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Posted by robertpriddy on April 2, 2011

UP-DATE 15 April, 2011: The patient’s condition remains critical – he cannot eat and is on heavy medication to maintain his vital parameters. The import of this condition with multiple organ failures after (now) 18 days in the most intensive care possible was hinted at by an earlier announcement that ‘Docs fret over Baba’s sluggish recovery’ (see Deccan Herald:- where his minders admit his slight improvement as  being “not satisfactory”. He was also found to have liver damage and jaundice.

earlier UP-DATE (April 4, 2011) A recent report from various Sai ‘authorities’ is that Sai Baba’s condition has stabilized again and that he is showing sings of some improvement. One must evaluate this on the background of the turmoil surrounding the doctors and officials who have even been attacked by suspicious and fanatical devotees trying forcibly to get immediate access to Sai Baba (who is in intensive care still on a respirator and continuous dialysis!). I have predicted that the facts have been glossed over by Dr. Safaya and all the other believers in Sai Baba’s omnipotent powers and have I been vindicated!
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According to a news outlet, Sathya Sai Baba had to be moved to an Intensive Care Unit due to his worsening condition. His devotee doctors’ rose-tinted pronouncement that he is fine and “will soon be giving darsan” etc. remains to be proven. This contains a fair dose of wishful thinking, if former behaviour by his minders is to go by.

Meanwhile, the official Sai website states that “the more rest that Bhagawan gets, the faster will be his recovery”
FurtherIn view of this, we earnestly appeal to one and all to continue offering prayers of Love emanating from the Heart.

One must wonder why these prayers are so necessary if rest is all that he needs? Did a doctor advise this? It will seem utterly demented to non-devotees – i.e. the vast majority of all people. ‘ (and lacking in ‘True Thought emanating from the Head’)

Then it implores in capital letters: “PLEASE DO NOT send e-mails to each other based on all kinds of unfounded rumours, of which there are more than what we need.

One asks, ‘which rumours do they actually need then?’ But why can’t the authorities specify what they regard as ‘rumours’. Do they lack the stomach for that? Do they include the countless fantastic rumours on which all the miracle stories thrive? Or the ‘rumours’ spread in discourses by Sai Baba himself about his own health and countless other false stories about himself (not eating, never sleeping, always weighing exactly 108 Kgs. and hundreds more?) The Sai literature does certainly have “more than what we need”. But one cannot fail to consider that they really men what I and other serious critics are writing. We do not write rumours, only facts. Not one “rumour” can be shown in my blogs, not anywhere! Study the actual text as religiously as one can…

One can read: “Baba was recovering slowly after being implanted with a pacemaker but his health took a turn for the worse yesterday. Cardiologists from Bengaluru are treating Baba. The devotees are naturally worried with the news. They are gathering large numbers in Puttaparthi and offering prayers for speedy recovery of Baba.”

The above report is 4 days old, it appears.

Prayers by devotees ‘God Almighty Himself’ (i.e. Sai Baba for them)have in the past been patently of no account in improving his health. Thousands reportedly prayed constantly for him to heal himself after his botched hip-joint job – he had said he would be walking fully within days and ignored doctors’ advice – but got worse directly and has been wheelchair bound since then.

The guru is known for having said that he does not take account of his own health or cure himself – he is instead concerned only about his devotees. In this he is, as usual, self-contradictory – for he reported that he had cured himself of other illnesses – a severe kidney failure in Mangalore in early days, and a much more severe set of heart attacks from which he appeared to cure himself in front of a large crowd on Shivarathri Day in his Prashanthi Nilayam ashram in 1963.

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