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Anti-cult organizations should step up warnings on the Sai Baba people

Posted by robertpriddy on May 8, 2011

The famous Rick Ross anti-cult activist has a posting on his website which is still as valid as when it was first made:-

“The people behind Sai Baba’s myth and money-machine should be prosecuted. But that’s hard to do when they are the law.
9 billion in Sai Baba wealth can buy a lot of graft and bribes. Some people will do terrible things for that kind of money, or for a lot less.

It really is a terrible situation. People need to be warned to keep their children far away from any Sai Baba org center, especially in India. As if its true that the Sai Baba inner circle is committing similar sexual abuses.
And other vulnerable people need to be warned to stay away from the Sai Baba organization, as many of them have had all of their money taken, and then were cast aside.
Sai Baba is not going away, the Sai Baba Org is going to keep on pushing their agenda, and collecting money, some being used for visible “charity” to deflect criticism, and the rest being handed over to friends for contracts, kickbacks..uh donations. But all governments should warn their citizens to stay away from the Sai Baba ashram for all the reports of sexual abuse of children.”


This remains valid because there are many reports from ex-students who have contacted anti-cult activists who tell that sexual abuse is rife within Sai colleges in Prashanthi Nilayam and Brindavan.

Here is an excerpt from an account made by a former student – now an academic – who has been in regular contact with well known ex-follower Conny Larsson by phone and e-mail and with myself for several years. We know his real identity and can confirm that he is a real person, but we must protect him from aggressive Sai stalkers and continued harassment by fanatical Sai Baba devotees where he is in India:-

I have been accused from the “people of the 5 Human Values” of all sort of things and foremost even threatened for my life. These stalkers that has been paid by the Sai org. is terrible people that also was my former close friends within the Sai org.  But what more could one expect from people devoted to a Rakshasa like Sai Baba. He ones told my when I told him that I loved him, ” yes I now, my food is your thoughts” I almost fainted out of satisfaction, could you believe how gullible I was.  Seduced both physically, spiritually and mentally. The so called “seva” within his org. is just a mumbo jumbo that never existed so far.

I am really at pains to understand that one of my closest friends(name given but undisclosed here), who personally told me about the private goings on is still a believer, though I sympathize with him. It can be due to the fact that his father was given free hospital treatment and I believe he has received other benefits . There was also (name undisclosed). They are still my friends  and so it is difficult to come out in the open.

(‘Raman Sharma’ tells next of how a close relative of his was a prominent official in the Sathya Sai Organisation but left after he told her of his experiences. They were ostracized by all former Sai Baba friends and none bothered to ask after his relative’s health after a cancer operation. After I came out my mother left the organisation and many senior member spoke ill about us. Even when she was operated upon for cancer in 2008,none of those so called sai-friends were considerate enough even to enquire about her welfare.)I also had a miraculous escape in a way when I had confronted the hostel warden directly (it’s a long story of my own humiliations and shady living and things to which I was introduced as a kid in my eight standard by older boys and close friends). I still recollect another Mephistopheles of SB, Nanjundaiaah, the controller of examinations at the university speaking to our class that “Swami is pure innocence, you students by your association and dirty thoughts are spoiling him and his innocence” referring to the talk that was spreading at the college.

They misbehaved with students whenever rumours or truth about SSB started spreading in the hostel. Earlier SSB use to himself do this job by publicly humiliating those students and expelling them, thereby spoiling their careers. How many days of psychological trauma and torture good students have suffered! If I remember correctly, it was in June 2000 during the summer course (or was it 1999) two Brindavan form boys (who slept with SB) were taken ill. When checked, they were found to be HIV positive. I don’t know what happened to them, but SB was very upset with them and threw them out. I think this information was totally suppressed. In India the atmosphere is such that even people like us who know facts doubts ourselves at times.  I do hope and pray that God does not allow India to be a global superpower, otherwise it has everything in it to corrupt the rest of the world. The famous authour Nirad C Chaudhuri used a term MEGALOMANIA(In his own words he explained that just as an individual can be overtaken by madness, entire groups of people can grow mad). In India we have no dearth of politicians going collectively mad and so also credulous  people in general. At least Nehru, for all his shortcomings never bowed down to irrationality just as his party supremos like PM Manmohan Singh  and Sonia Gandhi did recently by Bowing down at the corpse of dead Sathya sai Baba.

Yesterday, I was going through the exbaba site and the account of SB’s sibling Janakiramiah’s death. I noticed two points: Firstly, While Janakiramiah lay dying, people were allowed to see him in the ICU at SSSIHMS. I really fail to understand why are the devotees not being allowed now.  Secondly, there was a reference of a bloated Janakiramaiah’s body being sent back to his residence at Parthi. I would like to bring to your notice about another death at the hospital. It concerns prof. Kailash Kumar Aurora, one of the professors’ of English at the Institute. I heard about his death when I had gone to parthi last in 2004. He also died at SSSIHMS and some students who saw him (may be at the hospital) repeatedly confirmed that his body had bloated up unnaturally. I do know of the fact that many permanent members at the ashram or evn students never wanted to go to SSSIHMS for treatment because the Hospital was famous for giving wrong injections or medications to the patients. I personally hold the view that SB knew of these goings-on at the hospital and never wanted any major achievement of the hospital to be highlighted in public.>Also, returning to the sequence of my older emails, somewhere around 1990 there was a student called Ramesh from Andhra who use to terrorize me and have sex. He never allowed me to go to class and I was really afraid of him, I don’t know for what, I think most of them knew of SB and I am surprised that even on Facebook none of the old Sai students are showing any serious concern about swami’s health. I think it was in my tenth that I started enjoying sex with males after being forced to do it in eighth and ninth. I even stopped going home during holidays in the pretext of staying with swami and my parents being devotees could not imagine about what was happening to me.I remember praying to SB that my parents should die so that I could enjoy life on my own, such was my foolishness. These memories are indeed painful but I can certainly say that I have restrained myself from doing it with younger folks at Parthi. Somehow I always had the feeling that it was wrong.

Another Indian ex-student of Sai Baba with whom I am in regular contact and whose genuineness I tested by asking questions about a student from Prashanthi Nilayam college I once knew there from before he began at the college whose time overlapped his, and he gave me the right answers: writes:-

“SB will no longer molest young boys! I hope the trust can continue to work efficiently providing service activities to people in need.  Seeing the outpouring of love and affection for the departed soul, how I wish he were really a saint! Having heard first hand accounts of his lecherous acts from victims who were my friends in college, I simply cannot forgive him for the way he wrecked so many young boys’ lives.
Truth is what it is, and instead of ignoring it or overlooking it, one must be courageous enough to face it and accept it. I appreciate the outstanding efforts put in by you and other leaders of the Sai expose movement on the internet. Thanks to your efforts, SB is known as “the god man who did good social work but was also haunted by allegations of grave, serious crimes”.  His heinous crimes will forever be part of his legacy.”

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