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Sathya Sai Baba’s outlook in India

Posted by robertpriddy on April 30, 2011

The article below is reproduced in the hope that more readers will get its benefit… this is modern India talking, unlike the mainline India press which regurgitates the basic Sathya Sai Baba propaganda without a thought for investigative journalism (not even using Google search, it seems!) Some few mentions of the controversy are made, but most Indian newspapers ignores or mostly underplays the number and quality of almost every one of the countless allegations against him. I add one comment at the foot of the article.

God On A Phone Line

Sheela Reddy

by Sheela Reddy from Outlook India

It was the last miracle by the man who flew in the face of reason and defied the sceptics for seven decades. As 85-year-old Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s emaciated body was lowered into his grave in a spectacle worthy of a rock star on Wednesday, April 27, hundreds of thousands of his devotees—including politicians, judges, bureaucrats, military officials, sports stars, scientists,
professionals—stood patiently in line for a last glimpse of the man they believed was God. Their faith in his divinity had withstood everything—from charges of homosexuality, a cover-up of murders in the ashram, exposes of his magic tricks, not to speak of the fabulous wealth controlled by his trust.

He was, as Katharina Kakar puts it, “India’s Godman of the Twentieth Century.” An anthropologist who taught comparative religion in Germany before she married Indian psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar and settled down in Goa, Katharina is one of a long series of scholars who were so fascinated with the godman’s charisma that she visited his ashram in Puttaparthi for a closer look. This was in 1995, when, according to her, Sai Baba was already “past his peak”, but his aura was unmistakable. And indescribable: “He knew how to play with the psychology of the devotees—the way he made the crowd wait in suspense, and then made a grand entrance, collecting from the frantic devotees the letters of prayers addressed to him.” Then suddenly he would stop and talk to someone, looking deep into their eyes, creating a certain mesmerising moment. “You can’t train or learn this—either you have it or you don’t,” she explains. And Sai Baba certainly had it: the quality of a rock star.

By the 1990s, according to Katharina, he had so assiduously cultivated high-profile devotees as well as tapped into a rising middle class’s yearning for a short-cut to spirituality that his organisation had grown into a vast spiritual empire, with centres in over 130 countries. He had turned from a mere miracle-performing godman into a carefully managed spectacle. His birthdays, for example, were celebrated in a large stadium built in the ashram which could accommodate over 50,000 devotees, and became big shows designed to strike awe and reverence: “big miracles, music, spectacle.”

Khushwant Singh, a well-known godman-buster throughout his long journalistic career, knows only too well how adept the godman was at cultivating high-profile devotees. There was his friend, the late jurist famed for his sharp mind and scepticism, Nani Palkhivala. In the last two years of his life, Palkhivala kept a portrait of Sai Baba on his desk. When Khushwant grilled him about it, the jurist who struck fear in the court refused to respond. It was a pattern Khushwant began noticing among the dozens of his friends and acquaintances who eventually succumbed to Sai Baba’s spell. “It was like a crutch. If you tried to talk to them about it, they got angry.”
Khushwant was baffled: why did otherwise sensible and modern men and women turn into devotees of godmen like Sai Baba? He eventually got a chance to find out. He received a letter from Sai Baba’s manager, asking him if he would like a private meeting with the godman. “Yes,” he replied promptly. But when it came closer to the appointed day, another letter arrived, saying brusquely: “Sai Baba feels you are not yet ready to receive him.”

It’s this ingenious blend of active pursuit and playing hard to get that probably won Sai Baba his impressively long list of high-profile devotees, ranging from presidents, prime ministers and central ministers to top bureaucrats, scientists and other professionals. They undoubtedly came in useful when Sai Baba was battling the charges against him by several former bhakts, feels Katharina. “These were serious charges, some of them probably with a grain of truth. But he had good contacts and there was possibly a cover-up,” she explains. “And the charges never stuck, because the devotees didn’t want to believe them..

Not only was Sai Baba the pioneer godman-as-social worker, he had the power to ‘appear’ in people’s dreams.

Like Dr Prabhakar Korada, a psychiatrist and professor in Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad. Dr Korada, who started off like the bulk of Sai Baba’s professional and modern-day devotees as a sceptic, dismisses the various charges against Sai Baba as “organised anti-propaganda”. The journey of the psychiatrist from sceptic to believer is typical of the miracle that Sai Baba performed on countless souls over the coming decades: the doctor was going through a severe emotional and professional crisis in his life, when Sai Baba appeared in his dreams. “Even in my dream, I questioned him about his magic,” recounts the doctor. Sai Baba responded by placing a foot on his chest, “as if to feel my heartbeat”.

(above article found at
Comment: As to the dream which this (ill-informed and currently deluded) psychiatrist took as a real event can perhaps even best be refuted by Sathya Sai Baba’s own words:-

In fact, dream experience itself is not real. It is only an illusion. They are deluded to think that way. You say that Swami appeared in your dream last night. This is not correct. I do not appear in anybody’s dream. When you intensely desire that Swami must appear in your dream and constantly think of the same, that intense desire will assume a form in your dream. God does not assume a form or change into another form. You have witnessed something in your dream. What is it? It is your own self, nothing other than that. You are visualising your own self in the dream state.

Do not be under the illusion “Rama has appeared in my dream, Krishna has appeared in my dream, Swami has appeared in my dream”. This is a sign of ignorance. All these are dreams only. (ref.

Further, that I and my various associates, as well as countless other independent persons of consequence are writing “organised anti-propaganda” is an interesting claim- We are definitely anti propaganda, namely – the propaganda the zealous fanatics of the Sathya Sai Organization spew forth without compunction. We are only trying to set the record straight and nothing I have written has ever been shown to be false and nothing I have said about Sai baba or any supporter has been challenged legally… with the good reason that I am very careful how I state my case and am willing to correct any errors that can be proven to me.


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Μια σελίδα στα ελληνικά (A page in Greek)

Posted by robertpriddy on April 30, 2011

(see English version below):- Ο Σάι Μπάμπα, ο διάσημος Ινδός γκουρού και ‘ημίθεος’ που είχε “απεριόριστη δύναμη” και σαφώς “ανώτερη από τον Χριστό”, πέθανε σε ηλικία 84 ετών τη Κυριακή του Πάσχα, 24 Απριλίου. Λέγεται ότι έκανε πολλά “θαύματα” στη ζωή του, όμως ήταν σαφώς μαγικά κόλπα με την οποία εξαπάτησε πολλούς ανθρώπους. Πολλά μπορούν να διαβαστούν στο Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed. Μία από τις προβλέψεις του για παράδειγμα, ήταν ότι θα πέθαινε στην ηλικία των 96 (βλ. και ΕΔΩ), οπότε ο με έντεκα χρόνια συντομότερος της ‘προφητείας’ του, «πρόωρος» θάνατός του δίνει ένα σημαντικό μεταθανάτιο πλήγμα στην αξιοπιστία του.

Ο Σάθια Σάι Μπάμπα, ο ινδός γκουρού με τους εκατομμύρια πιστούς ανά τον κόσμο, πέθανε σήμερα σε ηλικία 85 ετών έπειτα από παρατεταμένη ασθένεια σε νοσοκομείο στη νότια Ινδία. Ο γκουρού, ο οποίος νοσηλευόταν για περισσότερο από τρεις εβδομάδες σε κρίσιμη κατάσταση, σύμφωνα με το ινδικό τηλεοπτικό δίκτυο NDTV, λόγω ανεπάρκειας πολλών οργάνων, πέθανε σε νοσοκομείο στη γενέτειρά του την πόλη Πουταπάρθι, στο νότιο τμήμα της Ινδίας. Μεταξύ των εκατομμυρίων πιστών του πολύ δημοφιλούς γκουρού συγκαταλέγονται πολιτικοί ηγέτες, επιχειρηματίες και διάσημες προσωπικότητες. Πρόκειται για μια «ανεπανόρθωτη απώλεια» δήλωσε ο ινδός πρωθυπουργός Μανμοχάν Σίνγκ για το θάνατο του Σάι Μπάμπα.

Ο Σάι Μπάμπα, πραγματικό όνομα Σατυγιαναρυγιάνα Ράζου (Satyanarayana Raju), ήταν Ινδός γκουρού γεννημένος το 1926 και είναι γνωστός ως Μπαγκαβάν Σρι Σάθυα Σάι Μπαμπα (Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba). (Επικριτές του υποστηρίζουν ότι η ημερομηνία γέννησης παραποιήθηκε έτσι ώστε να φαίνεται ότι η γέννηση του Σάι Μπάμπα εκπληρώνει μια προφητεία του Sri Aurobindo. Λένε ότι τα αρχεία του σχολείου αποδεικνύουν πως στην πραγματικότητα γεννήθηκε το 1929).

Η ταινία «Guru Busters» από την εταιρία Equinox, έδειξε ότι αυτά τα θαύματα δεν είναι τίποτα άλλο απο φτηνά ταχυδακτυλουργικά τρυκ. Μια κλασσική «ατάκα» από το έργο, ήρθε από έναν Ινδό φυσικό που του δώθηκε ένα δαχτυλίδι το οποίο υποτιθέμενα υλοποίησε ο Σάι Μπαμπα. Ο φυσικός είπε ότι είχε διδακτορικό από το Χάρβαρντ και δεν θα ήταν δυνατόν να ξεγελασθεί από έναν μάγο. Πόσες φορες δεν έχουμε ακούσει λαμπρούς αλλά παράλληλα παραπλανημένους ανθρώπους να λένε ακριβώς αυτή την φράση;
Ο Σάι Μπάμπα ισχυριζόταν ακόμα ότι ήταν Άβαταρ, δηλαδή ενσάρκωση ενός Θεϊκού όντος. Για τον Χριστό, τον Βούδα και τον Μωάμεθ έλεγε «ο Χριστός,ο Βούδας ο Μωάμεθ και άλλοι, δεν ήταν άβαταρς. Είχαν κάποια θεϊκή δύναμη…η δική μου δύναμη είναι άπειρη». Ενώ για τα λεγόμενα θαύματα του έλεγε «είναι πέρα από εσάς το να μάθετε το πως και το γιατί δημιουργώ τα αντικείμενα…τα αντικείμενα που δημιουργώ, τα δημιουργώ με την δική μου Θέληση, με τον ίδιο τρόπο που δημιούργησα και το Σύμπαν»!

Τα θαύματα του έχουν αμφισβητηθεί πολύ και υπάρχουν μαρτυρίες αλλά και αποδείξεις σε βίντεο όπου φαίνεται καθαρά ο τρόπος που τα εκτελεί. Είναι πράγματικά τρυκ.

Την δεκαετία του 70 συστάθηκε μια επιτροπή από το Πανεπιστήμιο του Bangalore για να ερευνήσει αυτά τα λεγόμενα θαύματα. Η επιτροπή κατέληξε ότι ήταν απάτες. Ειδικότερα, ο Σάι Κρίσνα (Sai Krishna), ένα 7χρονο παιδί προστατευόμενο του Σάι Μπαμπα, αποκαλύφηκε ότι ήταν απατεώνας.

Στις 15 Ιουλίου το 1976 τρία μέλη της επιτροπής τον είδαν να παράγει την ιερή στάχτη. Τελικά βρήκαν ότι η στάχτη ήταν κρυμμένη μέσα στη φανέλα του παιδιού και έβγαινε έξω όταν τράβαγε μια κλωστή κρυμμένη στα ρούχα του. Στις 23 Νοεμβρίου 1992 η αγγλική εφημερίδα Deccan Chronicle έβγαλε πρωτοσέλιδο εικόνες από ένα βίντεο που παρουσιάζει τον Σάι Μπάμπα να «δημιουργεί» ένα χρυσό μενταγιόν παρουσία του Ινδού Πρωθυπουργού κ. P.V. Narasimha Rao.

Το βίντεο έδειχνε καθαρά τον Σάι Μπάμπα να παίρνει κρυφά το μενταγιόν από τον βοηθό του, ονομαζόμενο Radhakrishna Menon. Στην συνέχεια ο Σάι Μπάμπα «υλοποιεί» το μενταγιόν με μια κίνηση του χεριού του.Ο Piet Vroon δουλεύοντας για λογαριασμό της Ολλανδικής εφημερίδας DE VOLKSKRAANT ανέφερε ότι αυτός και ο συνεργάτης του είδαν τον Σάι Μπάμπα να παίρνει δαχτυλίδια, μενταγιόν και ρολόγια από πίσω από βάζα και από κάτω από μαξιλάρια που είχε η καρέκλα του.

Επίσης είπαν ότι η στάχτη που εμφάνιζε, βρισκόταν μέσα σε μπαλάκια τα οποιά είχε κρυμμένα στο ένα χέρι του και όταν ήταν να «εμφανίσει» την ιερή στάχτη, τα πέρναγε στο άλλο του χέρι και τα έλιωνε απελευθερώνοντας την.

Υπάρχουν επίσης και διάφορα σκάνδαλα που ταλανίζουν τον οίκο του Σάι Μπάμπα. Στις 6 Ιουνίου του 1993, έξι εσώκλειστοι του παλατιού του βρέθηκαν άγρια δολοφονημένοι μέσα στην κρεβατοκάμαρα του. Ο ένας από αυτούς ήταν και ο Radhakrishna Menon, ο βοηθός του που καταγράφηκε στο βίντεο να του δίνει ένα μενταγιόν. Η υπόθεση έκλεισε με το πόρισμα ότι η σφαγή αυτή ήταν αποτέλεσμα απόπειρας δολοφονίας του Σάι Μπάμπα. Η αστυνομία όμως κατηγορήθηκε ότι ηθελημένα κατέστρεψε στοιχεία της υπόθεσης.Επίσης, στις 19 Ιανουαρίου του 1996, η εβδομαδιαία εφημερίδα LOK PRABHA δημοσίευσε μια αναφορά σχετικά με το Ινστιτούτο Ανώτερων Ιατρικών Επιστημών Σάτια Σάι ( Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences) στο οποίο ένας χωρικός από την επαρχία Λατούρ (Latur) της Μαχαράστρα (Maharastra) προοριζόταν για μεταμόσχευση νεφρού. Το νεφρό θα αφαιρείτο από τον γιό του. Αν και το νεφρό όντως αφαιρέθηκε, ένας έλεγχος που έγινε μετά, έδειξε ότι τελικά το νεφρό δεν είχε μεταμοσχευθεί στον πατέρα. Αυτή η υπόθεση δημιούργησε ερωτήματα για το αν το ινστιτούτο εμπλέκεται σε υποθέσεις παγκόσμιας εμπορίας οργάνων.

Ύστερα από όλα αυτά που έχουν δει το φως της δημοσιότητας για το Σάι Μπάμπα, του οποίου η οργάνωση δραστηριοποιείται και στην Ελλάδα, το μόνο θαύμα που υπάρχει είναι το ότι έχει ακόμα κάποιες παραπλανημένες ψυχές που τις εξαπατεί και τον πιστεύουν.

Πηγή ‘Κόκκινος Ουρανός’

Βέβαια, δεν έχουν λείψει τα σκάνδαλα και οι επικρίσεις εναντίον του. Τόσο τηλεοπτικοί σταθμοί όσο και αρκετές εφημερίδες έχουν φιλοξενήσει κατά καιρούς καταγγελίες για παιδοφιλία και για σεξουαλική εκμετάλλευση από πρώην οπαδούς του, όπως η περίπτωση του Αλια Ραχμ. Τελικώς, το BBC που είχε μεταδώσει το συγκεκριμένο ντοκιμαντέρ αναγκάστηκε να ανακοινώσει ότι το κεντρικό θέμα δεν ήταν η σεξουαλική εκμετάλλευση, αλλά η «προδοσία της πίστης».


l  (Also a good blog)

English translation of the above:-

The Sai Baba, the famous Hindu guru and ‘demigod’ claimed  that he had “unlimited power” and clearly “superior to Christ,” has died at the age of 84 on Easter Sunday, April 24. He is said to have done many “miracles” in his life, but these were clearly magic tricks with which he deceived many people. Much can be read at the Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed. One of the forecasts, for example, was that he would die at age 96 (see also here), so the ‘prophecy’ of ‘premature’ death gives him an important posthumous blow to its credibility.
Sathya Sai Baba, the Indian guru to millions of believers around the world, died today at age of 85 after prolonged illness at a hospital in southern India. The guru, who was hospitalized for more than three weeks in critical condition, according to Indian television network NDTV, the multi-organ failure, died in hospital in his native town Puttaparthi in southern India.
Among the millions of faithful to the very popular guru among political leaders, businessmen and celebrities. This is an “irreparable loss” said Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the death of Sai Baba. A few words about the Indian guru: The Sai Baba’s real name is Satyanarayana Raju, born in 1926 and known as Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. (Critics argue that the birth date falsified to show that the birth of Sai Baba fulfills a prophecy of Sri Aurobindo. They say that school records show that in fact born in 1929).
The film «Guru Busters»  from the company Equinox, showed that these miracles are nothing more than cheap magic tricks. A classic ‘cue’ from the project came from an Indian physicist who was given of a ring that allegedly materialized by Sai Baba. The physicist said he had a doctorate from Harvard and could not be fooled by a magician. How many times have we heard  bright but misguided people say exactly this?
Sai Baba claimed that he was still avatars, that embodies a divine being. For Christ, Buddha and Mohammed said “Christ, Buddha, Mohammed and others were not avatars. They had some divine power … my power is infinite. “While for the so-called miracles of saying “it is beyond you to know the how and why create objects … objects that I create, I create with my own will, in the same manner and created the Universe”!
The miracles have been questioned and there is much testimony and video evidence clearly showing the way he performs them. They are really tricks. In the 1970s a committee of the University of Bangalore was established to investigate these so called miracles. The committee concluded that it was fraud. In particular, Sai Krishna (Sai ​​Krishna), a 7 year old child protege Sai Baba, was a fake. On 15 July, 1976 three members of the Committee saw him take forth sacred ash. Eventually they found that the ashes were hidden inside the shirt of the child and came out when lure a thread hidden in his clothes. On November 23, 1992 English daily Deccan Chronicle headlines pulled images from a video that shows Sai Baba to “create” a golden medallion in the presence of Indian Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao.
The video clearly showed the Sai Baba to get the medallion hidden by his assistant, called Radhakrishna Menon. Then Sai Baba “materializes” the medallion with a hand movement achievements.The Piet Vroon working for the Dutch newspaper DE VOLKSKRAANT said he and his partner saw Sai Baba to get rings, pendants and watches from behind jars and from under pillows he had on his chair.They also said that the ash that showed, was in the balls which had been hidden in a hand when he was to “show” the sacred ash, off in the other arm and releasing the powder. There are also a number of scandals plaguing the house of Sai Baba. On June 6, 1993, six enclosed in the guru’s temple apartment were murdered in the bedroom. One of them was Radhakrishna Menon, his assistant recorded the video to give him a medallion. The case ended with the conclusion that the massacre was the result of attempted murder of Sai Baba. The police, however, were accused of deliberately destroyed evidence of hypothesis. Episis on January 19, 1996, the weekly newspaper LOK PRABHA published a report on the Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences) in which a villager from province Latour (Latur) of Maharashtra (Maharastra) was for a kidney transplant. The kidney will be deducted from his son. Although the kidney is actually removed, a check was later shown that eventually the transplanted kidney was not the father. This case raised questions about whether the institute is involved in matters of global trade institutions.After all those who have seen the light of day for Sai Baba, whose organization operates in Greece, the only miracle is that there is still some misguided souls who cheat and believe him.
Source ‘Red Sky’
Of course, do not miss the scandals and criticism against him. Both TV stations and several newspapers have hosted occasional reports of pedophilia and sexual abuse by former followers, as in the case of Alaya Rahm.
The BBC broadcasted a documentary and announced that the theme was sexual exploitation and “betrayal of faith.”


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Sathya Sai Baba Trust “internal battles”

Posted by robertpriddy on April 30, 2011

NDTV report on the goings-on at Puttaparthi in the wake of Sathya Sai Baba’s funeral. The disingenuity of Sai ashram officials comes out clearly, as does the battle for control of all the huge interests involved. We also see from NDTV that even the foot-worshipping devotees, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has got involved with the Trust, along with Sonia Gandhi. Despite the massive media propaganda in India, this will almost inevitable eventually play out on the world stage to the discredit of all involved, if only in a limited way at present. Further, there are so many sexually abused former followers and students in contact with those of us who are defending them who will eventually come to terms with it and will emerge in future, as they did with the Roman Catholic Church. It takes time, of course, and the climate in India is dangerous for them still… remembering the four ex-students who were executed by the Puttaparthi police while Sathya Sai Baba stood by and conferred with them  through his younger brother, Janakiramiah.

While the internal battle continues, it comes as a shocker for many who noticed that Baba’s ardent devotee, who has always been beside the godman even till the guru breathed his last, was not present during the last rites ceremony. “The last rites were supposed to be conducted only by family members,” argues an ashram official. But when questioned further on why Sathyajit was not present at the ceremony, the official denied his absence and walked away. Many speculate that Baba’s family objected to Sathyajit’s as heir, and because of this long existing cold war, he gave the event a miss. Others however, simply couldn’t believe that he was nowhere to be seen throughout the ceremony. Another ashram official, overseeing the VVIP section believes that he was somewhere around and was trying to maintain a low profile as instructed by the state government. While both arguments hold strong ground, shutterbugs couldn’t even get a glimpse of the man. Meanwhile ashram officials were as surprised as the media, about whether it indeed was a blink and miss scenario with Sathyajit as was being portrayed, or whether he was actually absent during the entire event.

CHOSEN BY BABA The rumour about Sathyajit taking over caught fresh fire when trustee and former Chief Justice of India P N Bhagwati indicated that he would support Sathyajit in the internal power battle.
Adds the source, “Some of the trustees like Bhagwati support Sathyajit because Baba appreciated the selfless devotion, with which his ardent devotee served him. In fact, in one of his discourses last year, Baba indicated that Sathyajit should inherit his legacy.”
The state government has washed its hands of the issue and left the decision on the trust members.
The trustees held a 15-minute closed door meeting with the PM and Sonia Gandhi who had come down to Puttaparthi to pay their last respects on Tuesday. While questions about why Sathyajit hasn’t spoken out against the allegations made against him reverberate in the crowded town, it remains to be seen if Puttaparthi’s famous ashram will truly get a new spiritual successor in the next few days.

Please note that someone has used illegal hacking trick on the web browser so that I cannot normally access this website or up-date it. The attempt is amateurish and is easily averted, as the appearance of this posting proves. The most frequent attacker, web-stalker and character assassination – a most fanatical defender of Sathya Sai Baba and all and everything related to him – Gerald Moreno is the main a suspect, since Google links I open redirect to his mud-slinging site against me. This only affects those whose computers are already infected with the particular malware, not normal surfers. Expert software engineers are currently monitoring events to track the IP involved, which can lead to major consequences for the culprit for that use of malware is highly illegal. The attack is not confined to me.

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Sathya Sai Trust denial and cover-up

Posted by robertpriddy on April 29, 2011

The Economic Times wrote (Apl. 29, 2011)  PUTTAPARTHI: Ever since it was known that Sri Sathya Sai Baba was seriously ill, rumours of all kinds were making the rounds in the town of Puttaparthi, 435 km from Hyderabad. Everything, from the future of the Trust headed by Baba (the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust) to whether he left a will, has been open to intense speculation.

It is reported in the press that Satyajit claimed he had a will kept by his lawyer. What became of it? Could it have been bought – or the lawyer bought? There are enormous amounts of money involved here, and extremely greedy players no doubt, considering the endemic corruption throughout India. These are things we will probably never know for the secrecy and underhand methods used can succeed where there is money behind them.

On Thursday, a day after Baba was laid to rest, was time for all the trustees to make a rare appearance together in front of the media and clear the air. No, Baba left no will, they said. Nor did he name a successor . But the Trust would meet in the next one week and appoint a new chairman from among the existing trustees. Baba had been heading this public charitable Trust ever since it was formed in 1972. SS Naganand , who’s a lawyer to the Trust, said that a case for a will doesn’t arise.

If Sathya Sai Baba left a will, would Naganand dare to contest it, against the word of one he believes to be an Incarnate God? Would he try to defeat the will of the (supposed) Almighty by lawyer’s formal arguments? It seems he does not respect Sai Baba’s wishes, which were expressed in a discourse, that Satyajit should take over. What kind of man is this? Not that it seems at all right that his boyfriend and room-mate Satyajit should have any say in the donated funds’ use.

He said Baba always maintained that he did not have a single rupee. “He (Baba) said his property were his devotees. He never had any bank account, flat or land in his name. All the assets are property of the Trust and every rupee is accounted for. His only possession was his clothes so where arises the question of writing a will,” Naganand said.

This is sheer deceit. There are many persons who have received sums of money direct from the hand of Sathya Sai Baba – I knew a student who did, and others have testified, such as Alaya Rahm. If you look into the matter honestly and properly you will see that Sai Baba said very many things that were simply not true… based on his own contradictory words and actions. This I know as a fact from personal experience of him. So why believe his claims about money and not owning anything… he could and did summon up vast sums with his signatures on bank cheques (of which I have seen I thick wad myself – shown me by Ratnakar at the State Bank in Puttaparthi long ago (around 1986) when I had questions about whether my donations had been received. Sathya Sai Baba freely admitted in discourses that he always signed all cheques. He controlled all the money, even if it was not in his name so as to preserve an appearance of poverty’! He used millions to build two museums to promote himself and virtual palaces to house himself!

All those who point to Sai Baba as having received donations should be aware how these were obtained. In order to make people grateful to him for ‘blessings’, he gave away what he called ‘diamond rings’ but they were all cheap gems (no single person has ever produced proof of a professional jeweler while ex-devotees have produced proof that the stones they got were not genuine!). He gave countless cheap trinkets – some with 18 carat gold in (he had the means)  – and many of the watches he was donated he pretended to materialize. His trick have been exposed by dozens of persons who were close to him – leaders of his Organization included. This is a subtle trick – if you believe God gave you a diamond you will want to repay in many ways… and many did with huge donations worth hundreds of times more than what it cost him. I did so myself! See Sathya Sai Baba ‘green diamond’ fully proven to be fake They were well-meaning but were deceived. That is how he built his financial mini-empire… the more he took in the better things he could afford to give, such as free apartments in his ashram to some.

The Trust’s facade of blank denials in the face of much evidence was seen through when they refused at their press conference to answer a single question. These are perhaps best illustrated by a Google search page:-

from Google search

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Sathya Sai Baba death date in serious doubt

Posted by robertpriddy on April 28, 2011

My Indian informant has provided the following information and informed viewpoints:

The casket (coffin) ordered ordered March 29 (i.e. long before the announcement of the death on April 24 and even while all doctors were making most positive prognoses about the guru’s health

The casket (coffin) ordered ordered March 29 (i.e. long before the announcement of the death on April 24 and even while all doctors were making most positive prognoses about the guru’s health

“If one reads the messages on the Sai Baba News Forum, posted by close devotees and Sai Baba students, it’s  very clear from them that around the 4th April – and again around the 20th April – there was major upheaval; and Sai Baba was believed to be dead. It’s fairly obvious that during these 15 days the Sathya Sai Central Trust was grappling with the inner finances control affairs and trying to keep the news covered over. But from most of the direct news from Puttaparthi (as reported by close Sai-devotees/students) and from the sequence of medical bulletins, between April 4th to April 20th, The Central Trust maintained the same “stable,  but critical and vital parameters nearly normal” announcements. By mid April the “final news” had spread everywhere, so top politicians, top medical experts were flown in, the “sanjeeva samadhi” (burial while alive) news came in by 20th. The Seva Dal (Sai Baba’s own service organization at Prashanthi Nilayam) actually reported that Sai Baba’s body had finally stopped functioning by 3.30pm April 20th.

If one views all this in the context of the casket being enquired about already on or about the 29th of March…frantically ordered by 3 am, through multiple phone calls ( April 4th/5th), and that the so-called “sanjeeva samadhi” (burial alive) reports surfaced by April 20th,  the sequence is logically consistent with the suspicion that Sai Baba was already dead. When he actually died – what was the role of the politicians, trust members, trust doctors in keeping him “alive” – can be guessed at by all independently-minded persons. Most probably,  Sai Baba died long before April 27th and the powers-that-be had tried to hide it AND made at least 2 attempts to “officially” announce it between April 4/5th and April 20th, under some pretext or other.   For whatever reason it is likely that April 27th was when Trust matters were agreed upon through compromises? There are murky and fishy matters here, like the coordinated timings of otherwise unpredictable events, including how politicians and VVIPs planned in advance to travel to the funeral and ‘pay their dues’.”

The choice of an “Easter announcement” is suspicious. The supposed death day Easter Sunday (when Christ is believed to have resurrected from death!) knowing how the Trust people believe (in their mistaken ‘true belief’ and chauvinism) that many Christians are (or may become) very sympathetic towards Sai Baba (and a source of possible future donations). Even perhaps because it was India’s national icon and cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday fell on April 24th and, him being a devotee, the Trust could thereby milk a great amount of positive and sympathetic media attention .

The utterly scandalous behaviour of the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pratibha Patil in endorsing Sathya Sai Baba so publicly – considering what is known about him – has been criticized by numerous people. I recommed to read the blog by a rationalist, Rajeesh, entitled CONDEMN and PROTEST Fundamentalist Role of Indian Government violating Secularism

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Lewis Kreydick and Gerald Joe Moreno – disinformation in the Rahm court case

Posted by robertpriddy on April 28, 2011

An Orange County, California, lawsuit concerning alleged sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba had to be self-dismissed for technical reasons by Alaya Rahm. It transpired that there was no accountable registered organization in the USA to indict and an indictment of Sathya Sai Baba was disallowed by the judge because he is in India. When the matter was cleared, Dr. Michael Goldstein – International Chairman of the Sathya Sai organization – issued a secret circular directing all national Sathya Sai Organizations to ensure they were registered and legally accountable (though this has not yet been adequately done). See here

Stymied Alaya Rahm USA court case

The Sathya Sai Society of the USA – a charitable fund – had as its front a bookshop hosting a charitable trust, which did not represent the organization or its officials. Alaya Rahm’s attempt to get a legal decision had to be self-dismissed without any hope of it coming to judgement. (See

Sathya Sai Baba’s key internet defender
of Sai Baba and his organization etc., Gerald Joe Moreno tendentiously distorts the facts of the lawsuit in every possible way- as he does in his attacks on every one of the scores of young men who have alleged sexual abuse by Sai Baba. Evidently in deep denial himself after a long period of confusion after being ‘oiled on the lower stomach’ in private himself and his former  belief that Sai Baba was a sexual abuser, Moreno tried his utmost in every possible forum (such as Wikipedia) to cast doubt on the result of the Rahm court case. His main attack was to publicise the testimony of Lewis Kreydick, a US devotee who claimed to have been a close confidante of Alaya Rahm during the period he was allegedly sexually abused by Sai Baba. The untruthful deposition by the devotee of Sai Baba, Lewis Kreydick had no effect whatsoever on the decision of Alaya Rahm to withdraw his case, and it was never actually heard in court – it was merely a delivered deposition (also unavailable from the Clerk of Court to other than the parties involved!).  The withdrawal of Alaya Rahm’s case was purely because his attorney could not find any person or accountable body to answer to the Alaya Rahm’s suit. He fully maintains these claims. There is nothing proved against them. So Alaya Rahm’s case was never actually put to the legal test. For reasons former devotee lawyers in the USA and elsewhere are having trouble in understanding, Rahm’s attorney embarked on the case only to discover that there was no legally incorporated entity to sue. Rahm could not sue Sathya Sai Baba in India mainly because Sai Baba has long been protected from all court petitions by the High Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati – his foot-kissing devotee of decades – and then PM Narasimha Rao and his Home Minister S.B. Chavan.

Kreydick’s main point was that Alaya never mentioned the abuses to him. Yet, in the television documentaries, Alaya stated that he believed, at the time of the abuses, that if he spoke about them his family would reject him.  Lewis Kreydick’s deposition is that of a blindly subjective devotee who attempted to slur Alaya Rahm. Kreydick claimed that he was a close friend and advisor to Alaya and made constant speculations about Alaya’s state of mind (repeatedly objected to by Rahm’s attorney), claiming he could not have been abused and unhappy because he was all smiles. The attempt was to sully Alaya’s character (and, disgracefully, that of his mother, too!).  This was heartless. Kreydick’s testimony totally disregarded the situation that Alaya was going through a tremendous inner upheaval while having to put up a brave face. Experts in sexual abuse attest that abusees, in the face of a situation too painful to admit fully into consciousness, can hide the turmoil about a situation beneath smiles. Here was an individual, knowing the terrible consequences in a US court should anyone perjure themselves, striving to tell his story of a very confusing and traumatic sexual abuse by his former guru, whom he had been raised to regard as God.

According to relatives who have contacted the exposé, Lewis Kreydick is a shady character who they say was suspected and indicted for murder of his own parents, but was saved by his lawyers, and who fled to the feet of Sathya Sai Baba for forgiveness.  Moreno even claimed, against all evidence, that the decision by Alaya Rahm somehow vindicated Sathya Sai Baba as not having been a sexual abuser! Alaya Rahm has NEVER withdrawn his allegations. Nor have his supporters, who are many among ex-devotees of Sai Baba in the USA and elsewhere, doubted his claims in the least. No judgement naming Sathya Sai Baba was given, in fact no verdict other than case self-dismissed was given. Gerald Joe Moreno has written extremely extensively on the Internet about this case, and none of it stands up to reasonable scrutiny. He continues with his fanatical and obsessive attempts to discredit, smear and assassinate character to all who have voiced criticism of Sathya Sai Baba, on whatever count. His chief method is ad hominem attack, besides systematically doubting the integrity of every critic (there are hundreds!), refusing without any contrary evidence to accept whatever proofs or testimonies they deliver. He calls nearly all of them liars over and again. The people he attacks were mostly known in the Sathya Sai movement as strongly motivated to do social service and held high all human values.

Moreno’s life has for about 5 years revolved around the work of the critics to the exclusion of anything else, as far as one can see. He certainly suffers from physiological denial syndrome to a high degree… even though he admits to the oiling by Sai Baba in private of his lower stomach (whatever that really implies) caused him to be sexually inhibited for years afterwards, though he claimed to have no idea of the reason for Sai Baba to do it. Many others have testified in public – and many more in private – to the reason… which is grooming to see whether sex is a possibility! Moreno’s reply to the many testimonies and all the supporting evidence is to attack and try to humiliate those many boys and young men who have already been put through such humiliating events by the self-proclaimed God Almighty.

Moreno’s attacks on former devotees in regard to the Hislop letters

Gerald Moreno sustains his futile on-line denials of the authenticity of the Hislop letters and their substance This, even though he was totally rebutted in his web campaign to prove that the Hislop letters were fake by Timothy Conway’s affidavit confirming their existence in scans and the accuracy of transcripts of them. He has attacked Mrs. Payne (Diana Scott) for not replying to his e-mail to her! What brazen insolence… for she no doubt knew from reading his publication of many e-mails he sent and received to testifiers to Sai Baba sex abuse how he uses their replies to twist the facts, to vilify them and call them liars and yet worse. He cast his perennial suspicions on whether Terry Lee Scott was actually sexually abused, as he has done in heartless and insulting attacks on every single person who has testified to sexual abuse– including at least 30 instances by self-identified persons. Moreno points out that the Sai College authorities dismissed Terry Scott “in disgrace” as if this were for some other fact than his having accused Sai Baba of sexual impropriety towards himself and his friends. The supposed ‘disgrace’ was the reaction of Sai Baba’s corrupt henchmen because he even dared to speak up… for it is strictly verboten to make the slightest criticism of the one they all worship as the one God Incarnate on earth.

Full information on Gerald Joe Moreno is found here

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Sathya Sai Central Trust disinformation

Posted by robertpriddy on April 28, 2011

The Sathya Sai Central trust gave an hour long press conference. As usual it was marked by bland unsubstantiated statements meaning nothing, with no supplementary questions allowed. The press corps left very unsatisfied with the Trust for not answering questions. The Chandigarth Tribune, among many other prominent Indian newspapers, published much the same facts I reported in my previous blog. A brief excerpt follows:-

Casket ordered 20 days before Baba’s death!
Suresh Dharur/TNS Hyderabad, April 27
Hours after the burial of Sathya Sai Baba, a major controversy broke out over the coffin procured by the ashram authorities. It has emerged that the casket was ordered on April 4, almost three weeks before the demise of Baba.
The revelation, made before the media by a Bengaluru-based supplier of caskets, has come as a major embarrassment for the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT) which is already facing public criticism for its alleged non-transparent style of functioning.
The disclosure has triggered several disturbing questions about the functioning the Trust and the way it handled Baba’s health condition. Questions are being raised as to why the casket was ordered on April 4 when the official bulletins kept insisting that Baba’s condition was stable. Why was the order routed through Hyderabad? Did the authorities fear the worst, but continued to mislead the devotees?

The Sathya Sai Central Trust made the following statements, the truth of many of which are in quite extreme doubt:-

“1. The trust owns hospitals, schools etc, all run for charity, and hence no question of there being a commercial value on these lands, as no money is made from them

2. All financial matters are audited and sent to the government, in the last 4 years the trust received an average of Rs 130 crores per year and had expenses of around Rs 75 crores, so it is quite a modest trust.

3. Sai Baba was perfectly fine till his last few days and till he was admitted on March 28th, he was carrying on all his activities normally and was in perfect mental state to make all his decisions. He choose to have his own doctor before March 28th, and the trust had nothing to do with it. We presume that whatever medication that was given, if at all there was any before March 28th, would have been taken by him normally.

4. After March 28th, the best possible treatment was given to him by a team of experts, but he did not recover. Twice a day medical bulletins were issued on his health and its there for all to see.

5. There is no question of a successor to Sai baba as Chairman of the trust, at the moment…but, the trust will meet soon and decide on all policy matters including administration, check signing authority etc.

6. There is no “will” left by Sai baba as far as we know. Sai Baba had nothing in his own name to leave a will. All issues regarding his trust are recorded in the statute of the trust, and we the trustees appointed personally by him, have the responsibility of running it as per the statute after his lifetime.

7. The Trust did not order any casket for Sai baba on April 4th. A devotee had supplied it to the hospital after his death on April 27th.”

The Sathya Sai Organization and the Central Trust are extremely tight-lipped, autocratic, top-down and secretively clandestine. They do not admit of questions at conferences, unless prepared by well-instructed ‘stooges’, which many devotees are willing to perform, so indoctrinated are they.

As to the many and diverse allegations against Sathya Sai Baba and his institutions, he has instructed that no one should reply to them or get involved, saying that if one goes into the gutter one will get dirty, or words to that effect. However, he did allow his main internet and radio propagandist, Dr. G. Venkataraman (a key SS Central Trust member), to reply in a very lengthy, rambling and non-documented disingenuous article, which can be seen here along with the step-by-step and documented rebuttal by myself and Barry Pittard. See The Sathya Sai Organization’s Deception and Propaganda exposed

In addition to this, the Sathya Sai authorities have silently endorsed the full-time character assassination attempts by Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno (who claims not to be even a devotee of SB, though he has devoted his life to the dirty task for about 7 years so far). He has created websites and blogs against many dissidents with titles like “Robert Priddy Deceptions Exposed”, and worked tirelessly to get them high on search engines. I have countered the contrived and insubstantial – but very lengthy – sites and blogs against me at my blog Robert Priddy Not Exposed. A better exemplar of all that the teachings of Sai Baba condemns and of untruthful denial (he was molested illegally by Sai Baba in private, he has himself described what occurred and his confusion about it, though he considered it a blessing! Despite a period where he thought Sai Baba to be a sexual abuser!”) All this can be summarily viewed from the page GERALD MORENO at the head of this blog.

All documented available  information about the Sathya sai Organisation one could desire

Second OPEN LETTER to the PRASHANTHI COUNCIL on the organization’s support of libels Also ignored, demonstrating the passive acceptance of libels and character assasination by Moreno made on their behalf.

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Sathya Sai Baba news sensation – may have died earlier

Posted by robertpriddy on April 27, 2011

Despite vehement official denials by trustees of any valuables being hidden in Sai Baba’s residence  i.e. in the locked yajur mandir – to contrary has proved true.. and on an unimaginable scale too. See  Midas hoard revealed was in Sathya Sai Baba’s private possession  Lies, cover-up and deception by the Sathya Sai Central Trust have been proven time and again.

See also Sathya Sai Baba’s death – no miracles and Documented chronicle over events from Sathya Sai Baba’s hospitalization to his death and aftermath and Death of Sathya Sai Baba: no valid certification 

 Hardly a single important circumstance concerning the recent health, hospitalization, treatment, or the time and immediate cause of death of Sathya Sai Baba, has not been surrounded by secrecy, disinformation and ill-concealed controversy and power struggles between contestants for a role in the multi-billion dollar financed goings-on. This can be seen in a large number of newspaper investigations and statements from involved parties. Considering the huge controversy about his illness, about the amount of drugs he was taking for such a long period (some say 6 months) and the causes and manner of his decease, there should certainly have been a post mortem with a coroner’s report too, but no such process has been allowed. So far there is no mention anywhere of even a death certificate being issued for Sathya Sai Baba – surely a normal practice which is again being abrogated. Perhaps the most sensitive issue for those involved in the continuing series of cover-ups reaching to high levels of government, is that of the date and circumstances of the ordering of his casket coffin – facts which Sathya Sai Central Trust blue-facedly denies, despite the documentation and full testimony on the extremely suspicious sequence of events being available on TV channels in India. That Sathya Sai Baba allegedly died on Easter Sunday is also suspicious because he was on a life support system which was removed at some point. This removal would have been tantamount to causing death. It was done to coincide with Easter Sunday – i.e. Christ’s supposed ‘resurrection’ day. This look very like an attempt to hang onto those foreign devotees who misguidedly believe that Sathya Sai Baba WAS Christ (including  US Dr. Michael Goldstein – international chairman of the Sathya Sai organization – see him state this very short clip (filesize 260Kb)).

Breaking news from Andhra Pradesh News here ….. My informant states: “A smart investigative reporter has tracked the matter down and managed to get actual email order of the embalming box that was asked to be delivered on April 4th…they are showing it on TV. The owner of the establishment has come on camera and admitted it with all the records. It looks as though Sathya Sai Baba was dead long back and serious development may even lead to calls for a post mortem and need to exhume the body?. Was he killed or did he collapse under the effect of drugs/steroids/pills?” This raises the question why the date of delivery was fixed about 17 days ahead of its appearance in Puttaparthi. Was it a precaution in case he should die, or a result of knowing he could not live, or even that he had already died.. or lost so many functions that he would be dead if any support were removed? The usual problem is the Sathya Sai Central Trust is a clandestine small enclave within the whole and no one but members have any ideas what is going on, if all of them do so even then. What is certain is that neither devotees nor even ‘ordinary’ Sai-VIPs have a clue about the acts behind the curtain or the facts below the carpet there!

There were reports here and there which were said to have ‘leaked out’ from the IC Unit by word of mouth that Sathya Sai Baba had already died. Various times and dates were given from various informants. However, since a very large number of doctors were allegedly involved in treating him, it seems unlikely that they can all have joined a conspiracy to cover-up, though no one knows who was actually allowed proper access to physically examine Sathya Sai Baba himself. It has been claimed that his boyfriend Satyajit held the reins of power and decided who could go near him or not. See Sai Baba drugged by Satyajit, who is the power broker

Here comes a more detailed (preliminary) report from my excellent informant in India:-

1. Kumar International, Malleswaram, Bangalore, who are specialists in embalming/casket/undertaker funeral services got a request on or around the 29th March, for a special casket. The caller was one “Rajendra Reddy”…and he wanted to buy an air conditioned casket with embalming facility.

2. Ms Lakshmi, a middle aged lady, the owner of the service was surprised as most orders were only rentals for 2-3 days, mostly catering to the needs of people who die and whose relatives have to come from USA/UK etc ( of which there are plenty, given the thousands of Indian software   professionals in South India who had migrated to the West ). The caller wanted a quotation and an email was sent to him.

3. The price quoted was Rs 57,000 plus Rs 5700 for transportation, the caller first said it should be delivered to Coimbatore city, and then said Mysore later. The price and details wee sent by Kumar International by email to “Rajendra Reddy”….who asked how long it would take to make one.

4. RR was informed it may take minimum a week , as per the specifications he had given, or alternatively, he could take a look at what they had in store.RR said he needed one within 3-4 days and had no time. He also asked how long the body would be preserved, to which Ms Lakshmi had said ” about 8-10 days,depending on the diseases/medication the deceased had been receiving. She was also asked about formaldehyde and she had replied that the doctors would be able to advise better, but yes, formaldehyde would be a good option.

5.Either RR or one of his agents had come to her office and paid a cash advance to her staff next day. And insisted that as they wanted a special casket immediately, they would choose one of those already in store.

6. Lakshmi’s staff started getting frantic phone calls by 3 AM on April 4th/5th….they had sent a complete price quotation for the special casket chosen by 4.41 pm April 4th ( the email was shown on TV ).

7. The casket was asked to be delivered to Puttaparthi hospital, which Lakshmi’s service did immediately.

8. Lakshmi, meanwhile ( although not a Sai baba follower ), started getting suspicious , as she had been following the Sai Baba news on TV.

9. But as nothing developed, she put it out of her mind…till Sai Baba was announced dead on April 24th morning. And by evening 6pm, when she saw the coffin/casket on TV, she was shocked to see it was the one she had sold and delivered to Puttaparthi on April 4th/5th. Even the name “Kumar International ” with contact numbers on the casket  was seen on TV ( after the burial today morning, when the casket was kept to one side)…but even by Monday ( 25th) she was so concerned about what she should do, she consulted her family guruji and appraised him of the situation, and that this may involve the powerful Sai Baba.. The guruji simply asked her not to be afraid and advised her to speak the truth , irrespective of what it involved, as truth was the greatest protector.

10. Lakshmi, called TV channels in Andhra and went live on air, telling her full story, along with complete records to back up everything.

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Sathya Sai Baba 96 years old at death? Lunar year confusions

Posted by robertpriddy on April 27, 2011

The Sathya Sai Organization’s official website presents a confused ‘explanation’ as to how Sai Baba, who died long before his 96th year, actually was 96 years old nevertheless, not calendar years but ‘lunar years’!  As is usual with them, they always base their face-saving propaganda on the forlorn hope that nobody will check the facts. It is clear to me that they calculated wrongly just so it would produce a result that suited their belief that Sai Baba lived until he was 94.4 lunar years old. Note the amusing discrepancy here too! Ninety-four point four does not even agree with his own words – living until 96, (or to depart at 92 or 93, according to which of his published statements you favour most!  He was between 89.5 and 94.4 lunar years old, depending on how one chooses to look at it. This falls far short of the constantly cited 96 years! Another problem is that his birth date was, according to school records, ‘adjusted’ by making it three years earlier than correct (but that is another issue and it would still not save his predictions of his mortal years).

  It should not go unmentioned, at least, that Sathya Sai Baba has celebrated his birthdays since youth according to the calendar year. He gives calendar year dates for diverse events in his discourses, and no one has EVER mentioned that he reckons anything in lunar years throughout his career. Only now, when the crisis of his false predictions takes on serious dimensions for the believing and donating public, is this dragged out as a vain and flawed palliative… and one which is more likely to harm than save the patient!

The scan (edited down for simplicity) of the official Sai Organization page asserts:-

Check the contents for yourself by clicking on the image

Everyone knows that a month (the lunar cycle) is between 29 and 30 days. This is based on the Gregorian calendar – which is now the virtually world-wide adopted calendar standard.  Even Hindu astrologers seem not to be of a different opinion in general, but some may use the 27 to 28 day lunar month measurements. Now, in their zeal, the Sathya Sai Organization has latched onto the celestially perceived lunar orbit time (conveniently) of 27.1 days (though they they it “may not be correct”!).

At we read:-” When a new moon occurs before sunrise on a day, that day is said to be the first day of the lunar month. So it is evident that the end of the lunar month will coincide with a new moon. A lunar month has 29 or 30 days (according to the movement of the moon).”

Now, the ‘lunar year’ is an obscure construction which was never used in dating Sai Baba’s birthdays or any other date announced by him or his ashrams. (Never mind that some fanatics have invented instances where he supposedly used a lunar year calculation but which were never recorded in reliable documents).  A year necessarily means a solar year, the time the earth takes to circumnavigate the sun (365 days excepting leap year – the same for the moon, of course, which is a satellite to the earth) . One cannot add or subtract from that year because of lunar phases any more than one can change it because of the apparent movement of, say, Mars or Venus. That some Hindu shastris use such calculations is beside the point and they even in some cases decide to add one lunar months every 6 years so as to approach the correct solar year length! Only now does all this lunar confusion seem of significance to those desperately searching for an explanation to prove Sai Baba was infallible.

According to the website Sathya Sai Baba lived for 30,833 days. This is only a correct calculation (correct IF he was actually born on 23 Nov. 1926, which is hotly disputed – since his registered date in his school record is 3 years LATER!).

The lunar month averages 27.21 days (by the very shortest or ‘draconic’ reckoning which the website chose for obvious reasons). The number of days per lunar year is 27.21 times 12 = 326.52 (days per annum) So 30,833 days divided by 326 days per year is equal to 94.56 lunar years.
This exceeds the minimum requirement of 93 years, which he twice predicted in separate discourses. Nor does it reach 96 years, which he also stated was the age he would reach – as several commentators agreed he has stated (though he also stated at least 3 other ages for himself). However one twists and turns it, the calculations do not fit the predictionof 96 years, nor that of 93. It would fit with the lifespan Haraldsson reported Sai Baba stated – 94 years, even though that was worked out at year 2020 – nor the other ages he predicted.

From 9 Sept 1960 (when Sai Baba was 43 calendar years old), plus 59 years = 2019 AD. He lived until age 84 by normal calendar reckoning, dying in 2011. Eight years short on calendar reckoning (which he always used in public, despite concocted, undocumented rumours that he once or twice did not).

from Wikipedia – some calendars which show the predominance of 30 or 31-day months

One can expect further contortions by the Sai Organization, finding hoary astrological shastris who may contest with esoteric theories. Indeed, the Hindu calendar used in ancient times has undergone many changes in the process of regionalization, and today there are several regional Indian calendars, as well as an Indian national calendar. There is ample room for confusion… and hence deception too. Most of these calendars are inherited from a system first enunciated in Vedanga Jyotisha of Lagadha, a late BCE adjunct to the Vedas, standardized in the Surya Siddhanta (3rd century CE) and subsequently reformed by astronomers such as Aryabhata (499 CE), Varahamihira (6th c. CE), and Bhaskara (12th c. CE). There are differences and regional variations abound in these computations. It is all age-old abacus reckoning, not scientifically precise or integrated into a system anywhere near Newtonian physics. One is reminded of H.G. Wells ‘famous comic character Mr. Polly, who called arithmetic “a flukey science”.

That Sathya Sai Baba always reckoned in normal calendar years is proven by the following quotations he made:-
“I will be in this mortal form for 59 years more and I shall certainly achieve the purpose of this avatar, do not doubt it.”
(Discourse 29.09.1960)
[1960 + 59 = 2019]
“I shall be in this body for 58 years more, I have assured you of this already.”
(Discourse 21.10.1961)
[1961 + 58 = 2019]
“As the world goes, at the age of 60, the physique becomes weak and the mind loses its alertness. But I skip along as fresh and active as ever.”
(Discourse 23.11.1985)
[1985 – 1926 = 59]
“The advent (of this avatar) took place 64 years ago.”
(Discourse 23.11.1990)
[1990 – 1926 = 64]
“This body is now 67 years.”
(Discourse 3.07.1993)
[1993 – 1926 = 67]
“The body (of Swami) will enter its 70th year on 23rd.”
(Discourse 17.11.1995)
[1995 – 1926 = 69]
“I am 73 years. My legs, hands, eyes are in perfect condition.”
(Discourse 24.11.1998)
[1998 – 1926 = 72]
“Today marks the 75th year of the Advent of this body.”
(Discourse 23.11.2000)
[2000 – 1926 = 74]
As officially reported, Sathya Sai Baba passed away on 24th April 2011.
[2011 – 1926 = 85]
However much one may try to distort or remove these facts, the lunar year theory will not add up in any shape or form..

To see how the Sathya Sai people try constantly to revise their statements, edit out of existence what is no longer acceptable that Sai Baba discourses or statements contain. They suppress things that have published and conduct damage limitation so as to indoctrinate, confuse and – above all – retain devotees (as their main donation catchment) look at the following:-

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Sathya Sai Baba is claimed to resurrect soon

Posted by robertpriddy on April 27, 2011

The Times of India published another version of the ‘Sathya Sai Baba will resurrect himself after 41 days’ story again because of a disturbance caused by a devotee who went on n a hunger strike to try to stop the burial. (see inset) The article continued:- “The woman, who hails from Bhimavaram, sat on a hunger strike in protest against the Trust decision to perform the last rites of Baba on Wednesday. “If he’s not buried, he would resurrect and give darshan to lakhs of devotees again. He doesn’t want to be buried. He had told me this when he appeared in my dream,” she said. Another devotee Tappuri Sai also created a stir by alleging that the body kept in glass casket was not that of Baba and that Sai Baba would come back again. Claiming himself to be head of the seventh peetham, Tappuri Sai said Sai Baba had gone away to complete some `unfinished agenda’.”

Comment: Devotees held that this means that he intended to live until he was in his 90s, but now the Sathya Sai Organization accepts he is dead and gone and has concocted an answer for the puzzled and distraught devotees as to why he died at age 85 (by Indian reckoning); namely, he was supposed to be calculating in lunar – not calendar – years. I shall return to this desperate and deeply flawed rationalization in my next blog.

As to the resurrection claim, The Times of India earlier wrote “Baba said he would return stronger”? as follows:-

PUTTAPARTHI: Did Sathya Sai Baba have premonition 10 years ago that he would fall seriously ill? Yes, claim his followers. According to them, Sai Baba had predicted in 2000 that he would be indisposed for 40 days but would come back strong to give darshan to his devotees.
This was revealed in a book ‘Tapovanam — Bhagawan Sri Sathya Saibaba Satcharitra Nityaparaya-nam’ in which the author Jandhyala Venkateswara Sastry has written an essay on Baba’s ill-health. Sai Baba had told his students at his Sai Shruti ashram in Kodaikanal in 2000: ”Though most of my disciples fall at my feet, they don’t know my real value. A time would come when I would vanish and take a walk across the skies. During that phase, my body would face serious health problems and devotees would be desperately praying for my recovery.”

Further comment: Tappuri Sai may have noticed that the hair of Sai Baba as seen through the glass looks suspiciously like a wig, compared to his extreme thinning visible during his birthday. Undertakers do work on the appearance of the corpse with many techniques, of course. Sai Baba’s hair has been the object of great attention throughout his life; once it began to go grey. He did a miracle and turned it back to black, saying it would never turn grey again. (The said miracle is also surely known as black dye).

In 1998 V.K. Narasimhan told me that Sathya Sai Baba had told him definitively that he had not had his hair cut for 20 years! However, photos taken of Sathya Sai Baba through that period show clearly that (around 1993/4?) his hair was suddenly seen to be about 1/3 or less of the volume it normally had. Then it slowly grew out again. I was present at the ashram at that time and observed this closer crop of his hair. So Sathya Sai Baba can tell his followers anything he likes, whether true or not, accurate or not, and get away with it! There have been any number of photos showing Sathya Sai Baba before and after a haircut (though this fact is never mentioned by devotees, of course. The condition of his thinning hair in 2010 is shown here. Even from these photos, all taken within a few years after 2004, one can see that his hair has been trimmed, fashioned etc. It is claimed too by Indian skeptics that he dyes his hair to keep it black, as he once predicted it would always be, and that he suffers from a bad skin condition as a result.

Dr. G. Venkataraman is one of Sathya Sai Baba’s most important representatives as head of Radio Sai, board member on the Central Trust and Vice-President of the Prashanthi Council etc. He was a nuclear scientist who lost his son and was consoled and emotionally manipulated by Sai Baba afterwards. His case is a typical example of how educated persons can fall for the indoctrination and tricks of Sai Baba to believe virtually anything he was told by him.  He has declared that Sai Baba is the Creator of the Universe: see The Most Gullible Physicist Alive?

Dr. G. Venkataraman is not a poor man, having long  been employed in the Indian nuclear industry, yet he gratefully accepted a brand new free Japanese car from Sathya Sai Baba, knowing that the money came from donations by followers for the purpose of aiding the poor, the needy, the suffering and the uneducated!
See Donations to Sathya Sai Central Trust misused by/for directors etc.
Since the sex allegations broke he has denied their validity, but no abused student dare tell him the facts as Venkataraman was so close to the abuser himself and untrustworthy in an environment were ex-students were shot down by police within the ashram and many dissidents have been harassed and even had their houses burgled etc.!

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Sathya Sai Baba News – Funeral problems

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2011

The funeral ceremony caused massive disturbances of one kind and another. Due to the Indian authorities’ total disregard of the well-being of the populace, which was demonstrated by their usual ultra-tight security arrangement for VVIPs, those in Puttaparthi were cynically left without food or drink!
Here is the report from The Times of India, Apl 26:-

“…confusion pervades beyond the gates of the Central Trust. While thousands of devotees keep pouring into Puttaparthi to wait in queues stretching up to 2-3 kms for that last glimpse, there appears to be little co-ordination between the Central Trust and the cops on how to handle the surge. “All they are interested are VVIPs and VIPs. We commoners are left to fend for ourselves,” said Kutumba Rao who has come from Rajahmundry. It was the same story for a majority of over one lakh devotees who had reached Puttaparthi by Monday evening.
The consideration for VIP security hasn’t helped matters: Even milk vans have not been allowed to enter the town since Sunday night. Hotels, canteens, eateries, shops and other business establishments have also been shut. “We are helpless. The devotees are thirsty and hungry but we cannot serve them as everything is shut. There is no milk to serve even tea,” said L Rajeev, a hotel manager.
A senior police officer said: “What can we do. VVIP bandobast is mandatory. All top functionaries are coming. So, many roads have been closed.” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi are expected on Tuesday. Many other chief ministers are also expected.

Cops blame Trust for chaos at Puttaparthi: With VIPs queuing up to pay respects to Sai Baba, thousands of ordinary devotees and locals of the town have been left to fend for themselves with the extremely tight bandobast leaving them without essential commodities like food, water and a roof over their heads for an overnight stay.
The cops were also left clueless on how to manage the surge of devotees at the Sai Kulwant Hall. They blamed the Trust members for the mess. “We along with the district collector had told the Trust members to organise the darshan at the Hill View stadium. But they did not heed to our request. The stadium has a capacity of 50,000 and in his lifetime all big events, including his birthday, were celebrated there. Sai Kulwant Hall has limited capacity and has no proper entry and exit routes. Hence, huge lines spill on to the road. And since the roads are narrow, we had to close the shops.” Trust sources, however, said that it wasn’t practical to keep the body in an open stadium in this heat.”

Meanwhile, the struggle for predominance over the multi-billion dollar fortune left behind by the self-professed ‘penniless’ Sathya Sai Baba who owned no property (but for a literal township and more) and over for what it will be used in future, is not in the public eye – bad taste while the burial is progressing. The strongest apparent contender namely Satyajit (a Tamil) is keeping a low profile away from the throngs and is under police protection.

ECONOMIC TIMES – IANS, Apr 25, 2011, 02.53pm IST HYDERABAD: “The Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust will meet to take some key decisions after Sathya Sai Baba’s last rites Wednesday, with his death leaving a big question mark on the future of his massive spiritual empire estimated to be worth Rs.40,000 crore. With Sathya Sai Baba passing away Sunday, the trust will decide on how to carry forward its activities and who should lead it as Baba has apparently not named a successor.”

The Magic Silver Box: On top of all the excitement, it is hilarious that no less a figure than the Solicitor General of India stands forth to vouchsafe to India his Baba dream… one which proved again that Baba dreams are products of one’s own mind and have not truth in them at all. The Times of India takes up the story…
“Sunday night, Sathya Sai Baba appeared in the dream of solicitor general of India Gopal Subramaniam and told him to search his bedroom in the residential Yajur Mandir complex. “There is a silver box. Open it and you will find detailed instructions on how to run the Sai Central Trust, ” Subramanian claimed the Baba told him in the dream. The first thing that Subramaniam did on Monday morning was to tell the Trust members about the dream. The cops were summoned to open the residential complex which had been sealed since last week after allegations that “valuables” from being stolen from there. A team led by DIG Charu Sinha entered the Baba’s spartan bedroom but found nothing. “There was a bed, a chair and a medicine chest. But there was no silver box or any documents or will of the Baba,” a cop told TOI.”

Swami Nityananda salutes Sathya Sai Baba - two of a kind


There were protests from many devotees of Sathya Sai Baba when the news came out that Swami Nityananda of sex abuse fame was said to be coming to the funeral. But to no avail. What does this tell us about India? Nityananda was allowed to walk alone to do his pranams to the coffin contents, the same way as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi did at the same ceremony. What does this tell about India? Nowhere else could this be allowed! Nithyananda told the CBI “I am not a man” and gave preposterous answers to some of the questions, as one might expect by someone caught red-handed on video! Letting him strut his stuff prominently before the TV and massed crowds of VVIPs and some rich devotees who all want to distance themselves from even a stray thought about sexual abuse was an affront to all devotees and must have been uncomfortable for the heads of State! Is this not a telling sign about morality in Indian ‘spiritual circles’.

Anyone in doubt about the massed testimony and compelling circumstantial evidence that Sathya Sai Baba was a major sexual abuser can find all here

Anyone who can stand a rigorous analysis of his published words and an overview of all that has been written about Sathya Sai Baba of any consequence, should visit Brian Steel’s website

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION AND DECIDE WHETHER TO SIGN IT along with over 1600 others who have done so – you can write a comment too!

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Sai Baba allegedly drugged by his boyfriend Satyajit

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2011

The can of worms is opening further and disgusting evidence is crawling out! Read further to learn what could never be hidden for ever! As has been evident to independently minded observers for a long time, as I have repeatedly pointed out for several years in these blogs, Sai Baba has been degenerating since soon after his botched hip-joint replacement in 2003. It became almost impossible not to notice – at least since the 85th birthday – that Sathya Sai Baba appeared almost like a wooden idol, and he looked as if he was sedated then. Never a smile crossed his face – he who claimed he always kept a smiling face and berated those with ‘castor oil’ faces’! That he broke down and cried in public on his birthday (see brief video) – an act he has always called weakness – rather underlined the point that he was in depression rather than anything approaching his former self. Now some of the facts of the matter are already emerging, and it is NOT a pretty story. His close boyfriend and roommate Satyajit allegedly administered an unknown number of sleeping pills and sedatives to him over a long period, some have said six months, and he was reportedly in full control of Sai Baba, his food and anyone who could get near to him. Apparently, the love Sai Baba practised had its own special prison! Here is episode one:

Late Satya Sai Baba’s trusted follower of 15 years, Yatish Salian alias Satyajit has been sidelined by the 8 members Central Trust:
Is Satyajit Salian another sexual abuser, and with police protection?
As Sai Baba’s closest boyfriend and roommate since his early years (he is now 33 years old), it is almost undeniable to non-worshipping observers, that he must himself have been sexually abused since childhood, one may wonder by whom? One should ask, why would Sathya Sai Baba have a young boy attending on him day in and day out? It takes little perspicacity to realize, on the background of the many reports, including signed testimonies and affidavits, that Sathya Sai Baba was a major sexual abuser. It has long been reported by ex-students that the rector of the Sai school in Puttparti, Ms. Munni Kaul (known as ‘Munni Auntie’) was herself a sexual abuser of children and that she selected suitable boys for Sathya Sai Baba’s use from the age of six at least! I was also personally informed of this in 1996 by the friend of parents of a young boy who was abused by her – Mr. V. Ramnath of the IAS (see here). At that time I managed to put it down to ‘vicious rumour’, but that was when I was still convinced Sai Baba was somehow divine and before the dam of allegations broke and I contacted many of those involved, three of whom I knew well already (though they had not then come to terms with the abuse and did not tell me).

Satyajit, already in charge of the funeral and all involved (including the Prime Minister, the President and countless other ‘dignitaries’ who must face the indignity and loss of face which will accrue to them of being the guests of yet another reported sexual abuser!). With his lawyers, Satyajit will present Sathya Sai Baba’s last will and testament, which he claims leaves the entire Sathya Sai Central Trust responsibilities to him! What can it mean that “Satyajit is demanding his full share in the trust“? Does he expects a financial windfall out of the donated money? In any case, embezzlement within the clandestine unaccountable trust is clearly a simple matter, as those once dismissed from the board for that by Sai Baba discovered.  Further, the authorities have reportedly already agreed that he should take over the Sai ashrams – together with Sai Baba’s brothers’ son! Imagine it, who will want to visit then? Answer: there are enough deceived and deluded persons who have invested everything of themselves in Sathya Sai Baba to fill the Poornachandra Hall many times over. Some people never can learn, it is too late and too crushingly disastrous to their ‘well-being’.

Devotees may indeed wonder how their omnipotent Lord and God Creator of the Universe could get into such a terrible fix, including drug dependency. They will surely find some extreme rationalization as, once a person is deeply indoctrinated and totally committed to the idea that they are among the blessed chosen ones and are garnering great spiritual benefits and eternal boons (which they will get only after they are themselves dead and in the imagined but unimaginable beyond). Such as the contorted reasoning of a certain very deluded and bitter former President of the Manhattan Centre, New York, one Richard Margolin, has ‘vouchsafed’ to me (in a wordpress comment) to explain that Sathya Sai Baba actually WAS 96 years old and died as he said he would! Tell that to the countless media and others who insist he died aged 84 or 85! (Unfortunately for Margolin, Sai Baba said in 1960 he would live for 59 more years and again in 1961 he would live for 58 more years. Work that one out yourselves!).

The Economic Times reports Threat to life of Sai Baba’s caregiver & personal doctor (26 Apl) HYDERABAD:
“With intelligence reports hinting that there was threat to the life of Sathya Sai Baba’s caregiver Satyajit and personal doctor Dr Aiyar, the state government on Monday advised both of them to make fewer public appearance for some time.  As the report also cautioned that certain elements were trying to eliminate some persons who were close to the Baba, the government beefed up security for all the trust members. Satyajit is a front runner for the top post in the Sathya Sai Central Trust with majority of its members openly expressing their preference for him.  Dr Aiyar was criticised by many devotees for not maintaining any medical records of Sai Baba, some of them, even made threat calls to him while Baba was in hospital. This was revealed by Prasanthi Nilayam sources.”

The Financial Express tells India what ex.devotees – and most present devotees – have always known, that the entire ashram system is most strongly weighted in favour of the, the well-known and people who have any kind of qualifications which might enhance Sai Baba’s name (though not one top scientist or Nobel Prize winner ever went there! Not poor, rich devotees get Sathya Sai Baba special treatment

Now the Sai Baba gravy train is soon to ‘grind to a halt’ and the business and property values will come crashing down. Read this:-The economy of Puttaparthi after Baba

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Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital jinxed?

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2011

More bizarre goings-on – Sathya Sai Baba family members are believers in the ancient Indian ‘aesthetic art’ of Vaastu Shastra, which is very like the Chinese Feng-shui (better known in the West). Both vaasta and feng-shui  involve planning how buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures— are to be arranged according to their esoteric rules as to what is auspicious or inauspicious. It is held that an auspicious siting and disposition of a building creates the best livable and spiritual’ atmosphere. Otherwise, things can go very wrong, as Sai Baba relative believe occurred with Sai Baba’s hospitalization!  Of course, this is regarded as mere fancy and/or sheer superstiton by most world architects and empirical scientists.

It is no wonder that the family believe in such matters, for Sathya Sai Baba believed fully in black magic… which is still the bane of various backward areas in rural India like Jharkand and Ranchi which have been dubbed the ‘witch-killing hub of India’. Sai Baba carried out exorcism extensively in his younger days, relentlessly beating the demons out of ‘possessed’ persons and even children. See Sai Baba’s documented belief in black magic, witchcraft and dangerous superstitions

Sathya Sai promotes his hospitals as ‘his’. Speaking of 12,000 heart operations performed at the Puttaparthi hospital, he boasts, “I leave it to your imagination to appreciate who is responsible for saving so many lives.” (p. 262) Could Sai Baba mean the donors, the doctors, all the selfless hospital workers? He prefers you imagine that this could not happen unless he somehow does it all! If he is saying it is all due to his ‘miraculous aid’, then why does he bother with the hospitals? I am free to “imagine” that the actual health workers and other staff who work voluntarily or for a very small remuneration are those who are actually responsible for saving the lives that are presumably saved. It was the US multi-millionaire Isaac Tigrett who donated the entire first Puttaparthi ‘super-speciality hospital’ plus all its equipment. He made his money with the Hard Rock Cafe chain [which always served meat and alcohol under the Sai slogan “Love all, Serve all”!]. These latter were forbidden by vegetarian Sathya Sai Baba, but he was happy to accept the proceeds, of which a large proportion was pocketed by officials in his ashram and/or Trust Fund, according to the testimony of a friend of his, David Bailey. The exchange rate was around Rupees 30.- to the US $ in 1991, which would make the sum about $33 million. However, Tigrett told Bailey he gave $49 million, but only $34 million went to the hospital!

In the years since it began, the Puttaparthi SS hospital appeared it was virtually deserted seen from outside. Armed armed military guards stand at the gate and check everyone. However, other health facilities in India – especially free ones – are constantly thronged by people seeking treatment. Sathya Sai Baba’s hospitals are private hospitals, and are not open to public inspection. All its criteria for admission -and admission lists – are kept secret and no breakdown of accounts or reports on decisions or the minutes of any administrative meetings at any level are made available to investigators. It is run in a clandestine manner and is wholly unaccountable to the general public. Devotees come from abroad and get treatment preference, as do Sai VIPs (like his wild hagiographer, Joy Thomas, for example, who was reportedly denied a blood transfusion while suffering from terminal cancer, the result being she was flown back to the USA).

I have no personal desires or selfishness in Me at all. I have not asked anybody for help. Will anybody simply give hundreds of crores for the mere asking? None.” (11/8/2001, SSB)  discourse, see  Sanathana Sarathi, September 2001) Examples of truly vast self-earned donations to charitable works are plenty: they stretch from Robert Owen to Rockefeller, Washington Carver to Guggenheim, Warren Buffet, Getty, Facebook’s Markus Zuckerberg, George Soros, Imran Khan, Bill Gates (a mere $33 billion given by him and Buffet so far)!


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Sathya Sai Central Trust – unaccountability to end?

Posted by robertpriddy on April 25, 2011

Newspaper reports are uncovering more and more details of the unaccountable nature of the entire Sathya Sai Baba world – and the heart of it all, the Sathya Sai Central Trust. This comes at a time when the Indian government and business world are under the greatest suspicion and pressures due to their systemic failure to curb corruption or recover illegally deposited millions and billions in offshore accounts. It is to be hoped that investigations will not be the usual cover-up or political horse deal, as has happened so often before. Corruption in India has grown steadily since Independence and the amount of money stored away in Swiss and other offshore accounts has long since exceeded the Indian national budget!

Indeed, now there is a major report from IBN about smuggling of unregistered gold in large quantities out of the ashram. ‘Gold removed on the sly from Sai Baba’s ashram’

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Sathya Sai Baba – succession ploys

Posted by robertpriddy on April 25, 2011

For those still in denial, Sathya Sai Baba actually died, yes, at April 24 at 7 a.m. Indian Time and one should rest assured that he will not be resurrecting himself!  Claimants to be a reincarnation of Sathya Sai Baba will certainly arise, (i.e. as ‘Prema Sai’ indeed, a few already have!!). For this is poor calamitous India where men will do almost anything to survive and – better than that – get rich quick. This is India where countless people are ready to believe almost anything that comes from the mouths of ‘living deities’, gurus, swamis… if it offers them some kind of palliative to their sufferings, however distant or impossible. That is also a cardinal reason why their elected leaders find it necessary to visit these figures and at least appear to endorse them. PM Manmohan Singh, President Pratibha Patil actually worship Sai Baba’s feet, while Sonia Gandhi and many more appear as if they were followers. In the eyes of the world at large this is a crushing indictment of the common sense or intellectual powers of top leaders who committed themselves to Sai Baba long ago and are unable – also for reasons of losing face – to raise themselves from the delusions they have cherished so much

PM, President and Gandhi worship SB

The international press is naturally mostly restrained in its obituary reports, yet most newspapers do not avoid stating that Sathya Sai Baba’s name is under a cloud of suspicion. For example, the Sydney Morning Herald wrote: “He also faced allegations of sexual abuse of young male followers, which his opponents said were ignored by Indian authorities due to his power and popularity. His death on Sunday was covered by Indian television news channels with reverence as interviewees remembered meetings with Sai Baba, his apparent miracles and long record of charity work.”

The best-informed article so far in the world press is The Telegraph’s obituary account. The author wrote: “India’s president and prime minister both attended his latest birthday celebrations.Their devotion was tested to the limits in recent years by persistent allegations that the guru indulged in widespread sexual abuse of young acolytes at his ashram in Puttaparthi in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. Yet even when video footage proved beyond doubt that his “miracles” were simple sleight of hand and he was implicated in the murders of four followers, millions still refused to believe the worst.

On the vital question of who or what will in effect ‘succeed’ Sai Baba and/or take over the Sathya Sai Central Trust,  The Hindustan Times wrote:
“The death of spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba has left a question mark on the future of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT), estimated to have assets worth Rs 40,000 crore ($9 billion). As Baba, who was chairperson of the trust, left no successor to the massive empire, his death might trigger a succession among the trust members which include his nephew R.J. Ratnakar. While some eminent devotees of Baba believe that with personalities like former chief justice of India P.N. Bhagvati on the board, the trust will carry on in a smooth manner various charitable work in India and abroad, they also fear the government might take over control in case of any rift among the members.”

The Times (UK) reports:- “Although dogged by allegations of trickery and the sexual abuse of some devotees, he amassed a fortune estimated at more than £5.5 billion. A power struggle over the trust has already begun among aides and family members.” and their obituary states:-
“…in the early 1990s, during a recorded ceremony with a former Indian Prime Minister, Narasimha Rao, in which Baba produced a trinket in his honour, television workers watching a playback noticed that it appeared to be a sleight-of-hand trick. The clip was not aired publicly. Groups such as the Indian Raionalists’ Association repeatedly criticised his abilities and labelled him a manipulative fraudster. The president of the association, Joseph Edamarku, said that Sai Baba refused to subject himself to an independent examination. Questions were also raised about his fundraising techniques. Sai Baba was also dogged by more serious and sinister controversies. There were a string of suicides and suspicious deaths among his followers over the decades, including a German found hanging at the ashram in the 1980s, and a man and his daughter who reportedly took an overdose after they were refused a private interview.”

In 2001 The Times investigated the deaths in the 1990s of three Britons who had become his followers. It was thought that two of the men had believed that Sai Baba’s teachings could cure their illnesses. A third jumped off a building in Bangalore after a two-day visit to the ashram. In his pocket was a note which said: “I came to India in search of peace but could not find it.” Before his death one of the men, Michael Pender, who it was believed had hoped that Sai Baba could cure him of HIV, claimed he had sexual encounters with Sai Baba, believing they must have a “spiritual explanation”. Other former male devotees also alleged that Sai Baba had sexually molested them during one-on-one audiences. There were calls for the British Government to warn pilgrims away from him, and also to warn schools and youth groups of links with worldwide educational organisations affiliated with him. The UN cancelled a conference at his headquarters over concerns of sexual exploitation of young men.”

The money and the works: Sathya Sai Baba has repeatedly claimed to own nothing himself, to have not other properties than his students (not ‘proper ties’ either according to many testimonies). Despite his virtually claiming ‘poverty’, there is now an ongoing dogfight about who will inherit his vast billionaire legacy! Only the well-indoctrinated can rationalize this blatant deception. His much trumpeted contributions to social improvement, educational colleges, hospitals, water schemes, charity to local paupers, one must realize that the sole contribution he gave was words, words and more words. The fact is that very many well-intentioned followers – mostly from abroad – donated massive sums to enable him to raise works in his own name (and he blazoned his achievements unreservedly in countless self-promoting discourses beamed around the world by Radio Sai etc.). Absolutely all the real work was done by others, by low-paid labourers and many volunteers, both Indian and foreign. Sai Baba originally attracted many easily led well-to-do people through his supposed ‘miraculous materializations’, the secret of which was to overwhelm recipients of trinkets with gratefulness and a sense of being blessed by God himself. Their response was to follow his advice, to “give and forget” and to earn otherworldly boons by selfless service. So they donated en masse. This is sheer deception… used by Indian beggars too, who use the pittance some give them to buy a coconut for the donor, who is so touched he gives them back tenfold! (Before I saw behind the great veil of deceit and cover-up, my wife and I donated lakhs of rupees and worked tirelessly for 18 years to enhance his reputation through good service). He would say that the gold rings with gemstones he gave to many hundreds of visitors contained real diamonds. The gold was 18-carat, the ‘diamonds’ were cheap false gems, but they are still worn by top politicians and his own ‘VIP officials’ without suspicion. But ex-followers have had these stones assayed by professional and not one has turned out to be genuine. (This was definitively proved in my own case – see here)

Sai Baba constantly claimed omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence: Some mega-claim, one of many such! Were they any substance at all in it , it would be the hardest act to follow, and any ‘successor’ would find the seat hot! However, when studied very closely with an independently and sufficiently critical eye, Sathya Sai Baba proves to have contradicted himself on a huge number of his statements – which are usually imprecise and ambiguous in any case. He gives different reports of his childhood which conflict with one another in details (see some here), and he most certainly sometimes forgets even who people are who have come to him many times. He also confuses facts he has heard from people in the interview room and reports them wrongly to his students minutes afterwards. Therefore, he certainly cannot be accused of having what is now known as ‘superior autobiographical memory’! He does have strong intuition, ‘cold reading’ of people and more abilities, but his knowledge of facts about people is also gathered by a large network of snoopers and much comes from the intensely private letters devotees send to him, which they apparently forget about. Once people began to write about these miracles and praise Sai Baba to the skies, more and more were attracted The development of this myth has been masterfully exposed by the author Brian Steel in numerous articles, such as Sathya Sai Baba as Storyteller.

Sathya Sai Baba was street-smart and more than that, having been able to run wild without any restraints as a child because he was considered a deity (and reports indicate that was probably due to physical hermaphrodism – an incarnation of Shiva-Shakthi and Krishna-Parvathi to the ignorant, superstitious, Hindu-believing villagers.See Sathya Sai Baba – an enigma or a myth? Now that one of his most oft-quoted predictions has failed miserably – namely, they he would live until his 90s – and he has died in a coma, the claim of omnipotence (absurd beyond all credibility anyhow) is shown to be truly hollow.

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