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Dr. G. Venkataraman – top propagandist for Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on May 21, 2011

Dr. G. Venkataraman writes in Part 4 of his 7-part series entitled “In Quest of Infinity” on his Radio Sai website “You know, when I think about it all, I am simply wonder struck. On one side of it is God who has created the Universe in which all these wonderful things happen. On the other side, there He is in human form in Parthi, going about as if He is not aware of any of the mysteries in the Universe” See here

This man is deeply involved in the Sathya Sai Central Trust and other bodies. Seeing he believes so totally that Sai Baba is the Creator of the Universe, he cannot but view himself as a person of extremely great consequence with a role of unprecedented importance for a ‘mere human’. Sai Baba gave him the role of a teacher and spiritual adviser, subsequently made him head of propaganda (Radio Sai and the official SSB website).Venkataraman is also Vice-president of the Prashanthi Council (which decides on all Sai-related matters apart from finances) and a Trustee of the Sathya Sai Central Trust. Yet as the chief propagator of God’s will and a person privileged more than even Saint Peter or Paul supposedly were he would feel he is in an invulnerable position! Yet more importantly, most people would agree, the backing of the Prime Minister, President and other Indian luminaries for Sathya Sai Baba put him virtually beyond the law, as it certainly did Sathya Sai Baba. But the law of life and death caught up with Sai Baba in April this year. Venkataraman is smart enough to appear as humble as he can, devotees cite ‘good luck’, meanwhile he writes pompous tracts (some plagiarized) as if he could explain away almost everything from the standpoint of the ‘divine wisdom’ he parrots). Yet he is not at all invulnerable to the criticism of those who have examined him, his fanatical beliefs and his doings closely and rationally. Such scrutiny shows him to be a major cover-up agent – another kind of left-hand man for Sai Baba.

When I met Venkataraman on two occasions together with V.K. Narasimhan, he lacked normal animation. I now know he grieved for a very long time over having lost his son (Sai Baba did not save him!) and been emotionally manipulated by Sai Baba with supposedly ‘divine’ reassurances, condolences and privileges. That he has achieved awards and praise from Indian bodies proud of the nuclear achievements made him an important figure for Sai Baba’s own reputation among some Indian scientists and elites.  He also tells what everyone knows anyhow, how scientists made the atomic bomb and states, “Overnight, scientists lost their innocence and became putty in the hands of those who had money to throw.” Well, G. Venkataraman is one of those very persons, for – like his more accomplished former colleague Dr. Bhagavantam – he worked for the Indian government on developing atomics which backed up India’s nuclear capacity! Now he is preaching against this… and he is one of the guilty!

The programmatic denial of widely known and testified sexual abuses: This is one of Venkataraman’s Achilles heels. Many Sai students were named by a former student who told how they – including himself – were sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba.  Prof. G. Venkataraman denies that there is any substance in these accusations (which doubtless he had to, or else be thrown into the outer darkness). He has reported that he has spoken to some of them, who said they did not know their names were on the list. To a man who denies totally that Sai Baba is anything but the Creator of the Universe and is totally pure, what else would they say? At least one student has informed us that Venkataraman knows of the paedophile activities reported of his guru-god Sathya Sai Baba, so all student victims would certainly know that he would be a very dangerous person to confide in! However, one can see for oneself how many youth have come forward in public here. Further, as a trusted activists on the exposé work concerning Sathya Sai Baba and all his cover-up connections, numerous young men have contacted me and/or Barry Pittard in strict confidence stating that they were sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba. (see example) Their accounts are often most revealing of details of his methods, and each has its unique stamp of authenticity. We have checked their identities in most instances, yet some are so worried about repercussions for themselves or members of their families (some of whom live in Prashanthi Nilayam or Puttaparthi) that they naturally were unwilling to give confirmable details about themselves. Knowing that four ex-students were murdered in cold-blood in Sai Baba’s apartment in 1993, this is probably a most wise precaution. Other reports – by Dr. Naresh Bhatia – a self-confessed sexual partner of Sathya Sai Baba – many, many boys have been misused by Sai Baba. Further, a former student has posted a list over 150 students through he collected from those who claimed to know they were abused by Sai Baba, and only a very tiny handful have (for whatever reasons) contested their names being on the list.

The convoluted misunderstandings and philosophical innocence of Sathya Sai Baba’s chief ‘scientific apologist’:
A retired physicist whose work went towards producing India’s nuclear devices, G. Venkataraman has tried to done the mantle of philosopher. He shows he lacks even elementary linguistic or philosophical analytical training and is ignorant of almost the entire comparative and critical world research efforts into the predominant global philosophies and theologies. His religious learning is narrow, being strongly and uncritically Hinduist. His agenda is definitely unscientific, for it is religious moralizing, as is clear from his words here: “Swami puts it all neatly and crisply. He says we must first have Love for God followed by a fear of sin. If these two are present, then Morality in Society would automatically follow.” 

Venkataraman’s view of evolution is a particularly bankrupt version of ‘creationism’ and ‘intelligent design’. He claims that the scientific theory of evolution is wholly correct, but that Sai Baba (i.e. God the Creator) created the entire evolutionary process! By the same measure, one could say that – if there were a scientific proof that God did not exist, it would be God who put the proof into man’s mind! God cannot have existed before God was created, but who, how, when did that happen. The only answer people like Venkararaman usually give is that God was uncreated, exists eternally. This is just a play with words, for something never created can never have come into existence. It is like saying ‘time exists’ when time is merely a relativistically determined way of measuring, not an entity that can be objectively measured! This is the bewitchment of intelligence by language… a Wittgensteinian lesson that every philosopher worth his salt knows.

G. Venkataraman – Chief propagandist for ‘God’ G. Venkataraman is keen to imprint on his readers that, in studying anything about science, they are observing “The Glory of God”. This is, of course, an assumption and is not even a testable hypothesis, being a vague (undefined and indefinite) conception which is entirely non-operational.

Apologist for Sathya Sai Baba The only top Sai official who has ever even mentioned the many allegations against Sai Baba – and then only after a period of six years or more had gone by – is Dr. G. Venkataraman. He has shown his true colours, however, in having written a document full of cover-up and false statements

The most gullible physicist alive? Dr. G. Venkataraman writes in Part 4 of his 7-part series entitled “In Quest of Infinity” on his Radio Sai website “You know, when I think about it all, I am simply wonder struck. On one side of it is God who has created the Universe in which all these wonderful things happen.

Dr Venkataraman, a victim of emotional blackmail? One of the many former devotees with whom I correspond privately has commented to me that “Dr.G. Venkataraman lost all his scruples.” Also that he “had a harrowing experience when he lost his son and that is the main reason he is with Sathya Sai Baba who kind of gave him emotional support

G. Venkataraman’s out-dated and fallacious ideas

Indian Nuclear Scientist Now Sai Baba’s Global Radio Chief These days Sai Baba’s chief international propagandist (via Sai Global Harmony and WorldSpace International Satellite Radio Service) and deputy head of the immensely wealthy and influential world Sathya Sai Organization, Dr G. Venkataraman, was a top Indian nuclear scientist.

Dr.G. Venkataraman – physicist ‘explains’ Sathya Sai Baba

Atomic physics Venkataraman-Puttaparthi style. Deeply intriguing

Dr. G. Venkataraman’s delusions and cynical cover up





Dr. G. Venkataraman a common plagiarist

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