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Pacemaker support for Sai Baba’s weak heart

Posted by robertpriddy on March 30, 2011

“Baba was recovering slowly after being implanted with a pacemaker but his health took a turn for the worse yesterday. Cardiologists from Bengaluru are treating Baba. The devotees are naturally worried with the news. They are gathering large numbers in Puttaparthi and offering prayers for speedy recovery of Baba.”

Prayers by devotees to Sathya Sai Baba (as ‘God Almighty Himself’) are evidently of no account where his health is concerned. They prayed for him to heal himself from his botched hip-joint – he had said he would be walking fully within days – but has been wheelchair bound since then.

This self-proclaimed Creator of the Universe came down with a severe infection, water on the lung, pneumonia, and slow heart rate.. in addition to his chronic invalidism. As usual, the Sai ‘authorities’ try to make it sound as though almost nothing unusual has occurred. Yet that the supposed Divine Incarnation who lays claim to knowing everything about the heart of everyone because he is installed there has a bad heart (physically) is a cosmic irony indeed. He who claims that he gave the ayurveda to mankind cannot use those hymns to heal himself (which they supposedly do)… has to rely on what he calls ‘tricknology’, that is – scientific technology.

So much for the highly over-rated ayurvedic medicine which Sai Baba promotes so much… not to mention his own alleged miraculous healing powers (not one instance yet confirmed by independent scientific medicine). He humbly announces that he will not use his unlimited power to heal himself because there are so many who suffer and cannot heal themselves. This is his kind of face-saving twisted logic… very effective, however, in manipulating the boggled minds of so many blind, credulous, head-in-sand believers who remain in his fold.

The diverse trickery of the unsurpassed claims of Godhood and his own nature can be seen in more detail on the blog directly below this one (or else click here)

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