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Howard Murphet and Sai Baba as ‘Man of Miracles’

Posted by robertpriddy on February 8, 2011

Howard Murphet of Australia was one of the earliest, most productive and most read authors about Sathya Sai Baba. His ‘Man of Miracles’ was one of the main reasons for non-Indians to be drawn to visit this self-proclaimed God Incarnate, avatar of the age and much more, whose miracles he himself claims were to attract people to him. (Meanwhile, many of the miracles have widely been shown to be fraudulent).

Murphet has, however, indicted himself in the eyes of all sane and decent-minded people by a vicious attack on the many honourable accusers of Sathya Sai Baba for sexually abusing them, and – for ‘good measure’ – against all those dissenters who will not return to Sai Baba’s “Holy Feet” after the gross abuse of their faith! This attack was sent out as widely as possible in a letter Murphet wrote for the benefit of devotees: From his high horse, Murphet wrote:Those working against the Avatar, unless they go to the unredeemable level of becoming demonic will someday in some life come back to the Divine Feet. This I pray and for this I send them my Love.” As if such empty and sententious words would help all those abused and defrauded in various ways by Sai Baba ever to wish to return to him!

The success of Murphets’ Sai Baba books owes much to their frequent fairy story quality, the over-dramatization of supposed major miracles and the doings of the fabulous avatar come to save humanity, including Murphet himself (he believed that a waking dream of Sai Baba had immediately cured him of “an incurable disease “). This is not difficult to imagine, as I did something very similar for a time… until I realised that the improvement was temporary and had another cause (warmth of India). Not least because I found out we were being lied to about so many things by Sai Baba and I began to go more carefully thought my experiences, finding many other acceptable explanations for many of them. Over-zealous interpretations are the cause of most such apparent healing by Sai Baba (or anyone else)

Murphet already believed many things that are beyond the pale of all reason or informed commentary before he acclaimed the truth of almost everything about Sai Baba. Thereafter he never presumed to admit the slightest critical thought or questioning word to enter any of his many published eulogies of Sathya Sai Baba and his miracles. His early involvement (which he never gave up) was with the Theosophical Society and the antics of Madame Blavatsky, and her mystery teachers, the ‘invisible Himalayan master’ Kuthumi and El Moya. He wrote in a widely posted letter:

This is part of Murphet's definitive belief system, unsupported as it is except in his peculiar fanciful speculation.

“And I know too, that He is being supported by man workers in the force field of light such as the Ascended Masters, two of them who I had much to do when I was researching the biographies of the outward founders of the Theosophical Movement.” Murphet always imagined he ‘knew’ many things none could know! Moreover, Blavatsky was unable to give any proof of their actual existence. She was involved in naming the coming Messiah, the Indian boy Jiddu Krishnamurti, who was virtually kidnapped to become this figure. When he reached adulthood he refuted that he was in any way such a figure,  and discredited the Theosophists very thoroughly.

Here are some more of Murphet’s unsupported and very naive beliefs:-The young Avatar, Sathya Sai Baba, was twenty years old when this war ended. His spiritual power had no doubt helped in the victory of the forces of Light. Another great spiritual leader of the time, Sri Aurobindo, whom Swami had named an Avatar of the Individual, stated during the war that if the Axis forces of tyranny and darkness won the war, the divine plan would be set back by a thousand years. So he himself played a powerful part to ensure that victory went to the Allied forces of individual, democratic freedom.”
Comment: Hitler’s megalomaniac boast of the Thousand year Reich had impressed Aurobindoe
, of whom Murphet has related how Aurobindo meditated deeply so as to influence Hitler’s decision when to attack Russia so he did it at the wrong time, thereby losing the war! Historically, however, the timing of the attack was forced later than planned by the rush of events, the dire need to get started before winter would cut off the advances (as it actually did too soon). Hitler ordered the long-planned invasion immediately after enough forces from the unwanted Balkan diversion were available again. The delay frustrated Hitler greatly and it was due to the calculated British delaying tactic, their intervention in the Balkan region.

Like all followers, Murphet was often too timid to ask Sai Baba things about himself outright, so he guessed on the basis of signs he interpreted what the answer was: “Somehow I did not feel it was right to ask him this great question in front of others. So mentally I asked him very definitely if he had brought about the change of government in Russia. A mental question is as good as a verbal one to Swami. His eyes gave me the affirmative answer but all his lips said was, “Gorbachev is a good man.” I knew then that he had played some wonderful, powerful tune…”

This is one way in which Sai Baba is falsely attributed such limitless power… but anyone who knows what actually happened knows it is of course an absurdity! The same had been claimed by various devotees as to the freedom fight of Nelson Mandela and the election of Barack Obama… all Sai Baba’s doing!

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