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Controversy on Sathya Sai Baba’s suspicious death

Posted by robertpriddy on May 25, 2011

Many devotees are in total deniai - grasping for straws - angry too

An Indian news outlet recently posted the following: “Former Minister G Nagi Reddy accused Sri Sathya Sai trust members for the death of Sathya Sai Baba.”  If and when I receive a translation of the Telugu, it will be posted on this blog.
( All the information usually available to the public when a prominent person dies after so much controversy about his long illness with massive weight loss (only 30 kgs. at one stage – suggestive of AIDS),
circumstances surrounding his disconnection his life support, and much else – including the lack of a death certificate and a post mortem – all mean that the matter is not cleared up by any means.

NDTV, a major Indian Broadcasting Company, put this document (left) up on their website the day SB’s death was announced. It elicited the following comment by a trained Indian physician:
Soumitra Mukhopadhyaya NDTV 24-04-2011 “As a doctor I should point out that the cause of death mentioned (cardio-respiratory failure) is medico-legally unacceptable. The cause leading to cardio-respiratory failure needs to be clearly mentioned. The international death certificate does not accept cardio-respiratory failure as a valid cause of death.”

Not producing a death certificate is in strict violation of Andhra Pradesh State regulation, Indian law, and international rule.

Meanwhile, on The Telegraph, comments after their obituary article were many and interesting. Some excerpts appear below for the benefit of those who did not come across them.

Saissb Sai Believe and it will happen! Sai Baba is going to resurrect and you know it! The need for Sai Baba to come back to life in a few days is more than your personal need/non-need for Baba, The entire world will see that as Jesus returning and that can potentially change the world instantly. All the wars and suffering can stop in an instant. So pray selflessly and believe for Sai Baba’s resurrection!

The comments – some rather entertaining, some illumining – made by GLC_1 to SathyaSaiBaba (both of whose identities I unfortunately have no clue) were – despite the sarcastic invective – strongly supportive of my own main contentions:-

GLC_1 — Now the scoundrels in the Ashram Trust are saying he actually did live 96 years based on “lunar months”! Hahaha! No wonder they are all “loonies” – LOL!

Do they really think all Indians are fools and servile retards like them?

Complete nonsense! – 27.3 days is the draconic month for lunar nodes – even jyotishas like me with a rudimentary knowledge of Astronomy and Hindu Astrology laugh at the suggestion of imputing a “year” to it – why should you divide the total number of draconic lunar months by 12, then?

The very idea of dividing (or multiplying) by 12 to get at a year is a solar concept with respect to the earth’s orbit around the sun!

A lunar year is strictly 354.38 days, and always consists of synodic months (29.53 days) – full moon to full moon – it is the same calculation that has been used for thousands of years for Vedic Sacrifices like Darshapoornamaasa and Vajapayi – the lunar nodal month (or draconic) month of 27.2 days is seldom used because of the tilt of the moon’s orbit with respect to the ecliptic which progressively decreases due to precession.

Even with the greatest astronomical latitude (not literally), there is simply NO WAY the so-called “lunar years” (or more accurately, sidereal years) can be greater than 87 or 88, tops. Then they disingenuously claim that what is meant by 96 years is that Sathya Sai’s “birth star” of “Thiruvadurai” transited 96 times during 30,833 days – some scoundrels will also add the 9 months conception period, or approximately 270 extra days to it!

All total hogwash! Even a sidereal year with respect to the earth’s orbit around the fixed stars (or constellations) is 365.25 days. The Thiruvadurai constellation or Aardra Nakshatra (Betelgeuse Orion constellation) appears on average once every 27 days per the Vedic lunar constellation ecliptic, as a part of 27 Vedic lunar asterisms listed in the Yajur Veda Mantra Samhita portion, beginning with Krittika (or Pleiades constellation) . So it appears at least 12-13 times a year – how then can it then only have appeared for a grand total of 96 times in 31160 days? All delusional rants and defensive revisionism!

SathyaSaiBaba —

Alaya rahm, Mark Roche, Robert Priddy, Barry Pittard, Tal Brooke all are saying Truth.
So are all of positive devotees of Baba who consider him GOD, because he is GOD, the whole universe is GOD’s body and you are all GOD. GOD (Sai Baba) is not Positive only or Negative, he is none and both.

GCL_1 — Fine, if that is the nature of your rationalization, then our posts and our EGO is also God by your own definition – all the attacks on Sathya Sai Baba regarding sexual pedophilia are also GOD, and the links and posts I am providing below regarding well documented sexual abuse are also GOD!
Let us do our dharma and duty by God to expose this sham, and you do yours.…

Even with the extreme case of a Draconitic (node to node) lunar year, we arrive at 30,833 days that this pedophile fraudster lived, divided by 346.62, giving us 88.95 years. How the hell then can it be 96 years (forget the fact that Sathya Sai’s school birth records show a completely different birthdate of Oct 4th, 1929!, and the birthplace not in Puttaparthi, but in the adjoining village of Karnatak-Nagepalli!)?

Complete humbug! – no instance of such lunar month “calculation” is found in Vikrama or Shalivahana almanac of such convenient manipulations of dates! Shameless, spineless scoundrels – should all be beaten to within an inch of their hypocritical sham lives! They built a huge “Vedic Temple” for him to live in, and filled it with Vedic priests performing non-stop fire sacrifices to protect their pedophile sexual predator fraudster god from impending harm, and pompously named it “Yajur Mandir” (in an insult to the Vedas and those who actually perform proper Vedic sacrifices) – they also stupidly installed 9 Ganesha statues within to ward off illness, calamity, and the “evil eye” to their teacher – and what good did it do? Ultimately the power of the sacred chants from the Vedas itself killed him after putting him through suffering. As he himself had once said, “How can Light co-exist with Darkness; how can evil co-habit with the divine?” – Prophetic words indeed!

SathyaSaiBaba —

Exactly, you got it perfect! I believe i am being a solution to problems of the world and always been like that. I used to cry when thinking about all the suffering in the world and this is how i complete my part. You are also doing what you think is right, may your faith be with you and bring you success!

GCL_1 — Very well, let me try and put it another way. Unfortunately, it does not quite work the way you mentioned. If all was God, then there would be no need for effort or sadhana – humans would be indifferent by nature to pleasure and pain alike – there would be no conscious and determined pursuit of the Divine. It would all just be a stultifying entropy.

The fact is – we as humans, with all our frailties, DO feel the need and urge to approach, contact, be influenced, inspired, and molded by the Divine – there IS attraction towards the good, the virtuous, the Divinely powerful, the magnanimous, the noble, the compassionate, the restrained, the elevated, the plenary, and the sublime. This was the message of the pedophile and predatory sexual abuser who just died a while back – the message is faultless, but is not consistent with his own deeds and actions. Had he been open about his sexuality instead of hiding like an insect in the dark, no one would have cared.

Instead he willfully chose to enact an elaborate sham and sinful pretense that those around him were only too happy to perpetuate in their fear, obsequiousness, and need to believe. He broke trust – and, the consequences are there for all to see. His own Divinely appointed powers (and understand, I am being generous to consider the possibility he had any to begin with) abandoned him one by one, leaving behind an empty, fake shell, like the fake baubles he secretly began hiding and vibhuti that could no longer be manifested – the subtle body of Sathya Sai was riddled with contradictions and anomalies like Swiss cheese – his aura was completely besieged by the plaintive cries of those he systematically abused without any thought for their feelings – ultimately, the Divine Power in the form of the (higher) sookshma and kaarana shareeras that had attached itself to the Raju body abandoned it – it would have nothing more to do with the sthoola shareera, or to the manas, chit, buddhi, and ahamkara of the Raju body.

The end results are also there for all to see – a pathetic, senile, drooling degenerate cripple hauled to ICU and hooked up onto pacemakers, ventilators, and dialysis equipment like a circus freak – his own sins caught up with him – what a tragic denouement where his own prophecies could not be fulfilled on account of the mala (sin) accumulated in the Raju body – Ishwara spares none. Hans said he had Yoga Vasishta next to him – that is enough proof to me of his sincerity, directness, and spiritual worth. Sight-unseen I can accept his testimony as a Hindu and Indian who knows and has studied the shastras.

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