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Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

Sathya Sai Baba and the Truth

Posted by robertpriddy on January 9, 2011

Thomas Jefferson On Lying: “He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good dispositions.” Letter to Peter Carr [August 19, 1785]

“Disinformation…  involves the deliberate, calculated dissemination of equivocal data, partially true, partially erroneous, in order to conceal something, to deflect attention in one or another peripheral or tangential direction. But the best lies are always embellishments or variations of the truth, not total fabrications. The most effective disinformation is always structured around a core of validity.
(from The Messianic Legacy by Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln London 1968)

Sathya Sai Baba spreads disinformation, rumours and untruth on a massive scale: Having visited Sathya Sai Baba and met him many times through 15 years, and having studied (and indexed) his every known word published up to about 2001, and various other discourses since then, it is glaringly evident that he does not adhere to the truth in many matters. I am but one of many who have reached this same conclusion. Here I detail, from his own published words and known actions, some of the huge plethora of untruth he has spun through the decades – quite apart from the speculative doctrines and often absurd and bogus claims he has made, not least a host of predictions – many of which have failed already or are so preposterous as to be factually incredible.

Sai Baba is himself taking money under false pretenses: will presumably continue to lie ‘until blue in the face’, and still claim that he is giving away ‘diamonds’ when they are not. For a start, he lied about the ring he evidently pretended to ‘materialize’ for me. as having a diamond in it, as he has done about many other such gemstones – not one so far have been shown to be genuine! They and other things were all no doubt given in the hope of greater returns in donations, gratis work, promotion and praise of himself and much more besides.He has stated: “Where money is calculated, garnered or exhibited to demonstrate one’s achievements, I will not be present.” This in the very same discourse where he states the money he is spending!
He personally accepted in his hand a cheque from me for a large amount (£ 6,000. – in 1987) and I know others who gave him cheques in private interviews. He has stated that he signs every single cheque accepted by the Sathya Sai Central Trust, and the manager of the State Bank of India in Puttaparthi (a nephew of his, who I asked about whether another cheque I had sent was received) showed me a very thick wad of cheques which he flicked through to show Sai Baba’s signatures on all of them!

Sathya Sai Baba knows that giving these trinkets or other apparent divine favours will cause most of the rich recipients to donate large sums of money, devote much work and time to his advancement. This is a very advanced form of scam. It is interesting to observe how so many credulous persons try to sustain their complete faith in him now that so many indubitable facts have come to light. Lack of self-confidence and fear of consequences are major factors, as well as loss of status, friends and realisation of having been thoroughly duped and having wasted major efforts and money on this deceiver. But much in which they had faith is most likely as crippled in their minds as Sai Baba is himself, and many are racked within by private sufferings that have to be denied on his ‘divinely instructive example’. But Sai Baba has said that the truth protects those who face it!

A few Sai Baba lies and hypocritical words belied by his actions:-

1) “Swami has nothing to do with internet. Not only now, even in future also. You should not indulge in such wrong activities.” (Discourse 15 October 1999 – see full text here)
This statement by Sathya Sai Baba was made when the allegations of sexual abuse by young men were being exposed on the Internet, no doubt to try to stop devotees looking at the materials. It proved an extremely effective ‘divine commandment’ where most are concerned. His prediction of having nothing to do with the Internet “in the future also” shows he is no more able to know the future than anyone else. The Internet became gradually more and more important for his officially endorsed servitors to spread his discourses, images, news and radio talks. In this light, the following statement shows how he tries to isolate all his followers from the world at large:- There is no need to go outside the Sai fold.

* Sai alone adheres totally to truth – Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 17, p. 187
* Sai never deviates from His word – Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 2  p.116
* See also: Sathya Sai Baba untruth about his servitors’ longevity

2) “From today onwards, I am not going to give Padanamaskar to anybody because you and I are one…. If you want to do Namaskar, do it mentally.” (Sanathana Sarathi, August 2001) But he soon continued accepting this form of worship on a large scale! See more here)

3) Under the heading ‘Give Help Without Publicity’ in Sanathana Sarathi October 2003, p. 295, Sathya Sai Baba said in a discourse after an earlier speaker had spoken extensively about the achievements of the Sai hospital: “I always advise the doctors not to publicise what we do in the hospital. There are several wonderful things that are happening.” Whereupon he goes on at great length about supposedly marvellous achievements of the hospital in two individual cases! He may advise the doctors, but for himself he cannot stop bragging what results it achieves, how it should be a model for all health care systems! This yet again shows the complete discrepancy between Sai Baba’s word and deed within the space of two sentences.’s_bragging.htm

4) “The Lord has no intention to publicize Himself. I do not need publicity, nor does any other Avathar of the Lord. What are you daring to publicize? Me? What do you know about me? You speak one thing about me today and another tomorrow.” (from the 47th Birthday Discourse : see
Masquerading as the Lord of all Creation, its Creator, he has had every intention of publicising himself, which he has done in thousands of discourses which are always also about himself! These he has allowed to be printed, filmed and recorded so they can be spread worldwide, not least by the endlessly boring and propaganda programmes of ‘World Radio Sai’.

If the above were not enough, see some other sources:-
* Sai goes to whole world without publicitySathya Sai Speaks Volume p. 176
* Spiritual attainment shuns publicity – (3)§41 Sadhana
* Publicity/gaining disciples, I have not come forSathya Sai Speaks Volume 1, p. 165
* Publicity for Sai is selfishness & is unwantedSathya Sai Speaks Volume 4 p. 210
* The Sai Organisation not for ensuring publicity for SaiSathya Sai Speaks Volume 8, p. 230
* Sathya Sai’s message, needs no propagation Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 13, p 15
* Sai name not publicised by SaiSathya Sai Speaks Volume 8, p. 95f

5) On 11/8/2001, Sathya Sai Baba held a discourse (published in Sanathana Sarathi, September 2001) where he detailed the running costs of the two hospitals, the colleges etc. and how much investment is needed to cover these. This sum – amounting to the interest from 600 crores of rupees (about $120 mill), is perhaps surprisingly little, considering the billions that have been donated to him. Half the interest of this 600 crores goes to the Bangalore hospital, 2/6th to the Puttaparthi hospital and 1/6th to all the educational institutions together. Sai Baba asks rhetorically, “Wherefrom does it all come?” And adds so self-deprecatingly, “However, I am giving it” (p. 264). Does Sai Baba himself have any money to give, then? He has always claimed to be a renunciant who owns nothing. For example, “At a meeting of the Central Trust yesterday, I told the members including Sri Indulal Shah, that I had no interest in property. Do not involve me in any connection with these properties. I do not wish to have any connection with money or property. My only concern is with my devotees. Telling them all this, I signed the papers.“ (1.01.1998, Sanathana Sarathi, Vol.  41, January1998, p. 4). However, a person who has control over the multi-billion dollar trust in that all his chosen ‘directors’ are legally totally beholden to him in everything he decides and – in their faith that he is all-knowing Divinity – dare not contradict him, cannot be said to be without property. He has expressed his gratitude to anyone for the help he personally receives? No! As usual, Sathya Sai Baba claims “I do not accept anything from anyone” (p. 168). How can he really not receive ANYTHING, just like everyone else alive does? Impossible! He is the recipient of many goods that most Indians regard as unattainable luxuries! This he compounds by claiming that:-

* ‘Offerings of goods are always rejected by Sai‘ – Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 12, p. 314
This raises the inevitable question about the unaccountable Sathya Sai Central Trust –

The above encompasses a small part of the lies, deceptions, false predictions and promises given by Sathya Sai Baba. One can find much else, for example:-


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