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Sathya Sai Baba education in Satyajit’s hands

Posted by robertpriddy on May 4, 2011

Late Satya Sai Baba’s trusted follower of 15 years, Yatish Salian alias Satyajit has been sidelined by the 8 members Central Trust, especially Sai Baba’s power-hungry nephew Ratnakar.

The division of the spoils goes on – mostly behind tightly closed doors – but Satyajit, Sathya Sai Baba’s No. 1 ‘boyfriend’ and roommate for so many years has been allocated some responsibility… not one which promises any serious financial gain. Money matters will be kept for the Trust panjandrums and several cover-up, corrupted persons like Bhagwati, whose astonishing admissions of how he fulfilled his role as a Supreme Court judge have been nudging a few mainstream journalists in India half-awake. (i.e. they rather prefer to embrace – often in chauvinist ways – Sathya Sai Baba’s great façade of holiness and try to forget all that he is rightly accused of by young men and families of executed ex-students… to name the most prominent of cases.  See a proper and succinct summary of this here:- Ex-Chief Justice of India: Sathya Sai Baba “dictated my every single judgement”

Vidya Vahini schools - i.e. 'Sweetness of Knowledge' schools - but they will only purvey faith, doctrine and dogma electronically - , not real knowledge

Meanwhile, Satyajit is to oversee the system of Sai schools called Vidya Vahini. The use of the Sanskrit word ‘Vidya’ shows what kind of supposed ‘knowledge’ this system purveys – in short, the kind of mythological-based moralizing and simplistic doctrine of a mainly Hindu religious character. His so-called “human values” are eternal values instituted by him (as creator of the universe and mankind!) In short, unchanging and Divine, and not thereby ‘human’ values’ at all. They are so generalized and ill-defined as to be ambiguous and confusingly simplistic, and were doctrinally ‘set in concrete once and for all’ by his divine will at the beginning of time! Claiming to provide ‘spiritual’ education (to correct the ills of the age) rather than religious teachings, such Sai Baba projects promote highly controversial doctrines such as that of retributive karma, which is open to all kinds of valid criticism, not least that it is pure speculation without any serious empirical backing to be found. The pretence that he purveys any kind of ‘universal spirituality’ common to all religions is false, for the educational system is totally shot through and through with religious ideas and superstitions (especially Hindu beliefs, including the Indian claim of ‘incarnate god-avatars’)

All Sathya Sai Baba educational projects without exception suffer from the same great weaknesses, such as downgrading of recognised human rights, the importance of social and legal justice in favour of enforcing human ‘duties’, and not seeing, hearing or speaking ill of anyone or criticizing anyone (except oneself). In short a sheer parody of right and good and the means to correct the wrong and bad. Then comes the total avoidance of all issues of gender and sexuality in favour of traditional pseudo-Victorian double morale and unrepressed male chauvinist anti-female attitudes throughout. The pedagogical standards of all Sai schools, Educare projects, Education in Human Values courses are totally unprofessional, not least since they are taught by believers in Sai Baba, mostly amateur teachers and without any forum for critical, analytical discussion of the contents and aims in respect of any professional educational conferences or research workshops… since all Sai Baba education keeps strictly to itself and allows no outside influence whatever!

Some of the following links may help in clarification – especially who are reeling in confusion at the contradictions, seething doubts and personal confusion that will have arisen for many after the late demise by removal from life support without samadhi by the degenerate man who Indian media are daring even indirectly to call a God!

Human Values – Sai Baba’s truncated ideas The SSEHV (Human Values programme) of Sai Baba is an ill-conceived, skimpy and retrograde form of education that no professional educational experts would condone as it stands, it being too simplistic, rigid and restrictive for modern life
Sai Baba’s “Five Human Values>´”  Summary of the conceptual and pedagogical problems in Sai Baba’s supposedly “human” values and the teaching of them
Where the human values teaching falls short and is in serious error
Human values must include human rights, democratic rights, social equality, women’s rights, gender rights and above all human justice and law. The rigid and unchanging ”five human values’ Sai Baba promotes definitively exclude all these, as do his simplistic and often unpedagogical educational ideas.
Sai Baba discourse on education
A brief look at some of his statements
Human values as common or ‘universal’ values?
Human values can be shared, but can they be they shared universally when they are not practiced universally? Being human values they are socially, culturally and politically variable in expression and not least in practice.
Sathya Sai Baba EHV exposed
as a censorious, amateur sect
Sai Baba Education in Human Values (SSEHV)
A close look at some of the shortcomings and discrepancies in Sathya Sai Education in Human Values
Cardinal failings in Sai Baba’s teachings – some of the main weaknesses summarized and demonstrated in detail
The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power These incisive analyses of the methods, teachings and failings common to most so-called ‘gurus’ are highly accurate in describing the dynamics of the guru-follower relationship and its exploitation. They apply with full force to  Sai Baba, as any independent-minded person can easily establish.
Fallacies in doctrines of ‘karma’ (and healing) The conflict between traditional doctrines of karma and scientific rationality. Variants in doctrine are compared with the current state of human knowledge
Sai Baba fallacies and falsities – his absurd ‘Saience’ vs. true science His ignorance of atomic physics, astrophysics, magnetism, geo-sciences, historical fact, history of religions etc.
Human Rights World Report 2008. India In Sore Shape World report 2008 in marked conflict with Sai Baba’s promises made over many decades. He has said that he would first “save” India and then the rest of the world – this within his own lifetime.
Spirituality redefined without religion or mysticism
Spirituality is about human values, which are created and acted on by human beings, without the assistance of any disembodied deity or principle.
Avoidance of vital issues, like sex, AIDS by ‘Universal teacher’ One would expect that a teacher worth his salt would have something educative and knowledgeable to say on the subject of human sexuality and the many issues which surround it and problems which arise from it, but it is far too ‘touchy’ for Sathya Sai Baba. One can but ask why?
Sathya Sai Baba’s religious teaching The most enormous claims ever made by a human being about himself are seen to be nothing but bluster backed by a catch-all pseudo-universal ‘spirituality’
Otherworldliness and futile escapism Belief in a non-physical realm of spirits and deities is only a belief, and one which rather diverts energies and aspirations away from real solutions to human problems than showing any tangible contributions.
Avoiding leaps of faith into conclusions Irrational human behaviour is very widespread, and many people will believe just about anything, especially if it suits them, their lifestyle, their habits and accumulated opinions
Mystical and religious explanations being crowded out
As science continues, decade after decade, to fill more and more of the gaps in our knowledge, there is less and less space for the mystical explanation and the supposed ‘divine hand’. The process of cumulative human knowledge based on massive observation and experimentation – instead of superstition and speculative theology – has continued since earliest human history.

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