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Sathya Sai Baba’s lunar age 96

Posted by robertpriddy on May 9, 2011

Astronomical lunar months - from Wikipedia

The entire house of cards has tumbled down on the failed predictions of Sathya Sai Baba about his alternative dates of death (93 or 96). Therefore it is totally crucial to the Sathya Sai officials, Trust, devotees and hangers on that he should be proven right, whether by hook or crook… involving falsification of facts! Once and for all, the correct calculations versus diverse fanatical attempts to justify a totally failed prediction by Sathya Sai Baba (one showcased here):-
Another very confused devotee now claims Sathya Sai Baba told him he was 96 years old. To prove it he has concocted a ‘magimathemattical’ calculation which gets the number of days lived by SSB entirely wrong, which is confirmed by the pronouncement that SB lived 30,833 days. He also get the length of the draconic lunar year wrongly, stating it is 324 days, when in fact it is 326 days (on average). These ‘adjustments’ let him produce the false result 96.2 lunar years. (Check this out at his site at

1. According to the lunar calendar; 1 year = 324 days
2. Baba saw 85 years and 153 days (i.e. up to 24.04.2011) of the Christian calendar; therefore He saw an equivalent of (85 x 365) + 153 = 31178 days of the Christian calendar
3. If we convert this to the lunar calendar we see; 31178 / 324 = 96.2 years
4. AND IF WE CONVERT THIS MESSAGE AS OF 11TH FEB 2011 IT IS 31,104 / 324 = 96 YEARS EXACTLY, BHAGWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA DID LIVE TO 96 YEARS, Fellow devotees, please be sure to send this page, calculation to all who question Baba’s integrity and prophecies.

The number of days per lunar year would be 27.21 times 12 = 326.52 (days per annum) So 30,833 days divided by 326 days per year is equal to 91.02 lunar years.
This does not reach the minimum requirement of 93 years, which he twice predicted in separate discourses. Nor by far does it reach 96 years, which he also stated was the age he would reach – as all commentators agree. However one twists and turns it, the calculations do not fit the prediction.HOWEVER! The idea of a ‘lunar year’ is invalid astronomically… see how this is explained by a comment made on (see scan on right):-

Check the contents for yourself by clicking on the image

It is highly amusing that the people wait for a Hindu scholar/astrologer to confirm their calculations! Astrologers are hardly any use compared to astronomers, astrology is known for using defunct ways of reckoning, using the Procrustean bed to make things fit and  in general to be unable to predict (for example, the winners of India elections or the death date of anyone with accuracy) – and Hindu scholars cannot improve on the hard astronomical facts, however devoted they are to their beliefs!

According to website Sathya Sai Baba lived for 30,833 days. This is a correct calculation (correct IF he was actually born on 23 Nov. 1926, which is disputed- since his registered date in his school record is 3 years LATER!) The lunar month averages 27.21 days (by the very shortest or ‘draconic’ reckoning which the website chose for obvious reasons).

……………BUT, a lunar year is an obscure construction which was never used in dating Sai Baba’s birthdays or any other date announced by him or his ashrams.  A year necessarily means a solar year, the time the earth takes to circumnavigate the sun (365 days excepting leap year – the same for the moon, of course, which is a satellite to the earth) . One cannot add or subtract from that year because of lunar phases any more than one can change it because of the apparent movement of, say, Mars or Venus. That some Hindu shastris use such calculations is beside the point and they even in some cases decide to add one lunar months every 6 years so as to approach the correct solar year length! Only now does all this lunar confusion seem of significance to those desperately searching for an explanation to prove Sai Baba was infallible. THAT he certainly never was! An Indian follower posted a similar view on the year on comments:-



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