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The Divine Avatar came to save India first, then humanity

Posted by robertpriddy on January 2, 2011

Securing oneself seems to be even primary to saving India! Here is the palatial “Divine Residence” – one of Sathya Sai Baba’s many, probably the best and most well-protected…a bigger and better luxury residence at Prashanthi Nilayam – into which a large part of the donations intended by donors for the uplift of India go!

Sathya Sai Baba palace at Prashanthi Nilayam

The third set of apartment was built for Sai Baba in the grounds of the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram at Puttaparti

When Daylight Comes: A Biography of Helena Petrovna BlavatskySathya Sai Baba condones India’s greatest evils by ignoring them. He lauds and blesses any corrupted politician who visits him and never speaks out against the many inhumane policies, their signal failure to take care of the most basic needs of most India’s population, the massive Swiss bank accounts most of them hold, or riding the gravy train while the privileged get richer and richer. Claiming omniscience and omnipotence – Sai Baba never had the guts to speak out against their many powerful and brutal oppressors and utterly vile criminals throughout India… he has never defended in any substantial way whatever the tortured, raped, murdered and utterly desolate people of India, the tribals, the countless dispossessed persons, the vast army of beggars, the people of Kashmir. Against Mahatma Gandhi’s revered principle, Sathya Sai welcomes ‘blood money’ and even sat through in a public announcement of donors giving at least one crore at his 70th Birthday celebrations (such as Bhangarappa, a known corrupt Karnataka politician, who gave ten million rupees, and two famous Indian ‘liquor barons’, one of whom, Mr. Reddy, was murdered in Madras in 1996 only a week or so after a personal visit by Sai Baba accompanied by V.K. Narasimhan). His involvement with corrupt politicians is well documented – he reportedly saved Narasimha Rao from prison (Rao fled to his feet with thanks as soon as the verdict came). Tit-for-tat, N. Rao and A.B. Vajpayee protected him from prosecutions.

Despite his many earlier ‘avataric predictions’ that he claims cannot fail, India’s gigantic injustices and problems are getting no better – still no social security whatever (all the poor get to live on is sunlight), increase in already enormous wall-to-wall corruption, more infanticide, still bonded labour and life servitude as debtors to criminal moneylenders, child prostitution, a massive and growing AIDS epidemic, unimaginable numbers of child labourers, vast peasant penury, many farmer suicides, the traditional wife killings, ghastly begging mafias which deform babies into ‘rat children’ and ‘spidermen’ for profit, not to mention all manner of sexual abuse of children (which will be known to the world, Sathya Sai Baba).

Sai Baba stated in 2005 that he was “minded to take a world tour”. No one believed he dare ever leave the protection of Indian State, for a start. However, this belies his promise not to travel abroad until he had solved India’s problems, as he has repeatedly pledged. The man is a hotbed of contradictions, false predictions and outright lies, and the most remarkable fact is that so many fail to see that, or wish to hear a word about it. It is well recorded how Sathya Sai Baba has told leading devotees on several occasions that he would visit them in their countries – for example USA, Italy, U.K., Southern California and other places – but then he has changed his supposedly all-knowing mind, saying that India must be cured first! Devotees abroad have built mansions to house him and he has even himself caused the rebuilding of a new, lush, balconied apartment for him at Divignano in Italy (‘Mother Sai House’) because the toilet was not to his liking – i.e. it was European style and not hole-in-the-floor – I have been shown the luxurious teak-floored result myself! His followers Robert Baskin built a million dollar residence for his expected visit!

This ‘Divine Descent’ boils down to a person who has ‘come to earth’ to pronounce his own magnificence, promote himself as the purest and greatest of all beings, Creator of the Universe, who oversees the erection of diverse expensive monuments to himself. What is so ‘Divine’ about managing to collect people’s money to ‘fix the plumbing’ (for a limited areas to combat water shortage in Chennai, but wastefully in Rayalaseema with big setbacks involving technical failings, (unpredicted by the ‘omniscient’ Baba) severely falling water table, entrepreneur corruption and no one who will maintain it all). Or how specifically Divine is it to use part of the donations to open a couple of hospitals to enhance his name and fame and where his devotees (including foreigners and Indian VIPs) can get hi-tech treatment, but where patients appear to be very scarce in these big half-empty places in an area where the need of the Indian poor is so vast and intense? (Imran Khan has opened a free modern hospital in Pakistan, and many other have done likewise). Is this a Divine Descent? Or are we rather dealing with what The Daily Telegraph called Divine Downfall?

Sai Baba's private jet - hired to take him 'on holiday' to Kodaikanal in 2005

The wheelchair invalid in a privately hired jet airliner yet again in 2006.

Talk about waste/misuse of donated funds. Sathya Sai was “minded to make a world tour”. Though it is most likely another ‘bum prediction’, if he did it would surely be in another private jet hired with funds given for the poor, education, health etc., The almost unused Jumbo airport cost a small fortune!

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