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Sai Baba devotees and surreal death-bed scenarios

Posted by robertpriddy on April 23, 2011

Times of India PUTTAPARTHI: A sense of surrealism pervades this small town with a population of 25,000. “He is god. He will overcome this phase and start giving darshans. That’s my belief, you may not believe this but I do,” asserted trust secretary and mover and shaker K Chakravarthi to TOI. “He has divine powers to heal himself,” he added emphatically. “We know he’s struggling hard inside the ICU. But he will pull through this traumatic phase. We have hundred per cent belief that it’s only a matter of time before our `living god’ resurrects himself,” said Hanumantha Rao, a staffer in the IT wing in Prasanthi Nilayam without a trace of doubt in his voice. Though Dr A N Safaya, director, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (SSSIHMS), said that the medical team is making last-ditch efforts to bring Saibaba to life, his relatives are unfazed. “Doctors are doing their job. But Saibaba will come back. I am sure about that,” M Shankar Raju, son of Saibaba’s sister Venkamma, contended. Some of the followers even come out with absurd rationale. “Nothing will happen to Baba. He’s enduring the pain of a 106-year-old `muni’ (sage) in the Himalayas, who’s in his last stages. Once the sage is revived, the swami will automatically recover,” another staunch disciple and Sai Seva Dal volunteer Venkat Reddy claimed.  Analysts said the fact of the matter is that those associated with the spiritual guru in one form or the other are his devotees first. “They are unable to forget this and take a rational point of view.

Shockingly, even those in power, who are his strong disciples, refuse to acknowledge the gravity of his health. “Media is unnecessarily going overboard on his health. Lakhs of devotees are praying and doing bhajans. He often says that his devotees are his medicine,” industry minister J Geeta Reddy, an ardent devotee, observed.
Issac Tigrett Burton, a staunch devotee who has donated huge sums for SSSIHMS, has the final say: “He’s immortal. I perceive him as a protector of the whole world.”  Little wonder then that the trust itself released a two-page letter in the late hours of Thursday that Saibaba’s health would improve and that he would give discourses again.

In Puttaparthi, reports the Times of India, “a large number of devotees started crying inconsolably following reports that their `beloved’ Bhagawan’s health condition had deteriorated further. Several devotees, including foreigners, thronged the main gate of the hospital and offered harathis and poojas on the road seeking the `safe return’ of Baba from the hospital bed. A foreign devotee tried to gatecrash into the hospital but was prevented by the cops. He shouted at them and attacked the police outpost in anger.”
Also “Earlier, the devotees booed former TTD chairman D K Adikesavulu Naidu at the hospital when he came to see the Baba.” In another Times of India article we read:
“The Andhra Pradesh government stepped up security at Puttaparthi and its neighbouring areas on Friday. Barricades were set up in and around the super-speciality hospital where Sathya Sai Baba is being treated. Rayalseem inspector-general of police Santosh Mehra, supervising the security arrangement, said more forces are likely to be deployed to prevent any untoward incident.”

What all this tells of the quality of insight, self-discipline and imagined ‘spiritual maturity’ of many who remain Sai devotees (despite all the information available) is obvious – they are hysterical, mind-washed, guru-dependent and easily form into a mindless herd that causes huge problems for security and requires massive police presence. That foreigners are present is one thing, but their numbers have dwindled greatly during the last 10 years of exposures about Sathya Sai Baba’s abuses of diverse and despicable kinds. The world-wide testimony and the record of deaths, disappearances, executions – not to mention embezzlements, filmed fraudulent sleight-of-hand ‘materializations’ and a plethora of disinformation, false propaganda and outright lies will not be erased – for the moving finger hath writ!

Meanwhile, at long, long last, “A group of Baba’s family members was allowed into the ICU to see Baba on Friday evening, it is learnt. “Though he is very critical, Saibaba will come back in five days in normal condition,” a family member not wanting to be named told TOI. Bhajans were held on the road in front of the hospital, while Seva Dal volunteers and devotees prayed in Prasanthi Nilayam.”

Understandable that the family prophet did not want to be named… bound  to prove a false rumour so soon! As everyone who has spent any time at the ashrams of Sai Baba knows, rumours are always rife and factual information is made as sparse as possible by arrogant and officious Sai officials. Stories of miracles galore, the one exceeding the next in improbability, sheer impossibility with the most and bizarre explanation (and never any independent witnesses or investigation, which would inevitably scotch the matter soon). Devotees walking through doors drawn by Sai Baba’s fingers on walls to arrive immediately in Australia and Mecca, Sai Baba’s student drivers closing their eyes at his request to find the long journey they were beginning on was already over,

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