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Sathya Sai Trust denial and cover-up

Posted by robertpriddy on April 29, 2011

The Economic Times wrote (Apl. 29, 2011)  PUTTAPARTHI: Ever since it was known that Sri Sathya Sai Baba was seriously ill, rumours of all kinds were making the rounds in the town of Puttaparthi, 435 km from Hyderabad. Everything, from the future of the Trust headed by Baba (the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust) to whether he left a will, has been open to intense speculation.

It is reported in the press that Satyajit claimed he had a will kept by his lawyer. What became of it? Could it have been bought – or the lawyer bought? There are enormous amounts of money involved here, and extremely greedy players no doubt, considering the endemic corruption throughout India. These are things we will probably never know for the secrecy and underhand methods used can succeed where there is money behind them.

On Thursday, a day after Baba was laid to rest, was time for all the trustees to make a rare appearance together in front of the media and clear the air. No, Baba left no will, they said. Nor did he name a successor . But the Trust would meet in the next one week and appoint a new chairman from among the existing trustees. Baba had been heading this public charitable Trust ever since it was formed in 1972. SS Naganand , who’s a lawyer to the Trust, said that a case for a will doesn’t arise.

If Sathya Sai Baba left a will, would Naganand dare to contest it, against the word of one he believes to be an Incarnate God? Would he try to defeat the will of the (supposed) Almighty by lawyer’s formal arguments? It seems he does not respect Sai Baba’s wishes, which were expressed in a discourse, that Satyajit should take over. What kind of man is this? Not that it seems at all right that his boyfriend and room-mate Satyajit should have any say in the donated funds’ use.

He said Baba always maintained that he did not have a single rupee. “He (Baba) said his property were his devotees. He never had any bank account, flat or land in his name. All the assets are property of the Trust and every rupee is accounted for. His only possession was his clothes so where arises the question of writing a will,” Naganand said.

This is sheer deceit. There are many persons who have received sums of money direct from the hand of Sathya Sai Baba – I knew a student who did, and others have testified, such as Alaya Rahm. If you look into the matter honestly and properly you will see that Sai Baba said very many things that were simply not true… based on his own contradictory words and actions. This I know as a fact from personal experience of him. So why believe his claims about money and not owning anything… he could and did summon up vast sums with his signatures on bank cheques (of which I have seen I thick wad myself – shown me by Ratnakar at the State Bank in Puttaparthi long ago (around 1986) when I had questions about whether my donations had been received. Sathya Sai Baba freely admitted in discourses that he always signed all cheques. He controlled all the money, even if it was not in his name so as to preserve an appearance of poverty’! He used millions to build two museums to promote himself and virtual palaces to house himself!

All those who point to Sai Baba as having received donations should be aware how these were obtained. In order to make people grateful to him for ‘blessings’, he gave away what he called ‘diamond rings’ but they were all cheap gems (no single person has ever produced proof of a professional jeweler while ex-devotees have produced proof that the stones they got were not genuine!). He gave countless cheap trinkets – some with 18 carat gold in (he had the means)  – and many of the watches he was donated he pretended to materialize. His trick have been exposed by dozens of persons who were close to him – leaders of his Organization included. This is a subtle trick – if you believe God gave you a diamond you will want to repay in many ways… and many did with huge donations worth hundreds of times more than what it cost him. I did so myself! See Sathya Sai Baba ‘green diamond’ fully proven to be fake They were well-meaning but were deceived. That is how he built his financial mini-empire… the more he took in the better things he could afford to give, such as free apartments in his ashram to some.

The Trust’s facade of blank denials in the face of much evidence was seen through when they refused at their press conference to answer a single question. These are perhaps best illustrated by a Google search page:-

from Google search

2 Responses to “Sathya Sai Trust denial and cover-up”

  1. paroneri said

    I am anti-SB and following your blog with interest.

    I am in prayer that the fraudster SB is really dead and will stay dead.

    Where is the video of his last moments? Where is the death certificate? It was his own hospital, his own doctors, his own devotees. Where is the autopsy report?

    [I am echoing the Jewish leadership from 2000 years ago, at the time of the execution of Jesus Christ; these leaders posted Roman guards on Jesus’ tomb for a few days as they were aware His followers could remove the remains and obscure His assassination with mystery and uncertainty; perhaps His followers would begin rumours Jesus was in hiding and without a body the Jewish leaders would have no proof.]

    You are rightly worried about the bank accounts and trustee machinations, but given the evil, the frauds, the corruption and the nepotism involved with SB… I am concerned there is a real chance that SB could seek to multiply his following, his riches and his level of impostorship by not only ‘passing away’ on Easter Sunday (apparently) but by reviving on the day of Ascension or something equally outlandish. Who knows what life-support machinery is capable of? And some new wonder drugs when combined with a magician’s mind?

    Even if SB does not ‘revive’ and does not set off a media frenzy.. then I suspect the Trust will allow a state of confusion to arise; confusion would serve the Trustee’s interest. “SB is not really dead at all, we just don’t see his physical body anymore..” etc, etc, etc. “Wow! I just saw SB at a Temple” etc. The delusion would be spiritually harmful I have no doubt; this would be of a much higher order than the ever-popular “I just saw Elvis”, “I just saw an alien”, or “I just saw Osama Bin Laden”.

  2. kumarbabu77 said

    What happened to the will which Sathyajit claimed exists? Is it a coincidence that his life is reportedly under threat and then the trust comes out and says that no will exists?
    The Indian media has failed to investigate the nature of this young man’s relationship with Saibaba.
    If the truth about the full extent of his relationship is revealed, the rosy picture of Saibaba painted by the press so far will be tarnished beyond repair.

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