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Sai Trust not yet transparent, despite Ratnakar’s bluster

Posted by robertpriddy on June 30, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba’s nephew Ratnakar’s bold statement that the Sai Trust was fully transparent is refuted by the very fact that the Trust has been issued an ultimatum to make their assets public inside 7th July, 2011, by the Andhra Pradesh government. This has not yet happened! The facts may have been fully transparent to him and the coterie of trustees, but not to the public in ANY way! Will the Trust make transparent its involvement in the rigid confinement and many suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Sathya Sai Baba? We think not! Devotees cannot find out, not even his close family, not unless decisive pressure is brought to bear on the Trust by the proper authorities. The funeral celebrations were so large with so many VVIP visitors that the questions about Sai Baba’s last days were covered over, and the prestige of the politicians, the stars of spirituality, screen, stage or sport would probably come under a cloud if the facts were known.

As to the Sai Trust, it remains to be seen whether the Andhra Pradesh authorities will have enough confidence and insight to institute a proper overview of the Trust’s dealings on the model of the Pondicherry Aurobindo ashram.

The background of R.J. Ratnakar, the nephew of Sathya Sai Baba (and son of the infamous younger brother Janakiramiah), is hardly one that inspires the slightest confidence that this is a man of honest character, as can be seen on my previous blog Click me. Ratnakar was even trying to give the impression that he is stepping into the ‘spiritual sandals’ of Sai Baba!

 Sri Aurobindo Society as a model: Prashanthi Nilayam is going through a situation similar to the one that prevailed at the ashram of former Sri Aurobindo in 1973. After the death of his successor the ‘Mother’ – Madame M Alfasse – the  the former smooth running of the Auroville (the international cultural and ‘spiritual’ township project) was upset by a number of complaints about misuse of funds and mismanagement by  the Sri Aurobindo Society. So the Government of India set up a committee under the chairmanship of the Governor of Pondicherry with representatives of the Government of Tamil Nadu and of the Union ministry of home affairs to look into the matter. This procedure is likely to be followed in the case of the Sathya Sai Trust and its institutions.

 An overview of important points concerning the Sai Trust has just appeared:

Some ‘little’  points That Get Lost Among Big Sathya Sai Trust Reassurances of Transparency

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Sai Baba Trustee statements so false as to confirm greater suspicion

Posted by robertpriddy on June 29, 2011

from The Hindustan Times

The Press Trust of India published the above information, printed in The Hindustan Times, Wed. 29th June, 2011. The trustees of the Sathya Sai Central Trust decided, contrary to all former practice by the Trust, to pay income tax on the jewelry, and advanced Rs 9.75 crore (that is 97,500,000 rupees equalling US$ 2,173,776.-). Yet stranger than the decision to pay tax, when no official body asked them to pay. The privilege of exemption with regard to income is still kept by the Trust until further notice. The amount of the income tax seems to be quite strange – 97 million rupees. But the amount of cash in SSB’s rooms was 115 million. What is the income tax based on? If were the cash currency it would amount to 85% tax. Jewels are mentioned and there was much gold and silver too. How did they estimate what the tax should be, when to value of the inventory was not then obtained? It seems very like some kind of diversion manoeuvre, and could it even be a bribe of some kind to whatever powers-than-be in this matter… officialdom or public opinion? Does the Sai Trust think it can usurp the authority of the taxation authorities and decide what tax to pay according to their own rough estimates? The case i bizarre and one smells a rat, and even a sinking ship. 

Excerpt from official Prashanthi Nilayam publication of Christmas Sandesh 1998. Don't laugh - but who doesn't know that Paul never met Jesus or "went up to him".

See?R.J. Ratnakar – the nephew of Sathya Sai Baba – finally gave a press interview. He had a rather unconvincing out-of-context smile on his face, which strongly suggests that he was following his guru’s advice and example (until Sai Baba went into old age depression), namely, to keep up a smiling face when under criticism. He reminded me of what a devotee, Rita Bruce, said of the typical Sai official, Mr. Suri of the Book Trust, when I asked if he was the one who smiled when he talked. She replied “He smiles only while he is lying”. Ratnakar lied most outrageously saying that the Sathya Sai Central Trust was entirely transparent… when no one but insiders could get to see any breakdown of the overall published annual figures. That or possibly also officials who had their hands in the pot for bribes? (This is India, don’t forget, not the land of probity by a very long way). His claim that it is the millions of Sai devotees who he cares for is to be balanced against the fact that – if he gets to run the Trust or be part of it – the income is the major concern. That is why he wants to pacify devotees!


R.J. Ratnakar can be accused of:-

1) the blatant lie that the Sai Trust is “transparent” (but it only so to trustees – only minimally to government. Andhra Pradesh authorities proclaimed they had no information on the Trust dealings when the story first broke). He has spoken of “vested interests” behind the critics, but this is an empty mantra repeated by numerous Sai officials… there is absolutely zero evidence for this and I should know as I am in touch with nearly all who have written criticisms in 10 years… all are independent, mostly ex-followers who have been abused in one way and another!

2) Steering very clear of the key controversy and the hidden facts around it all – the confinement and death of SB

3) Having been known indisputably to try to sideline Sathyajit, who certainly he knew was against Sai Baba’s will, so as to retain control himself. In fact, it was reported that he intended to pronounce himself at Sathya Sai Baba’s spiritual successor!
4) Not forwarding proof of who the money in the van were owned by or what it was for, or why it was in cash – not cheque and not accounting for the episode where many lakhs of cash were apprehended by a bus passenger

5) Being ‘son like father’. Having grown up under a father who was widely known in Puttaparthi – and among foreign visitors – to have run a brothel outside the ashram near the Ganesha gate, he is the son of a liar who takes after his father. His father Janakiramiah, younger brother of Sathya Sai Baba, became a multi-millionaire property magnate in Puttaparthi. He was known by V.K. Narasimhan to have blackmailed the police into executing four young men trapped in Sai Baba’s bedroom (on the pretext that they had tried to assassinate Sai Baba, which SB himself denied!). The famous words were uttered about the execution by Ratnakar’s father to the Home Minister S.B. Chavan – closeted together with V.K. Narasimhan – “Dead men tell no tales” And he and Chavan laughed out loud at that! When Narasimhan told me this in a lowered voice in private early in 1997, it led to my investigating intensely and having to bite the bullet – that I had become deluded by Sai Baba and his many supporters and that all I had done for 18 years for the organization was for a sham. (see a brief account of V.K. Narasimhan’s words as noted in situ in 1997)

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‘Spiritual gurus’ (esp. Sai Baba) voted down by Indian TV audience

Posted by robertpriddy on June 29, 2011

CNN-IBN’s Face the Nation debated the issue “Sathya Sai Trust under scanner – Is spirituality an industry?”, with special reference to Sathya Sai Baba, whose huge secret hoards of gold, silver and currencies plus much more was recently revealed.  Hosted by top TV journalist Sagarika Gosh-Sardesai, Face the Nation is one of the most watched programs in India were invited panelists discuss some key issue, The audience is eventually invited to vote through text messages or emails. Several millions vote every night and a percentage result is given. Yesterday the vote on the issue pertaining largely to Sai Baba showed all of 87% of viewers critical of gurus with money.

In some ways, the issue of the intercepted cash camouflaged much more serious issues. The Sai Trust has already been instructed that it must give up its complete non-transparence of finances in any case. But, for example, one can but wonder what the audience would have voted had the REAL deceptions issue been broached, namely, what happened behind the intense security around Sai Baba who could not even be seen by his relatives when in intensive care? Who was in control and why was the casket and embalming information ordered weeks before he wads declared dead. Did he die naturally or was he disconnected from the life support on Easter Sunday for show, and by whom?

CLICK on image to open IBN video

See the exceptional FTN program here. As a preliminary to the Face the Nation debate, CNN-IBN Editor in Chief Rajdeep Sardesai put some tough questions to Sathya Sai trust lawyer Naganand on the most watched News program in the country “India at 9”. Both Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Gosh-Sardesai were quite critical of the Sathya Sai trust

Most of India’s national TV channels are doing major shows on the Sai Baba matter since it has become prime time material. The hostility of audiences based on the revelations about Sathya Sai Baba and the battles within the Sai Trust makes a striking change from previous treatment of him and his minions in most of India’s media for many years. This bodes ill for the future of the Sai Baba ashrams and all the institutions originally generated from them. Though powerful political manipulators – right to the top in Indian government for decades – helped Sai Baba escape justice and major exposure within India itself, much of the can of worms – as long known to thousands of ex-followers – has opened and cannot easily be closed.

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Dr. Sudrania-Hindustan Times: strongly biased censorship of Sai Baba critics

Posted by robertpriddy on June 29, 2011

PRELIMINARY NOTE Please see the fuller exposé of slanderer and fantasist O.P. Sudrania


For the record, the following shows how the blanket denial of the most outspoken ex-devotee critics of Sathya Sai Baba have been denied access to commenting by most Indian newspapers for years. Influence, money have stitched up the India media, with few honourable exceptions. Now the Indian media are at last opening to criticism of some of Sai Baba’s and his institutions many deceptions, and it is surfacing on a major scale too. Yet the Hindustan Times – which once bravely published a damning article based on true facts (see here)  has relapsed into a most unprofessional and extremely biased attitude towards my attempts at posting comments there (on the page ‘Puttaparthi protests over mishandling of Sai trust funds’ on-line at They had already removed to rather excessive comments by someone signed in as ‘Iyer’ who berated a comment by Osudrania (aka Dr. Om Prakash Sudrania) which contains untrue statements about an international conspiracy against Sai Baba (not supported by any evidence whatever, as none exists). I commented to Osudrania’s comment in a reasonable tone, presenting facts under my full and correct name. Since my comment was disallowed even after nearly one day, I posted a short announcement to the moderator, which surprisingly appeared instantly (without moderation). It was as shown on the right:-

I therefore tried to post again with my factual statements, but it did not appear as moderation intervened. It never appeared. It was as follows:-

Dr. Om Prakash Sudrania earlier posted a plethora of misinformation on the comment page of the Telegraph (UK) after the Obituary of Sai Baba there. His style was that of a humble questioner (reminiscent of Uriah Heep) – but with a powerful denial of facts and events shining through. He was most firmly refuted with facts and made to look an arrogant know-all. See the key part of the debate at Hans de Kraker: telling comments on Sai Baba on The Telegraph obituary. His statements were contested by the brave and honest Dutch-Australian businessman Hans de Kraker, who described how Sathya Sai Baba abused him sexually and he had filed an affidavit to that effect, and also how he was present at the time of the infamous 1993 executions in Sai Baba’s bedroom, despite Osudrania first ignorantly having claimed he was not!. Osudrania also appeals to the book ‘Miracles are My Visiting Cards’ by Professor Haraldsson, not mentioning that the book contains full details on how Sathya Sai Baba was exposed as a liar about Walter Cowan! See what Haraldsson’s true opinion of Sathya Sai Baba is – an incorrigible homosexual with self illusions and a boasting ‘Napoleon’ type person, most likely a split personality:-
Professor Erlendur Haraldsson – by Robert Priddy: very revealing materials!
Erlendur Haraldsson and Robert Priddy on Sathya Sai Baba
An academic’s response to revelations about cover-up of sex abuse etc.

What Sudrania writes against me reminds of the metaphor ‘Like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there!’ He has NO evidence to present to clear Sai Baba of any of the charges of sexual abuses, or connivance to cover-up the murders in his rooms, while there is much documented indicating this easily found on the Internet from most reputable newspapers abroad – and a few in India too! Sathya Sai Baba repeated endlessly that he is the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God, Saviour of mankind – as well as the Deity of Deities at whose feet every prayer addressed to any deity will eventually come! Dr. Prakash sees nothing excessive in that, he calls Sai Baba a ´great saint´and figuratively grovels at the thought of him, spouting the aphorisms Sai Baba gave (with Professor Kasturi as writer/editor as SB´s English was almost non-existant at the time).
It is evident that Sudrania has fallen for beliefs based on “the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” (Author? Someone who boasted of ruling the world!)

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Sachin Tendulkar and Sathya Sai Baba’s gold cup ‘stolen’ from the poor

Posted by robertpriddy on June 28, 2011

from Tehelka – 7th May CLICK ON IMAGE TO GO TO WEB PAGE

The Cricket Field and Golden Cup. On 30/12/1997 world cricket stars and TV stations were invited to a ‘Cricket Unity Cup’ on an expensively-prepared field in the Hillview Stadium. Some famous players came, mostly Indian, including Sachin Tendulkar, Arjuna Ranatunga, Sunil Gaveskar (a long-term devotee),
G. R. Vishwanath, Viv Richards of West Indies and almost unknown Doug Brown (the only UK player).
Sai Baba is reported as having said:

SB “It will be brought by four boys in a trolley. It is very heavy. It cannot be lifted. It weighs 20 kgs. Pure gold.”
A college teacher exclaimed; “1 Crore, Swami!” (i.e Rs.10 millions)
SB: “Yes, yes.”
Teacher: “Individual cup,
SB: “Yes, yes. Each player one Cup. 1 Kg. of silver. Round cup, one side ball, one side bat. We
can keep fruits on it. It can be used in daily life. Outside they give plate on which they write. After some days it becomes copper. This is pure silver, pure gold.”
Teacher: “Swami, it is written in Suka Naadi that Avatar will hoist the Sarvadharma flag; and that will be the turning point for the unity of the world.”
SB answered: “Time has come; time has come. Yes, in Suka Naadi it is there, in Sukha Naadi it is there.”

Comment: So much for Sai Baba’s confirmation of the Suka Naadi’s failed prediction – yet again!

From where did the 20 kilos of gold come for the Cricket Cup?
Since Sathya Sai Baba claimed he had no possessions whatever (except his boys!), he could not have paid for it. (Unless he already had a hidden stash of gold, perhaps). No, ALL the money used so lavishly to try to promote himself through international cricket came from donors to the Central Trust. That money was given on the understanding that it would be used most judiciously for the support of the poor, the suffering, the sick, the uneducated… not a naia paise wasted but NOT to buy cricket stars’ support through lavish gifts. The young Sachin Tendulkar was easily inducted into the beliefs about ´Sathya Sai Baba and has never questioned anything, gladly accepting his share of the cash never intended for him or other rich and famous persons by the donors who gave so unstintingly and trustfully. The other famous Indian cricketers involved then also share the responsibility for figuratively ‘taking bread from the mouths of the poor’. NOW, however, the hidden facts about the Sai Trust and Sai Baba has begun to emerge more widely even in India! Sathya Sai Baba hoarded gold, silver, currency and countless other items in secret caches! The unaccountable, clandestine Sai Trust is under questioning… though the money they have available – and their contacts with huge influence – can yet no doubt buy off any police, politicians or witnesses.

The scandalous Cricket Cup was otherwise a huge and costly failure as the experiment has never been repeated. It is another incidence of the duplicity that has marked Sathya Sai Baba’s relationship to property and money from the start of the Sai Organization. On 11/8/2001, Sathya Sai Baba held a discourse (published in Sanathana Sarathi, September 2001) where he detailed the running costs of the two hospitals, the colleges etc. and how much investment is needed to cover these. This sum – amounting to the interest from 600 crores of rupees (about $120 mill), is perhaps surprisingly little, considering the billions that have been donated to him. Half the interest of this 600 crores goes to the Bangalore hospital, 2/6th to the Puttaparthi hospital and 1/6th to all the educational institutions together. Sai Baba asks rhetorically, “Wherefrom does it all come?” And adds so self-deprecatingly, “However, I am giving it” (p. 264). Does Sai Baba himself have any money to give, then? He has always claimed to be a renunciate who owns nothing. For example, At a meeting of the Central Trust yesterday, I told the members including Sri Indulal Shah, that I had no interest in property. Do not involve me in any connection with these properties. I do not wish to have any connection with money or property. My only concern is with my devotees. Telling them all this, I signed the papers. (1.01.1998, Sanathana Sarathi, Vol. 41, January1998, p. 4).

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Sai Trust: irregularities & secrecy on Sai Baba’s death

Posted by robertpriddy on June 27, 2011

The unrest in Puttaparthi – and no doubt throughout the International Sathya Sai Organization – is surely not caused only by the financial irregularities that are under investigation but by the long history of secrecy, unaccountability and cover-up by the Sathya Sai authorities. The greatest cause for concern is certainly the manner of Sathya Sai Baba’s confinement both before and after he was hospitalized, and – yet more urgently – the EXACT manner of his death. – since he had long been on a life support machine with massive multiple organ failure and was reportedly unconscious – it seems evident to Sai devotees that he was disconnected on the authority of the Trust – the time chosen being very suspicious for a number of reasons. No properly signed death certificate has been issued either!

Not only was the time apparently chosen Easter Sunday – most likely a cynical ploy to try to create bogus ideas connecting Sathya Sai Baba with Jesus Christ – but it has been proven that the casket was ordered a very long time in advance when few believed he would actually die. The Trust did not involve itself in the order, but used a middleman, who also asked for instructions on how to embalm a corpse (i.e. presumably to preserve it until such time as it was deemed best. This strongly indicates that Sathya Sai Baba died much earlier than announced and was kept on life support (i.e. a mechanical system that keeps some of the body functions running) until the Trust could decide how to choreograph the scene. The funeral arrangements and exact travel plans for national VVIP visits to it were also made known even before Sathya Sai Baba’s death was announced! That the populace of Puttaparthi have focused on the financial questions – the non-transparency of the Central Trust’s accounts and decisions – is not surprising seeing how they have lost the largest part of their means of livelihood and are concerned about the reputation of Prashanthi Nilayam for economic reasons.


However, it is very hard to believe that Sathya Sai Baba did any real “hard work”. In fact, the trustees seem to have been delegated to do any work there was. Nor did he earn a penny from his own labour – all was given to him believing it would be used for education, health and projects for the needy in India. But much was used to build his palace and museums promoting himself! (see here) He was the one who set the standards for the Trust – and his own behaviour was supposed to be the example. Yet, after he got his first ashram, Sathya Sai Baba never did any physical labour, nor did he lift a finger to look after himself – all was done by servant devotees. He was for decades enjoying a life that for nearly all Indians is sheer luxury. He gave darsan twice daily most of the time, but that was a pleasant walk among his worshipping followers, and he loved to perform his tricks in interviews and give cheap trinkets as ‘blessings’ which induced people to donate huge sums, many actually thinking they were God’s appointed! He visited his colleges and so forth… but much of the time he was behind closed doors. He never had to walk far after his childhood… he had many cars at his disposal, and also jumbo jets to go on holiday to Kodaikanal. He loved to be lauded by officials at the towns he visited like royalty. Sai Baba constantly based his claims of divinity on what he calls his ‘unique selfless social service’. Yet there are plenty of social service organizations around the world doing service work on a far more massive scale, with self-sacrifice, often even of the lives of workers. Most of them are unknown precisely because – unlike most Sai Baba ‘workers’ and Sai Baba himself –  they are so busy that they do not have time to parrot about the “good work” they do. Sathya Sai Baba used massive amounts of time discoursing about his own tremendous achievements – mostly talk not much action! Then he hoarded goods for himself in secretly-constructed hideouts in his palatial ‘yajur mandir’.

See also:- Indian Media and Governments Heedless of Decade of Foreign Media and Sai Baba Critics’ Revelations

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Protests in Puttaparthi against Sai Central Trust

Posted by robertpriddy on June 26, 2011

Sai Baba’s stored caches shake devotees’ faith: Police suspect that huge amounts of cash, gold, silver and precious stones could still be concealed in Yajur Mandir. The personal chamber of the spiritual leader, who passed away April 24, is believed to have false ceilings, false floors and rooms concealed behind almirahs (i.e. wardrobes). Reportedly, nobody except Sathya Sai Baba’s personal caregiver Satyajit had access to Yajur Mandir, especially the first floor where Baba used to live (however, only after he was hospitalized). It is well known that he had other visits there through the years since he moved in.

News is constantly trickling in from Puttaparthi that Sai Baba devotees have been shaken by the huge haul of wealth in Yajur Mandir, as well as big cash seizures in the following days. Many Sai devotees known to our contacts, including hardcore believers – are not even attempting to defend or deny the gold, cash hauls, and are in a complete state of confusion. Some blame trust members, while some are asking: “why did Swami have to keep so much gold and cash – didn’t Swami always say he never accepted gifts?”

There have been hundreds of Sathya Sai Baba devotees – not least traders in Puttaparthi – protesting, marching, holding placards and shouting slogans against the Sathya Sai Central Trust.

Its now being alleged that there is a 1 km long tunnel from yajur mandir to Hill view stadium, through which black money is transported. News channels, English as well as regional, are caught up in a competitive  race in trying to do a new story and new angle every day, and the ugly news of Sai Baba and his ashram is staying on the air all the time


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Sai Baba: hoarding, secrecy, mistrust, powerlessness, deceit

Posted by robertpriddy on June 26, 2011

Sai Baba’s “Swiss Bank” An inside source in India reports to us how most of the print media and now several regional TV channels (with wide following among the Tamil, Telugu and Kannada speaking populations) have been running the same theme of “Puttaparthi : a mini swiss bank”. There have been at least 2 major feature programs on local channels titled “Baba’s money” and also “Secrets of Puttaparthi” Even the lesser educated common man is critical of Sai Baba having made such big money and lived luxuriously. One example of the above-mentioned news is shown in the scan here.

Sathya Sai Baba’s nephew Ratnakar has admitted to the police under interrogation that he did not have any inkling that Sai Baba had kept so much wealth and valuables in his bedroom. He also said that he felt that Sai Baba did not trust anyone and so kept the valuables in his sleeping chamber, which included himself, even though he was close to him for nearly 25 years. 

Why Sai Baba’s hoarding and deep mistrust? Why Sai Baba did not turn over the wealth to the Trust is a question that raises a number of likely answers. The signs are that his becoming a secret hoarder of such a variety of amassed material goods of many (often bizarre) kinds was a psychological effect of senility… of having grown up in extreme poverty with deep-rooted feelings of insecurity such as often emerges in such a manner in old age. Further, that he did not want all the items he received duly documented is understandable since it would put on record that he had accepted many and very valuable gifts, despite having denied this to an extreme extent throughout his life. The image of his being a totally selfless servant has been dispelled very much by these discoveries.

Yet SB’s hoarding may also well have been at least partly due to his lack of trust in the Trustees, not least considering that no trust member was able to access Sai Baba’s personal chambers for the past 4 years. Further he made Satyajit the only one with access to his rooms, going to the great length of having biometric locks installed with Satyajit’s imprint. This apparent paranoidal mistrust strongly suggests Sai Baba felt he was surrounded by self-seeking or uncontrollable persons. It is known that he grew extremely angry with Colonel Joga Rao on the veranda and warned him he would be ‘out’ if he continued his corrupt practices. He later sacked Joga Rao and other Central Trust Board members. However, Sai Baba could never sack Indulal Shah, who had obtained an unassailable position of prestige and hands-on power as head of the Sathya Sai Organization. He had made contacts with many leaders on a world tour and who operated through his Marathi connections in the Indian world diaspora to retain control of everything in the organization, in return for guarantees of offices etc. This was proven (to all by rationalizing blind believers) when Sai Baba formally disbanded the entire Sathya Sai Organization yet it continued all the same despite his pronouncement!

This leads us to the question “if the Sai trust members were untrustworthy, why they were appointed in the first place – and by the “omniscient Lord himself”? Also, if untrustworthy, why were they not all dismissed? The answer which glares sensible persons in the face is that Sai Baba knew well what they would reveal about the falsity of his many megalomaniac claims if they were all fired! He only dismissed a few selectively when their wrong-doings became too evident and threatened the credibility the Trust had managed to keep intact. It is said that one often knows and judges others through oneself, and Sathya Sai Baba was certainly most untrustworthy, besides being unpredictable and unreliable in many ways. Countless complaints of his broken promises – and his many deceptions – published through they years bear crushing witness to this, despite all the published declarations of his ‘perfection’ and ‘purity’ by all the trusting and easily misled devotees.

It is known to most long-term Indian residents of Sai Baba ashrams that Colonel Joga Rao – for decades the closest servitor of Baba – did NOT believe in his miracles (see here). This fits in with the following very revealing information by a former security official at Sai Baba’s ashram, Hari Sampath, shows that these deceptions were known to many who had been drawn into the Sai fold – and hence become trapped there due to their own prestige and interests. For those who have not already read this, he wrote:-

One of the most reliable sources of information about these people is their immediate family members as I found out. Upon carefully cultivating relationships with some of their family members, I found that these people hardly had any respect for Sai Baba in private, were least worried about Sai Baba’s “omniscience” or “powers” and NEVER relied upon Sai Baba’s divinity when it came to matters concerning themselves. Also, whenever ANY report of a “miracle” was mentioned in their presence, they always had a “knowing” and cynical expression on their faces, something very strange for those who were very close to “god”. Sai Baba, of course knows that they all know, but also that they are circumstantially in his power, often by choice.

Examples of these top-level “recruits” would be eminent jurists, top judges, high level govt. officials etc. Examples of the “real inbred top coterie” would be very close members of Sai Baba’s family, acquaintances from Sai Baba’s early days, and also those “devotees” who had been demonstrating their “loyalty” after knowing everything about Sai Baba. NO ONE at this level ever believes Sai Baba’s divinity because they all know he is NOT god, which is why they have been appointed. (excerpt from

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The Sathya Sai Trust mini-empire is crumbling

Posted by robertpriddy on June 26, 2011

Striking resignations tell their story: As reported yesterday, the Head of Sai Baba’s Super-speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi, Dr. Safaya and also several other doctors there have indicated their coming resignations. Today comes the further Indian Express report that Indulal Shah has “distanced himself from the Trust while Trust Secretary, former IAS officer K Chakravarthi, has indicated to other trustees about quitting.” To quit the sinking ship of the Sai Central Trust at this stage may help save their already shaky reputations. However, both have been involved in the huge irregularities and especially for their failure in duty of care. Both have gone along with the non-investigation and cover-up of the many sexual abuses of which Sathya Sai Baba was accused worldwide.

The Trust secretary Chackravathi has (according to our sources) offered to stay till alternate arrangements are made and he would brief the incoming secretary and officially hand over all records, before leaving. Chackravathi is referred to as a “retired IAS official”, when in fact he was forced to leave the service (Indian Administrative Service) due to embezzlement (I received this information in 1997 from an IAS Vigilance Officer, Mr. V. Ramnath). Chackravathi was, like others appointed by Sai Baba to run his affairs, was chosen to head the Rayalaseems water project (largely bungled due to kickbacks, contractor swindle, embezzlement and eventually had to be taken over by the Andhra Pradesh government).

See?Former International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization and its original founder, Indulal Shah, has a particularly bad record in having told the press after the 1993 police executions in Sai Baba’s bedroom that it was none of their business. Questioned by the press concerning the June 6, 1993 police killings – where the evidence overwhelmingly shows that Sai Baba stood by, having all the time and the absolute authority to act, but did nothing to stop the slayings – Indulal Shah is reported as saying, “the matter is purely internal and we do not wish to have any law enforcement agency investigating into it.” (The Hindu, June 10, 1993). In the event, the confusion spread wilfully by all involved helped slow and derail the process of investigation and the CBI work was hampered and eventually quashed at the governmental level. See review of the 1993 murders issue here

Already 10 years ago, a very succinct appraisal of how the Sathya Sai Central Trust works was posted by a former security officer at Prashanthi Nilayam, Mr. Hari Sampath. This can now be read with fresh eyes – see here.

More on the reasons for Sathya Sai Baba’s hoarding and proven mistrust of his own Sai Trust to come shortly in another blog.

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION AND DECIDE WHETHER TO SIGN IT – you may also make a comment there. Your IP or e-mail details will NOT be revealed

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Sathya Sai Hospital Head to resign, with others

Posted by robertpriddy on June 25, 2011

Some sources in Chennai have informed the exposé that Dr Safaya was very uncomfortable during Sai Baba’s month long hospitalisation and he feels he and his team did their best, despite being provided with little or no medical records of Sai Baba’s health prior to March 28th. Apparently Dr. Safaya was also made to give statements “inconsistent with his medical and personal ethics” by Trust members. He had once candidly stated that he was unaware of just how many sleeping pills were administered to Sai Baba daily, a statement that the Sathya Sai Central Trust didn’t take too kindly to. It is a matter of an educated guess, considering various other circumstances, that Dr Safaya may have had his been arm twisted even regarding the announcement of the death, as well as the health situation of Sai Baba, and had decided enough was enough.

See also the video with a three-way discussion about Isaac Tigrett’s secret claim on the comment at

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Sathya Sai Central Trust era of unaccountability drawing to a close?

Posted by robertpriddy on June 24, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: The government of Andhra Pradesh – no longer under the heel of Sathya Sai Baba and his minions – has taken the previously unthinkable step of most likely withdrawing many of the extraordinarily wide-ranging exemptions from public scrutiny from the Sathya Sai Central Trust which it has enjoyed since the mid-70s, later also formally granted to the trust under the Hindu Temples and Trusts Act, 1987. These included “…exemption given under section 59 of the Act allowed the trust to evade information about the assets and property of different trusts. Exemptions given under sections 58, 60, 61 and 65 of the Act allowed the trust not to entertain yearly audit by the government, supervision by deputy collector rank officer, submission of annual profit and loss account.” All of the sixteen unusual privileges concerning auditing, some taxation, freedom from publishing accounts, non-supervision by government officials and others have now been revoked. Even the sale of assets by the Sai Trust is reportedly to be forbidden without government approval – including the right “…to sell its land, property, intellectual property, publications, music and film productions without giving any information to the government or pass through the supervisory system provided by the government. All these exemptions will now be withdrawn, the sources said.” “…chief minister Kiran Kumar gave the green signal to withdraw these concessions. “The exercise is meant to bring about more transparency while not restricting the various activities of the trust including the running of hospitals, university and other missions,” said a senior official dealing with the matter.” from Times of India –

A serious investigation is underway and the Sai Trust will first be called to account for the irregularities so widely reported. The Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy (not a Sai Baba devotee) rejected apprehensions by his cabinet that Sai Baba devotees may be offended by any governmental takeover of the Sai Trust. This seems to point to just such a decision being contemplated by the government.

The golden era of secrecy, unaccountability, cover-up of embezzlement and money laundering in the Sathya Sai Central Trust appears to be coming to an end, despite the very strong political connections and protections the Trustees could rely upon while Sathya Sai Baba was alive.

Sathya Sai Baba ‘Himself’ to blame: By his immense hoarding of property in secrecy in his strictly guarded $10 million palace, Sai Baba himself created the conditions for the loss of credibility of the Trust and his own self-proclaimed non-ownership of property (except his boys) and non-acceptance of gifts. The miserly style of the cache – much hidden under his vast bed, or behind false walls and in secret places under the floor and within wardrobes – including dried fruit, biscuits and a whole range of consumer products (besides the great amounts of gold, silver and currency like in Aladdin’s cave)  – has shaken all those who believed his every word. Fortunately, the many devotees and office-bearers in his organization who left because they saw through the massive deceptions and break of trust that Sai Baba built his name upon have been variously pointing out the true facts for a number of years. Among their number there are many young men who describe most credibly how they were sexually molested – often severely abused – by Sathya Sai Baba.

See also preceding blog here Sai Baba cult under pressure of events and doubts

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Sai Baba cult under pressure of events and doubts

Posted by robertpriddy on June 24, 2011

The Times report – part of which is shown on the right – continued as follows:-
“Several doubts have cropped up over the way the Trust is run. Much damage has been done in the last two months since Sai Baba’s death. We would not be found wanting if the Trust is playing truant,” said Sravan Kumar, Baba’s grand-nephew, on Tuesday. He said they were at loss as to why the Trust activities continued to be shrouded in secrecy. “They are carrying out all important activities without taking anybody into confidence. We are not outsiders and we have every right to question the Trust’s decisions,” he said.

Family members said Sai Baba didn’t belong to the Trust alone. He was revered by lakhs of devotees. Sai Baba’s nephew M. Shankar Raju said, “The recent incidents at Yajur Mandir have sullied Sai Baba’s image. The Trust is not above-board given the allegations against it.”

The Role of Satyajit rejected by Ratnakar

There is no doubt in most followers’ minds, it appears, that Satyajit was the only fully trusted favourite of Sai Baba due to the role he was given during the hospitalization but also that he alone could open the ‘yajur mandir’ with his biometric lock. Eight years back, when Baba had just recovered from an injury, he reserved a good portion of his speech on Guru Purnima in praise of Satyajit. He said: “Even at an odd hour, if I just utter the word ‘Satya’ in a feeble voice, the boy would immediately get up and attend to my needs. He was so alert and attentive”. The speech is available on the website of the International Sai Organisation. (

Faith of many devotees’ badly shaken: One of the greatest difficulties that the remains Sathya Sai Baba officials, devotees and other dependents face is how to keep their faith in the face of so many disastrous revelations about the illness and suspicious time of death of this supposedly all-knowing and all-powerful Sathya Sai Baba (Easter Sunday, when he was evidently ‘disconnected’ from his life support machine by persons unknown), his being manipulated with stimulants and depressants for months – evident in his wooden expressionlessness during his 85th birthday and thereafter.

The exposure of the total unaccountability of the Sathya Sai Central Trust and the struggles around and within it for control and what to do to keep things going must have come as a shock to trusting donors the world over, though dissidents and exposé writers have long known of the embezzlement and money-laundering to which it has been wide open as a non-reporting charity, benefiting from complete exemption from all customs and excise duties and freedom from any form of taxation! This makes it more profitable and open to irregularities that the worst ‘offshore banking’ facility in the world!

A further major shock of devotees: Then comes the secret e-mails of scientist and parapsychologist Professor Haraldsson that I have finally released after 10 years of protecting him, which show him to be far from the darling of the Sai authorities and many followers, as they have fondly imagined until now. What he wrote to me about Sathya Sai Baba, his homosexuality, his self-delusions and unbalanced personality explodes any myth that he was a devotee or even thought Sai Baba to have been what he claimed for himself! See Professor Erlendur Haraldsson – by Robert Priddy: very revealing materials!

I am informed by a former top official of the Sathya Sa Organization in India that the expose is spreading like wild-fire through the desert of lies right into the heart of Puttaparthi.That many good people left the ashram earlier keeping silent due to the dangers involved. There was a person of great integrity, a certain Dr. Bhagvat , who was put in charge of the Sai Baba hospital in Prashanthi Nilayam (the general hospital). I t would be interesting to know whiter he left because he came across the misdeeds of Sathya Sai Baba. As to Mr. Srinivasan of WS Industries, he is a dubious character, who actually posed as another Bhagwan while doing propaganda about Sai Baba and he would have donned the Sai Baba mantle had it not been for the recent negative reports in the media. He always posed as some sort of superhuman whenever interacting with other devotees.

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Isaac Tigrett’s announcement of secrets Sai Baba told him – video added

Posted by robertpriddy on June 23, 2011

Since June when Tigrett made his pompous announcement about being Sai Baba’s ‘living will’, no one of any note in prominent Sai Baba circles – the Sai Trust etc. – has responded positively or even asked to hear his mind-boggled outpourings. No one has made an attempt on his life either, as he hinted could happen… as if he was of such importance to merit that. The international Sai organization has not taken the slightest bit of notice of his claims. The lifelong-misguided photographer Mr. Mistry seems to be his only public promoter.  How could they afford to endorse in any way a person who believed Sai Baba to be a sexual abuser and said on the BBC documentary for all the world to see that it made no difference to him.. not even if Sai Baba went out and murdered someone! Tigrett blathers about some amazing drawings of “metaphysical machines” Sai Baba supposedly gave him. The very term is a self-contradiction (an oxymoron – which term one is tempted to apply to the walking self-contradiction Tigrett himself). Could it be a machine for fetching vibuti, amrit and laddu out of the akasa? Or hot Indian dinners (as Sai Baba reportedly did!). Probably these airey-fairey constructs would “turn earth into sky and sky into earth”, as Sai Baba boasted he could do (but never demonstrated). If Tigrett ever presents these incredible blueprints to the world, we may expect something equally laughable, seeing how Tigrett lives on in a closed fantasy world of imagined ‘spirituality’… what on earth did Sai Baba manage to do to his mind in addition to blowing it up!

As of June 2014, nothing more has been heard of the Mystic Inn ashram project. Shortage of cash. But venal Tigrett has excelled himself with self-publicity of an even more weirdly doubtful kind in an attempt to regain prominence (and probably also donations) See  Tigrett’s ludicrous fantasies about Sai Baba’s ‘return in subtle body’


Full video with whole statement is at

The former donor of the first major hospital at Puttaparthi, former multi-millionaire Hard Rock Cafe owner, Isaac Tigrett, has been living near Sai Baba for several years. The transcribed text of the shorter on-line video is above and gives his announcement. It sounds rather incredible (as usual with him) and he has spoken on TV saying that Sai Baba left instructions with him as to how the Ashram must be run, and also said he spoke to Srinivasan, SV Giri and Chakravarthi three weeks ago. He stated “I am living will now…but don’t know whether I will be after this interview” and said he “will reveal all to the worldwide Sai Baba devotees on Guru Purnima 6 weeks later”. Not surprisingly, Central Trust spokesmen have rubbished Tigrett’s claim… it would most likely reduce their power or even remove some of them! (See Daily India left below).

Quite apart from his most injudicious statements on BBC TV’s ‘The Secret Swami’ condoning sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba and also murder,  Isaac Tigrett has in recent years announced some fantastic things. Such as his belief in the power of the crystal skull he placed on top of a pyramidal building in Memphis and which was removed by authorities. His warning at this move was very dire, reminding of the mad prophets of doom that flourish here and there, especially in the USA and are always confounded by actual events! The history of the original crystal “Skull of Doom” (as preserved at the Smithsonian Institute) has been thoroughly discredited by researchers as a manufactured fabrication… and this must consequently apply to all the many copies that were made, like the one Tigrett claims he received from Sai Baba.

Tigrett is a highly egocentric person who has started his own ashram-retreat in Coorg, promoting the mythology of the “Ascended Masters of the Seventh Ray” and similar fantasies. So perhaps a pinch of salt is in order regarding his latest attempt to take over the Sai Baba limelight. Devotees who want something to cling to will have to wait, wait, wait….

Read also:-

Isaac Tigrett, Sathya Sai Baba and the crystal skull

Isaac Tigrett – the fantasies & fall of a Sai Baba supporter

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Exposé writer Barry Pittard on the latest Trust and treasure scandals

Posted by robertpriddy on June 22, 2011

Critics of Sathya Sai Baba and his international cult observe yet further ‘waves’ of interest in the demise of his repute. Barry Pittard has been engaged, both as a chronicler and indeed as a maker of such waves since the end of 1992. He has just written a blog that relates points relating the Sathya Sai Baba cult exposure that currently rages in India and the intensive exposure, emanating largely from outside India, in which Pittard has been a central player.

Below are some points he makes. The article is: Sai Baba Treasure Scandals: His Big Political Protectors Now Run For Cover. Posted by Barry Pittard on June 22, 2011

“For some weeks, it has been evident to any careful observer, that the Andhra Pradesh government has been only too aware of troubles in the Sathya Sai camp that might grow too big to suppress. See: Human Rights Commission Probe Fronts Andhra Government On Sathya Sai Baba Treatment

“Sathya Sai devotees, too, are asking leading and uncomfortable questions, and consulting legal opinion. Just as those of us, who are now former followers of Sathya Sai Baba, did as, long ago, we began to investigate ever further layers on layers of corruption. And of a spiritual betrayal of the utmost magnitude.”

“There is relief that at least a few of Sai Baba’s dark deeds, and those of his core servitors, are being revealed on a large-scale – and from within India itself!”

“Could we turn for justice to the Indian Justice system? No, we emphatically failed. Even though one of India’s gutsiest and most senior advocates to the Supreme Court, Kamini Jaiswal, went in to bat.”

“Could we turn for justice even to the former pinnacle of the Indian Justice system, P.N. Bhagwati, former Chief Justice of Indian, who is now implicated in the treasury scandals, and is himself up for police investigation? We could not turn to this legal ‘hero’, either.”

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Many young men claiming sexual contact with Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on June 22, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba with some favourite boyfriends in his later years. Why did he have a bed in his private room (astonishing news for his devotees – from The Telegraph, Calcutta, and other papers)  which is five meters by 5 meters? One can but surmise…

Now that more of the truth about the massive deceptions and cover-ups around Sathya Sai Baba have been discovered, it is time to point out again the extensive and credible testimony – much of it confirmed by our incisive  investigations – and circumstantial evidence about Sathya Sai Baba as a major, serial sexual abuser. As often explained on numerous websites, the number of males who are reported as having been sexually molested by Sai Baba in one way or another is very considerable. There are differences in the extent to which those so involved have reported the facts. Over 20 have written their testimony on the Internet or have been filmed on documentaries stating their experiences. All of these are highly credible witnesses, in whose testimony there are many similarities, though they explain in different ways according to each the particular circumstances involved. They were brave indeed to stand forth, having nothing to gain other than the knowledge that they may have helped protect others from the same experiences.  They have been harassed and libeled for their troubles by devotees of Sai Baba in intense denial, especially by Gerald Joe Moreno on a truly fanatical scale.

The credibility of most allegations and descriptions is extremely sound: Why would so many identifiable young men go to the trouble and lengths of writing their detailed testimony on how they were abused sexually by Sathya Sai Baba if this never happened, as Sai VIPs and devotees still wish to believe?  Knowing how difficult it is to stand forth as a victim of sex abuse, it is certain that these brave persons are but the tip of a huge iceberg. The following list is of people who have publicly announced as having been approached and misused sexually by Sathya Sai Baba in one way or another:-

 (1) Tal Brooke, USA
(2) John Worldie, USA  (see here -‘Big John’ by Murphet)
(3) Conny Larsson, Sweden
(4) Keith Ord, UK/Spain
(5) Hans de Kraker, Australia/Holland (see Hans de Kraker: telling comments on Sai Baba on The Telegraph obituary
(6) Alaya Rahm, USA
(7) Jens Sethi, Germany
(8) Afshin Khorramshahgol, Iran/USA
(9) Mark Roche, USA
(10) Sathya Purcell, USA
(11) Dr. Naresh Bhatia, India
(12) Ulrich Zimmerman USA
(13) John Bright, UK
(14) Matthijs van der Meer, Holland
(15) John Purnell, Australia
(16) Jesper Anden, Sweden
(17) Gabriel Mn, Sweden
(18) Jed Geyerhahn, USA
(19) Terry Scott, USA
(20) Neptune Chapotin USA (“Fifteen-year-old”)
(21) Son of Britt-Marie Andén
(22) Tomm ‘The Golden Boy’, Gothenberg, Sweden
(23) Krishna Kumar,  (see explanation about Krishna Kumar)
(24) Marc-Andre St. Jean, Canada (also here)

(25) Christopher St. John (actor etc. see here)
(26) Uli Steckenreuter, Germany
(27) David Paul, UK. further testimony

One of the most prominent Sai Baba devotees and lecturers, Dr. Naresh Bhatia, was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph’s Mick Brown and told how he had been a sexual partner of Sathya Sai Baba for years, and how Sai Baba had anally raped a 14 year old boy in his college. This led to  Bhatia’s sacking and removal from Puttaparthi after intense harassment by thugs. See a full account here.

Sathya Sai Baba himself related in two different discourses that boys slept in his locked bedroom apartment: see BOYS SLEEP IN SAI BABA’S BEDROOM

In addition – numerous alleging sex-abused persons whose names are not always given here for obvious reasons, including harassment of self and family members, the threat of possible murder (as occurred in 1993 at Prashanthi Nilayam) :-

30)  Several Malaysian students (unidentified, who informed the Malaysian Organization around 1980 (confirmed to Priddy by former Sai Baba activist there, Hariram Jayaram – see letter and fuller account here)

31) Two younger brothers of a NRI entrepreneur (identity known but kept secret)  in Australia who he immediately withdrew from the Sai College at PN when they told him (he has been in close contact with the exposé)
32) Former student whose writings are posted here under the pseudonym Raman Sharma
 and especially here
33) gsmpasad   himself abused and who knew a long list of students who were also ‘form boys’ for Sai Baba
34) Basava Premanand represented abused students at the Sai Colleges (see The Sai Baba and his Students)
35) Testimony from a Sai Baba sexually-abused male and more from Huffington Post
36) Sex wanted by Sai Baba claim and thugs sent after refusal – on Express Buzz (India) by Linda Burton
37) Report by Barry Pittard on Polish man molested by Sai Baba and a Malaysian man oiled genitally

In addition – numerous alleging sex-abused persons whose names are not given here for obvious reasons:-

Testimony from persons who contacted the Sai Petition:-

31)  Dilip NarainAustralia signed the petition on July 8. 2011.Period as a follower: 1979-1982 Position in S.S.Org: student Puttaparti college. “I attended his college with my 2 brothers and was abused sexually. My father handed over thousands of dollars in cash. How could his abuse of innocent children be covered up for so long?”
32) Alvaro Filippo Michelon, Italy signed the petition on April 14. 2011. Period as a follower: 1981 – 1990 “I was first molested by Sai Baba 81. But I thought it was a privilege. I’m so sorry i have lost 10 years of my life…”
33)  Veronica Isacsson, Sweden signed the petition.  Period as a follower: 94-03  “friends of me has been sexually abused by Baba”
34) Rosalia Malagelada de Neves, Venezuela signed the petition.  Period as a follower: 1988 until 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Venezuela Comite “I knew the two cases very close of abuse”
35) Paul Throne, USA signed the petition.  Period as a follower: 1988-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Center education coordinator.  “Have been to see SB 4 times, 1990, 1994, 1995-96 and 1999. Despite many positive experiences, I believe too many credible accounts of abuse now exist to pretend it isn’t real, including a young male friend of mine who told me SB fondled him. More frightening to me than the megalomaniac SB is his organization and its leaders. When the leaders refuse to hear these concerns or allow discussion of these events, it has become a complete mind-control cult.”
36)  David Juliano, USA signed the petition.  “abused by Sai Baba in 1974”
37)  michael smith, USA signed the petition.  “I am a sexual abuse victim advocate who is concerned for all victims in the U.S.”

Genital oiling by Sathya Sai Baba is also reported

(1) Jens Sethi, Germany
(2) Al Rahm (father of Alaya – testified on BBC documentary)
(3) by Greg Gerson USA
(4) Josh Kintz USA – son of Marie and Bruce Kintz (genitally oiled) 6plus two other friends of Sathya Purcell (unidentified) reported by Sharon Purcell
5) Troels Meyer – younger son of deceased Central Coordinator Thorbjørn & Marianne Meyer (EHV – Europe) (reported by his brother, Thomas Meyer)
(6) By a known US author
who, after having published that  SB applied a white ointment  to his chest later stated in an open e-mail that it  was actually on his perineum (behind the gonads).
(7) A Sai student posted (1/10/01) on Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club under “A Letter I Wrote to Sai Critic” the following “… beside being “oiled” under the pretense of curing a different problem with a totally different part of my anatomy, I was saved from further sexploitation my en masse defections from the closet relatives who were Baba’s choice inner circle for decades who were all victims of his sodomite behaviour. Needless to say, we were villified as usual and were labelled as opportunists. I don’t expect you to believe this or post it on your site but I would appreciate if you sent this to Mr. Murphet. But he is too invested in this for nearly 40 years and I don’t expect him to have an open mind after this long. After all, my own father did not believe what happened to me when it happened. Regards,Taken for a ride for 20 years and called the “chaff””

Other reports of improper (sexual) behaviour by Sathya Sai Baba are many – here are a few

1) Edwin X, the Netherlands (the webmaster has the full details of this person, anonymous here)
2) Anonymous Danish youth
3) Gerald Joe Moreno, USA
4 The Indian web site (see downloaded page here)
They allowed the following comment to be posted on an article in reply to a defender of Sathya Sai Baba:-
TO: Krishnakumar- I used to be a devotee of Sai Baba till my boyfriend was given a private meeting when he took him inside and asked him to do sexual things with him. My boy friend was shocked , he refused, came out. My boy friend is heterosexual. We both left Puttaparthi because, after that we were threatened by Sai Baba’s thugs. We were both 23 yrs old. We realized that we had to leave. So don’t live in your make believe world!!!! Wake up. I bet you are not sexually interesting , otherwise he would have tried you too.
By Linda Burton 12/26/2009 11:45:00 PM

Sathya Sai College: ex-student tells of awful sex culture there  A valuable account to inform those who were at the colleges what others experienced. Much was unsaid about Sathya Sai Baba because of the extreme censorship, the very strong punishments that were meted out to students who talked, up to and including their death.

More untoward events at Prashanthi Nilayam – unexplained deaths, disappearances, and suicides

See a selected list of prominent signers of the Sai Petition here.

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