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Testimony about Sai Baba and his Hostels for Boys

Posted by robertpriddy on June 9, 2011

The former student who was abused constantly at Sathya Sai Baba’s college in Puttaparthi, who also describes his sex abuse by Sathya Sai Baba himself, continues to report details and reflections about his time at that college. He is now a professional living in India and remains anonymous for obvious reasons of harassment by Sai devotees, of which he had had his fill, though his full identity is known and confirmed by Conny Larsson and myself. Read as follows:-

“Many incidents I relate concern the sexual exploitation not only by the Baba but also by other members at the ashram. I am fully aware about the accuracy about my statements – I have a sharp memory and can document many details about life there. I have distanced myself from the disgraceful atmosphere of the place but the spectre of that past haunts me still. I can vividly picture other false events that surrounded Sai Baba especially during the 1999 or 2000 sports meet where in he was supposed to have fractured a bone to save some students life (nobody knew who that “saved” boy was but were constantly made aware by the faculty that their “mother sai” had fractured his divine hand to save the student). When Sai Baba was speaking out this rubbish as his discourse, the whole hall was filled with tears but those of us the insiders were smiling from within for all of us knew it was a farce and dirty scrape. I have heard and seen such things happening right before me.

Report posted about the incident Raman refers to here

A boy who was found murdered at the school terrace. The explanation was just that he had stolen rs. 500 from a teachers cupboard and swami in the interview room rebuked him divinely and the boy is said to have taken it so much to heart that he got a rope and committed suicide with the hanging. It was a dubious character of the establishment “sai sir “by name who had found him and discovered the suicide. No police report was ever made and this man took the body for the post mortem to Anantapur after 10pm in the night. Most former students know who this ‘sai sir’ is. The same man had also accompanied boys in 1989 to Brindavan in a van which had overturned and only he and one other dubious lecturer was saved in the incident. I need not mention here that the occupants of the van were form-boys.

I think Satyajit has done the right thing by going over to Bombay. That shows that there’s some sense left in him. I do hope he gets time to recover. I am sure if he really considered SB to be God, perhaps he would never part so easily with the whole. As so many others, I knew him and I pray God gives him recovery for the unnecessary trauma he has gone through all these years. of course there are some foolish late-comers (now old students) like one Mr. Deepak Anand still surviving there and who may ,most probably perpetuate myths regarding SB. They must know that earlier old students have had more closer encounters and it will be wise that these boys do follow Satyajit’s example and return to their own cities/hometowns and start leading a good godly life instead of rotting in Puttaparthy.

Regarding the place where it was mentioned about women in the article “sathya sai baba on record”, I think some oldies like one Mr. Vedanarayana (sanskrit teacher at the school) use to trap women or women who used to satisfy the lusts of close servitors of SB and were then disposed of. I do remember one of my neighbours from Bangalore (where we stayed) used to come and cry that their grown up daughter went to Parthi and has never returned.

I want to ask sane teachers there, as to what made them a willing participant in sacrificing /wasting young male lives at Parthi hostels (and converting them to brothels). As teachers, wasn’t it there duty to guide waylaid youngsters reminding them of their duties in life?

I wish to highlight the fact that SB used boys(both homo- and heterosexuals) for his personal benefit and being an old student who is almost straight now, I can say with assurance that, contrary to what some of SB’s homoerotic devotees feel (including pseudo-psychologists like Phyllis Krystal), that SB was only bothered about his selfish enjoyment and not solving the problems faced by young adolescents rotting under the dirty atmosphere of his Hostels for Boys.

Unlike modern Hindu spiritual teachers or reformers who were open to the phenomenon of homosexuality because of their really huge following in the west, SB comes out as the hypocritical offender of the worst kind.

Being for a time amidst the bhajan singing group, I personally know most of them had relations with SB and informed him about students who were gays. SB on the contrary encouraged them to develop relations with them. He knew of my involvements with two close form boys and encouraged them. One of them clearly told me “Swami doesn’t mind if we do it with you or other boys in the hostel, but he doesn’t like it if we go about with girls”‘

Now that I am out of this habit (to which I was introduced in hostel when I was in the 8th standard), I realize how I always wanted to be free from it , but nobody, not even SB would advise me out of it in the dirty atmosphere of Sathya Sai Institutes.

A criminal like SSB is being compared to gods/prophets of other religions, by his devotees, which is totally wrong as SSB stands nowhere near these holy personages. This we can vouchsafe as we have lived/wasted our lives near him. I remember the big drama he played (in the ‘sportsmeet’ 1999) when he claimed before people of how he fell and bled (from his arms or something). As the credulous devotees were crying ,we the “mature” ones form boys were laughing as nothing of that sort had happened. But, God did punish SSB by making him virtually cripple two years after the drama, so a sort of divine justice does prevail. I remember my parents after the sportsmeet celebration met me almost crying and how I laughed and joked with them, that it was all maya etc.

I know for sure that the veggie Sathya Sai Baba was in fact fond of eating fish (a fact told to me by a very close form boy) and he may have believed in the superstitious adage that eating fish worked as some sort of viagra. The rest, what all he ate or did, was a closed book to devotees. But I saw him eating well at Kodaikanal. The bungalow at Kodai is built in a mysterious way and SB’s room was certainly connected to the pantry cupboard where the things to be materialised were kept.

I have certainly risen above my family prejudices with regards to eating non-veg etc and I feel it is a personal choice. I only go by the old English saying that “eating and drinking should not keep men from thinking”. I think there’s a stage in one’s development where even non-veg food is required for all round bodily development. But what I detest is the sheer hypocrisy which Sai Baba preached.

Raman Sharma”

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