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David Wolff on – groundless blather

Posted by robertpriddy on May 23, 2011

On, David Wolff, one of the American ‘true believers’ who had contact with Leela Press, Jack Scher (deceased) and Judy Warner has attacked me as a person (NOT my documented arguments and evidence, of course). I have been attacked by David Wolff before, and I have responded too (see here).

David Wolff, the vituperative empty-head

Clearly my reply to him has had a long-lasting smarting effect in that all David Wolff can produce now is invective which has no substance whatever. I have made no misstatements about Sai Baba, and Wolff couldn’t point to a single one. I am extremely wary of the semantics of my every sentence and have found very few errors – all of which I have corrected immediately when discovered. No one can prove that I have told a single untruth in any of my writings criticizing Sathya Sai Baba – and I challenge anyone to take legal action if they dare! I have a far more complete idea of Sathya Sai Baba than Wolff can realise, because he has long been programatically disallowed from thinking anything critical – anything that would reflect badly on ‘Swami’. He is a bad follower of Sai Baba’s teaching (“Always speak sweetly and softly” and “Never criticize others. Only criticize yourself” which is all rubbish teaching anyhow). Here one can sample his soul (see scan):-

Accusing me of obsessive-compulsive disorder and underlying paranoia is laughable to all those who know me. I have since student days had many and varied psychologist and psychiatrist friends as I have been involved in the debate about schizophrenia and other disorders in the early 1960s and thereafter. David Wolff shows his mental incompetence by making this scurrilous claim, which he could never support in the face of my medical factsheet. Wolff tells me I am an atheist for he thinks he knows myself better that I or my many friends. I am not exactly atheist in the full sense, I am a non-theist and a philosopher, so I never draw final conclusions on main metaphysical matters, however unlikely a proposition (like God is) may be.

Wolff would so like to take the high moral ground, but he remains grovelling in spite and attempts at character assassination. He give no documentation of any of his statements, which I do in very many case when I criticize Sathya Sai Baba. I am simply showing the hidden side – the bad side – of Sathya Sai Baba – often from his own words, confusions proven lies and widely reported negative actions (which no devote is allowed to think about, let alone mention!) As to Wolff’s blather about me “having no idea” who Sai Baba is… read my pro-Sai book, ‘Source of the Dream’. After 18 years devoted service, having come there, experienced and gotten deeply immersed, I emerged from the delusions as he proved to be sadly wanting in more and more ways… and a suspected criminal to boot!

It is not I who was ‘attention-seeking’ but Sathya Sai Baba, not I who am malevolent but Sai Baba (and those of his followers who attack me without sense or reason). I would have liked NOT to have felt the burden of having to tell what I, one of the very few, learned despite all I hoped and believed before. Many write to me for advice, succour, information, and other forms of help. Many more applaud what I and others are doing to bring out the truth no followers want to know! I receive a great deal of support for defending the weak and defenseless… also from those who are unable to get any kind of justice in India for the sexual abuses they have, I am convinced, suffered at the hands of Sai Baba. None of these would ever speak to a person like David Wolff… he comes across as intent on being nasty, as if his opinions could affect my happiness in the least. I present his vicious desires that I should die soon and his other brainless comments so that people may know what kind of people we are dealing with in the Sathya Sai Organization nowadays.

I have determination to not let Sathya Sai Baba get away unremarked, and I have succeeded beyond what I thought possible. (Churchill said re the truth “Never, never, never give up! – and my supporters agree and hope I shall continue until I am 100 years old, whether calendar or lunar! Nearly all respected news media have taken notice of our work – (that excludes most in India which are bought out by Sai Baba and his gang of politicians). Newspapers like The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The New Statesman and other such prestigious outlets (not forgetting the BBC on all fronts) have pointed out the likelihood of the sex allegations being true and the murder involvement of Sai Baba too, for they remark that Sai Baba had powerful political backers who could protect him from any legal proceeding (as they did in 2002 when Hari Sampath put his petition with many affidavits before the Supreme Court!

One can see how popular my blog is from the statistics around Sai Baba’s death – topping with 52,383 visitors in one single day alone, ca. 800,000 visitors so far. As to ‘plenty of negative feedback’ that Wolff says I get, he is referring to the anonymous attackers on Of course, plenty of Sai devotees are very keen on giving anonymous negative feedback in  general… they do not even practise what their Sai Baba preached!

Because of his spleen and hate, I then wrote a corrective e-mail to Mr. Wolff as follows:-

> —– Original Message —–
> From:
> Sent: 5/23/2011 3:47:26 PM
> Subject: be careful

Hello David Wolff,
I have now seen your postings on You ought to be ashamed… an adult writing such invective and drivel. Never mind, it all add grist to the mill, which will not stop. Your cheap jibe (Sai Baba-inspired?) with the death wish for me … well, you may die well before me, I have a family of 90 year olds behind me.
Now all can read my replies to you. and the same at
The more you post, the more your reasoning will get devastated… never fear, you just have not got the nous to express anything truly sensible as far as you have shown to date.

He told me by direct reply: “Fuck you, Bobby. Go to your room” (I have the entire e-mail source to prove it – with its massive pseudo-legal clauses and threats against disclosure, so he evidently didn’t want anyone to know what he really is like…). I have never been known as ‘Bobby’ for a start, so that strange try at familiarity fell flat. The ‘Go to your room’ bit is interesting, I can only think it is what his parents said to him a lot. And this businessman at High Point; North Carolina man calls himself a Sai devotee, well – there you go!

It is indicative of the low level of insight and intelligence of many of the posters on who cannot confront my reasoning but simply call me names and spread hateful lies about me (a junkie!) After my posting the above, David Wolff went beserk and posted several further vituperative attacks against me and repetitive inarticulate drivel which can be seen here
The pro-Hindu website has shown itself to use ‘dirty tricks’ against critics – it has posted statements allegedly by me under my name which I never wrote! Further, it posted a number of my comments, then removed them without warning, comment or reason. They also removed a comment by another person supportive of me which they had previously moderated and posted. That is ‘dirty tricks’ and shows the malpractice of at chakranews,com and that it is not advisable for serious persons to post there.

The following comments came to this site, as follows:-


3 Responses to “David Wolff on – groundless blather”

  1. Just to give you a bit more background, I would like to add that Sai baba married my parents. I have quite the interesting upbringing to say the least. It wasn’t easy being raised by two brainwashed weak minded people.

  2. Hi Robert,

    I am reaching out to you in support of your experience. Unlike my father David Wolff, I am of sound mind and completely agree with you. My father is completely delusional and an absolute embarrassment. I have first hand experience of the cult of Sai baba since I was an infant. In fact I am the baby on the cover of Judy Warners book Transformation of the Heart. I would love to touch base with you and further discuss my experience( which will expose the perpetual sex abuse) and hear more of your insight. If you are Interested please contact me at I truly hope to hear from you, as I believe you will help validate what I have always known to be a ridiculous cult.

  3. kumarbabu77 said

    This blog has done an outstanding job of exposing the sham that is Sai Baba. By reading this blog, if even one parent has abandoned plans to send his/her children to Sai Baba’s educational institutions, then this blog has served a noble purpose.

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