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Sai Baba on the Indian Government

Posted by robertpriddy on February 11, 2011

Some Top Political devotees of Sathya Sai Baba

It is known throughout India that Sathya Sai Baba was – at least until his quite recent descent into apparent senility (Sathya Sai Baba crying video) – was the “king maker” as regards the Indian Government and many other high posts. His devotees have become Prime Ministers and Presidents one after another. The list (see inset) leaves out a host of Ministers in central and state governments – including governors – who have been Sai Baba devotees. He is visited by all aspiring candidates for highest office including the BJP’s figurehead L.K. Advani (who Sai Baba reportedly told he would never be Prime Minister), and the elected Sonia Gandhi (rejected in favour of devotee M. Singh). His devotees have very often been the Home Ministers – from S. B. Chavan (who got the CBI investigation of Sai Baba’s bedroom murders quashed)  to Shivraj Patil (a foot-worshipping follower who Sai Baba kept in the Home Minister slot through successive governments until his disgraceful demise over the Mumbai terror episode). Many politicians in trouble visit Sai Baba – even at his birthday celebration last November) as if he could absolve them and remove their difficulties. Sometimes it is reported that he has done so (example here).

In Sathya Sai Baba’s typically unrealistic speech in March 1999, in New Delhi, he said:  “My advice is that all parties should unite. Only then Bharat will become a divine land. Very soon this is going to happen. The present-day administration is noble and good. You should safeguard it as it supports spirituality and divinity.” Then, in what amounts to a contradiction of this (seeing the state of intense enmity between the main contenders for power in India) he went on: “A good government should always be supported. One should not hate the government on the basis of individual differences.” In flattering the then Prime Minister (his foot-worshipping devotee for over 20 years) he said: “All of you know what a nice person Vajpayee is. Even in olden days whenever Vajpayee or Jayaprakash Narayan would visit Andhra Pradesh, people, especially the youth, used to gather in large numbers to listen to their speeches. Naturally, the people are attracted to those who adhere to truth and righteousness. Such a leader should be given all support.” “I have been observing Vajpayee for the last so many years. Now this body is seventy-four years old. Vajpayee always keeps the welfare of the society in mind in whatever he speaks or does. He is broadminded. There will certainly be peace and security in the country if these principles are followed.”

When all the India Today and other magazine stories broke out, he blamed the politicians and called them all evil. The govt. and administration has not changed from then, on Christmas Day, 2000, Sai Baba said:-

“Today, the government is spoiling the young minds through T.V. There is no harm if good programmes are shown, but the government is encouraging programmes that are not good for the children. We do not want such a government. We want a government that will make the people tread the path of truth and righteousness. ‘God-ment’ is the real government. There are people who are working for their selfish ends. Do not follow them. Selfishness has become their way of life. Let it not become your way of life. Do not join politics.” “…asked the government to allot a suitable piece of land. But they have not given us. How will they give any land to us, since they cannot get any votes from us?”

Even though it happens constantly it is extraordinary to see how Sai Baba takes totally contradictory stands and says totally different things – in this case about the same politicians and governments. He has told IAS officials that he tells the President of India (Dayal Sharma in this instance) not to waste the country’s money on huge processions of vehicles when he visits Prashanthi Nilayam and complained that the President never listens to this advice. So much for the ‘omnipotence’ of this supposed avatar who promised to turn India around completely but who has lived to see corruption exceed all bounds.

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