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Sathya Sai Baba – the Indian Government’s God Incarnate

Posted by robertpriddy on November 23, 2010

Sathya Sai Baba on his 85th birthday - not happy

"Be happy!" "I have no enemies.. I love all. I am always smiling. Many people think how can I keep smiling? I don't like castoroil faces.. When you all are happy, I will be happy." Sathya Sai Baba in his infamous Christmas Discourse 2000 - So what about Sathya Sai Baba's own face nowadays? His looks are those of one who has lost faith in himself, self-confidence?

scan of Sathya Sai Baba's words in a 1995 discourse

So what about Sathya Sai Baba's own face nowadays?

How can anyone with an active and questioning mind – who is not a religious guru fanatic – overlook the degeneration which stands out like a sore thumb, when Sai Baba has claimed he is always smiling, that nothing can affect him due to his self-claimed ‘purity, patience and perseverance’?

The facts are known: as to purity – a person who has been caught out in fraudulence, sleight of hand, many untruths, broken promises, false rumours, involvement in the cover-up of cold-blooded executions in his bedroom apartment (while he stood by) and who is the object of many credible accusations of sexual abuse by young men . As is evident from several failed court petitions, he cannot be prosecuted due to the prestige Indian governments have invested in him. This is no less apparent by the visits of both the current Indian Prime Minister and the President of India to this powerful impostor.

It must be terribly troublesome for God to have these difficulties to move. Is it not strange that his hip fracture occurred at an age when ordinary mortals usually get these sorts of ailments…. but he insists it does not affect him. He claims he recovered fully from the hip-joint replacement:-

“What medicine did I use? The intense prayers of the devotees are My medicine. During the last one month, be it in Madras (now Chennai), Hyderabad, Bangalore, or Mumbai, devotees have intensified their prayers and spiritual activities. Each and every house conducted bhajans and Namasmarana. Some devotees undertook penance and performed Yajnas. In this manner, a number of spiritual activities were undertaken praying for the well being of Swami. It is as a result of such fervent prayers that I am able to stand before you and address you. Neither did I want this suffering nor did I desire its cure. You wanted this body to be cured of the pain, and you achieved it through your prayers. This body is not Mine. It is yours. Hence, it is your responsibility to look after this body.” From the published discourse 13-July-2003 (as in Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 36 (2003) also available on-line in pdf file at )

At least doesn’t have any pain, or so he days, even if his devotees seem to be convinced that he has and are ever praying for him not to overexert himself, not to do the lingam production (regurgitation trick) at Shivarathri and so forth. But odd that he has chosen to sit in  bath chairs, golden-coloured wheelchairs, golf buggies and the like whenever he gives darsan? It must be that he is just fooling us all with a wheelchair leela, while in fact he is perfectly fine and only gives the illusion (maya)of suffering… so believers can obtain blessings from praying for him? Or perhaps there is some other explanation…

It has been reported by Indian sceptics that he has lost a great deal of weight in the last two years, and he looks it too. He has often insisted that his weight has remain at (the “divine number” of) 108 lbs (a quaintly absurd supposition because this is said by him to be a ‘divine number’ because it is a multiple of 9 and adds up to 9!). He evidently forgot that he had also said in a discourse: “…Swami started eating rice food which students take. He lost 6 kg in weight during 20 days’ stay at Kodaikanal. In Puttaparthi, Satyajit was in the habit of taking My weight now and then. When Swami was in Puttaparthi He weighed 108 lbs. At Kodaikanal, when weight was taken, it showed a reduction by 6 kilos. Swami weighed less than 100 lbs.” (Sanathana Sarathi, June 1998, page 146.)

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