain hope of attaining happiness… total seclusion for decades, standing on one leg even until it rots away, creeping, crawling, rolling bodily across half of India, starving oneself to a skeleton and self-tortures of other kinds too bizarre for words.

Some of his well-known derogatory comments to married people are:

Marriage is 23 hours of problems, 1 hour happiness” (or sometimes he says only 5 minutes happiness);

Marriage is a sickness“;The real marriage is with God“;

One man is alone walks on two feet, when married he walks on four, then children come and after a while he needs to crawl“;

First man has 2 legs, he gets married and becomes an animal with 4 legs. They get one child, a six-legged scorpion, then another, an 8-legged cockroach. One connection leads to another and you lose your freedom” (Note: I noted this down directly when Sai Baba said it in my presence in an interview on 7th September, 1988 – the first interview given to anyone after he had fractured his hip after slipping on the soap in his bathroom,which he openly told us too. I have also heard others report him using the same analogy about married life in interviews. Sai Baba has even reportedly told those on whom he practices sexual molestation that they are married to him etc., such as Conny Larsson and numerous others, which I have personally heard from several male devotees!).

Further than this, however, there are many reports in books by devotees – and on the internet and ex-devotees – on how Sai Baba tries to break up male-female relationships,  especially between young men and women.  (See example of Jens Sethi below here) He also very regularly tries to sow strife between man and wife – in almost every interview he brings up negative things he supposes occur between a man and his wife.  There are literally dozens of instances of which one can read in books about him.  I have heard him do this and he even tried it on me by saying,  “Your wife is angry with you”, which we now agree was a wholly unfounded claim.  (I replied “Not so bad, swami”, to which he countered ‘Not so good’.  This again shows how he hates to lose in any encounter and can’t tolerate any discussion or give and proper explanation).

India still overwhelmingly practices arranged marriages, and ‘love marriages’ are looked down on by the huge majority. Fathers even disown sons who have married for love (without permission). Two families, basing on considerations about caste, social rank, income, settlement, and almost always on supposed compatibility as indicated by astrological charts(!)  etc.. Indian newspaper are full of marriage advertisements which set out the requirements and often also the dowry demands by the prospective husband’s family. This is a traumatic time for most parents, especially in poor families (weddings must preferable be ultra-luxurious and expensive too). Brides who the bridegroom’s family dislike or reject are often murdered (dowry deaths in India are astonishingly many – eg. dowry deaths in Delhi alone were put at 6 1/2 thousand official figures. Unofficial ly at 25,000. BBC World (TV).  All this expresses the caste, class, male-centered system and has made India famous as a retrograde culture regarding women’s rights.

A young German devotee, Jens Sethi, who had visited the ashram for years and was planning to settle there was taken in at last for a private interview. He has testified on affidavit in his report to the Hamburg police how Sai Baba started to kiss him, stroke him and go into the trousers. When he rejected Sai Baba, he openly called this poor fellow  ‘a Hitler’ in front of the entire darsan crowd, because he had refused Baba’s demand to reject his woman friend who was with him. This couple was warned by a friendly soul in the administration to flee the ashram immediately for their safety. They escaped with their lives, as related on the Internet by Jens Sethi. They fled and were nearly caught before they got out of India, all of which they reported to the German Embassy in Delhi and they later laid a formal charge against Sai Baba with the German police.  (Apropos the credibility of this, I am in contact with a Danish man who told me how his life was also in jeopardy at the ashram and who was saved from a threat to his life by a person involved with security there: plans he knew were underway against him for trying to get video evidence of Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual relations.  The number of missing persons from India and abroad who disappeared while visiting the ashrams is not recorded,  for such incidents are hushed up immediately by all means at the disposal of the Sathya Sai Central Trust,  but about a dozen such cases have been reported either in the press or by the skeptic,  Mr. B. Premanand of Podanur, Tamil Nadu.)

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The Guardian Unlimited: “Spiritual depths” of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on October 26, 2010


TV review  

Spiritual depths

Rupert Smith


Friday June 18, 2004

It’s difficult to write about religion without offending someone, but mercifully we’re reviewing a television programme here, and not the mixture of wishful thinking and wilful credulity that leads people to worship soi-disant gurus such as Swami Sai Baba. BBC2’s This World strand last night gave us The Secret Swami, an entertaining hour that made a compelling case against Sai Baba, portraying him as a charlatan and an abuser Young men who claimed to have been sexually abused by Sai Baba related hair-raising stories of “private interviews” in which the not-so-holy man pulled his skirt over his head and invited them to get down and dirty. Hilariously, one Hindu scholar reminded us that this is a practice sanctioned by neither scripture nor tradition. “Worship of the linga does not include doing the blow-job.”  [[NOTE. That  was the famous Kushwant Singh / SEE BBC Video clip HERE]] 

What started out as a routine denunciation developed into something more sinister. Sadly, the moment I see a man in a dress surrounded by grinning worshippers, I’m looking for a catch – and it didn’t take much to prove that Sai Baba’s “miracles” were nothing more than a bit of old-fashioned sleight of hand. On that basis, we might all end up worshipping David Blaine, which is a worry. But reporter Tanya Datta did her job properly, and went far beneath the surface of magic tricks and gaudy tat. She found that Sai Baba bought the eternal gratitude of rural Indian villagers by paying for clean water supplies, and that he caused a massive hospital to be built, funded by one of his followers, Isaac Tigrett (see BBC video clip), who co-founded the Hard Rock Cafe chain. She discovered also that the Indian government, rightly mindful of the rural vote, has turned a blind eye to claims of wrongdoing in the Baba camp. A government official got very shirty indeed with Ms Datta, shouting denials before he’d even heard the allegations. In these cases, “no” usually does mean “yes”. [[See ex-Minister Manmohan Joshi in brief BBC video clip here]]

There was little room amid all the skulduggery for any real examination of Sai Baba’s theology; all we learned was that he is an avatar, although of whom was not made clear, and that he conveniently embraces all religions. Without any real exegesis of his ideas, it was hard to know exactly what his followers believed in – it surely can’t just have been Baba’s ability to produce fake Rolexes out of thin air, or cough up eggs.

But even former disciples couldn’t shed much light on what turned them into such true believers. A nice family from Arkansas were so crazy about Sai Baba that they encouraged their teenage son to spend as much time with the guru as possible (see their testimony here). Despite allegations of abuse at the hands of Sai Baba, the son came out with the astonishing comment, “we are all tools, and we all have to be around for Swami to use – if he needs a screwdriver”.

An hour wasn’t enough to do the subject justice, and for once I was left wanting more. This isn’t something I’d say lightly about television documentaries, which usually need to be edited by 50%. The mystery of Sai Baba, of his apparent protection by the authorities, of his canny manipulation of the rural poor and his inexplicable appeal to rich westerners, only deepened. Astonishingly, Sai Baba has not yet had the collar of his robe fingered by the long arm of the law.


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Manufacture of Sathya Sai Baba amrit (nectar)

Posted by robertpriddy on October 23, 2010

Tea Rose essence (attar) as sold and exported from India

Google search yields tea rose essence providers

One of the supposed great mysterious manifestations of the Indian Guru-God Incarnate,  Sathya Sai Baba , is the so-called ‘holy amrit’ (nectar), which is described as being not just heavenly to smell and taste, but of direct heavenly origin. It is, however, a very earthly essence of a particular species of tea rose.

This tea rose is not used widely as a scent or perfume in the West, nor even in India… so devotees are ecstatic when they smell or taste it, because they think it has an unearthly and ‘miraculous’ origin from Sathya Sai Baba.

There are various shrines in India and elsewhere where this ‘amrit’ supposedly oozes forth, the best-known being Halagappa’s temple/orphanage in Srirangapatna near Mysore. It is known – with good reason – as the Thief’s Temple. Sathya Sai Baba has several times spoken out strongly against visiting this temple where such ‘holy’ substances (amrit & vibuti or ‘holy ash’) are supposed to appear from amulets and photos. (No doubt the competition for donations is a very big factor in this – and Halagappa has a gold mine there).

Tea rose essence is used in some well-known perfume brands, usually mixed with other fragances, so that the original tea rose odour is not easily recognised by most people. Halagappa´s temple also has a carved representation of the feet of Shirdi Sai Baba – hewn from black stone – from which issues “holy amritha” of a much stronger kind… obviously less diluted attar, which Halagappa says is not for drinking, only for the fragrance (in which he dips people´s hankerchiefs or the like). The perfume can linger for a long time.

See further details about Sai amrita – the supposed “nectar of the Gods” which is really only sugar & tea rose water, perhaps plus other fragances sometimes

Oiling with "amrit" close to the genitals of Gerald Moreno by Sathya Sai Baba

from Gerald Moreno´s website (material since removed by Moreno) He was "stunned" by Sai Baba apparently knowing he worries too much... but Sai Baba says this to many people regardless. Also, hardly anyone who gets to the interview room will not at some time have prayed to the picture of Sai Baba... it is constantly repeated advice by Sai Baba and by devotees. So Moreno was very credulous indeed there! We now know too that Sathya Sai baba has the "oil" he uses in a dish with a sponge... he simply grips the sponge and gets the oil on this had, which he tyhen pretends to materialize. Moreno was easily taken in not least due to his "stunned" state of mind.

Many have been deceived easily by this amrit, which is basically made from tea rose essence. It is unmistakably the same. Gerald Moreno first smelt what he though was Sai Baba amrit when he was oiled with it (on his “lower stomach” by Sathya Sai Baba in a private interview! Though he makes clear he was “stunned” by the experience, he claims to be able to list the fragances he detected: jasmine, rose, “sandlewood” (!) and predominantly eucalyptus. These are ordinary fragrances, so nothing miraculous about a mixture of them! Moreno could mix them himself even! But he surely imagined the mix because had evidently never smelt (neither then nor since) tea rose essence. It has the exact fragrance of all the amrit I have tasted from diverse sources, and smelt of tea rose soap (which both my wife and I recognised immediately  as amrit before we knew where the fragrance came from!).

Gerald Moreno writes on his web pages:- “Any one care to divulge the recipe of amrita? I have never tasted anything so exquisite in my life. Anyone who could come up with the  recipe (that should not be too difficult considering some poor, conniving person in India is making it), could make a  lot of money making amrita. It’s taste is beyond description. Everyone single person who has tasted it has had the same  response. A taste and fragrance beyond compare. I know I would buy it in the gallons, if I could. Has anyone been able to duplicate the forumula? Why not?”
It is easy to duplicate, and no doubt Halagappa has a big business duplicating it and faking that it issues forth from two amulets with the image of Sathya Sai Baba on them. He is no “poor” person, though conniving fits him perfectly as he has collected vast amounts of donations on false premises, apropos which – his home is known to all as “the thief´s temple” because he was a thie
f (and still is)!  Originally the amrit he gave away was allegedly issuing from just one cheap amulet he had for many years at least since the 1970s – but to justify the volume he later produced and gives away (getting many and some massive donations afterwards), he added a second amulet! Notably, no one has ever been allowed to study the amulets properly, let alone investigate scientifically… of course!

Moreno wants to deny these facts, as he also wants desperately to deny that Sathya Sai Baba oiling is inevitably grooming for possible sex, despite and massive independent evidence  and many sworn testimonies by others who have been oiled then abused – or have rejected the attempted sex abuse. (search ‘Sai sex’ on Google

Gerald Joe Moreno and sex oiling by Sai Baba

‘Genital Oiling’ by Sathya Sai Baba + video evidence

Khushwant Singh video clips: genital oiling, lingams, followers

Moreno and sexual abuse, denial and subterfuge

Sathya Sai Baba oils genitals (boys/young men) Part 1

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Murders in Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘Abode of Supreme Peace’ – 3

Posted by robertpriddy on October 21, 2010

Graphic scenes of the murders in Sathya Sai baba's bedroom-1So that people involved with Sathya Sai Baba issues might not forget the horrendous murders in his bedroom in 1993 and their cover-up by the Government of India, the graphic evidence is circulated once again. These unsolved and covered-up murders – where Sathya Sai Baba was present but was never even questioned by police – will haunt Indian authorities for decades to come, and very rightly so. No form of redress – let alone anything approaching justice – was ever allowed for any of the bereaved – or for those affected by Sathya Sai Baba’s staff purges of ashramites whose lives had been dedicated to service under the figurehead of Sathya Sai Baba. Factual analysis of these photos by Basava Premanand:-

Pic. 12 to 15 are the photographs of Suresh Shatharam Prabhu, one of the four alleged assailants.
What the FIR states about the shooting dead the four assailants is that at about 11:30pm four assailants armed with daggers suddenly opened doors (of Baba’s bed room) pounced on police, attacked and caused injuries to three with a view to kill. As police could not over power them, in self defense, 5 police opened fire killing all the four assailants in the mandir. According to post mortem report all the four assailants were shot dead point blank at less than 6 inches distance. If the assailants had rushed out of the room, they ought to have been shot outside and not inside. The position of their bodies prove that all were shot inside the rooms and not from outside.

Pic. 12 shows Suresh Shantharam Prabhu with his head on the door step. In the 13th photograph taken from his back, his legs are in the middle of the room and there is a pink coloured bath towel on his right side. At his back on the left is a fallen teapoy. In the 12th and 13th photographs the position of the legs of the teapoy is different. Moreover if the teapoy was really mere it would not have been possible to open the door. If the assailant had come out of the door to stab the police, he would not have been shot inside the center of the room, from the back. There is not a drop of blood on the floor when he had been shot at less than 6″ distance at the back of the right chest.

The position of the body in Pic. 12 and 13 shows that he was shot from behind from the room. When the four alleged assailants were shot dead at less than 6″ distance, what was the necessity of 5 police shooting them is not known. Moreover the bullets which have pierced them have not been checked as to from which rifles they were shot. In the photographs 12,13 and 14, the body is lying in face down position, while in photograph 15 the body is on tl1e back with face up. It is also not possible to identify the room and as per the CB-CID remand report it is the bed room of Radhakrishna. On the far end of the room a bed sheet has fallen down half on the ground. The wound on the back of right chest is visible but it is dry. As the bullet did not come out of the body, there cannot be blood in the front side of the chest. But photograph 15 shows blood on the right and left of the shirt in the front and also on the sleeves. In photograph 12,13 and 14 the eyes are shut while in photograph 15 eyes are open. Some one has raised the shirt and so his chest and part of the stomach is seen. His right hand is in a different position in photograph 15 from that in photographs 12,13 and 14. There is a drop of blood on the floor near the doorsteps and two knives. If Suresh Shantharam Prabhu after being shot in the middle of the room fell down dead the knives cannot fall outside. The position of the two knives looks as if some one had placed them there. The two hands under his body proves that he had not thrown the knives away. More over, no gloves is seen in the room or outside. So the fingerprints on the knives ought to have been checked by the police. There is some blood on his pants near the right leg.

Murders in Sai Baba's bedroom- corpses and shambles afterwards
Pic.l6,17,18,l9 are of Sai Ram a student of Baba’s University. The warden has not explained how he came out of the hostel at night when it is claimed that the hostel rules are very strict. The snake bed points out that he is in Sai Baba’s bedroom. His legs are inside the door and so he was shot inside the bedroom. He has been shot at the left side of the neck from a distance less than 6″. If he was running out of the room and stab the police it would not have been possible to shoot him at the left side of the neck. His leg and body position proves that he was inside the room facing the bed.

When his palms are under his body it would not have been possible for him to remove the gloves from his hand and throw it behind his head. There is no blood on the gloves also. The blood on the planks of the door proves that he was shot from inside with the door closed. Splashes of blood are there around him up to the hips and a pool of blood in front of his face. A neat white folded cloth is also splashed with blood which would not have come from the neck injury. There is a box and a small knife near his knee joint, also a blue bag, under his left foot there is a white cloth.
In Photograph 17 there is a rope above his head in the corner of the room. The eyes are closed in photograph l6,17, 1 8, while in photograph 19 it is wide open. Someone has raised his shirt and his stomach part is seen with his left hand on it. His mouth is open and everything looks unnatural.

In all the photographs the jeans and shirt are clean without blood stains. In usual course the blood would have sprouted out immediately he was shot on the neck and drenched his dress. It is also not possible to identify the room in photograph 19.

Victims of police execution on orders of Sathya Sai Baba's menPic.20,21,22 and 23 are of Jagannatham. His body is lying on his right side with legs towards the door and head towards the cot and the face towards the wall. There is a watch on his left hand and his left palm is near his face. He has been shot on his right palm, on the left side of the axilla piercing the left side of the chest and another shot on the right side of the 2nd sutor costal area lacerated up to the right mammary area. Here also he has been shot from inside the room and not from outside the door. There is an object near his right palm. The floor is clean and though blood is seen on the sleeves of the right hand in pic.20, the blood is not visible in pic.2l and 22. Pic.23 is with face up. There are blotches of blood on the right side of the chest but his hand position differs from the other photographs. While in photographs 20 and 21 his left hand touches his nose, photograph 22 shows his left hand away from the nose.
Pic.24 is of Suresh Kumar with Baba. He was very near to Baba and had collected lots of mementos from him. So also other assailants. Pic.25,26,27,28 are the murder scene of Suresh Kumar in Sai Baba’s bed room.

In pic.25 and 27 you can see his feet in the space of a wooden almirah. This very clearly proves that he had not dashed out of Baba’s bed room to stab the police and really he was shot while hiding behind the almirah. He was shot in the left eye and the brain was lacerated, the 2nd shot was on the right thigh and the 3rd shot in the lateral side of the left wrist. All shots were from less than 6″ distance. There is a blood pool around him down the waist and not beyond the thigh. Though the 2nd shot was on the right thigh there is no blood on the right side of the pants. Both the hands are with blood but the blood had not splashed around after the fall. The two knifes are clean at the handle and the one near to him, the blade has blood stains. There are two gloves near him one as if dipped in blood and the other spotless. When he would have died immediately he was shot in the eye there would not have been any time to remove the gloves after having been shot on the left wrist. There is also a part of white cloth touching the red ‘gloves without any blood on it. His shirt and pants are almost spotless. In photographs 25,26,27 he has fallen on his left side. The photograph 28 shows him fallen on his back and the hands are not in the same position as in other 3 photographs 25,26,27.

These murder photographs seem to have been taken alter the bodies are moved from the place of murder and suit the built up story in the FIR by the Circle Inspector of police Gangadhar Reddy, at the direction of H.J.Dora who had rushed to Puttaparthi on the 6th night itself from Hyderabad.
Bloody corpse of executed Sathya Sai Baba devotee

See also overview of the 1993 bedroom murders and links to evidence pages follow-up

Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 1 On how I came to learn of the murders in the bedroom of Sai Baba, and how – despite misgivings – I rationalized the matter for some years until I was awoken to the realities by V.K. Narasimhan’s private confidences. Also: Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 2

See also the two preceding blogs on this:

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Murders in ‘The Abode of Supreme Peace’ [Prashanthi Nilayam] -2

Posted by robertpriddy on October 19, 2010

The aftermath of executions: Sai Baba's sofa, knives of the murdered followers, potassium cyanide bottle etc.

The aftermath of executions: Sai Baba's sofa, knives of the murdered followers, potassium cyanide bottle etc.

Should the utterly despicable cold-blooded executions of the four devotees in Sathya Sai Baba’s apartment be forgotten because of the despicable cover-up by the Government of India, the graphic description needs is being circulated once again.- After having intruded into the Prashanthi Nilayam temple and survived a knife battle in which two of the Baba´s servitors were killed – four devotees were trapped in the apartment and, hours later, were mowed down in a rain of bullets by police. If there is any justice or concern for what is right in this world, this unsolved major murder case will continue increasingly to haunt Indian authorities and the probity of its rulers in the last two decades for many long years to come.

No form of justice or redress of any kind was allowed for any of the bereaved or those affected by Sathya Sai Baba’s staff purges of ashramites whose lives had been dedicated to service under the figurehead of Sathya Sai Baba. Due to Sathya Sai Baba’s power over his top Indian government followers, it is unsafe for anyone within India to speak out or make a public record of what they know about this. Therefore, some foreign ex-followers are filling that gap assiduously! Here is the continuing account of what the damning photo evidence indicates, as made by former world-famous India Sceptic, Basava Premanand:-

The top left picture is the interview room of Sai Baba next to his bed room where Sai Baba meets the members of his trust and other functionaries [[Note: as of 1993]]: There are two wooden poles, one stained with blood, a pillow with blood stain, a wall clock, a table lamp and other articles on the sofa. But no blood on the sofa. The very fact that these materials are on the sofa set proves some one had placed them on the sofa. This proves that there were others in Sai Baba residence. On the left side of the sofa near the teapoy there is rope and a stick. In front of the sofa on the left side is a hose and a T-shaped metal instrument. On the right side in front of the sofa, part of a red and blue box or book is seen. The teapoy on the left side of the sofa is full with materials – flask, idol of Ramakrishna. etc.,

The interview room of Sai Baba next to his bedroom is where Sai Baba meets the members of his trust and other functionaries: There are two wooden poles, one stained with blood, a pillow with blood stain, a wall clock, a table lamp and other articles on the sofa. But no blood on the sofa. The very fact that these materials are on the sofa set proves some one had placed them on the sofa. This proves that there were others in Sai Baba residence. On the left side of the sofa near the teapoy there is rope and a stick. In front of the sofa on the left side is a hose and a T-shaped metal instrument.On the right side in front of the sofa, part of a red and blue box or book is seen. The teapoy on the left side of the sofa is full with materials – flask, idol of Ramakrishna. etc.,

Pic.6 shows seven knives one as long as 4 feet. lt is not known how these could be hidden in their body by the four alleged assailants when blood stains are seen especially on the 4 foot  sword and the metal instrument. They were not found near the bodies of the four assailants.
As per the interview given by Retired Jus. Balakrishna Erady, Supreme Court, the 4 alleged assailants being the watchmen of the residence for the night had carried their bedding and the knives etc. might have been hidden in the bedding. But their bedding is not found inside the residence as per the observations of the mandal executive magistrate:

Pic.8 is of the 2 bottles containing potassium cyanide and ether and the rest are the defused bomb parts with wire etc. The police have not explained how alter a thorough search of the premises on 7th, they discovered the bombs on 8.6.1993. Also because of the visit of president’s family and home minister the whole complex would have been searched by the intelligence department as per the protocol. When the bombs were not found then, it proves beyond doubt that the bombs were planted after the murders to make the murder case strong.

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Murders in The Abode of Supreme Peace temple – 1

Posted by robertpriddy on October 15, 2010

In case anyone might forget these horrendous murders and their cover-up by the Government of India, the graphic description needs to be circulated once again. This murder case will haunt Indian authorities for decades to come, and very rightly so. It is not even one of the most serious miscarriages of justice, because no form of justice was allowed for any of the bereaved or those affected by Sathya Sai Baba’s staff purges of ashramites whose lives had been dedicated to service under the figurehead of Sathya Sai Baba.

'The door and curtains of shame' -Sathya Sai baba interview room door (blue) and temple door. The Prashanthi Nilayam temple (mandir) is the massive building where the 3 domes are covered with gold – the residence of Satya Sai Baba with a plinth area of 35’x90’ with a first floor of the same dimension. The ground floor from left up to 75 feet length is used as a prayer hall and the end rooms on the right is used by Sai Baba for personal interviews with a staircase leading to the first floor which is occupied by the godman, his personal aide Radha Krishna and other body guards including the trust member Col.Joga Rao. Tehelka Com November 29,2000 article states that the Sathya Sai Baba is ringed with two concentric circles of Israel-trained and armed security personnel, close-circuit television, wireless communications with Uzis slung on their shoulders.

When actual murders were carried out and Sai Baba got the case closed, this alone proves he is not one practising Sathya Dharma, Shanthi and Prema. Note  the entrance to the interview room on the ground floor where selected devotees wait. 

We see photos of the interview room where the four Sai Baba aides are alleged to have been stabbed by the four alleged assailants out of which two died. The blue door leads to the staircase leading to the first floor. Strangely the wooden throne used by Sai Baba while giving interviews is missing in the room. There is a pool of blood in the centre of the room on the left side which is alleged to have gushed out of the stab injuries of the four aides.

There is a stick in the middle of the blood pool and a metal rod at the end of the blood pool facing the blue door. How these happened to be in the room is not investigated.

According to the FIR it is alleged that the four assailants entered into Baba’s ground floor room on pretext of handing over a telegram to Baba and the four aides objected them and that said assailants attacked and stabbed them with daggers indiscriminately. It doesn’t look like 8 persons (four aides and four assailants) were fighting and being stabbed When someone attacks, one does not stand still but try to evade the attack and escape. So the stabbing would not have happened at a particular place. If four had fallen down after being stabbed indiscriminately there would have been their foot marks and body marks in the blood pool. The splashed blood would have been in different places in the room. There are rope pieces strewn around the spattered blood. The police have not investigated who were tied with ropes – the alleged aides or the alleged assailants.

If someone had tied the alleged aides with ropes, the question of the assailants stabbing them does not arise. And if the alleged assailants were tied with ropes murdered and shifted to Sai Baba’s and Radhakrishna’s bed rooms, the question of the jumping on police to kill them do not arise. Therefore the police drama of firing 31 rounds of bullets was a farce. These rope pieces prove that the aides were not tied by the alleged assailants nor were they stabbed by them.

Moreover the feet of the 4 assailants would have been drenched with blood if they had stabbed the aides went to upstairs to do away Swamy as stated in the FIR there would have been foot prints of blood leading to the stairs but the floor after the blood pool leading to the door is clean without a speck of blood.

Bottom right is the staircase with doors open (the photograph seems to have been made up out of two exposures). While there are no footprints in blood on the floor after the door, surprisingly blood is seen sprinkled on the steps and 3 streamlets of blood flowing up to the floor on the doorsteps. This is unnatural and the police have not explained how the blood suddenly appeared on the doorsteps and the stairs. They also do not look like the footprints of blood of the four assailants. So if it was true that the four assailants had indiscriminately stabbed the four aides, their foot prints in blood would have been seen surely on the floor and the stairs or where ever they walked. Also when the door to the stairs is seen closed, it is strange that the blood has splashed on the stairs.

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