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Sai Baba: Help the Universe… and yourself!

Posted by robertpriddy on March 1, 2011

Text of letter posted on website

The website has posted a letter allegedly written by Sathya Sai Baba to one devotee. In a discussion there, devotees are thanking the one who posted it  from the depths of their hearts etc., while trying to absorb what it really means… One even questions the authenticity of the letter, but then a scan of the letter is also posted and the handwriting is very clearly that of Sathya Sai Baba. Probably the letter is undated and there is no mention in it of it being written in 2010 and thus applying to 2011, as was claimed by the poster. The heading looks like Sai Baba’s notepaper from years long gone (see below).

That people can take seriously such things only shows how the vast mass of devotees in India are willing and eager to believe virtually anything and accept directions of the most demanding kind as to how to live… constantly dulling their minds by repetition of names. This is a known key technique in diverting the minds of devotees from any kind of questioning or doubt about the guru and thus exerting control over them.

So “Mother Earth” is getting herself recharged! But we must “Beware of the dawning age”! What, the Golden Age? All the signs so far do show that the earth’s resources are under extreme pressure, forests are being lost at an increasingly alarming rate, the atmosphere, the land, the seas and the oceans are getting more polluted year by year. But “Swami knows” and knows better than any of us is the correct answer, of course. That head-in-sand attitude is encouraged throughout the Sathya Sai Organization, even though Sai Baba has warned of the same environmental dangers in frequent discourses! But he has it all under control, don’t you worry! “Someone is in charge” he has said. However, he blames it all – including tsunamis and volcanic eruptions – on the sinful actions of humans (Is he in charge of their willpower?… He has said he cannot make people do his will!). His solution to all the dangers; “perfect surrender” to his will, constant repetition of the name and other such futile time-wasting self-hypnosis and programming.

All who do so will be “white angels”, who have “to help people in distress at that time”. Why such distress if the Golden Age of perfect peace is to begin? Because not all will enter the Golden Age if they do not offer “perfect surrender ” such as by repeating the name? There is a sinister hint there, is there not? As to whiteness, does it refer to men’s cotton pyjamas at the ashrams, or how could the colour help? To what time does this refer? If the welcoming of the Golden Age has started (by Sai Baba), this is not the Golden Age itself? Your guesses are all as good as anyone’s. If you “derail” from the path, the Mother will give you bitter medicine to put you back. Sounds rather nastily threatening nonetheless, that!

Consider the depth of vagueness in this: ” The distance  between you and Me is the distance between you and your mind.” Whatever is he on about, it makes no sense? Does he even know himself? If so, why can’t he ever explain?

Scan of 1st page of the letter from Sai Baba

Through the years Sathya Sai Baba has been reported many times as telling people in interviews that drastic earth changes are coming. He has allegedly produced globes and maps showing the earth as it will appear after such cataclysmic changes – entire countries submerged and so on. Some of his predictions of the major threats have already been made redundant by events (see for example his prediction of a pole shift some years ago

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Sai Baba promised vast miracle soon He will lift a range of mountains to protect his devotees!

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