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Sathya Sai Baba physical death prediction on

Posted by robertpriddy on May 28, 2011

See chakranews: dirty tricks campaign – deleting comments selectively:

Posting on comments falsely posted under the name 'Robert Priddy' and not removed by them. Part of a campaign of web trickery by the webmasters of that website or by person hiding as Arjun, perhaps?

The Hindu website has an article defending the (wholly fallacious) notion that Sathya Sai Baba’s prediction of when he would die is fulfilled. They invited postings and I provided reasonable but critical comments, never using invective (as so many there do). I found a posting which I had not made, masquerading under my name (Robert Priddy). When I pointed this out, chakranews,com soon began to remove my postings… but selectively. They deleted the most important postings with facts and explanations, retaining almost only those which were replies to my attackers. This presented me in a less that true and quite selectively distorted light. Therefore I am posting her scans of some of the postings they removed or disallowed, before blocking me from making any postings at all.

The crux of the issue of Sai Baba’s predicted death:  The argument given was that Sai Baba calculated his age in lunar years (going by one if the several version of the Hindu calendar). I contested this with accurate calculations to show that, even if he HAD reckoned in terms of lunar years, no calculation would fit his predictions. He made two different predictions – that he would live to age 93 and also to age 96. That is in itself enough to awaken severe doubt about his prescience, not to mention his memory of what he had

Criticism of the lunar year adherents was very hotly protested by devotees of Sai Baba – who evidently could not face facts, but rather invest in blind faith in Sai Baba and ignore all ‘worldly facts’. Moreover, their defense mostly took the form of rants against my person. This is the resort of all those who do not have a case – attack the man, not the subject… shoot the messenger etc. The motivations for them to do so are diverse but some are obvious. The fully signed-up believer who has become a known believer in Sai Baba has a strong reluctance to backtrack, because Sai Baba always insisted that EVERYTHING he said or did was infallible. If you doubt one thing, you are no longer ‘one of the blessed’. Those devotees who fondly look forward to the possible liberation of eternal nirvana after death – as Sai Baba promised could be for good devotees – have continued to indoctrinate themselves with all the bells and whistles of Sai Baba’s super-eclectic hodge-podge of Hindu scriptures, philosophies spiced up with Jesus and a small touch of Buddha. They cannot countenance any criticism of him, for their hopes are threatened and their mental-emotional crutches less reliable if so.

The ashram and other ‘authorities’ around Sathya Sai Baba have also other concerns… keep the myth going so as to keep the finances from donors rolling in. The failed prediction which devotees had set in stone and put all their reliance on is not conducive to keeping everyone securely within the fold and even less attractive to potential newcomers. Something drastic had to be done… ergo the ‘lunar year’ theory in various shapes and forms… not one of which stands up to simple arithmetic!

Untrustworthy Chakra website: Some my postings were deleted by the webmaster of AFTER having accepted them earlier are found at removed material and allowed unfair practice. Comments relating to my deleted postings were NOT removed. This is simply illegal web practice and reflects badly on the chakra website. I am also informed by another who posted there in defense of me, that another reasonable comment by him defending my reputation was denied, which shows that chakranews have a strong pro-Sai Baba agenda and support defamation of critics without right of reply. I was sent a screen capture of this:- unfair discrimination of reasonable  comments

Screen snapshot of posting denied by CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE URL



Below see the postings deleted after having appeared on-site on

postings by Robert Priddy above were deleted by webmaster after acceptance - without word or any trace.

2 Responses to “Sathya Sai Baba physical death prediction on”

  1. Good comment on the lunar year’s extra month each 6 years. That is to align the idea of a ‘lunar year’ better with the solar year, which is the basic meaning of a year and is the measurement of the earth’s full elliptical journey around the sun. The satellite moon also moves around the sun in the same time. But there are different lunar calendars in use in India and elsewhere, but none can give a correct result for Sai Baba’s various predictions.. That is not mentioned by any of the supposed vedashastris or astrologers who have joined the debate.
    However, Sai Baba most certainly did state that he would live until 96. Back in the 1970s, he told this to V. Balu – who I also met – who wrote about it in ‘The Glory of Puttaparthi’. I has been quoted by numerous authors from the 70s up until the present decade. So – if he never said that – why did he allow the fact to be stated over and over, which he certainly knew about because he has stated in public that was a keen reader of books praising himself. He also told Mr. and/or Mrs. Ratan Lal, who repeated this shortly after he had informed them to a close friend of my wife and I, Norwegian Anne-Irene Larsson. He had further said, no one could decided his length of years, he could choose any time to die that his mission required.
    I recall that he even stated this in a discourse in Sanathana which I read but neglected to mark or not have so far not bothered to locate, but it was some time after 1997and before 2006.

  2. ganapatip said

    Lunar year is 360 days (12 months of 30 days each) and once in 6 years has an extra month and 390 days. This 324 day year is a fiction invented by some Sai devotees. Even most Sai devotees don’t buy this bizarre calculation. Some believe he changed his mind and yet others say that they don’t know, but very few are attempting to reconcile it with this hither-to-unheard of year calculations.

    By the way, Sai himself never mentioned living to be 96, only 93 as mentioned in 1960 and reconfirmed in 1961. The 96 was acording to some Naadi, but was carried in the official publications giving rise to a belief that Sai said it himself. This was revealed by a Sai devotee long before the recent events.

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