Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed

Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

Sai Baba’s failed treatment + undercover probes

Posted by robertpriddy on April 22, 2011

NOTE: The abbreviation TDP means ‘Telugu Desam Party’

While Sathya Sai Baba supposedly reclines eternally as the God Vishnu on his serpent bed on the sea of milk in Vaikunta (as they believe) down here he is almost a corpse and no doubt would be one, were it not for the tubes and machines keeping organs functioning peripherally. Despite all the prayers of however many devotees, it’s only a matter of time… and not long either, take note!

Meanwhile, there are increasing leaks from a major upheaval taking place behind the scenes in the ‘corridors of power’ and it all has to do with the heart of this “avatar’s” mission – the Sathya Sai Central Trust. Rumblings that reach me from insiders in India announce that the Indian and/or Andhra Pradesh governments have been snooping on its activities for years – probably with the aid of moles – for it is a major player in the foreign exchange earnings situation, having been the biggest single earner of foreign currency for India for decades.

With government sleuths knowing what they surely do, it was almost amusing to read that Ratnakara, the nephew of the blackmailing younger brother of Sathya Sai Baba – Janakiramiah – has threatened “suitable legal action at the appropriate time” against the Indian media which published reports he claimscontain absolutely false, unsubstantiated allegations imputing financial irregularities, defalcation of funds, commission of illegalities, violation of laws, denial of proper food and nutrition to Bhagawan Baba and wrongfully holding Him in confinement, etc.” of financial wrongdoing by the Central Trust (see
More laughably, Ratnakara concludes with the self-defeating statement:
 “The trustees and the members of the council of management, including the Secretary of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust deeply appreciate and are gratified by the strong and vigorous support extended to, and the confidence expressed in them, by one and all.”  One and all? Which ‘all’?

The Times report states further, Referring to the allegation that Baba was under sedation for long, he said if that was the case then why was the government silent all these days and an inquiry not ordered into it. What is causing concern is why the government is showing more interest in the assets of Baba than his health ever since he was admitted to the hospital on March 28. The government did not even consider necessary to call for a team of expert doctors from AIIMS. What is also not clear is why the team of doctors, led by Dr Raviraj, was recalled. The government also needs to explain as to what happened to the earlier medical reports of Baba’s health, Rao said and demanded that the video footage of Baba’s health condition be made public immediately.”  (Note AIIMS = All India Institute of Medical Science).

Indeed, the treatment SB has received as reported seems – in view of the many rapidly changing and conflicting reports from doctors and/or minders – to have been below what one should expect from such a huge array of doctors and specialists as were stated to have had a hand. Knowing of the authoritarian methods of all Sai officials, and particularly  Dr. Safaya, I was once informed at length by one of his anaesthetists from Australia (Dr. Sara Pavan), it is likely that specialists from elsewhere have been kept at arms’ length from SB and used only as advisors at best. Add to this that there have through the years been diverse reports of bungling at the Sathya Sai “Super-speciality” hospitals – wrong injections and incorrect medications, not to mention disregard for professional hygiene.

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